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Separating Men From Women Isn’t The Solution For Sexual Harassment In The Legal Profession

Lawyers need a wake-up call, but this isn't the right answer.
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Prominent Lawyers Stepping Up With Training To Stop Sexual Misconduct

For employers who really care about creating a more equitable workplace.
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"Harvard Betrays a Law Professor — and Itself/Misguided students believe that defending Harvey Weinstein makes Ronald Sullivan unfit to be their dean. Apparently the university agrees."

An op-ed by Harvard lawprof Randall Kennedy (in the NYT).In addition to his work as a professor and a lawyer, [Ronald] Sullivan, with his wife, Stephanie Robinson, has served for a decade as the faculty dean of Winthrop House, an undergraduate dormitory where some 400 students live.As a faculty dean, Mr. Sullivan is responsible for creating a safe, fun, supportive environment in which students can pursue their collegiate ambitions. Winthrop House is meant to be a home away from home; faculty dea...
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A Look At The Staggering Sexual Harassment Numbers In The Legal Profession

These numbers should serve as a wake up call to the legal industry.
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Prominent Law School Professor Resigns After Title IX Misconduct Investigation

He expresses gratitude for those who brought the allegations against him.
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"Sexual violence is a national crisis that requires a national solution. We miss that point if we end the discussion at whether I should forgive Mr. Biden."

"This crisis calls for all leaders to step up and say: 'The healing from sexual violence must begin now. I will take up that challenge.'"I'm trying to understand why Anita Hill has another op-ed in the New York Times. Or, I guess it wasn't an op-ed. There was this interview with her, back on April 26th, which begins with the news that Biden apologized to her, and it was more or less clear that she didn't accept the apology:But I cannot be satisfied by simply saying, “I’m sorry for what happened ...
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Aid sector action to tackle abuse 'completely unsatisfactory', say MPs

International development committee evidence session on fighting sexual misconduct finds little has changed Private aid companies and charities will be asked to reappear before MPs, after evidence given on tackling sexual abuse was condemned as “completely unsatisfactory”.Stephen Twigg, chair of the international development committee (IDC), said he intended to invite representatives of both groups back. Continue reading...
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Morning Docket: 04.29.19

* “President Trump views the Roberts Court as his potential, perhaps literal, ‘get out of jail free’ card.” While Trump thinks he’s got allies on the high court, Chief Justice Roberts has attempted to put the president in his place numerous times — to no apparent avail. [Washington Post] * AG Bill Barr says he may not show up at this week’s Mueller report hearing before the House Judiciary Committee unless Chairman Jerry Nadler changes the proposed questioning format. Au contraire, says Nadler:...
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Anita Hill Left ‘Deeply Unsatisfied’ By Joe Biden’s ‘Apology’

How will this affect his presidential candidacy?
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"I cannot be satisfied by simply saying, 'I’m sorry for what happened to you. I will be satisfied when I know there is real change and real accountability and real purpose."

Said Anita Hill, after Joe Biden called her and talked to her for a long time about the hearings he chaired on the confirmation of Clarence Thomas. Quoted in the NYT. What, exactly, is Biden supposed to say about how he handled things?[S]he cannot support Mr. Biden for president until he takes full responsibility for his conduct, including his failure to call as corroborating witnesses other women who were willing to testify before the Judiciary Committee. By leaving them out, she said, he creat...
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Morning Docket: 04.26.19

* Donald Trump won't stop tweeting about the Mueller report, most recently claiming that he "never told then White House Counsel Don McGahn to fire Robert Mueller." Meanwhile, the president's allies would really like it if he just STFU about it. [POLITICO] * Federal prosecutors have charged Judge Shelley Richmond Joseph of Massachusetts with obstruction and perjury for allegedly allowing an undocumented immigrant to leave a courthouse through a back door to prevent immigration authorities from ...
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What We Can Learn in Connecticut From New EEOC Statistics

Earlier this month, the EEOC released its statistics regarding charges for 2018.  I love looking at these because there are certain trends that always pop out. (You can see some prior years here and here.) Here are five big takeaways that employers in Connecticut can learn from these numbers. Charges Continue to Go Down — a Lot.  For the seventh year in a row, the number of charges processed by the EEOC continued to go down.  In 2018, the EEOC handled 76,418 charges, a 9.3 percent drop from 201...
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Employment Law-Related Bills Continue Springing Along in General Assembly

