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As Kirsten Gillibrand enters the presidential race, Nate Silver seems to push for the NYT to use its "agenda-setting power" to keep Al Franken out of the "conversation" of "normal people."

It's definitely a part of the conversation, but let's keep in mind that the NYT, and frankly even (to a lesser magnitude) 538, have a lot of agenda-setting power for what's part of the conversation. So Twitter isn't an exogenous measure of what normal people care about. — Nate Silver (@NateSilver538) January 16, 2019 You can peruse the current tweets about Gillibrand and Franken here. Two examples:"Holding Gillibrand accountable for her statements and actions IS NOT th...
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Twitter’s TOS Upheld Despite Unilateral Amendment Clause—Brittain v. Twitter

This is one of the many Trump-associated lawsuits (#MALGA) by so-called conservatives against Internet companies for allegedly squelching their voices. In this case, Craig Brittain, an erstwhile political candidate, had several campaign-related Twitter accounts suspended (including @CraigRBrittain, @AuditTheMedia, @SenatorBrittain, and @Brittain4Senate), allegedly costing him 500,000 followers. He sued for “$1 billion in damages, a declaration that Twitter interfered in the 2018 federal election...
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"The Twitter hashtag '#KamalaHarrisIsACop' is popular among her progressive detractors..."

"... who point to her work in law enforcement that they say disproportionately affected people of color. 'Kamala Harris is entitled to no scrutiny, just like every other Democratic politician who is loved by Clinton donors. Also, war is peace,' progressive commentator David Sirota tweeted sarcastically in 2017. It came during a stretch where he highlighted her role as California attorney general in the approval of a California hospital merger criticized by nurses and abortion rights activists, a...
Tags: Twitter, Law, California, Police, San Francisco, Kamala Harris, Clinton, Trump, HARRIS, San Francisco Chronicle, David Sirota, Ann Althouse, Racial Politics

Just when I thought I knew what a tweet was… | Brief letters

Tweets | TV licences for the over-75s | Peaky Blinders cap | Sack Marina Hyde | Divorce by text messageHaving only recently learned that a tweet is a social media message, I read that “White House press secretary, Sarah Sanders, announced that Trump would be travelling to the southern border in a tweet” (Report, 8 January), which leaves me wondering if this useful neologism has also come to mean (a) a jiffy (b) a bullet-proof limo or (c) a fit of narcissistic presidential pique. Please help.Alan...
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Ninth Lawsuit Against Social Media Providers for “Materially Supporting Terrorists” Fails–Clayborn v. Twitter

This is the ninth different case where a court concludes that social media services aren’t liable for providing “material support” to terrorists. This particular litigation involves the San Bernardino shooting, but the underlying incident doesn’t matter much. Instead, the court is governed by the Ninth Circuit’s Fields v. Twitter case, which held that social media services aren’t proximate causes of terrorist attacks. That ruling pretty much dictates this dismissal. So apologies for my light com...
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"#TimesSquare tradition rings in the #NewYear by dropping the big ball...if ever needed, we are #ready to drop something much, much bigger."

Tweeted the US Strategic Command, which is in charge of America's nuclear weaponry. The tweet was subsequently detected to have entered the zone of bad taste and deleted. [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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U.S. Strategic Command Helpfully Reminds World It Could Still Annihilate Everyone Before Midnight

The United States Strategic Command—a high-level U.S. military unified command that oversees everything from nuclear deterrence, command, control, and communications to intelligence, cyber warfare, and combating the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction—helpfully reminded the world on New Year’s Eve that it has…Read more...
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Twitter's trends for me today are mostly Christmas-y.

But what's up with Isaac Newton? Ah:Today, the Royal Society pays tribute to a man born #OnThisDay who changed the world. Happy birthday, Isaac Newton FRS, born today in 1642.— The Royal Society (@royalsociety) December 25, 2018 [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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We are golden.

Just a David Crosby tweet I've been meaning to embed...My new album 'Here If You Listen' featuring @beccastevensbsb, @RealSnarkyPuppy, and @boutwillismusic is out now. Listen to it at and buy the CD/Vinyl at or your favorite record store.— David Crosby (@thedavidcrosby) October 26, 2018 ... and remembered today because I saw "David Crosby Only Sometimes Tweets While He’s High" at The Cut. [Author: [email protected]
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Cops: “JC Thots Get Off, We Only Punish Men Here!”

