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Neo-Nazi leader pleads guilty to threatening journalists and opponents of anti-Semitism

Raymond Duda, FBI Special Agent in Charge in Seattle, speaks as he stands next to a poster that was mailed earlier in the year to the home of Chris Ingalls, an investigative reporter with KING-TV. AP Photo/Ted S. Warren Cameron Shea, 25, has pled guilty to federal hate crime and conspiracy charges. Shea was a member of the Atomwaffen Division, a neo-Nazi group linked to multiple killings. He was charged with threatening journalists and others who exposed anti-Semitism. See more stories on ...
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Big Hairy Audacious Goal for Legal Blogs and LexBlog

Ask anyone who talks to me, and you’ll hear that I am anxious to establish a big hairy audacious goal for LexBlog. LexBlog started with the goal of bringing blogs to the law as a way for lawyers to development business in a manner superior to advertising, websites and SEO. We’d charged $200 a month for a professional turnkey blog solution as a business model. Most everyone thought us nuts. Lawyers would never use blogs. Plus, blog publishing platforms were free. We followed it up w...
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A new lawsuit could change how Amazon does business with 3rd-party sellers forever

PATRICK T. FALLON/AFP via Getty Images Texas mom Morgan McMillan wants to sue Amazon over a defective Chinese product. But courts across the US have issued mixed rulings about whether Amazon is a "seller." The highest court in Texas could set a precedential ruling in a state of 29 million people. Are you an Amazon third-party seller with a story to share? Email [email protected] See more stories on Insider's business page. Amazon's e-commerce empire relies on third-party ...
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Morning Docket: 03.30.21

* Nike filed a trademark infringement lawsuit over Lil Nas X's so-called "Satan Shoes" which include a drop of human blood and other Satanic imagery. Guess the old town road went straight to hell, and hope they hired the "Devil's advocate"... [Forbes] * The trial in a class action against 3M, on behalf of servicepeople who allegedly suffered hearing loss from faulty ear plugs, is underway. [] * Seattle is taking steps to ensure that everyone facing eviction has the benefit of a l...
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Grey's Anatomy: the TV show that has always been there for me

Shonda Rhimes’s long-running medical drama is not exactly uplifting. But through grief, upheaval and despair, it has been the one thing I can always count onThere’s a song that I listen to every time I begin to feel the tendrils of sadness take a grip. For nearly 15 years, this song – Grace, by the Norwegian singer Kate Havnevik – has soundtracked every desperate and devastating moment in my life. It’s a little self-indulgent gift I give myself when I need to be enveloped by despair.However, if ...
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New Clearbrief Finds The Best Evidence To Strengthen Your Legal Writing

If I were to tell you that Mark Britton, the founder and former CEO of Avvo; Bryan Garner, legal writing expert and editor of Black’s Law Dictionary; and Bill Neukom, longtime Microsoft general counsel, were all seed investors in a new legal technology product designed to strengthen your legal writing, would I have your attention? In fact, they are just three of several legal-industry notables who have invested $1.2 million in seed capital in a company launching today, Clearbrief, that does some...
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US House subcommittee holds hearing on "Controlled Substances: Federal Policies and Enforcement"

As detailed at this link, the US House Committee on the Judiciary Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism, and Homeland Security held a hearing this morning on "Controlled Substances: Federal Policies and Enforcement."  Here were the witnesses: Nicole M. Austin-Hillery Esq., Executive Director, US Program, Human Rights Watch Dr. Howard Henderson Ph.D., Founding Director, Center for Justice Research, Texas Southern University Nonresident Senior Fellow in Governance, The Brookings Institution Derek Malt...
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MacKenzie Scott — the unfathomably rich ex-wife of Jeff Bezos — has married again. The new husband is a high school science teacher .

