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"The Swedes had knocked the Americans out of the previous Olympics, and over the last five years their rivalry had only deepened."

"Rather than getting revenge against Sweden, the United States saw its unbeaten streak fall as it suffered a 3-0 loss, stunning not for the result but for the thoroughness. In U.S. Coach Vlatko Andonovski’s major tournament debut, Sweden left no doubt about which team deserved to win.... 'We got our asses kicked,' Megan Rapinoe said. 'Didn’t we?'... 'It’s not just the result,' Andonovski said. 'It’s a tough situation to be in. I don’t think this team has ever been in a situation like this. In re...
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"Mayor Bowser’s graffiti is made permanent with our tax dollars, while Black children die from increasing Black violence in DC ever more frequently."

"Most recently, a six-year-old girl yesterday. Priorities reassessment needed, Mayor Bowser. Black lives mattering shouldn’t be about memorializing your political stunts."That's the top-rated comment on a WaPo article that begins: "Construction to make Black Lives Matter Plaza a permanent art installation will begin Monday, with 16th Street NW between H and K streets closing to vehicle traffic. The mural spelling 'Black Lives Matter' down 16th Street will be on brick pavers, and there will be a ...
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"Public opinion polls in the 2020 presidential election suffered from errors of 'unusual magnitude,' the highest in 40 years for surveys estimating the national popular vote..."

"... and in at least 20 years for state-level polls, according to a study conducted by the American Association for Public Opinion Research (AAPOR). The AAPOR task force examined 2,858 polls, including 529 national presidential race polls and 1,572 state-level presidential polls. They found that the surveys overstated the margin between President Biden and former president Donald Trump by 3.9 points in the national popular vote and 4.3 percentage points in state polls. Polls understated the supp...
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"Deaths from drug overdoses soared to more than 93,000 last year... The death toll jumped by more than 21,000, or nearly 30 percent, from 2019..."

"The increase came as no surprise to addiction specialists, drug counselors and policy experts who have watched the steady rise in deaths throughout the pandemic.... ... 2020 brought the added complications of a worldwide viral pandemic. Health care resources were stretched and redirected toward the emergency. Anti-addiction medication was more difficult to obtain. Stress increased dramatically." WaPo reports.ADDED: From the NYT article on the subject: The death toll from Covid-19 surpassed 375,...
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"'Don’t Fauci My Florida,' read drink koozies and T-shirts that Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’s campaign team rolled out just as his state sees some of the highest coronavirus hospitalizations..."

"... new infections and deaths per capita in the country. It’s the latest example of Republicans running on their opposition to virus-fueled shutdowns and mask mandates. A pandemic hero to some and villain to others, Fauci has become a high-profile target.... While discussing the Florida budget this summer, DeSantis said his state’s rosy financial outlook would not have been possible 'if we had followed Fauci.' 'Instead we followed freedom,' he said. His campaign’s 'Team DeSantis' Twitter accoun...
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"We will choose an identity that unequivocally departs from any use of or approximate linkage to Native American imagery."

Said Jason Wright, president of the Washington Football Team (the erstwhile "Redskins"), quoted in "WFT’s new name won’t be ‘Warriors’ or include any Native American imagery, Jason Wright says" (WaPo).“One might look at this name [Warriors] as a natural, and even harmless transition considering that it does not necessarily or specifically carry a negative connotation,” Wright wrote on the team’s website. “But as we learned through our research and engagement with various groups, ‘context matters...
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"The past year has been very good to Howard University. One of its alumna — Kamala D. Harris — ascended to the vice presidency.... And last week, the university scored a coup..."

"... announcing Nikole Hannah-Jones and Ta-Nehisi Coates as new faculty.... Long-standing concerns over the way the school treats survivors of sexual assault were put on display when College of Fine Arts dean and actress Phylicia Rashad — another recent high-profile hire — shared her support for 'The Cosby Show' co-star Bill Cosby after the Pennsylvania Supreme Court vacated his sexual assault conviction.... The backlash — from students and others outside the Howard community — was swift. The is...
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Have you noticed all the anti-4th-of-July articles?