Police are being called to explain just why a 13-year-old schoolgirl who sold nude selfies of herself to men on Twitter escaped any punishment whatsoever, after they arrested all her buyers for child porn offences when she turned them over. According to the Kyoto prefectural police’s juvenile division, the junior high student sold nude pictures […]
Tags: Twitter, Japan, Crime, Law, Prostitution, Police, Anime, Schoolgirls, Kyoto

Eighth Lawsuit Against Social Media Providers for “Materially Supporting Terrorists” Fails–Copeland v. Twitter

This is another 1-800 LAW FIRM lawsuit against social media providers for allegedly materially supporting terrorists. Like the others, it fails. In light of the Ninth Circuit’s Fields opinion, dismissing a similar suit on proximate cause grounds, this opinion doesn’t break any new ground. The court’s overview pretty much says it all (note: the truncation of the first paragraph appears to be a mistake in the court’s opinion): Sean and Brodie Copeland were intentionally struck and killed by a truc...
Tags: Facebook, Twitter, Isis, Law, Force, Crosby, Cohen, Twitter Inc, Sean, Cain, Google Facebook, Google Inc, Gonzalez, Facebook Inc, Ninth Circuit, Copeland

Free speech and social media moderation

“Big internet platforms for speech are privately owned, but those who would pressure private firms to restrict speech are often the same people who would substantially restrict the rights of people to speak. John Samples and Emily Ekins discuss how Americans think about free speech today and ways to defend it in the modern age.” [Cato Daily Podcast with Caleb Brown] Tags: Facebook, free speech, social media, Twitte
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"Twitter's gone crazy banning people on the right, so I’ve deactivated my Twitter account."

Blogs Glenn Reynolds, at Instapundit. With this update:People seem to want more, and although there’s nothing duller than posting a screed on why you’re quitting a platform, here’s the gist: I’ve never liked Twitter even though I’ve used it. I was a late adopter, and with good reason. It’s the crystal meth of social media — addictive and destructive, yet simultaneously unsatisfying. When I’m off it I’m happier than when I’m on it. That it’s also being run by crappy SJW types who break their prom...
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Let's be thankful for shaming the Thanksgiving fat-shamer Sarah Michelle Gellar.

The actress apologized for this, which actually really is pretty awful: View this post on Instagram I’m just going to pin these up all over my house as a reminder not to overeat on Thursday #thanksgivingprep A post shared by Sarah Michelle (@sarahmgellar) on Nov 18, 2018 at 10:04am PST As Breitbart (linked at the top of Drudge) put it:The 41-year-old immediately buckled to the social media campaign against her, saying, “It’s come to m...
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Another Suspended Twitter User Loses in Court–Kimbrell v. Twitter

Just last month, I blogged about a suspended Twitter user who lost in court. This pro se lawsuit also fails. It makes me wonder: how many other suspended Twitter users have pending cases in court? This lawsuit is also one of the multitudinous lawsuits that relates directly or indirectly to President Trump. Whatever else he’s done for/to the country, he is making American Litigation great again. #MAGLA, or something like that. In an irony I still can’t fully comprehend, Trump supporters dispropor...
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Seventh Different Lawsuit Against Social Media Providers for “Material Support to Terrorists” Fails–Taamneh v. Twitter

By my count, this is the seventh different lawsuit concluding that social media providers are not liable for materially supporting terrorists (Cain, Crosby, Fields, Force/Cohen, Gonzalez, Pennie, Taamneh). [If I’m missing any, please let me know.] This is an impressive display of legal futility; it’s not easy to find this much consensus among judges. At some point, the law becomes clear beyond a doubt. Also, I admire the dogged determination (stubbornness?) of the plaintiffs’ lawyers (almost all...
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The courage to @.

On Twitter there is a choice between having the courage to @ the person you are trash talking, or not. @realDonaldTrump is howling because he's weak. Florida, go vote today.— Andrew Gillum (@AndrewGillum) October 29, 2018 [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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Here we go again: "Let’s name names."

Jennifer Rubin in WaPo: "Enough platitudes: Let’s name names."If you forget the past, you can reuse the old slogans.IN THE COMMENTS: James K is first to embarrass Rubin by quoting her "Surely logarithms exist to detect the lion’s share of racist and anti-Semitic material..." Logarithms!!!Henry says: Surely logarithms exist to detect the lion’s share of racist and anti-Semitic material How about thermometers? Surely thermometers exist that will do that?Algorithm. Logarithm. Whatever it takes.Edmu...
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"Gab’s affiliation with Mr. Bowers has already cost the company dearly."

"On Saturday, the company’s web hosting provider, Joyent, moved to shut the site down, according to an email posted by Gab on Twitter. The payment processing platform Stripe, which Gab has used to receive fees for its paid Gab Pro membership level, and which froze Gab’s account this month for violating its terms of service, said it was suspending transfers to the company’s bank account pending an investigation, according to another email posted to Twitter by Gab. PayPal, another payment processo...
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Section 230 Protects Twitter’s Decision to Suspend User’s Account–Mezey v. Twitter

This decision is from July but just showed up in Westlaw. Mezey sued Twitter for suspending his account. The opinion doesn’t provide any background about the account or why Twitter suspended it. The court easily dismissed the lawsuit  on Section 230 grounds. Here’s the court’s entire substantive analysis (paragraph breaks added): First, Twitter—as a platform that transmits, receives, displays, organizes, and hosts content—is an interactive computer service. 47 U.S.C. § 230(f)(2) (defining intera...
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Salesforce CEO: tech billionaires 'hoard their money' and won't help homeless