WaPo reports. The news of the marriage came out after he signed onto her "giving page," pledging to give away most of his money in his lifetime.  He writes: It is strange to be writing a letter indicating I plan to give away the majority of my wealth during my lifetime, as I have never sought to gather the kind of wealth required to feel like saying such a thing would have particular meaning. I have been a teacher for the majority of my life... And now... I am married to one of the most generous...
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Ninth Circuit Sends Alexa Surreptitious Recording Case to Arbitration–Tice v. Amazon

Lawsuits over voice-activated assistants (and other smart home devices) are interesting. Plaintiffs have been creative about who asserts the claims to navigate around the issue that often sinks class actions: arbitration. This has resulted in claims brought by neighbors, spouses, and minors. This particular lawsuit is by a spouse (Hayley Tice). Tice acknowledged that she used Amazon (i.e., to make purchases), but her husband purchased the device. She claimed that while she agreed to Amazon’s ge...
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California Dreamin’: Cognitive Dissonance and the Tar Pits

07 February 2021Ontario, California Yon-Genre Mind-dump, sans edit This is not my first trip to California. I’ve been here many times, including going to school here twice, and having studied and moved in with a cult related to a cannibal cult I tracked down in India. The first school I attended in California was Defense Language Institute at the Presidio of San Francisco. Many people will say this is wrong, and that the Presidio was in Monterey. Main campus was Monterey while overflow f...
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Time to Vote: Pick the Startup Alley Finalists for ABA TECHSHOW 2021

We need your vote! You can help pick the legal technology startups that will be selected for the fifth-annual Startup Alley at ABA TECHSHOW 2021. Fifteen companies will be selected to face off in a virtual pitch competition that will be the opening event of this year’s TECHSHOW. In November, we issued a call for entries. From all the entries we received, a panel of judges narrowed the applications down to 25. Now your votes will select the final 15. The 15 startups with the most votes will get t...
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Washington, D.C.: The beat goes on

Yon-Genre Mind-dump: unedited Am here by the White House now and just now hear a Huey helicopter flying. Who’s got the Huey? I made most of these photos last night at Black Lives Matter Plaza by the White House. Practically nobody arrived here for inauguration. Mostly police, Secret Service, National Guard, journalists, and some “stars” who flamboyantly whisked around with great pretentiousness, pretending to try to slip in while practically wearing strobe lights. Now, as I write, I...
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Parler loses fight to force Amazon to restore service

A U.S. judge in Seattle has rejected a demand from Parler that restore web hosting services for the right-wing chat app, terminated after the January 6 assault on the Capitol. On Thursday, U.S. District Judge Barbara Rothstein said Parler would not likely be able to prove that Amazon breached its contract, or violated antitrust law, when it suspended service to Parler on January 10, and that it was "not a close call." — Read the rest
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Capitol rioters included highly trained ex-military and police officers

By MICHAEL BIESECKER, JAKE BLEIBERG and JAMES LAPORTA | The Associated Press WASHINGTON  — As President Donald Trump’s supporters massed outside the Capitol last week and sang the national anthem, a line of men wearing olive-drab helmets and body armor trudged purposefully up the marble stairs in a single-file line, each man holding the jacket collar of the one ahead. The formation, known as “Ranger File,” is standard operating procedure for a combat team that is “stacking up” to breach a buildi...
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"President Trump on Tuesday showed no contrition or regret for instigating the mob that stormed the Capitol and threatened the lives of members of Congress..."

"... and his vice president, saying that his remarks to a rally beforehand were 'totally appropriate'” and that the effort by Congress to impeach and convict him was 'causing tremendous anger.' Answering questions from reporters... the president sidestepped questions about his culpability.... 'People thought what I said was totally appropriate,' Mr. Trump told reporters at Joint Base Andrews, en route to Alamo, Texas, where he was set to visit the border wall.... 'If you look at what other peop...
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Noting the notable number of prosecutors now supportive of sentencing second looks

