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"Can only have been painted by a madman."

Words by Edvard Munch in tiny letters in the most famous version of "The Scream," The Art Newspaper reports. Can we be sure that the artist wrote these words? Mai Britt Guleng, the curator of Old Masters and modern paintings at the National Museum of Norway, says yes. First, the handwriting matches up to other samples of Munch's handwriting. Second, the writing is tiny: “Had this been an act of vandalism by another person, the size of the letters would probably have been larger and the whole tex...
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Notable quotables on criminal justice issues from AG-nominee Merrick Garland during his confirmation hearing

This new Reuters piece provides some choice quotes from U.S. Attorney General Nominee Garland on criminal justice policies during his Senate confirmation hearing today. I sense advocates of criminal justice reform will be pleased with these comments: DEATH PENALTY Garland told Congress he used to support the death penalty, including the execution of Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh, a case he prosecuted.  He said his views have evolved due to concerns about executing innocent people and i...
Tags: Law, Congress, Senate, Cnn, Biden, Doj, Oklahoma City, Reuters, AG, Garland, Timothy McVeigh, Douglas A Berman, Merrick Garland, Nominee Garland

Coronavirus live news: Fauci says Americans may still be wearing masks in 2022; UK records 215 deaths

Fauci says other measures likely to be relaxed earlier; UK also registers 9,834 new cases Exclusive: Hancock’s ex-neighbour investigated by UK medical regulatorUK: changing events could put brakes on recovery roadmap, says ministerIsrael’s use of Covid vaccines in prisoner swap deal sparks row Scientists say clinical trials for ‘variant-proof’ vaccines could start soonSee all our coronavirus coverage 4.05pm GMT There have been a further 9,834 lab-confirmed coronavirus cases in the UK, accord...
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The 'brilliant legal mind' defending Saudi Arabia and its crown prince against murder, hacking, and terrorism

Palestine Convention/YouTube; Middle East Monitor/Handout via Reuters; Alexey Nikolsky/Sputnik/AFP via Getty Images; Dylan Martinez/Reuters; Samantha Lee/Insider Michael Kellogg has defended the Saudi government and royal family in US courts for 18 years. Several people are currently suing the crown prince, accusing him of murder and hacking attempts. Kellogg is criticized for his client choice, but he remains one of DC's most admired attorneys. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more ...
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The 'brilliant legal mind' defending Saudi Arabia and its crown prince against claims of murder, hacking, and terrorism

Palestine Convention/YouTube; Middle East Monitor/Handout via Reuters; Alexey Nikolsky/Sputnik/AFP via Getty Images; Dylan Martinez/Reuters; Samantha Lee/Insider Michael Kellogg has defended the Saudi government and royal family in US courts for 18 years. Several people are currently suing the crown prince, accusing him of murder and hacking attempts. Kellogg is criticized for his client choice, but he remains one of DC's most admired attorneys. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more ...
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Tesla may have already earned $600 million on its bitcoin investment, but experts raise concerns

Elon Musk's Tesla recently invested $1.5 billion in bitcoin. Britta Pedersen-Pool/Getty Images Tesla's $1.5 billion investment in bitcoin led to it trading at over $50,000 for the first time. Tech expert Álex Barredo said Tesla may have already earned $600 million on the investment. Founder Elon Musk's Twitter endorsement of bitcoin has led to allegations of "criminal behavior." Visit the Business section of Insider for more stories. Tesla founder Elon Musk has courted controversy with...
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Morning Docket: 02.17.21

* Donald Trump has reportedly dumped Rudy Giuliani as his personal lawyer. Wonder if he was told "you're fired"... [CNN] * Lawyers for an alleged Capitol rioter are reportedly trying to use Mitch McConnell's words about President Trump's actions to their advantage. [Law and Crime] * A former Florida lawyer, whose pants literally caught on fire during a trial in 2017, has allegedly been charged with cocaine possession. [New York Post] * A new lawsuit filed by a Democratic Congressman alleges...
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Morning Docket: 02.15.21

Ed. note : Due to the Presidents’ Day holiday, we will not be publishing today. We will be back in full force tomorrow. * An impeachment lawyer for Donald Trump said he was "going to Disney World" following Trump's acquittal. Did he pour Gatorade on himself too? [Business Insider * The home of a lawyer representing Donald Trump at his impeachment trial was vandalized last week. [Forbes] * Amazon has filed a lawsuit against the New York Attorney General over employment practices at the comp...
Tags: Amazon, Texas, Law, Connecticut, Donald Trump, Trump, Reuters, Disney World, Morning Docket, New York Attorney General, Attorney General of Texas, Forbes -RSB- Amazon, Thinking Amazon

