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Busy General Assembly Session for 2019 Just Getting Started (Part 2)

Yesterday, I tackled the bills floating around the Senate-side of the Connecticut General Assembly,  In today’s post, let’s look at the House side to see what bills are under consideration there: House Bill 5003 is the mirror-image bill of Senate Bill 1 on Paid Family & Medical Leave.  Yesterday’s post gave the highlights, which apply equally to this bill too. Similarly, proposed House Bill 5004 would raise the minimum wage in the state. The details are still to be drafted, but the CBIA has bee...
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Busy Legislative Session Has Lots of Employment Law Bills On Tap (Part 1)

The Connecticut General Assembly is already busy with a full compliment of employment law bills under consideration.  At this point, it seems likely that several will pass in one form or another and thus employers should be playing close attention to the developments. Here are a few of the Senate ones that I’m watching (I’ll tackle the House bills in tomorrow’s post): Senate Bill 1 – This is the Paid Family and Medical Leave bill that has been kicking around for a few years.  Late last week, th...
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“Texas’ fetal burial law to go on trial in federal court”

“Texas’ fetal burial law to go on trial in federal court”: Chuck Lindell has this front page article in today’s edition of The American-Statesman. In today’s edition of The Houston Chronicle, Andrea Zelinski has a front page article headlined “Fetal burial trial marks a new chapter in Texas abortion debate.” Jackie Wang of The Dallas Morning News has an article headlined “Should abortion clinics have to bury fetal remains? Suit over Texas law goes to trial.” And Marissa Evans of The Texas Tribun...
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Senate Bill 5 Will Limit Consumer Rights

The Consumers Council is concerned that Senate Bill 5 proposal, if passed, would limit consumer rights. The post Senate Bill 5 Will Limit Consumer Rights appeared first on Legal Reader.
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