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Data Breach Plaintiff Doesn’t Have Standing in the Absence of Fraud or Identity Theft–Tsao v. Captiva

This is a data breach lawsuit. Plaintiff was a patron of a restaurant (PDQ) that suffered a breach that compromised credit card payment information. The breach occurred because a hacker gained access to customer data through “an outside vendor’s remote connection tool.” Plaintiff made purchases at PDQ using two different cards (a Wells Fargo Home Rebate card and a Chase Sapphire Reserve card). Both cards offered types of rewards and one of the two also charged a fee. Upon learning of the breach...
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Morning Docket: 02.23.21

* A lawsuit filed on behalf of thousands of New York City fitness studios argues that exercise facilities should be allowed to operate despite COVID-19. Guess people soon might not have an excuse to stay away from the gym... [Pix 11] * The Supreme Court has declined to get involved in the defamation lawsuit Stormy Daniels filed against Donald Trump. [Forbes] * Two New York City lawyers, who allegedly torched an NYPD car last year, have purportedly been offered a plea deal. [New York Post] ...
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Morning Docket: 02.11.21

* Starbucks is being sued for allegedly failing to have real vanilla in its chilled Frappuccinos. Hope the plaintiff doesn't settle like Kramer... [National Law Review] * A California lawyer was arrested earlier this week for allegedly defrauding investors of nearly $5 million on a bogus real estate opportunity. [KTLA] * A Texas lawyer is claiming that receiving stimulus money can lead to a higher divorce rate. [CBS News] * A lawyer has been sentenced to a prison term for charging a client...
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"I understand perfectly why people who have treated the markets as an enormous casino for decades are terribly upset when people other than themselves treat the markets like an enormous casino."

That's the top-rated comment on "‘Dumb Money’ Is on GameStop, and It’s Beating Wall Street at Its Own Game/GameStop shares have soared 1,700 percent as millions of small investors, egged on by social media, employ a classic Wall Street tactic to put the squeeze — on Wall Street" (NYT).  Finance is my least favorite subject, but I can't completely ignore something that feels expressive of my reasons for not engaging. I'm not even going to attempt to vaguely gesture at the briefest summary of wh...
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Morning Docket: 01.26.21

* Mike Lindell, the CEO of MyPillow, is filing a defamation lawsuit against a tabloid that said he was having an affair. Guess people should stop circulating "pillow" talk... [E! Online] * An attorney has been sentenced to two years in prison for failing to file tax returns and pay taxes. [Chicago Tribune] * A Texas lawyer and client were ordered to pay $150,000 for "outright lies" in court. [Texas Lawyer] * A Chicago attorney is racking up wins on the game show Jeopardy! [Chicago Tribune] ...
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Washington, D.C.: How Big was the Million MAGA March, REALLY? And why do BLAMTIFA continue to terrorize business owners and innocent people?

ANOTHER QUICK, UNEDITED DISPATCH: MUCH GOING ON HERE. THIS DISPATCH IS PERFECTLY ACCURATE IF NOT PERFECTLY WRITTEN – thank you for forgiveness runaway commas. We begin on Saturday, 14 November 2020, Washington, D.C. Million MAGA March, 14 November 2020, Washington, D.C. Photo by Masako Ganaha How big was the march? I was there. And at hundreds of others around the world. And have faced this question hundreds of times. Therefore, I studied for the answer. Proud Boys arriving at Freed...
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"If you’re going to work from home indefinitely, why not make a new home in an exotic place?..."

"It turns out there are drawbacks the trend stories and Instagram posts didn’t share. Tax things. Red-tape things. Wi-Fi rage things. Closed border things. The kinds of things one might gloss over when making an emotional, quarantine-addled decision to pack up an apartment and book a one-way ticket to Panama or Montreal or Kathmandu.... The anxious self-optimization pingpongs between 'Why aren’t I living my best life?' and 'Why aren’t I killing it at work?'... Ms. Smith-Adair’s office became a f...
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"The Trump faithful also accused us of trying to get rich on our Never Trump status. Yes, the founders of the anti-Trump Lincoln Project are now taking in lots of donations..."

"... but that was after burning personal and financial bridges to the Republican Party that sustained them and built their handsome homes over the years. (For the record, I have received zero compensation for my association with the Lincoln Project, but I hope the owners of the organization get plenty rich. They’ve earned it.) For most of us, media appearances came only with a ride to the studio and free coffee. (At 30 Rock in New York, at least it was Starbucks.)... If we’d been in it for our o...
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The Geek in Review Ep. 93 – Stephen Embry – The Future of the Law Office Won’t Need Everyone to be in the Office

A couple of episodes ago, we had Richard Hsu discuss the need to eventually bring as many of our lawyers back to a physical office in order to have a successful working environment. Stephen Embry of   reached out to us after listening and wanted to argue that while he understood Richard’s argument that in order for there to be a level playing field for all lawyers in the firm, that there were actually ways to create a successful environment where lawyers could continue to wo...
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Dispatch 8: Return to America — Portland, Oregon: Eve of Battle, Yoga, Star Bucks, Pioneer Courthouse