Trump found some new sleazeball lawyers for his impeachment defense team, after the last ones all ran off

Reuters: "Former U.S. President Donald Trump's office on Sunday said trial lawyers David Schoen and Bruce L. Castor will lead Trump's legal team during his Senate impeachment trial." This announcement follows the not-entirely-surprising news just yesterday that Trump and *all of the lawyers* on his legal team had suddenly parted ways. — Read the rest
Tags: Post, News, Law, Senate, US news, Donald Trump, Trump, Reuters, David Schoen, Impeachment, Bruce L Castor, Trump Impeachment

Morning Docket: 01.22.21

* Google is asking that an antitrust lawsuit filed against it be moved from Texas to California. Interesting, seems like Silicon Valley types keep moving from California to Texas... [Reuters] * A group called Lawyers Defending American Democracy are calling for Rudy Giuliani to face professional discipline over his work for President Trump. [Hill] * A judge has ruled that a lawsuit seeking to dissolve the National Rifle Association can move forward. [ABC News] * Numerous lawsuits have been ...
Tags: Google, Texas, Law, California, Senate, Nba, Antitrust, Silicon Valley, Kobe Bryant, Usa Today, Abc News, Rudy Giuliani, Trump, Reuters, Nra, Hill

Some news and notes and rulings on federal compassionate release

I know that lots of people are eagerly awaiting the reported forthcoming list of clemency grants from Prez Trump on his last full day in office (including, it seems, Joe Exotic).  As we wait, I have noticed a number of recent pieces about so-called compassionate relief motions in the federal system, a mechanism which serves as a means now for federal judges to modify the prison sentences of some federal prisoners.  Here is a round up of some of these new pieces, included a few discussing grants ...
Tags: Law, Colorado, Reuters, Pharma Bro Shkreli, Douglas A Berman, Prez Trump, Colorado Politics Federal, Uerweb Bill Underwood

American taxpayers will pay for the damage caused by the Capitol riot because the building isn't insured, experts say

The scene outside the Capitol after the riots. Michael Nigro:Pacific Press/LightRocket/Getty Taxpayers will have to pay for the high levels of damage that rioters caused in the US Capitol on Wednesday because the site isn't covered by insurance, industry sources told Reuters. "Taxpayers will be on the hook for repairs to the Capitol," Stephen Ellis, the president of the watchdog Taxpayers for Common Sense, said after the building was left covered in litter, graffiti, and broken glass. It i...
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Morning Docket: 01.06.21

* Kim Kardashian has purportedly hired an all-star lawyer to pursue a divorce against Kanye West. Too bad, this could have been her first case as a legal professional and some might call her a gold digger... [Page Six] * President Trump is seeking to dismiss a fraud lawsuit filed by his niece. [Reuters] * Over 1,000 law graduates have become attorneys through emergency licensure programs recently without taking a bar exam. [Bloomberg Law] * A lawyer who lost an election to Josh Hawley at Ya...
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2020 brought a wave of discrimination and harassment allegations against major companies like Amazon, McDonald's, and Pinterest. These are some of the year's high-profile legal battles.

Jeremy Moeller, Chesnot, and Justin Sullivan/Getty Images The #BlackLivesMatter and #MeToo movements have exploded in recent years, shedding light on systemic racial and gender bias across American society, and in particular, within American workplaces. In 2020, workers spoke publicly in increasing numbers, often by taking their employers to court over pay disparities, harassment and abuse, and toxic company cultures. Major businesses including Google, Amazon, McDonald's, Pinterest, and J...
Tags: Google, Amazon, Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, New York, News, Pinterest, Law, Washington Post, Washington, Cbs News, Life, Disney, Nbc News, US, Careers

20 For 2020: The Legal Tech Trends that Defined the Year

Whoa, what the f*&% just happened? This was a year few of us will ever forget. It brought untold hardships for many and unfamiliar challenges for all of us. To those who suffered losses of loved ones or illness, to those who lost their jobs or their homes, to any and all who suffered scars this year, I offer my heartfelt condolences. But in the world of legal technology and innovation, the phrase I heard often repeated this year was “silver lining.” It was a silver lining in the form of an accel...
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Thursday round-up

