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Another State Moves Closer to Mandating Tech CLE, But Limited to Cybersecurity

A third state could soon join the two that require technology training as part of a lawyer’s obligation to undergo continuing legal education. Two states currently require mandatory tech CLE. In 2016, Florida became the first state to do so, when it adopted a rule requiring lawyers to complete three hours of CLE every three years “in approved technology programs.” In 2018, North Carolina followed suit, requiring all lawyers there to complete one hour per year of CLE devoted to technology trainin...
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New Global Legal Tech Report Charts State of Legal Tech Across Asia-Pacific Region

In April I reported on the release by the Global Legal Tech Report of its report on Australia, the first in a planned series of regional reports on legal tech worldwide, which will culminate in a global report in November. Now, the GLTR has released reports covering Asia and New Zealand. When considered alongside the Australia report, they provide an overview of the state of legal tech across the Asia-Pacific region. Taken together, the GLTR’s reports on Asia, Australia and New Zealand show that...
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How Blogging Lawyers Overcome Writer’s Block

Just write, says marketing guru, author and speaker, Seth Godin. Godin is spot on when it comes to lawyers – and law firms. “People with writer’s block don’t have a problem typing. They have a problem living with bad writing, imperfect writing, writing that might expose something that they fear.” And how do you overcome this fear? “The best way to address this isn’t to wait to be perfect. Because if you wait, you’ll never get there. The best way to deal with it is to write, an...
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Tomorrow Our Blogging Series Continues with Jim Walker of Cruise Law News

Last week Carolyn Elefant joined me as we kicked off a new series on behalf of LexBlog of live conversations with leading legal bloggers. Tomorrow the series continues with a live interview with Jim Walker, publisher of Cruise Law News, a maritime-law blog where the motto is, “Everything the cruise lines don’t want you to know.” No doubt, there’s been a lot they don’t want you to know of late, providing plenty to write about for Walker, a Miami lawyer who has been involved in maritime litigation...
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Litera TV Marks 300th Show With New Lineup Of Legal Tech Experts As Hosts

In a year of so many challenges and difficulties, an unexpected highlight for me has been the opportunity to participate as a host on Litera TV, a daily live stream of interviews, educational programs, and tips around legal tech and legal practice produced by the document technology company Litera. Every Wednesday morning since April 8, I’ve had the honor of having Zoom coffee with a who’s who of legal industry leaders, sitting down with them for free-flowing, half-hour conversations about techn...
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Transformation 2020: Instrumental Tools for the Future – The PLLIP Summit

The 2020 PLLIP Summit is set to kick off on Friday, July 10 th .  For the first time ever the Summit will be presented as a virtual event.  While over the past several months, we all have experienced and possibly, over experienced Zoom, WebEx, Google Hangouts, and FaceTime, the Summit promises to be an unforgettable experience.  We asked each speaker to provide some insight into what you can expect from their session.  Keynote Address: Reinventing the Modern Law Firm From Information...
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How E-Discovery Software Is Being Used In The Battle Against COVID-19

The first major foothold for the use of artificial intelligence software in the legal profession was in the area of e-discovery, where tools variously referred to as technology-assisted review or predictive coding helped lawyers find relevant documents within huge data collections more quickly and at lower cost. Now, this same software is being deployed to medical researchers to help them sift through collections of thousands of clinical studies to find those that are most relevant to the battle...
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Morning Docket: 06.30.20

* A Long Island gym owner is planning on filing a lawsuit over New York's plans to delay the reopening of gyms. Guess they call it "Strong" Island for a reason... [Long Island Press] * Pinterest has hired outside counsel to investigate allegations of a hostile work environment. [Bloomberg] * The Michigan Attorney General is suing Exxon Mobil and other energy companies over alleged culpability with climate change. [NPR] Booz Allen has been hit with a sex discrimination and retaliation lawsui...
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ICYMI: My Litera TV Interview with Melissa Speidel, Director of Business Transformation at K&L Gates

Last week on my live-streaming legal program Law Insights on Litera TV, I interviewed Melissa Speidel, director of business transformation at the law firm K&L Gates. Her job, Melissa says, is to “take care of the business” — to manage and find solutions throughout the firm and also to engage with clients to help them with developing and implementing solutions. You can watch our full half-hour interview below.
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For First Time in Decade, PACER Website Gets Major Update