Here's one I'm just catching up on: "Maybe it’s time to admit that the Statue of Liberty has never quite measured up" (WaPo). It's time! Why is it time? Is there a "Time's Up" movement that's sweeping up all the manifestations of love for America? No more enjoyment of the comfortable attributes of everyday patriotism!Here's an excerpt from the column, which is by WaPo's art and architecture critic Philip Kennicott. The ironies and blind spots pile up. Liberty was depicted as a woman, at a time w...
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"For many years, there was one kind of swim cap. It was ultratight, made of latex or silicone..."

"... and it was 'one size fits all.' But those swim caps left out large groups of swimmers, adding to structural inequities that often keep people of color out of the pool. Many swimmers have celebrated recent advances in swim cap technology. Several brands... have introduced options with more flexible material that vary in size, accommodating swimmers with hair that is larger and more textured than their White competitors’...  [T]he International Swimming Federation...  said the design does not...
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"'Moorish sovereign groups adhere to 'the notion that African Americans had special rights because of a 1780s treaty with Morocco, as well as the belief that African Americans were descended from African "Moors"...'"

"'... and often as well the belief that African Americans were also a people indigenous to the Americas.' On its website, the group says that 'sovereignty and nationality can be considered synonymous,' and that it considers Moorish Americans to be the 'aboriginal people of the land.' In a video Saturday morning, an unidentified member of the group disputed the sovereign-citizen moniker, saying, 'We are not anti-government. We are not anti-police, we are not sovereign citizens, we’re not Black id...
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"Among Cosby’s most high-profile supporters on Wednesday was actress Phylicia Rashad, his former co-star and incoming dean of Howard University’s College of Fine Arts."

"Rashad applauded the overturned conviction, tweeting that 'a miscarriage of justice is corrected' alongside an image of Cosby. After a flurry of criticism over her tweet, Rashad later added, 'I fully support survivors of sexual assault coming forward. My post was in no way intended to be insensitive to their truth.' Nylah Burton, a writer and former student of Howard University, called Rashad’s initial comments 'obscene.' Burton said she was raped while attending the university. Last year, she ...
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Heat exhaustion/heat stroke.

 I'm trying to read this WaPo article, "As Portland, Ore., copes with unprecedented heat, illnesses spike and roads buckle":PORTLAND, Ore. ­— Kim and Kathy Stoughton thought they could wait out the record-breaking heat in their east Portland apartment, even though they don't have air conditioning. But by Sunday, they couldn’t take it anymore. “I felt fatigued, extremely uncomfortable, mad,” said Kim, who is in his 60s. He was also dizzy and confused, signs of heatstroke...  Heatstroke?! Come on,...
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"I feel like it was setup... I feel like they did that on purpose, and I was pissed, to be honest. I was thinking about what should I do. Eventually, I just stayed there and just swayed. I put my shirt over my head."

Said Gwen Berry, explaining her behavior when the national anthem played as she took the stand after qualifying for the U.S. Olympic team, WaPo reports. She'd finished finished third in the hammer throw, and, we're told, she didn't think they'd be playing the national anthem for each medal ceremony at the trials, the way they do for the Olympic finals.She continues:"It was real disrespectful."By that, she means not that she was disrespectful to turn away and pull  her T-shirt over her head, but...
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"Young people need to have the ability to express themselves without worrying about being punished when they get to school."

"I never could have imagined that one simple snap would turn into a Supreme Court case, but I’m proud that my family and I advocated for the rights of millions of public school students."Said Brandi Levy (now an 18-year-old college student), quoted in "Supreme Court sides with high school cheerleader in free-speech dispute over profane Snapchat rant" (WaPo).The decision is 8-1, with only Justice Thomas dissenting, and Justice Breyer writing the opinion about Levy's barbaric yawp: "Fuck school,...
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I'm surprised to read that this is a first — an NFL player comes out as gay.

"What’s up, people? I’m Carl Nassib. I’m at my house here in West Chester, Pennsylvania. I just wanted to take a quick moment to say that I’m gay."   View this post on Instagram A post shared by Carl Nassib (@carlnassib)   It's momentous. I had to read it in the newspaper to know that it was momentous — and not just another moment — a "quick moment" — as life goes on around us. I'd seen the clip yesterday, but mov...
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"The Washington Post's @laurameckler spent three weeks preparing a hitpiece against me."