The Washington Post had this important and lengthy new article from earlier this week under the headline "A growing group of prosecutors, who say the job is more than locking people up, wants to help free criminals, too."  Here are excerpts from the start of the piece: When Calvin McNeill was 16, he and a group of friends in Baltimore decided to rob a neighborhood dice game.  Things got chaotic, and McNeill shot and killed a man. It was 1981. The teen was sentenced to life in prison.  Over the ...
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Petitions of the week: CARES Act payments for Alaska Natives, courts in church-property disputes, Miranda warnings and more

This week we highlight cert petitions that ask the Supreme Court to review, among other things, whether Alaska Native corporations are “Indian tribes” who can receive CARES Act payments, whether courts should defer or decide disputes over church property, and how explicit police officers must be in explaining to a suspect her right to a lawyer before and during interrogations under Miranda v. Arizona. In the 1971 Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act, Congress established a different relationship ...
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County in Washington State approves new diversion program focused on community restoration

This local article, headlined "King County Council OKs plan to let community groups decide some punishment -- not judges," reports on a notable new diversion program just approved in Seattle's county.  Here are the interesting details: The King County Council on Tuesday voted Tuesday to approve funding for a groundbreaking criminal justice diversion program that will let community groups decide what punishment -- if any -- should be handed out for a select group of accused felons. The county co...
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Seattle, Portland, New York sued the Trump administration after the Justice Department labelled them 'anarchist jurisdictions'

In normal times, more than 3 million people use transit each day to get to work in the New York region. Alexi Rosenfeld/Getty Images The Justice Department labeled New York, Seattle, and Portland as "anarchist jurisdictions." The cities have sued the Trump department over that designation.  President Donald Trump issued a memorandum last month that sought to identify localities that permit "anarchy, violence, and destruction in American cities" after protests across the country.  Visit Bus...
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Dispatch 20: Return to America -- Portland falling. Continue to prepare for 2021

For the past several weeks, I've been going back and forth between Portland, Oregon, and next door Vancouver, Washington. Downtown Portland and Vancouver may as well be a thousand miles apart. Downtown Portland is filled with homeless people. Many if not nearly all seem mentally ill or severely addicted. One night, I was sitting by the Pioneer Courthouse watching Antifa battle with police, when a man pushing a cart walked by. His face was completely painted green. This was about midnight, ...
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The Geek in Review Ep. 89 – The Boston Legal Design Challenge with Jeff Marple, Robert Taylor, and Gabriel Teninbaum

A few years ago, Robert Taylor and Jeff Marple of Liberty Mutual Insurance, along with Suffolk Law School’s Gabriel Teninbaum sat down at Back Bay Harry’s and hatched a genius plan over some truffle fries and sandwiches. The idea was to leverage Suffolk’s law school technology training for students along with Liberty’s desire for the law schools to help students actually learn how to address the issue of design thinking and how it applied to real-world legal issues they were facing. And whil...
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Dispatch 3: Return to America: Primitive Graffiti in Portland

When you are assessing the situation in your area, Watch the Graffiti. Make photographs. Remember what you can. Valuable. As I travel through America, I will make thousands of photos of graffiti. Watch for patterns. Example: if I see certain graffiti in Seattle, and then see same again in DC, but nowhere else, that can be a clue. Don't just walk by graffiti. That's like walking past the prints and poo on the jungle floor without stopping when you are tiger hunting. Often I just photog...
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Dallas chief resigns; Manley remains: WTF?

Grits should have mentioned Dallas police Chief Renee Hall's resignation in yesterday's post about the Dallas budget, but it seemed like a separate topic. She wasn't resigning over budget cuts, like the chief in Seattle. Rather, she left after a half dozen city council members declared they'd lost confidence in her leadership, largely as a result of a tone-deaf after action report that seemed to pre-exonerate officers for misconduct while overstating protester "violence." I wrote at the time:In ...
Tags: Law, Austin, Dallas, City Council, Seattle, Apd, Hall, Austin City, Manley, Renee Hall, Austin Police Department, John Cornyn, DPD, Gritsforbreakfast, Brian Manley, Spencer Cronk