If April Showers bring May…Oh never mind. In Connecticut, April might as well mean that the General Assembly is getting serious about the bills under consideration.  All the proposals that make headlines in February mean nothing until committees start to vote on the bills and the bills start getting the spotlight on them. Usually by now, we start to see a significant fall off between aspirational goals and practical bills. Not this year. Right now, however, it feels like there is still so much i...
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"Nusrat Jahan Rafi was doused with kerosene and set on fire at her school in Bangladesh. Less than two weeks earlier, she had filed a sexual harassment complaint..."

"...against her headmaster.... Nusrat, who was 19, was from Feni, a small town 100 miles (160km) south of Dhaka. She was studying at a madrassa, or Islamic school. On 27 March, she said the headmaster called her into his office and repeatedly touched her in an inappropriate manner. Before things could go any further she ran out...  At the local police station she gave a statement. She should have been provided with a safe environment to recall her traumatic experiences. Instead she was filmed by...
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‘It’s not just a wolf whistle’: how catcalls became anti-harassment street art

With teenage girls a particular target of street harassment, Farah Benis is on a mission to document incidents and raise awarenessCatcallsofLdn is an Instagram account that raises awareness about street harassment using chalk art. Inspired by and working with @catcallsofnyc, founder Farah Benis collects submissions from the public then chalks them onto the pavement in the place where they happened. The hope is that chalking, documenting and sharing images of the words will help to raise awarenes...
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Upskirting law comes into force in England and Wales as cases rise

Police say 94 incidents reported last year for offence now punishable with jail termUpskirting has become a specific criminal offence in England and Wales, punishable by up to two years’ imprisonment.The scale of the problem has been laid bare by an investigation that reveals allegations reported by police have increased over the last four years, with a 70-year-old woman and schoolchildren as young as seven among the victims in 2018. Continue reading...
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Ex-pope Benedict XVI blames sexual abuse on swinging sixties

Essay by 91-year-old dubbed ‘catastrophically irresponsible’ for undermining reforms Pope Benedict XVI has ventured out of retirement to publish an essay blaming the Catholic church’s sexual abuse scandals on the sexual revolution of the 1960s and “homosexual cliques” among priests.The analysis by Benedict, who abdicated as pontiff in 2013, was immediately criticised as “catastrophically irresponsible” and in conflict with efforts by his successor, Pope Francis, to lead the church out of its cr...
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Ineffectual Judicial Response To #MeToo Will Continue

Judicial working group seems committed to punting the #MeToo problem to powerless clerks.
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Morning Docket: 04.08.19

* "There needs to be some kind of ongoing legislative inquiry—whether for impeachment or something else [to release grand jury material." If you're eager to get your hands on the full Mueller report, you may have to wait a bit longer thanks to this D.C. Circuit case. [Big Law Business] * Meanwhile, during part of a weekend tweetstorm, President Donald Trump said that "even though [he] [has] every right to do so," he's not yet read the Mueller report. But even if he does read it in the future, i...
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"As women, we become conditioned to men encroaching on our personal space, and so we brush it off."

"That’s what I did at the Oscars — I silenced the voice that whispered that my discomfort mattered. Biden was in a position of power — the second-most-powerful person in the country, to be precise — and his presence was drawing attention to the problem of sexual harm. He has done important work to address sexual violence over the years. I didn’t want to discredit it then. I don’t want to discredit it now. But it’s precisely because he has been active on this for so long that he should have reali...
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"... 18 girls in the Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School’s International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme, ranked and rated on the basis of their looks, from 5.5 to 9.4, with decimal points to the hundredth place."

