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Justice Department Releases Its Dangerous & Unconstitutional Plan To Revise Section 230

I guess we shouldn't have expected anything better.
Tags: Technology, Law, Department Of Justice, Justice Department, Section 230

Britain has offensive cyberwar capability, top general admits

Gen Sir Patrick Sanders says Boris Johnson has told him to ensure UK is major cyber powerBritain’s most senior cyber general has said the UK possesses the capacity to “degrade, disrupt and destroy” its enemies’ critical infrastructure in a future cyber conflict, in a rare acknowledgement of the military’s offensive hacking capability.Gen Sir Patrick Sanders, who heads the UK’s strategic command, said that he been told by Boris Johnson to ensure Britain is a “leading, full-spectrum cyber power” a...
Tags: Politics, UK, Technology, Internet, Gchq, UK News, World news, Britain, Military, Hacking, Defence policy, UK security and counter-terrorism, Boris Johnson, Espionage, Cyberwar, Patrick Sanders

Exclusive: ASG LegalTech Acquires Payments Platform Headnote; We Interview The Two Companies’ CEOs

The CEOs discuss the acquisition and what it means for the two companies and their customers.
Tags: Technology, Law, ASG

In 2020, Nothing Is Certain But Chaos And Client Billing — There’s Some Good News About The Latter

Headnote acquisition paves the way for fully integrated solution from ASGLegalTech.
Tags: Technology, Law, Headnote, ASG LegalTech

Pentagon Got $1 Billion to Fight Coronavirus, Bought Drones, Jet Parts, and Body Armor Instead: Report

The Pentagon has spent the $1 billion it received through the CARES Act on personal protective equipment, medical gear, and other emergency response supplies to support the nation’s teetering healthcare system. Read more...
Tags: Health, Security, Politics, Science, Technology, Congress, War, Military, US military, Pentagon, Military Industrial Complex, Coronavirus, Covid 19, Sars Cov 2, CARES Act

A Lack Of (Good) Faith: Why Social Media Needs To Respect Section 230 Immunity

Call me old fashioned, but I actually like the healthy exchange of ideas.
Tags: Technology, Law, Free Speech, Section 230, Tom Kulik, Communications Decency Act

Engagement with anti-vaccine Facebook posts trebles in one month

Exclusive: Guardian analysis prompts calls for new drive to combat conspiracy theories Medical experts v anti-vaxxers: the Covid-19 information battle Coronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageEngagement with anti-vaccine posts on a sample of UK Facebook pages trebled between July and August, analysis by the Guardian has found, triggering calls for a major new push to tackle conspiracy theories.Interactions on posts expressing scepticism or hostility towards vaccines on six UK ...
Tags: Health, Facebook, Politics, Technology, Media, Internet, Social Media, Society, UK News, Infectious Diseases, Guardian, Vaccines and immunisation, Internet Safety, UK Facebook, Coronavirus outbreak

"Rich guys like rockets, I don’t know, they like rocket, boom."

Context, from "Donald Trump Mosinee, WI Rally Speech Transcript September 17":We will land the first woman on the moon and the United States will be the first nation to land an astronaut on Mars. And, NASA is now the hottest space center anywhere in the world. And, when I took over three and a half years ago, there was grass growing in the runways, you know that it was closed down, it was a mess. We are now the hottest in the world. You see what’s going up. And, we’ve got a lot of rich guys send...
Tags: Technology, Law, Wealth, Nasa, United States, Mars, Astronauts, Gestures, Rich, Trump, Masculinity, Ann Althouse, Trump rhetoric, Mottos, Donald Trump Mosinee WI Rally Speech

Online Bar Exams Rely On Facial Recognition Tech And Guess What? It’s Still Racist!

It seems like someone in a position of authority might want to look into this.
Tags: Technology, Law, Racism, Facial Recognition, Law Schools, Bar Exam, Facial Recognition Tech

AI, Pandas, And The Future Of Law

Blowing up the legal monopoly may revive AI as a major force in the industry.
Tags: Technology, Law, Artificial Intelligence, Ai, James Goodnow

Burglars beware: tech pioneers aim to make south Africa's townships safer

Innovative community alarm system provides solution in places where violent crime and theft have become endemicNtsako Mgiba was sleeping at his aunt’s place in eMalahleni (previously known as Witbank) in Mpumalanga province when thieves broke in and stole hundreds of pounds worth of laptops, smartphones and other tech. The next morning Mgiba followed the burglars’ footprints – theirs was not the only home to be targeted. The police filed a report that afternoon, but any hope of tracking them dow...
Tags: Technology, Africa, Society, World news, South Africa, Global development, Mpumalanga, Witbank, Mgiba

Two Days Before The Deadline, Bar Exam Declares Desktop Computers Forbidden

And it doesn't look like New York is alone -- it seems to be a last-minute ExamSoft change.
Tags: New York, Technology, Law, Law Schools, Bar Exam, ExamSoft

Finally, The Functional PDF Software Lawyers Want And Need [Sponsored]