"In this thread, I will expose five flat-out lies, from the fabrication of a timeline to multiple smears that are easily disproven by documentary evidence." So begins a Twitter thread by Christopher Rufo. Here's the WaPo piece he's attacking: "Republicans, spurred by an unlikely figure, see political promise in targeting critical race theory." From that article: Critical race theory holds that racism is systemic in the United States, not just a collection of individual prejudices — an idea that ...
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Man with Alzheimer's proposed to the woman he doesn't remember is his wife, and they have a wedding.

"Peter Marshall, 56, has early onset Alzheimer’s disease....In January, her husband’s mind began declining at a faster pace. And so 20 years after their romance began, with her husband’s recent proposal, it seemed like perfect timing to renew their vows... 'It was just magical — straight out of a fairy tale... There wasn’t a dry eye, and I was over the moon... I hadn’t seen Peter that happy in a long time'" —WaPo reports: [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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The Washington Post publishes a long, flattering article about an astrologer.

Can anything justify this idiocy? The article is "Can astrology make sense of cryptocurrency? Maren Altman and a million TikTok followers think so," so it's in the form of a question, and maybe it's just another quirky piece about social media and cryptocurrency. The news is that there are people out there that consume this video, not that the answer to the question in the headline is "yes." Let's read some of this trash:In a typical crypto astrology video, Maren reads the birth chart of a parti...
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"[R]esidents of the John Knox Village senior community got a trip via computer to the International Space Station in the kickoff to a Stanford University study..."

"... on whether virtual reality can improve the emotional well-being of older people. Donning 1-pound (470-gram) headsets with video and sound, the four could imagine floating weightless with astronauts and get a 360-degree tour of the station. In other programs, residents can take virtual visits to Paris, Venice, Egypt or elsewhere around the globe; attend a car rally, skydive or go on a hike.... The goal is to see whether virtual reality can improve their mood, strengthen their relationships w...
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"I think people aren’t returning because restaurant work sucks, is underpaid or provides no upward mobility or benefits. The pandemic has laid bare this reality, and people just don’t want to do it anymore. Ever."

Said New Orleans chef Jason Goodenough, quoted in "Opinion: Those $300 pandemic checks aren’t the only reason restaurant employees might not want to go back to work" (WaPo).Also at WaPo "There’s a massive child-care worker shortage and the market can’t fix it/Unlike restaurants and other industries, child-care centers can’t raise pay to attract and retain workers — and President Biden’s American Families Plan doesn’t go far enough to address the problem." Child care is about the last sector in w...
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"The race was pretty close this year, as runner-up Willie Spence and third-place finisher Grace Kinstler were also deemed frontrunners at various times."

"But during the penultimate episode, [Chayce] Beckham made a strategic move that all but ensured his victory: He doubled down on country, returning to the genre he started out with on the show, and sang an original song that wound up topping the iTunes country chart... When the final four... had to perform a song that would be released as a single, Beckham was the only contestant who wrote the song himself. The lyrics on the track, titled '23,' were very personal. ('Now I’m 23 and therе ain’t no...
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"My father used to say to me when I was younger, he used to say to both William and I, 'Well, it was like that for me, so it’s going to be like that for you.'"

"Harry said. One of his most traumatic moments as a child, Harry said, was when he followed his mother’s horse-drawn casket in a public funeral cortege at age 12, passing throngs of onlookers, many of them openly sobbing — and staring at him. 'The thing I remember the most was the sound of the horses’ hoofs going along the Mall,' Harry told Winfrey. 'It was like I was outside of my body and just walking along doing what was expected of me. [I was] showing one-tenth of the emotion that everybody ...
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"For the first time in nearly three decades, Alabama will allow yoga to be taught in its public schools, but..."

"... Teachers will be barred from saying the traditional salutation 'namaste' and using Sanskrit names for poses. Chanting is forbidden.... Some conservative groups had called for the prohibition to be preserved, contending that the practice of yoga is inseparable from Hinduism and Buddhism and amounted to a religious activity.... [Amendments added to the bill] require parents to sign a permission slip for students to practice yoga. They also bar school personnel from using 'hypnosis, the induc...
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What is "the Biden wall"?