Here’s a round-up of Supreme Court-related news and commentary from around the web: Color of Suspicion: Part 4 in Reuters investigation on qualified immunity (Andrew Januta, Andrew Chung, Jaimi Dowdell & Lawrence Hurley, Reuters) States Square Off Over Taxing Remote Workers’ Income (Jimmy Vielkind, The Wall Street Journal) (American Constitution Society) Marathon Bomber Update (Kent Scheidegger, Crime & Consequences) We rely on our readers to send us links for our round-up. If you have or kn...
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California fines Uber for not cooperating with sexual assault and harassment investigation

Uber was fined $59 million Monday for failing to provide the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) with information on a number of sexual assault and harassment claims. Reuters reports that Uber's permit to operate in California could be suspended if it fails to pay the penalty within 30 days, according to the CPUC ruling which you can read here [PDF]. — Read the rest
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A second US judge just ruled to block the Trump administration's attempt to ban TikTok

Reuters A second US judge issued an injunction blocking the US Commerce Department from banning the mobile video app TikTok.  US District Judge Carl Nichols in Washington issued the injunction more than a month after a Pennsylvania judge delivered a similar ruling.  In September, Nichols also separately blocked the Commerce Department from banning Apple's and Google's app stores from offering TikTok for downloads by new users.  Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. WASHINGTO...
Tags: Apple, Google, Politics, Law, Washington, China, US, Trends, Pennsylvania, United States, Commerce, Ban, Donald Trump, Apple Inc, Trump, Reuters

Patently-O Bits and Bytes by Juvan Bonni

Recent Headlines in the IP World: Francesco Guarascio: EU Seeks to bypass Patents to Boost Drugs Access in Crises (Source: Reuters) Rich Haerle: PolarityTE Receives Allowance for First U.S. Patent Application (Source: Business Wire) Alina Kolomeyer: Amarin Files Patent Infringement Lawsuit Against Hikma (Source: Globe Newswire) Alessandro Mascellino: Apple Patent Application Filing Details New Biometric Authentication Sensors for Wearable Devices (Source: Biometric Update) Source: USPTO ...
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Morning Docket: 11.25.20

* Netflix has settled a lawsuit over the "Choose Your Own Adventure" trademark. Guess Netflix chose the adventure that doesn't end in a trial... [Hollywood Reporter] * Two women, who were detained in northern Montana for speaking Spanish, have settled a lawsuit against U.S. Customs and Border Protection. [Reuters] * A new lawsuit alleges that a 70-year-old worker at the grocery store chain Publix contracted COVID-19 and died as a result of lax policies of his employer. [NBC News] * Check ...
Tags: Hollywood, Texas, Law, Montana, Nbc News, Netflix, Pennsylvania, Daredevil, Reuters, U S Customs, Border Protection, Publix, Vinny, My Cousin Vinny, Morning Docket, Bloomberg Law

Morning Docket: 11.24.20

* Law enforcement personnel have filed a lawsuit to stop the legalization of marijuana in South Dakota. The Super Troopers would have never done this... [Hill] * The New York Attorney General is suing the Buffalo diocese for an alleged "sex abuse cover-up." [BBC] * New Jersey has passed a new law aimed at protecting home addresses and other information of judges and other public officials after the family of a New Jersey federal judge was attacked earlier this year. [NBC News] * The Attor...
Tags: Google, New York, Law, Marijuana, Bbc, South Dakota, New Jersey, Antitrust, Reuters, Chicago Tribune, Hill, Morning Docket, New York Attorney General, Esther Salas, Attorney General of Indiana, The Attorney General of Indiana

Is Sally Yates on track to be the next US Attorney General?

The question in the title of this post is prompted by this new Reuters piece headlined "Biden's possible attorney general pick has moderate track record: progressive critics."  Here are excerpts: President-elect Joe Biden has pledged to end the federal death penalty and eliminate mandatory minimum sentences, but some progressives say a potential pick for attorney general to carry out those reforms may not be the one to enact bold changes. Sally Yates, 60, is a leading candidate for the job, acc...
Tags: Justice, Law, Obama, Eric Holder, White House, US, Barack Obama, Atlanta, Joe Biden, Muslim, Biden, Donald Trump, Doj, Justice Department, Sally Yates, New York University

To say "deviation from Benford’s Law does not prove election fraud took place" is not to say that it isn't relevant evidence.