This Portland morning is cool and dry. By the end of today, you likely will see Portland on national news. Now, still calm. Ten women and a man doing yoga in a square sandwiched by Starbucks and the Pioneer Courthouse. Starbucks is open for takeout. Bottom windows are boarded on the courthouse with minor BLM graffiti on the lower right. The gatherings will be in other venues and subsequent battles can be anywhere. A few people already are showing up for the action. They talked next to...
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Dispatch 2: Homeless in Portland -- terrible

My second day back in America: Just spent a long afternoon tooling around Vancouver, Washington, and Portland, Oregon. No smoke from fires. Rains came just before I landed. Weather in the 60s and wonderful. Could see Mt. Hood just an hour ago. Vancouver peaceful. People pleasant. Little if any overt signs of unrest. Many American flags on homes and businesses. Little mention of BLM and/or Antifa anywhere. (Not that I saw all of Vancouver but a friend and I spent hours yesterday and today...
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"This girl should be the poster child for white privilege... I wonder how her rich parents feel about their daughter. How would they feel if they graffitied their townhouse?"

Said a cop quoted in "Wealthy NYC woman busted in BLM rampage" about the arrest of "Clara Kraebber, 20... one of eight people arrested Friday night after a roiling, three-hour rampage... from Foley Square up to 24th Street.... 'Every city, every town, burn the precinct to the ground!' the group chanted as it moved up Lafayette Street while busting the plate glass facades of banks, Starbucks and Duane-Reades."It's not surprising that privileged young white women would get caught up in Black Lives...
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What I said as I surveyed the damage to the places on Capitol Square here in Madison this morning.

As we drove around the square, I made a recording of myself so I'd have a list: "Home Savings Bank, 2 broken windows, broken door. The toy store has 2 broken windows. Fromagination [the cheese store] has 2 broken windows and a broken door. Park Hotel... The Post, the restaurant there, has 2 broken windows.... Starbucks looks completely intact, it's open, it looks completely inviting, looks nice. Credit Union House is unbroken. Walgreen's windows are unbroken, but I see a guy sweeping up at the d...
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A restaurant and a café are trying to be open on State Street — despite boarded up windows and with the help of some slap-dash painting.

Photographed by me yesterday... Look closely — it cries: WE'RE OPEN... The word "PEACE" is right next to a fist... [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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Competent Lawyering in an Age When Everyone can be Groucho Marx

By David Hricik Mercer Law School I regularly present on legal ethics in patent practice at CLE conferences around the country, and, less often, on general ethics or other IP ethics areas, such as trademark practice.  While doing some research a couple of years ago for one of those, I ran into the phenomenon of “trademark bullying,” which is when a powerful trademark owner sends a C&D letter to a small business, threatening a tour of the pits of misery (wait for it) if the small business doesn’t...
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Coronavirus Lockdown in Shanghai: One Month In

I came back from Chinese New Year holiday in Nagoya, Japan on February 10 to a Shanghai already in lockdown over the novel coronavirus, now known as COVID-19. I’ve been getting lots of questions from friends all over the world about how things are going in Shanghai (especially as the virus continues to spread globally), so I decided to share a bit more about our situation in Shanghai, one month in. Work The official CNY holiday was extended, and we started working from home after that, u...
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Children as young as eight picked coffee beans for Starbucks

Nespresso also named in TV exposé of labour scandal in GuatemalaHigh street coffee shop giant Starbucks has been caught up in a child labour row after an investigation revealed that children under 13 were working on farms in Guatemala that supply the chain with its beans.Channel 4’s Dispatches filmed the children working 40-hour weeks in gruelling conditions, picking coffee for a daily wage little more than the price of a latte. The beans are also supplied to Nespresso, owned by Nestlé. Last wee...
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Children as young as eight used to pick coffee beans for Starbucks

Nespresso also named in TV exposé of labour scandal in GuatemalaHigh street coffee shop giant Starbucks has been caught up in a child labour row after an investigation revealed that children under 13 were working on farms in Guatemala that supply the chain with its beans.Channel 4’s Dispatches filmed the children working 40-hour weeks in gruelling conditions, picking coffee for a daily wage little more than the price of a latte. The beans are also supplied to Nespresso, owned by Nestlé. Last wee...
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Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Traveling to Europe a few times for work over the last couple years made me realize just how myopic I’ve been in looking at the size our market. Until traveling overseas, I looked at the U.S. as our market. We could go down and up in law firm size for customers, we could develop new products and we could look at customers other than lawyers and law firms, such as organizations. All the while though I am swimming in the same sized pond, competing against the same crowd. The competing crowd, wh...
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Lack of Employee Status Disentitles Worker to Damages