A new design rolled out yesterday for the website of the U.S. Courts Public Access to Court Electronic Records (PACER) program, the site’s first major update in a decade. The site, which can be found at, provides information about the PACER service and is the portal to PACER applications. It is run by the Administrative Office (AO) of the U.S. Courts. The AO said that it undertook the upgrade in response to feedback from users and as part of the judiciary’s ongoing effort to i...
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The Geek In Review Ep. 80 – Yes, And … A Return to KM 101 with Eugene Cipparone

  While we have a few comedic moments on the podcast (usually unintended), we actually have a real-life comedian, Eugene Cipparone , join us on this week’s episode. Eugene is a lawyer, who took a few years off to join The Second City comedy troop in Toronto, before working his way back into the legal industry as Goodmans, LLP’s Director of Professional Support. With the pandemic, the need for support, and KM resources became critical. Eugene’s ability to understand the needs of his fi...
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Strategic Consulting for Legal Bloggers

It was sixteen years ago, following my introduction to the Legal Marketing Association in San Francisco as the “national leader on blogs for lawyers,” that I realized there could be an opportunity to start a “law blog company.” At the conclusion of my talk, law firm leaders came up and asked, “Can you help me and my firm.” I was thinking, “Help you do what? Set up a blog on Typepad by paying a $4.95 a month subscription as I was?” But I bit my tongue, realizing practicing lawyers were no...
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David Lat on Lessons Learned During the Pandemic – Final Episode of In Seclusion

After 68 episodes and 75 guests, I am concluding the In Seclusion Podcast miniseries today with special guest, David Lat from Lateral Link. Back in March, David announced he had contracted COVID-19, and spent some two and a half weeks in the hospital, much of that time in the ICU. For many of us in the legal industry who knew David from his days running Above the Law, his experience with the virus made the issue very real for us and we followed Twitter and the news closely as he finally came ou...
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New Legal Research Tool Taps Into Caselaw Access Project’s 6.7M Cases

It is rare that I get to report on a new legal research tool. Even so-called startups in legal research, such as Casetext and ROSS, have been in business since 2014 or earlier. But today I have news of a new entrant in the field, BuzzyCite. BuzzyCite is a free and easy-to-use case law research tool that taps into the vast collection of Harvard Law School’s Caselaw Access Project. As I reported in 2018, the Caselaw Access Project (CAP) was a massive undertaking that culminated in the digitization...
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6/25: A Special ‘Ask Us Anything’ Edition Of Our Legaltech Journalists’ Roundtable

For our weekly, live legaltech journalists’ roundtable tomorrow, we’re going to do something slightly different — make it an AMA (ask me anything) episode. In addition to our usual round-up of the week’s top stories in legaltech, we’ll take your questions about how we do what we do. Want to know how we pick our stories, or how to pitch us on a story, or more about our publications? Here’s your chance. Tomorrow’s panel line-up includes a new panelist, Victor Li, assistant managing editor of the A...
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Knowing How to Network Through the Internet a Big Edge for Lawyers During Covid-19

The Internet has been around for over twenty-five years as a business development tool for lawyers. Early lawyers to the Internet built reputations and business, not with websites – they came later – but by networking through the Internet. Networking meaning seeing where people gathered online, where they asked questions, where people exchanged information. The lawyers jumped in and helped. Lawyers used Listserv’s, message boards, bulletin board systems and online communities, includ...
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U.K. Tech Company Apperio Begins Major Drive Into U.S. Market For Its Spend-Management Platform

The U.K. legal technology company Apperio, whose platform provides corporate legal departments with greater transparency into their legal spend through automated tracking, management and analysis, says it is “vigorously” expanding its sales operation into the United States. The company says it is targeting sales to legal departments within corporations that have legal spend of $5 million or more and legal departments within private equity investment firms. “The Apperio team is very excited to ex...
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Latest SixFifty Product Helps Churches Assess Readiness To Resume Services

Last month, I wrote about the launch by SixFifty, the technology subsidiary of the law firm Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati, of the Return-to-Work Toolset, a tool to help U.S. businesses safely transition their employees back to work as COVID-19 stay-at-home orders expire. Now, SixFifty is releasing another tool in a similar vein, only this one is designed to help religious leaders evaluate whether they are prepared to safely resume in-person meetings and services with their members. Available ...
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Featured Resource: How Top Lawyers are Winning Cases in Today’s Competitive Environment