Never worry about dealing with your PDFs again. Foxit PhantomPDF provides a full service, easy-to-use software for all of your PDF and document needs.
Tags: Technology, Law, Pdf, Sponsored Content, Stephanie Wilkins, Foxit, Document Technology, Foxit PhantomPDF

MacBooks May Be Able To Cheat The Online Bar Exam

But even if they're not, this highlights the lack of trust out there.
Tags: Technology, Law, Law Schools, Bar Exam, ExamSoft

With Apologies To Michael Scott, Lawyers Should Ditch Some Paper Products

If COVID-19 has shown us anything, it has shown us that we can use less paper.
Tags: Technology, Law, Paper, Michael Scott, Small Law Firms, Jordan Rothman, Coronavirus, COVID-19, COVID

E-Discovery Platform Relativity Announces Next-Gen Aero User Interface

A significant update giving voice to customers, the new UI will be the focal point at Relativity Fest.
Tags: Technology, Law, Ediscovery, Legal Operations, Mike Quartararo

Law Practice Is Changing At Light Speed [Sponsored]

A Palo Alto startup is way ahead of the curve.
Tags: Technology, Law, Palo Alto, Sponsored Content, Xira

Tell Me Why game review: a poetic exploration of memory against a stunning Alaskan landscape

Dontnod’s latest game is a thoughtful, atmospheric narrative adventure – and with its trans lead character, a defining moment for the industryAs the first major studio game release to feature a trans lead character, Tell Me Why represents a pretty major milestone. The first two chapters of the narrative adventure game from Dontnod, the French developer behind the Life is Strange franchise, were released recently for Windows and Xbox One; the third and final chapter dropped last week.You play as ...
Tags: Games, Technology, Microsoft, Xbox One, Society, World news, Australia news, Transgender, Culture, Alaska, Alyson, Dontnod, Erica Lindbeck, Tyler Ronan, August Aiden Black

NHS coronavirus app to launch in England and Wales on 24 September

Businesses urged to display QR codes so customers can check in to enable contact tracingCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageThe UK government’s Covid contact-tracing app will finally launch in England and Wales on 24 September, the government has announced, more than four months later than initially promised.Currently being trialled in the Isle of Wight and the east London borough of Newham, the app was redeveloped entirely over the summer to adopt a framework created by ...
Tags: Apple, Health, Google, Apps, UK, England, Technology, London, Wales, Society, UK News, NHS, Health policy, Newham, Wight, Matt Hancock

Practice Management Platform MyCase Sold To Private Equity Group

It was sold to funds advised by Apax Partners, a private equity firm, for approximately $193 million in cash.
Tags: Technology

ExamSoft Compensated Key Customers, Raising Specter Of Conflicted Law Schools, Bar Exams

Innovative marketing strategy, deceptive trade practice, or potential conflict? All of the above? Some of the above?
Tags: Technology, Law, Law Schools, Bar Exam, ExamSoft

Book Review: A Short And Happy Guide To Advanced Legal Research

Whether you're a seasoned attorney or just starting out, there's something in this book for everyone.
Tags: Books, Technology, Law, Legal Research, Niki Black, Ann Walsh Lang

Materials In 6-Point Font? No Way To Mark It Up? Online Bar Exam Plan Keeps Getting Better & Better!

We would all protest if attorneys were forced to work like this.
Tags: New York, Technology, Law, Indiana, Law Schools, Bar Exams

Whistleblowers Charge CEO Of NJ Firm With Inflating AI Capability, Calling Employees ‘Dirty Indians’

They allege that ElectrifAi is touting an improperly developed healthcare AI tool amidst a pandemic and accuse the CEO of racism, a charge that finds corroboration in an employment lawsuit.
Tags: Technology, Law, Health Care / Medicine

Identity cards are no threat to civil liberties | Letters

Readers respond to an article by Gracie Mae Bradley on the intrusiveness of the digital identity system that the government is planningGracie Mae Bradley of Liberty writes that “People often ask why objections to proposed ID systems in the UK have historically been so strident when such schemes are widespread in mainland Europe” (The UK’s online ID plans: expensive, intrusive, unnecessary, 6 September). Alas, she does not answer this question. Countries with stronger civil liberties traditions a...
Tags: Europe, Politics, UK, Technology, Human Rights, Law, European Union, Immigration and asylum, Surveillance, NHS, Labour, Identity cards, Brexit, Windrush scandal, Coronavirus outbreak, Gracie Mae Bradley

Facebook blocks livestream of assisted dying campaigner's death

Terminally ill French man is told his plan was blocked because it could promote self-harmFacebook has blocked a terminally ill French campaigner for assisted dying from livestreaming his own death.Alain Cocq, who has been suffering for 34 years from a rare and incurable degenerative disease, has stopped taking food, drink or medicine, and says he wants his death to be seen to help persuade French authorities to lift a ban on medically assisted suicide. Continue reading...
Tags: Facebook, Europe, Technology, Social Networking, Law, France, Social Media, Assisted dying, Alain Cocq

Former White House Staffer Helms New Cybersecurity, Discovery, And Info Gov Services Company

The lawyer leading this company formerly served as director of information governance at the White House.
Tags: Technology, Law

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