Waterfox 2020.07.2

High performance browser for 64-bit systems
Tags: Software

CREST: We are investigating NCC Group certification cheat sheet scandal – and not with NCC personnel

Infosec cert body looking into it as under-fire firm starts its own probe Exclusive British infosec accreditation body CREST has changed some of its exams after cheat sheets containing exam answers and practical walkthroughs were posted on GitHub in a repo that NCC Group confirmed included its own documents.…
Tags: Software, NCC, NCC Group

Deep-root database: Kew Garden's 8 million specimen collection to find new life through data management

Finally, a digital transformation that really matters Charles Darwin's legacy lives not just in the idea of evolution by natural selection, but also in the samples he collected.…
Tags: Software, Charles Darwin, Kew Garden

Vim: Basic and intermediate commands

Here are some of my most frequently used commands in the Vim text editor.
Tags: Linux

Free NetCrunch Tools 2.0.0

A free toolkit for network professionals
Tags: Software

How do you solve a problem like Privacy Shield? US and EU policymakers kick off discussions

First Safe Harbor gone, now its replacement... Schrems the breaks! The long-running kerfuffle over the so-called Privacy Shield EU-US data protection agreement took another lurch this week after politicos announced plans to ponder an "enhancement" to the framework.…
Tags: US, Eu, Software, EU US

NHS tests COVID-19 contact-tracing app that may actually work properly – EU neighbors lent a helping hand

Not just Germany stepping up to the plate – Ireland, too, we're told Britain's NHS has released its second go at a contact-tracing app to help limit the spread of COVID-19 coronavirus infections, thanks in part to some help from the neighbors.…
Tags: Germany, Eu, Software, Britain, Ireland, NHS

Passwordstate 8.9 Build 8968

Tracking passwords for individuals and teams.
Tags: Software

Ubuntu needs feedback on some possible major WiFi changes

Are you an Ubuntu Linux user on either Ubuntu 20.10 (Groovy - unreleased, in testing) or 20.04 LTS (Focal - the current release)? The Ubuntu Foundations Team needs feedback on some possible major WiFi changes.
Tags: Linux, Ubuntu, Ubuntu Foundations Team

Thursday Roundup: CenturyLink, RETN, GTT

A few news items from some global network operators, two on the financial front and one technology deployment: ... [visit site to read more]
Tags: Advertising, Software, Financials, Telecom Equipment

Pros & Cons of WordPress Plugins Auto-updates

Earlier plugins updates could be automatically applied with the help of additional plugins. One popular plugin is Jetpack that can apply available updates automatically. Now WordPress 5.5 core supports auto-updates out of the box.
Tags: Linux, WordPress Plugins Auto

Where there's a .mil, there's Huawei: Pentagon allowed to keep using Chinese tech deemed too dangerous for everyone else – report

DoD said to get extension to avoid crackdown on Chinese comms kit The crackdown on telecoms gear from Huawei and other Chinese companies in federal networks will not apply to US Department of Defense, at least for a few more weeks.…
Tags: Software, Pentagon, Huawei, Us Department Of Defense

Intel talks up its 10nm Tiger Lake laptop system-on-chips as though everything is going according to plan

Never mind the delays, competition, or departures – we've got a strategy Intel has revealed details of its 11th Generation Core technology, including its Tiger Lake laptop-friendly system-on-chip family featuring Willow Cove CPU cores and so-called SuperFin 10nm transistors.…
Tags: Intel, Software, Willow Cove, 10nm Tiger Lake, 11th Generation Core

Red Hat Offers Certification Exams Online in Response to COVID-19

With travel and in-person gatherings made difficult by COVID-19, Red Hat is now offering certification testing online – and using a unique solution to deter cheating.
Tags: Linux, COVID

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Classic CC 2020 9.4

Simplify photography from shoot to finish.
Tags: Software

COVID-19 has done what Microsoft and Intel couldn't – given people a reason for a PC upgrade

Lenovo says online sales soared in Q1 and has new hyper-plan for its data center unit Lenovo's long-suffering data centre group has posted considerably increased revenue and a modest loss, thanks to increased engagements with hyperscale clients.…
Tags: Microsoft, Intel, Software, Lenovo

Trump administration reportedly offers Oracle cheap end to $400m wage discrimination case

Lawyer driving case said to have been re-assigned and filed complaint against boss over alleged sub-$40m settlement United States labor secretary Eugene Scalia has reportedly personally intervened in Oracle’s wage discrimination case and suggested it could settle for a modest sum.…
Tags: Software, United States, Trump, Eugene Scalia

McAfee Virus Definitions Aug 14, 2020

Protect you and your family from malware
Tags: Software, McAfee

I've seen things you people wouldn't believe. Winking red supergiants sneezing hot gas 650 light years away

Hubble probe readings may reveal what caused Betelgeuse to briefly dim The light from the red supergiant Betelgeuse dimmed to a record low earlier this year, leading stargazers to speculate it was about to explode as a supernova. But now it appears the aging sun merely had a stellar sneeze.…
Tags: Software, Betelgeuse

Microsoft Defender casts a jaundiced eye over Citrix, slams services in quarantine on suspicion of being malware

You say broker, I say trojan, let's call the whole thing off Those wondering when the Microsoft love-in with Citrix might end will be relieved to learn that Microsoft Defender decided yesterday that Citrix Broker and High Availability Services bore all the hallmarks of a trojan.…
Tags: Microsoft, Software, Citrix

SoundVolumeView 2.20

Save/load sound level profiles on Windows 7/8
Tags: Software


Easily backup, sync, or restore your files
Tags: Software

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