In Guardian interview, Marc Benioff calls out Twitter’s Jack Dorsey and others for failing to give back to city where they got richMarc Benioff, the Salesforce CEO, has escalated his attacks on fellow San Francisco billionaires, saying they are “hoarding” money and don’t want to help the homeless.In an interview with the Guardian on Tuesday, the tech entrepreneur intensified his criticisms of Jack Dorsey, the CEO of Twitter, saying: “He just doesn’t want to give, that’s all. And he hasn’t given ...
Tags: Twitter, Technology, California, Housing, San Francisco, Society, US news, Poverty, Homelessness, Social exclusion, Silicon Valley, Jack Dorsey, Marc Benioff, Benioff

"A judge in a California federal court dismissed Clifford’s defamation lawsuit against the president. That lawsuit was always a sideshow."

"It was based on a single Trump tweet, from April 2018, regarding Clifford’s claim that Trump was behind an alleged incident in 2011, when an unknown man threatened Clifford to keep quiet about the tryst she allegedly had with Trump.... Judge Otero said he is concerned that allowing defamation suits like this to proceed against the president 'would significantly hamper the office of the President. Any strongly-worded response by a president to another politician or public figure could constitute...
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"We were at home in Salt Lake City in when I tweeted — at 2:11 a.m. — I just woke up and had this thought in my head: Oh, my God, this is going to make so much sense."

"And then I tweeted it and then I went right back to sleep. And when I woke up at 7, the shit had hit the fan."It was one of those things, she says, where you "just want to get it down," and you'll "expand on this later."Why would anyone think your iPad Twitter app should be your bedside notepad? It's an especially bad choice if you go to sleep on a mind-altering drug. Roseanne says she used Ambien. Drug or no drug, it's possible to jot down a note in the middle of the night that even you can't ...
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This is the first I'm seeing of "#HimToo" hashtag activism and it's a mother screwing up big time.

I'm reading "‘This is MY son’: Navy vet horrified as mom’s tweet miscasts him as #HimToo poster boy — and goes viral" (WaPo):“This is MY son,” began his mom’s viral post, which featured a photograph of Hanson posing in his Navy uniform. “He graduated #1 in boot camp. He was awarded the USO award. He was #1 in A school. He is a gentleman who respects women. He won’t go on solo dates due to the current climate of false sexual accusations by radical feminists with an axe to grind. I VOTE. #HimToo.”...
Tags: Twitter, Law, Navy, Mythology, Sun, Motherhood, Jon, Hanson, Ann Althouse, MeToo, Zack Bornstein

Tweeting Columbus Day.

Christopher Columbus’s spirit of determination & adventure has provided inspiration to generations of Americans. On #ColumbusDay, we honor his remarkable accomplishments as a navigator, & celebrate his voyage into the unknown expanse of the Atlantic Ocean.— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) October 8, 2018 I’m with you Amy— David Crosby (@thedavidcrosby) October 7, 2018 [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
Tags: Twitter, Law, Columbus, Atlantic Ocean, Amy, Christopher Columbus, Donald J Trump, David Crosby, Ann Althouse, President Trump

Graham Linehan given police warning after complaint by transgender activist

West Yorkshire force tell Father Ted co-writer not to contact Stephanie Hayden after row on TwitterGraham Linehan, the co-writer of the sitcom Father Ted, has been given a verbal harassment warning by police after a complaint by a transgender activist.Linehan was told by West Yorkshire police not to contact the activist Stephanie Hayden, after a row on Twitter. Continue reading...
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If Elon Musk Violated SEC Rule With His Tweet, Donald Trump Violates The Same Rule Almost Daily

Let's look at just a few of the times that Trump has tweeted false and misleading things which did and could have affected sales and purchases of securities.
Tags: Twitter, Elon Musk, Law, Finance, Tesla, Regulation, SEC, Donald Trump, Trump, Elon Musk Violated SEC

Star Wars: The Last Jedi abuse blamed on politically motivated Russian trolls

Report finds half of negative comments aimed at Rian Johnson’s movie came from Twitter bots or trolls with ‘clear political agendas’, indicating fan backlash was overstatedMore than half of the hostile responses to The Last Jedi, episode eight of the Star Wars saga, were politically motivated trolling or the result of non-human bot activity, according to an academic paper published by a US digital media expert.Morten Bay, a research fellow at the University of Southern California (USC), analysed...
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Biglaw Partner In Hot Water After Twitter Outburst Inspired By Kavanaugh Hearing

Cursing out women isn't a great idea when you're supposed to be a professional.
Tags: Twitter, Law, Biglaw, Sullivan & Cromwell, Brett Kavanaugh, Kavanaugh Hearing, Frank Aquila

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