By Daniel Standing LL.B., Editor, First Reference Inc. In Farren v Elite Service Group Inc. 2020 BCSC 23 (CanLII), Justice Iyer of the Supreme Court of British Columbia refined various factors to determine the true nature of the working relationship, concluding that the plaintiff was an independent contractor. As such, the law of wrongful dismissal did not govern the termination of his services, leaving the plaintiff disentitled to reasonable notice of termination or damages in lieu of such noti...
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The Decade in Legal Tech: The 10 Most Significant Developments

In legal technology, it was a decade of tumult and upheaval, bringing changes that will forever transform the practice of law and the delivery of legal services. Feisty startups took on established behemoths. The cloud dropped rain on legacy products. Mobile tech untethered lawyers. Clients demanded efficiency and transparency. Robots arrived to take over our jobs. “Alternative” became a label for new kinds of legal services providers. An expanding justice gap fueled efforts at ethics reform. In...
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I don't know. Is that for some new drink?

I'm just trying to read "The Shady History of Mayor Pete’s Wine Cave—and the Ultra-Rich Couple That Owns It" at The Daily Beast and noticing a question posed in the sidebar: "Why Does Starbucks Melt Conservative Brains?"I'm thinking they're concocting one of their flavors to squirt into coffee. Who wants caramel or toffee nut when you can have melted conservative brain? How many pumps? The article is actually about the supposed phenomenon of "right-wingers... falling for hoaxes." It contains thi...
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Tips for Law Firms on Marketing to Millennials

Those of us in the Gen X or Baby Boomer demographic sometimes enjoy poking fun at Millennials as entitled little snowflakes who grew up receiving participation trophies, have no idea how people got coffee before Starbucks, and popularized the man-bun. But while we were all laughing, they were growing to become the largest demographic, overtaking the Baby Boomers in 2016. Millennials — those aged 19-39 — number more than 83 million today and represent 35% of this country’s workforce. According to...
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"If even a successful businessman and entrepreneur like Governor Hickenlooper can't openly support capitalism in the Democratic primary, it's clear this is Senator Sanders' party now."

Said Howard Schultz (the Starbucks founder who may run for President as an independent), which was quoted on "Face the Nation" this morning, in a question to John Hickenlooper, whose answer was so dispiriting that I turned off the TV in the middle. Transcript:GOV. HICKENLOOPER: I've been-- the point I was making is that we defined people by these labels that- that often have all kinds of associations and baggage with them in that sense. Do I believe in small business? Of course I believe in smal...
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"Given that I am not a blonde, 24-year-old woman who identifies as a polyracial ecosexual, I was a little surprised by the suggestion that I was the same person. "

Writes Andrew Doyle (at Spiked) — noting that he's accused of being the man (woman??) behind Titania McGrath, the name on a very funny "radical feminist" Twitter feed and a new book called "Woke: A Guide to Social Justice."I am not the only suspect in this curious affair. Twitter users have speculated that the account is run by Chris Morris, Ricky Gervais, or even the American conservative Ann Coulter.  There are now rumours that Rosamund Urwin is the real Titania McGrath, and that her article i...
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Ghostwritten law blog posts by law students an ethical dilemma for student, law firm and law school

I recently heard of law firms posting job opportunities at law school placement offices for law students to pen blog posts for their law firm. As with legal marketing companies selling ghostwritten blog posts to law firms, the law student would presumably get paid per post, with the firm running the posts in a lawyer’s name. The problem with such a scenario is that it’s misleading. And the type of law blogs being run like this fall within the definition of advertising in virtually every ...
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"So let’s give Schultz credit for bringing the country together, even if only in its bipartisan detestation of him."

Writes Frank Rich in "Howard Schultz May Be Even More Disingenuous Than Donald Trump" (NY Magazine). Consider how similar that is to what Meade said to the Starbucks barista the other day: "I just want to say that I support your boss, Howard Schultz. Because I hate the Democrats, and I hate the Republicans, so go Howard."Similar, but different, of course. Rich assumes everybody is a Democrat or a Republican and therefore wary of someone who threatens the 2-party game. Meade voiced opposition to ...
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"Guys as rich as Shultz have better things to do with their time than hawk books for money."

"The book is to support the run, not vice versa. Remember when everybody was saying that Trump was just running to jump start some kind of news network?" Writes tim in vermont in the comments to the first post of the day (about the value of a Howard Schultz candidacy).Do you think tim makes more sense than Scott Adams, in his podcast yesterday, expressing certainty that Schultz will not run — and is therefore only hawking his book — because it would destroy the Starbucks brand:Tim's observation ...
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"The former Starbucks CEO said Sunday he might run for President as an independent in 2020, and Democrats have since been shrieking like teenagers at a horror movie."

"They seem to fear a policy debate, which is exactly why a Schultz candidacy could be good for the country, including Democrats," say the Editors of the Wall Street Journal (unfortunately, behind a pay wall).The Democratic pundit class, which means nearly every pundit, rushed to say Mr. Schultz should stick to grande cappucinos and leave politics to the professionals who . . . lost to Mr. Trump.They're trying to bully Mr. Schultz out of running, but along the way they're making the case for why ...
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