"A group of male students in their program created the list more than a year ago... Dozens of senior girls decided to speak up to the school administration and to their male classmates, demanding not only disciplinary action in response to the list but a schoolwide reckoning about the toxic culture that allowed it to happen. 'It was the last straw, for us girls, of this "boys will be boys" culture... We’re the generation that is going to make a change.'...The girls and administrators agreed that...
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The Dialogue: Listening to Employee-Side Attorneys For Employer Tips About #MeToo

Readers of the blog will no doubt know that it’s been far too long since I had Nina Pirrotti on the blog for a conversation about employment law topics. Excuses abound, but Nina — who mainly represents individuals in employment-related disputes — recently penned a piece for the Connecticut Law Tribune that is too good to let more time pass. So, knowing still that titling a piece a “Dialogue” while just offering up a link to her piece is less than ideal, it’s important that we move beyond labels ...
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Morning Docket: 03.13.19

* Chairman Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) of the House Intelligence Committee is none too pleased with the Justice Department at the moment. Apparently two unnamed senior officials said the DOJ might refuse to share special counsel Robert Mueller's report with Congress, a claim Schiff called "absolutely insupportable." [ABC News] * Last week, Paul Manafort was sentenced to under four years in jail by Judge T.S. Ellis III (just a little less than the 19 to 24 years called for in the sentencing guideline...
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Sexual harassment victims can still deduct legal fees

Part of today's International Women's Day celebrations are for the continuing employment advances by women. Our 21st century progress is due in large part to the pivotal roles of female employees in traditionally male jobs, like this woman machining parts for transport planes at the Consolidated Aircraft Corporation plant in Fort Worth, Texas, in 1942. (Photo via Wikimedia Commons) Back in 2017 when Congress was formulating the comprehensive tax law changes that would become the Tax Cuts ...
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Facebook criticised after women complain of inaction over abuse

Amnesty says social media firm must do more to support users who report harassmentHuman rights campaigners have called for action after a survey revealed that more than half of women who report harassment on Facebook are met with no action from the social media company. Related: Men underestimate level of sexual harassment against women – survey Continue reading...
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The UK now has a law against upskirting

A law change that comes into force in the UK today makes the highly intrusive practice of ‘upskirting’ illegal. The government said it wants the new law to send a clear message that such behaviour is criminal and will not be tolerated. Perpetrators in England and Wales face up to two years in prison under the new law if they’re convicted of taking a photograph or video underneath a person’s clothes for the purpose of viewing their underwear or genitals/buttocks without their knowledge or consent...
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Heineken claims its business helps Africa. Is that too good to be true?

The Dutch beer giant likes to blow its own trumpet about the economic and social benefits it brings to Africa – but revelations of sexual harassment and low pay show a different picture. By Olivier van BeemenThe first time Heineken amazed me was in Tunisia, in early 2011, when I was covering the Jasmine revolution and the fall of President Ben Ali for a Dutch business newspaper. During my reporting, I discovered that Heineken maintained close ties with the kleptocratic family clan that had ruled...
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Busy General Assembly Session for 2019 Just Getting Started (Part 2)

Yesterday, I tackled the bills floating around the Senate-side of the Connecticut General Assembly,  In today’s post, let’s look at the House side to see what bills are under consideration there: House Bill 5003 is the mirror-image bill of Senate Bill 1 on Paid Family & Medical Leave.  Yesterday’s post gave the highlights, which apply equally to this bill too. Similarly, proposed House Bill 5004 would raise the minimum wage in the state. The details are still to be drafted, but the CBIA has bee...
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Busy Legislative Session Has Lots of Employment Law Bills On Tap (Part 1)

The Connecticut General Assembly is already busy with a full compliment of employment law bills under consideration.  At this point, it seems likely that several will pass in one form or another and thus employers should be playing close attention to the developments. Here are a few of the Senate ones that I’m watching (I’ll tackle the House bills in tomorrow’s post): Senate Bill 1 – This is the Paid Family and Medical Leave bill that has been kicking around for a few years.  Late last week, th...
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Morning Docket: 02.06.19

* Only four Supreme Court justices attended President Donald Trump’s State of the Union address last night. Chief Justice John Roberts was accompanied in the front row by Justices Elena Kagan, Neil Gorsuch, and Brett Kavanaugh — who still likes beer, but was unable to participate in any #SOTU drinking games. [USA Today] * Biglaw partnership classes are getting smaller and smaller, which is making it that much harder for women and minorities to advance at their firms. In fact, it’s becoming a s...
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