How to unzip ZIP files on any device, including smartphones

It only takes a few moments to unzip a file. Crystal Cox/Business Insider To unzip a file, you can use tools that come pre-installed on your device. You can unzip ZIP files on both computers and smartphones, since they're one of the most common file types. Once you've unzipped a file, you can use, view, edit, and delete its contents freely. Visit Insider's Tech Reference library for more stories. As time goes on and computers get more advanced, file sizes keep growing bigger. Z...
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Microsoft Updates Apps With Collaborative Features for Our Hybrid Work Future

In order to address the challenges of people working from home, in the office, or a blend of the two, Microsoft is updating Teams, Office 365, and more with a slew of new features.Read more...
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This Browser Plugin Can Kill Those Annoying ‘Privacy Setting’ Pop-Ups

The EU data protection laws that passed back in 2018 have done a world of good when it comes to reigning in the shitty data-ming tactics of companies like Facebook and Google. At the same time, they’ve also transformed the web into a place where almost every site bombards visitors with requests to drop cookies into…Read more...
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Jack Dorseys, Ranked

If you try to picture the CEO of a given tech company year by year, there are usually a few distinctive features that stay pretty static. Mark Zuckerberg’s aggressive hairline has kept on being aggressive, Jeff Bezos has kept on being bald, and Elon Musk has kept on being a moleman. Read more...
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Windows 11 unveiled

The Verge's Tom Warren covers the leak of Windows 11, which looks cleaner and simpler than the current version — see out the perspective-less new logo — but remains the same labyrinth of backwards-compatibility and technical debt under the hood: (rushes to make sure Windows 11 hasn't changed this dialog box that hasn't been updated in about 30 years) phew, I got nervous for a second — Read the rest
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Australian Cops Spy on Covid Check-In App Despite Privacy Promises from Government

Police is Western Australia have accessed private data from the state’s covid-19 check-in app at least twice to aid in a criminal investigation, despite promises the app would only be used by contact tracers. The revelations are likely to make people think twice before using the app, a public health tool that’s…Read more...
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Google cosies up to AMD for high-performance scale-out Tau VMs – but makes eyes at Intel and Arm, too

New 60 vCPU VMs come with some bold price-performance claims, but AMD needs to stay on its toes Google's cloud arm has hooked up with AMD, tapping up its latest EPYC processors for a new family of virtual machines, Tau VMs, aimed at scale-out applications - but the company isn't keen on tying itself down to just one chip-slinger.…
Tags: Google, Intel, Software, Amd, Tau, EPYC

Gov.UK taskforce publishes post-Brexit wish-list: 'TIGRR' pounces on GDPR, metric measures

Let's 'free up data for innovation and in the public interest,' says paper A UK government taskforce chaired by the architect of the disastrous £700m "one dole-to-rule-them-all" Universal Credit IT project, Sir Iain Duncan Smith MP, has published a wish list of regulatory proposals it wants to see adopted by a post-Brexit administration.…
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Tim Cook: Sideloading is a disaster and proposed App Store reforms would harm user privacy and security

Apple CEO stays on message during interview while Epic case rumbles along Tim Cook has claimed that proposed reforms to the App Store are "not in the best interests of the user" and would "destroy the security of the iPhone."…
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How to create a systemd service unit file in Linux

In this guide, we'll show you how to easily create a custom system service unit file in Linux.
Tags: Linux

Space Force turtle expert uncovers $1.2m Cape Canaveral cocaine haul

30kg stash lost overboard by smugglers enough to get anyone out of their shell A member of the newly inaugurated US Space Force discovered more than she bargained for as she conducted a survey of turtle nests on the coast around Cape Canaveral last month.…
Tags: Software, Cape Canaveral, Space Force, US Space Force

You had one job: Akamai's Prolexic Denial-of-Service protection system fingered after users in Australia denied, er, services

Major banks, websites, gaming services, and more taken down A wide range of internet-connected services in Australia, including banking systems, are experiencing an outage – and it looks like a hiccup at Akamai was at the heart of the problem.…
Tags: Australia, Software, Akamai

Micro – A Command Line Based Text Editor for Linux

Tired of using a Nano text editor? Then surely you have to try Micro – is a simple terminal-based text editor written in Go Language and released under MIT license.
Tags: Mit, Linux

Google dishes out homemade SLSA, a recipe to thwart software supply-chain attacks

Try it with phish'n'chips Google has proposed a framework called SLSA for dealing with supply chain attacks, a security risk exemplified by the recent compromise of the SolarWinds Orion IT monitoring platform.…
Tags: Google, Software, SolarWinds Orion, SLSA

How to use FreeDOS as an embedded system

The FreeDOS website says that most people use FreeDOS for three main tasks:Playing classic DOS games Running legacy DOS software Running an embedded systemBut what does it mean to run an "embedded" system?read more
Tags: Linux

Testing cameras with lc-compliance on KernelCI

Earlier this month, the very first KernelCI sprint or "hackfest" was held virtually, with more than a dozen engineers & developers from different communities in attendance. Initiated as a joint effort by the Google Chrome OS team and Collabora, the sprint's main objective was to extend KernelCI's coverage, including adding new tests such as the ability to detect regressions on the Linux kernel that can directly affect cameras.
Tags: Linux, Collabora, Google Chrome OS

Biden to Putin: Get your ransomware gangs under control and don’t you dare cyber-attack our infrastructure

Putin to Biden: чушь! You already attack us way more than we attack you! US President Joe Biden and his Russian Federation counterpart Vladimir Putin have traded barbs over cyber-attacks at a summit meeting staged yesterday in Switzerland.…
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China launching first crew to its own space station on Thursday

Plans four crewed missions to assemble “heavenly palace” China will on Thursday launch a crew of three on a mission to start assembling the nation’s first space station.…
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Microsoft Teams to integrate Headspace and Focus mode to help meeting anxiety

With meeting times and stress levels on the rise, Microsoft is introducing well-being features in Teams, designed to help you cool your mind and relax at work.
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Express Burn Free DVD and CD Burning 10.20

Express Burn Free DVD and CD Burning Software
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Ryuk ransomware recovery cost us $8.1m and counting, says Baltimore school authority

Spreadsheet breaks down spend on staving off future badness An organisation whose network was infected by Ryuk ransomware has spent $8.1m over seven months recovering from it – and that’s still not the end of it, according to US news reports.…
Tags: US, Software, Baltimore

Funny how Sir Tim Berners-Lee, famous for hyperlinks, is into NFTs, glorified hyperlinks

Source code auction 'similar to selling an autograph copy of a book' Internet trailblazer Sir Tim Berners-Lee is auctioning off a link to his very early World Wide Web browser and server source code in the form of a non-fungible token.…
Tags: Software, Tim Berners Lee

We've found another reason not to use Microsoft's Paint 3D – researchers

Scream if you wanna go raster: Vulnerability uncovered in unloved software As Microsoft preps the next version of Windows, a hole has been spotted in an earlier Great Hope for the company: MS Paint 3D.…
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