I'm trying to read "Mexico’s coronavirus deaths are plummeting. The ‘Biden wall’ could be a factor" (WaPo) — just trying to understand what the headline means. I'm glad to hear that the coronavirus situation in Mexico has improved, but why bring Biden into the picture and attempt to give him credit? He could be a factor. Because something he did is susceptible to being called a "wall." Can't we just be happy for Mexico and give credit to Mexico for competence? Why must it be about us? I have to ...
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Zoom is ruining conversation because it's much harder to interrupt.

I'm reading "How the Zoom era has ruined conversation." (WaPo) Maybe you think it's better to disempower the interrupters. If so, you need to hear from those who understand the importance of overlapping conversation — collaborative conversation: Suppose someone is speaking and another person, eager to express agreement, chimes in at the end of their sentence. Over Zoom, this tends to derail the discussion or narrative.... Then there’s the turn-waiting....[S]ociolinguist Deborah Tannen... descri...
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"Scotland goes to the polls Thursday in a vote that could eventually lead to a truly historic event: the crackup of the United Kingdom."

"The independence movement has gained momentum in the wake of Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s Brexit. And the pandemic has further encouraged the idea that Scotland might be better off going its own way, with policies determined in Edinburgh viewed more favorably by Scots than those pronounced at Westminster. As a result, the Scottish National Party, led by the popular First Minister of Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon, 50, is expected to perform well in Thursday’s vote for seats in the regional Parliam...
Tags: Law, Scotland, Britain, United Kingdom, Boris Johnson, Edinburgh, Parliament, National party, WaPo, Ann Althouse, U.K, First Minister of Scotland Nicola Sturgeon

"There is little countries can do to lift their native-born birthrates; nor is it even clear why the U.S. fertility rate, which now stands substantially below the replacement rate of 2.1 babies per woman, is so low."

Says the Editorial Board of The Washington Post in "The 2020 Census is a clarion call for immigration."I was just saying that President Biden's plan to vastly increase support for families with children could be justified by the need to inspire Americans to keep having children. Here's what I wrote 3 days ago: There was some concern expressed yesterday over the "remarkable slackening" in population growth seen in the 2020 census. What will it do to the economy going forward if Americans don't ma...
Tags: Law, Immigration, United States, Population, Biden, WaPo, Beemer, Ann Althouse, Temüjin, Editorial Board of The Washington Post

"There was talk, at one point, of calling Aidy Bryant's show 'fat bitch'... the studio and network were like, 'Uh, no'...."

"But being fat is part of what the series is about. 'Shrill' is based on Lindy West’s memoir, sparked by her viral 2011 column, 'Hello, I Am Fat'... West’s story resonated with Bryant.... 'It is a descriptor and, like, I am fat,' says Bryant, 33. 'To me, it’s like taking the power out of it. It doesn’t have to be so loaded. It’s just true, and sitting with that, it makes it easier for me. It just feels a little less frightening.'... Will 'Shrill' leave a lasting impact on how fat people are trea...
Tags: Comedy, Law, Fat, Aidy Bryant, Elizabeth Taylor, Normal, Bryant, Michaels, WaPo, Chris Farley, Farley, John Belushi, Aidy, Lindy West, Ann Althouse, Insults

"The reality TV ordeal of a Russian who joined a Chinese boy band show by accident – and made it to the final despite urging fans to vote him off – has finally ended..."

"... after nearly three months. Vladislav Ivanov, a 27-year-old from Vladivostok, was kicked out of the Produce Camp 2021 on Saturday after viewers ignored his pleas to leave and backed him all the way to the final. Ivanov, who speaks Mandarin, joined the show as a Chinese translator. But he said he was invited to sign up as a contestant after the directors noticed his good looks.... He appeared to regret his decision almost immediately but could not leave without breaching his contract. His l...
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"With a software update that arrived this week called iOS 14.5 and iPadOS 14.5, Apple is finally forcing apps to come clean about a kind of surveillance they’ve been conducting on us for the past decade...."

"Some apps, such as The Sims, Venmo and Shake Shack have been seeking permission to track for a few weeks now. Facebook and its sister app Instagram began asking permission on Monday and the company says it will roll out the pop up — and a screen arguing why you should allow it to track — over the next few weeks. Facebook and other apps that make money by collecting our data and showing us hyper-targeted ads aren’t happy about having to ask permission. Mark Zuckerberg and friends have deluded ...
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