Conspiracy loons claim victory in Brighton and Hove as council rejects plans to build 5G masts

No next-gen mobile internet for you but, hey, no cancer either Brighton and Hove has been claimed as the latest victory in the battleground against common sense, with the council agreeing to ban the erection of three 5G masts.…
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More Artificial Common Sense: Topaz Labs GigaPixel AI

Written and illustrated by Ctein I am, for the most part, not a fan of "sharpening for output" nor of upsampling programs. Sharpening for output has, for me, translated into harsh, unrealistic edges and a degradation of what I would (imprecisely) call photographic quality. It also seems to be fundamentally misapplied—the times when I do need sharpening output are when I'm printing very small, not very large, as the printer rendering algorithms tend to suppress very fine, low-contrast detail. As ...
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Windows Defender Definition Updates October 15, 2019

Latest Windows Defender definition updates.
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PostgreSQL 12 boosts open source database performance

Widely used open source PostgreSQL database platform gets a major update providing users with new SQL query capabilities for JSON and improved performance.

State of play with NVMe: We asked, you spoke, we listened – here's what you had to say

Storage is no longer 'snorage' Survey results Storage is no longer snorage. And long gone are the days when enterprise storage could be taken for granted, or at least forgotten about until either users noticed access wasn’t speedy enough or the IT team realized space was running out.…
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'Technical error' threatens Vodafone customers with four-figure roaming fees

Bills as high as £9k, but don't worry – they're working on it Vodafone has apologised for a "technical error" that left customers abroad facing thousands of pounds in roaming fees over the weekend.…
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System76 have put Coreboot into two of their main Intel-powered laptops

Want your next laptop to be a bit more open? System76 have announced their Galago Pro and Darter Pro now come with Coreboot, the open source boot firmware.
Tags: Intel, Linux, Coreboot, Darter Pro

Tearoff of Nottingham: Uni to lose chunk of IT to outsourcing

Cos that's always gone really well... Exclusive The University of Nottingham has announced it will outsource some of its IT operations in a long-awaited shakeup of the department.…
Tags: Software, University of Nottingham

How to fix high memory usage in Linux ?

In some circumstances, you may have noticed that your computer is running slow. This might be due to some applications that are consuming a big chunk of memory without you noticing it ...............In this article, we will try to see how to identify memory intensive applications and how to free up and manage memory for better performance .
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Make your computer and internet run faster.
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How do we stop filling the oceans with Lego? By being a BaaS-tard, toy maker suggests

Firm admits it has considered a bricks-as-a-service biz model Beloved brick maker Lego is considering a rental service as part of a drive to improve sustainability in a world where hatred of plastic is threatening their attractiveness as a toy.…
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GS1 DataBar Fonts 1.1

Generate GS1 DataBar barcodes from fonts.
Tags: Software

LAN Talk messenger 3.6.5712

LanTalk LAN messenger is better than WinPopUp
Tags: Software

Q-Dir 7.88

Really good quad explorer 4 files and folders
Tags: Software

Backup4all Lite 8.3.237

Backup4all Lite makes exact data copies.
Tags: Software

ScummVM 2.1.0

Virtual machine for classic adventure games.

How GNOME uses Git

“What’s your GitLab?” is one of the first questions I was asked on my first day working for the GNOME Foundation—the nonprofit that supports GNOME projects, including the desktop environment, GTK, and GStreamer. The person was referring to my username on GNOME’s GitLab instance.

HoudahGeo 5.4

MacOS Photo Geotagging. GPS/GPX Log Optional
Tags: Software

How to Install Lynis on Ubuntu 18.04

Lynis is an open-source tool for security auditing, compliance testing, and vulnerability detection. Lynis also scan for general system information and possible configuration issues and provide tips for further system hardening. In this guide, we will explain how to install the Lynis community edition on an Ubuntu 18.04 VPS. Lynis runs on all Linux distributions and it is used by thousands of developers, system administrators, IT auditors, and penetration testers all around the world.

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