A VC’s Take: Global Volatility Hurts U.S. Venture Ecosystem

As Xconomy’s editors looked back at the year just passed, we asked technology leaders to comment on the trends they’d observed in 2018, and the developments they expected in 2019. Some leaders responded with their views on the business impact of the Trump era, pointing to specific policy positions such as tax code revisions, curbs on immigration, and the decision by federal regulators to roll back net neutrality requirements on telecom carriers.Alex Niehenke, a partner at Foster City, CA-based ...
Tags: Startups, Mobile, Hardware, Net Neutrality, Internet, Entrepreneurship, China, Russia, Funding, Immigration, San Francisco, Trends, Tech, Investment, Eu, Web

After 33 Exits in 5 Years, WI Seeks “More and Bigger” Startup Deals

When Propeller Health’s founders initially tried to raise funding for their new healthcare technology venture, many of the investors they spoke with were hesitant to take the risk.It was the early part of this decade, and Propeller was navigating the FDA’s regulatory process for medical devices. The company believed it had a chance to become one of the first to earn market clearance from the agency for a software product, says Propeller co-founder and CEO David Van Sickle. Propeller’s idea for ...
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ScoutRFP Scores $33M to Compete in Supplier Management Sector

ScoutRFP, whose software is designed to help businesses streamline the process of ordering goods from suppliers, announced that it raised $33 million in a Series C fundraising round led by Scale Venture Partners.San Francisco-based Scout, part of a tech sector dubbed supplier relations management, or SRM, aims to free businesses from painstaking traditional methods of seeking bids from various suppliers and comparing their merits. Some companies are still doing this by laboriously creating spre...
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AlwaysAI Adds $4M to Bring Deep Learning to Embedded ‘Edge’ Devices

Many of our devices, from wearables to medical instruments to drones, can capture reams of images. Using algorithms to analyze those images on the devices, in turn, generally takes loads of computing power and energy—sometimes more than is feasible.AlwaysAI says it is getting ready to sell its software for enterprise developers looking to make applications that use deep learning to better process the immense amount of data from embedded devices, such as cameras, drones, wearables, and robots—an...
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DuckDuckGo debuts map search results using Apple Maps

DuckDuckGo has a new, unlikely partner in search: Apple. The privacy-focused search engine that promises to never track its users said Tuesday it’s now using data provided by Apple Maps to power its map-based search results. Although DuckDuckGo had provided limited mapping results for a while using data from open-source service OpenStreetMap, it never scaled its features to those of its search engine rivals, notably Google and Bing. Now, DuckDuckGo will return addresses, businesses, geographi...
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Organize Your Thoughts with this Markdown Note-Taking App

Windows / Mac: I confess, I’m not as well-versed in Markdown as I should be, but the awesome, free note-taking app Notable makes me want to learn its intricacies. The app, available for both Windows and Mac, is a full-fledged note-taking experience that’s leagues better than any default apps you’ll ever find on your…Read more...
Tags: Notes, Mac, Windows, Lifehacks, Organize, To Do, Markdown

How To Reduce Windows 10's upcoming Reserved Hard Drive Storage Requirement

Windows 10 users may soon notice their hard drive storage organized a bit differently.Read more...
Tags: Microsoft, Windows, Windows 10, Lifehacks, Windows Update

Norton AntiVirus Virus Definitions January 14, 2019

The latest free virus databases for NAV.
Tags: Software, Norton

Privacy Eraser Portable 4.46.2

Clean Your Tracks & Protect Your Privacy!
Tags: Software

IBM to kill off Watson... Workspace from end of February

Not even using the founder's brand could save Big Blue's Slack for suits IBM is killing off its collaboration-plus-AI tool Watson Workspace from the close of next month due to crappy customer demand.…
Tags: Software, Ibm, Watson, Watson Workspace

Snakes on a Spaceship - An Overview of Python in Heliophysics

A scientific paper that discusses the standards for peer review of code and analysis using the open source language Python in scientific research.
Tags: Python, Linux, Heliophysics

FTPPro 8.80779

FTPPro works just like Windows Explorer.
Tags: Software

Express Accounts Plus Edition 7.01

Express Accounts Plus Accounting Software
Tags: Software

Forget Finding Nemo: This AI can identify a single zebrafish out of a 100-strong shoal

Sounds fishy, yet it works for fruit flies, too. So take that, fish/fly-spotting humans AI systems excel in pattern recognition, so much so that they can stalk individual zebrafish and fruit flies even when the animals are in groups of up to a hundred.…
Tags: Software

Veeam. Veeam. Veeeeeeeam. What was that? Oh, just the sound of half a billion bucks hitting backup biz's bucket

Privately owned firm, er, changes its growth strategy +Comment Backup firm Veeam, privately owned and headquartered in Switzerland, has taken on $500m in surprise funding.…
Tags: Software, Switzerland, Veeam

MacX Video Converter Free Edition 4.2.7

Free convert video to any format in real time
Tags: Software

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