Closing on $75 million in new cash, Truepill plans at-home testing service as it nears $175 million in annual revenue

Truepill, the white-label healthcare services company that provides telehealth and pharmacy fulfillment services, is adding at-home medical testing as the third branch of its services powering the offerings of companies like Hims and Hers, Ro, and other direct-to-consumer healthcare companies.  Financing this expansion of services is a new $75 million round of financing from investors led by Oak HC/FT, with participation from Optum Ventures, TI Platform Management, Sound Ventures and Y Comb...
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Update: Closing on $75 million in new cash, Truepill plans at-home testing service as it nears $200 million in annual revenue

Truepill, the white-label healthcare services company that provides telehealth and pharmacy fulfillment services, is adding at-home medical testing as the third branch of its services powering the offerings of companies like Hims and Hers, Nurx, GoodRx, and Ro (a former customer).  Financing this expansion of services is a new $75 million round of financing from investors led by Oak HC/FT, with participation from Optum Ventures, TI Platform Management, Sound Ventures and Y Combinator. “With...
Tags: TC, Y Combinator, Articles, Linkedin, Insurance, Tech, Diabetes, Healthcare, Seattle, Birth Control, Telemedicine, Erectile Dysfunction, Afridi, Heal, Pharmacy, Lamont

"Thank you, Seattle, for being one of the most progressive cities in the United States of America."

Just a moment in August 2015 that I wanted to relive this morning because I was thinking about how the highly racialized left-wing rhetoric has washed out the economics-based leftism of Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
Tags: Law, Elizabeth Warren, Seattle, Black Lives Matter, Bernie Sanders, United States of America, Ann Althouse, Racial Politics

Dallas police chief receives lesson on post-#GeorgeFloyd political landscape

The Public Safety Committee at the Dallas City Council this week lambasted the city's first black-woman chief over DPD's 85-page "after action report" following the George Floyd protests, reported the Dallas News. Watch the videos embedded in that story, some of the council members were remarkably angry. Council members called report called one-sided and biased, as well as "absolutely disingenuous and not fair." Repeatedly, council members said they'd "lost trust" in her leadership. Ouch! They'r...
Tags: Law, Austin, Dallas, Seattle, Council, Dallas City Council, Public Safety Committee, Renee Hall, DPD, Gritsforbreakfast, Dallas News, George Floyd

In Scranton, Trump stepped on Mr. Biden’s general-election rollout.

In "Joe Biden Accepts Democratic Nomination: ‘I Will Draw on the Best of Us’/Mr. Biden urged Americans to have faith that they could 'overcome this season of darkness,' and he pledged to bridge the country’s divisions in ways President Trump had not," the NYT observes that Trump — "[s]hedding the political tradition whereby each party defers to the other during the week of its nominating convention" — has been trying " to step on Mr. Biden’s general-election rollout" but "with little success."W...
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Austin cuts police budget, makes Internal Affairs and 911 independent, launches re-imagining

Honestly, Grits never thought this day would come. The City of Austin just approved a budget cutting more than $20 million from police, shifting functions totaling ~$80 million (including Internal Affairs, the 911 call center, and the forensics lab) out of the department, and committed to "re-imagining" how they spend another $50 million. (See this reporter's Twitter thread for details.) The council declined to cut another ~$20 million advocates had identified for immediate reductions. As...
Tags: Law, Austin, City Council, Seattle, Apd, EMS, San Antonio, Internal Affairs, Gritsforbreakfast, Austin PD, City of Austin, Chas Moore, Brian Manley, Jimmy Flannigan, Austin Justice Coalition, George Floyd

And by "relish" you must mean enjoy looking on from the distance I am eager to put between me and this activity.

"I look forward to seeing how this department moves forward through the process of re-envisioning public safety. I relish the work that will be done by all of you," said Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best, quoted in "Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best announces resignation/Best's resignation comes after the Seattle City Council voted to cut spending for the Seattle Police Department on Monday" (at King5). [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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