Reuters does a fact check that begins by stating the proposition in an ultra-strong way: Social media users have been sharing posts that say a mathematical rule called Benford’s Law provides clear proof of fraud in the U.S. presidential election. Here's how the proposition to be fact-checked could have been stated: Benford's Law is of some use in determining whether or not there there was fraud or error in the U.S. presidential election. Lawyers will recognize the test for whether evidence is re...
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UK coronavirus: Boris Johnson to give press conference on new lockdown in England as UK passes 1m cases - live news

Follow the latest on the virus in the UK as the PM is expected to set out plans for a month-long lockdown in England amid warnings that infections are ‘running riot’ 4.15pm GMT The UK has now recorded more than 1m confirmed cases, Reuters reports citing government figures. “Between 31 January and 31 October 2020, there have been 1,011,660 people who have had a confirmed positive test result,” the government said. 4.10pm GMT Sky’s Beth Rigby has also been given a briefing on what to expec...
Tags: Health, Politics, UK, England, Science, Society, UK News, Infectious Diseases, Sky, Health policy, Boris Johnson, Reuters, Beth Rigby, Coronavirus

U.S. appeals court rejects Trump's WeChat ban, for now

A U.S. appeals court today rejected a demand by the Justice Department to allow Trump to immediately prohibit Apple and Google from offering WeChat for download in their respective app stores. The popular app is owned by Tencent, in China. From reporting by David Shepardson at Reuters: The three-judge panel for the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals said in a brief order the government had not demonstrated it would "suffer an imminent, irreparable injury during the pendency of this appeal, whi...
Tags: Apple, Google, Post, News, Law, China, Tencent, WeChat, Justice Department, Trump, Reuters, David Shepardson, Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals

Morning Docket: 10.21.20

* The Department of Justice has filed an antitrust lawsuit against Google. Don't get it, people still use Ask Jeeves, AOL Keywords, and Prodigy, right...? (I'm really dating myself here!) [Wall Street Journal] * Lawyers at Jones Day have purportedly donated far more money to Joe Biden than President Trump, even though the firm is working on President Trump's re-election campaign. [Reuters] * The Los Angeles District Attorney and her husband are being sued over an incident earlier this year ...
Tags: Google, Supreme Court, Law, La, Massachusetts, Los Angeles, Joe Biden, United States, New Hampshire, Fox News, Department Of Justice, Wall Street Journal, Alphabet, Trump, Reuters, Supreme Court of the United States

Judicial Independence: An Ethical Issue for Individual Judges

When we think about judicial independence in the Canadian context, we usually think about judges’ tenure, judges’ salaries and judicial administrative independence, all of which affect all judges as relevant. Administrative independence can affect the judicial system as an institution, but there are times judges are asked to apply law that they consider fundamentally flawed or when the judicial system is merely one aspect of a morally questionably regime. What should individual judges do in resp...
Tags: Hong Kong, UK, Law, Australia, China, Bbc, Beijing, Canada, Britain, South Africa, House Of Commons, Parliament, Globe, Harper, Fiji, Ontario

Elon Musk's SpaceX wins a $149 million Pentagon contract to build missile-tracking satellites

SpaceX founder and chief engineer Elon Musk. REUTERS/Steve Nesius SpaceX has won a $149 million contract to make missile-tracking satellites for the United States Department of Defense. Elon Musk's space exploration company will build four satellites under the Space Development Agency (SDA) contract. The four satellites would be fitted with a wide-angle infrared missile-tracking sensor supplied by a subcontractor, an SDA official said. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. El...
Tags: Space, Spacex, Elon Musk, Science, Technology, US, Trends, Department Of Defense, Bank Of America, Military, Innovation, Contract, Rocket, Pentagon, Reuters, Redmond Washington

Coronavirus live news: global cases pass 35 million; 10,499 new infections in Russia

More than 35 million cases globally, with US, India, Brazil, Russia and Colombia the worst hit; Russia passes 10,000 new infections for first time since 15 MayUS coronavirus – latest news on Donald Trump after positive testAfter avoiding the worst in spring, Italy’s south sounds alarmPanic and confusion following Donald Trump’s Covid diagnosisScientists study whether immune response worsens Covid 9.28pm BST All bars in Paris will close from Tuesday after the capital was put on maximum alert ...
Tags: Health, Europe, UK, England, Science, France, Russia, Society, World news, US news, Colombia, Medical Research, Infectious Diseases, Paris, Italy, Donald Trump

Trump to nominate Amy Coney Barrett to supreme court, reports say – live

Reports suggest Trump has settled on Barrett as nomineeAmy Coney Barrett is Trump supreme court pick, says reportBreonna Taylor’s family condemn Louisville police: ‘We are never safe’Ruth Bader Ginsburg becomes first woman to lie in state in US CapitolSign up for Fight to Vote – our weekly US election newsletter 11.18pm BST The unnamed aides and White House sources confirming that Trump will nominate Amy Coney Barrett have told reporters that the president could change his mind between now a...
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