Each week, we’re highlighting one of the resources from our recently launched LawSites Resource Center, a library of downloadable content such as ebooks, white papers, case studies and more from experts and vendors in the legal industry. This week’s featured resource: How Top Lawyers are Winning Cases in Today’s Competitive Environment. Description: Download this free datasheet to see how legal analytics are helping successful lawyers make data-driven decisions on which to build their legal stra...
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The Geek In Review Ep. 79 – Text, Context, and SCOTUS’ Textualism in Bostock – Andrew Koppelman and Sara Harris

Since Justice Antonin Scalia was not available to be on the podcast, we reached out to Northwestern Law School’s John Paul Steven’s Professor of Law, Andrew Koppelman , and Jackson Walker Labor & Employment attorney, Sara Harris , to fill in. Justice Scalia believed in the concept of textualism when it came to the Court interpreting the law, without allowing one’s personal political bias to play a role. According to Merriam Webster, textualism is “a legal philosophy that laws and legal...
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Palo Alto Startup XIRA Aims To Grow Legal Market Size & Profitability By Revolutionizing How Law Is Practiced [Sponsored]

The way we do business has evolved. Xira has emerged as an easy-to-use solution that does the heavy lifting for you.
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On the latest LawNext: Sociologist Rebecca Sandefur on Enhancing Access to Justice

Sociologist Rebecca Sandefur is one of the world’s leading scholars on access to justice. Professor at the Sanford School of Social and Family Dynamics at Arizona State University, she is also a faculty fellow at the American Bar Foundation, where she founded and leads the Access to Justice Research Initiative. In 2018, she was named a recipient of a MacArthur “genius grant” for her work promoting an evidence-based approach to increasing access to justice for low-income communiti...
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Webinar Today: The Bankruptcy Court and COVID-19

What is the “new normal” for U.S. bankruptcy courts in the era of COVID-19? I am moderating a panel today at 1 Eastern time that will explore that question from the perspectives of a judge, a clerk, a practitioner, and a technologist. Produced by the American Bankruptcy Institute, The Bankruptcy Court and COVID-19 will look at changes in the process and practice of bankruptcy courts across the U.S. We’ll discuss how courts have adapted to the crisis and used technology to keep their dockets movi...
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The Penultimate Week of In Seclusion

This upcoming week will be the final week for the In Seclusion Podcast. It’s been a great run, and I hope that you listen to the final episodes. Last week I had a fantastic and diverse group of guests who shared their stories of life during a pandemic from the perspectives of race, changing jobs, losing their jobs, data security, and looking and writing about the future. We’ve all handled this period of seclusion differently, but we have all learned from each other at the same time. Check out l...
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Maryland Adopts Online Bar Exam

More jurisdictions are taking this route.
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ICYMI: Here’s My Litera TV Interview with Doxly Founder Haley Altman

On Wednesday, I interviewed Haley Altman for Litera TV, following news last week that Litera had named her its global director of business development and strategy. Altman is a former lawyer who, in 2016, founded the transaction management platform Doxly. Last year, she sold Doxly to the document technology company Litera, joining the company as general manager of transaction management. Our conversation Wednesday ranged from a discussion of her new role, to how she founded Doxly, to her experie...
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Featured Resource: Part of an In-House Legal Team That’s Currently Working Remotely? Here’s How to Manage your Matters

Each week, we’re highlighting one of the resources from our recently launched LawSites Resource Center, a library of downloadable content such as ebooks, white papers, case studies and more from experts and vendors in the legal industry. This week’s featured resource: Part of an In-House Legal Team That’s Currently Working Remotely? Here’s How to Manage your Matters. Description: In these uncertain times, and even in the future, having the necessary tools to work remotely is critically important...
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‘Knowledge Integration Platform’ Onna Raises $27M in Series B Round

Call it an app-etite problem. Research says that large companies deploy an average of 163 different apps, and that companies of all sizes use an average of 88 apps, many of which are knowledge or communication apps for email, chat, collaboration, document management, customer services, and the like. All those different apps create not just a knowledge-management problem, but, for legal departments, problems related to information governance, discovery and security. All of which leads to news tod...
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Post-Pandemic Drop in New Cases Sees Upturn, But Billing Volumes Fall, New Clio Data Shows

Last month, I reported on research into the impact of COVID-19 on law firms and clients, compiled by the practice management company Clio, based on anonymous data from its customers and from surveys of lawyers and consumers. While that research found that the pandemic had caused a sharp drop in new legal matters coming to law firms, new data out today from Clio shows signs that the legal market is recovering, with a spike of new matters through the first week of June from -26% to -14% compared t...
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