Stanford engineers develop new light and sound tech to finally map the ocean floor

Neither light- nor sound-based imaging devices can penetrate the deep ocean from above.Stanford scientists have invented a new system that incorporates both light and sound to overcome the challenge of mapping the ocean floor.Deployed from a drone or helicopter, it may finally reveal what lies beneath our planet's seas. A great many areas of the ocean floor covering about 70 percent of the Earth remain unmapped. With current technology, it's an extremely arduous and time-consuming task, accompl...
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Marc Benioff refused to name his rival Microsoft in an interview about Salesforce's $27.7 billion Slack acquisition: 'What's that company? How do you spell it?'

Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff in Washington DC in October 2019. NICHOLAS KAMM/AFP via Getty Images Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff made a slight jab at longtime rival Microsoft when asked by the New York Times about his history with the firm: "What's that company? How do you spell it?" Microsoft's Teams chat app has directly competed with the workplace messaging service Slack, which Salesforce will acquire for $27 billion in what is one of the largest deals in the software world. The deal sets S...
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The Internet Archive is Saving Classic Flash Animations & Games from Extinction: Explore Them Online

Flash is finally dead, and the world… does not mourn. Because the announcement of its end actually came three years ago, “like a guillotine in a crowded town square,” writes Rhett Jones at Gizmodo. It was a slow execution, but it was just. So useful in Web 1.0 days for making animations, games, and serious presentations, Flash had become a vulnerability, a viral carrier that couldn’t be patched fast enough to keep the hackers out. “Adobe’s Flash died many deaths, but we can truly throw some dir...
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slots_rock3d 10

A 25 Payline X 5 Reel slot with freespin
Tags: Software

Simple Shop

Simple Shop is an easy-to-use point of sale.
Tags: Software

Four or so things we found interesting about Qualcomm's Snapdragon 888, its latest 5G chip for high-end Androids

Samsung 5nm, Cortex-X1, integrated... wait, let's not give it all away Qualcomm this week unveiled the Snapdragon 888, its latest flagship system-on-chip destined to power next year's top-end Android smartphones.…
Tags: Samsung, Software, Qualcomm

How To Use A Keyboard Shortcut To Toggle Always On Top On GNOME, KDE, MATE, Xfce and Cinnamon Desktops

This article shows how to use a keyboard shortcut to set a window to be always on top, on GNOME, MATE, Xfce, Cinnamon and KDE Plasma desktops, as well as a generic shortcut that works with any EWMH/NetWM compatible X Window Manager (so this generic solution doesn't work on Wayland).
Tags: Linux

Why I love Emacs

I'm a habitual Emacs user. I didn't choose Emacs as much as it chose me. Back when I was first learning about Unix, I stumbled upon a little-known feature in a strange application called Emacs, which was apparently hidden away on my computer. Legend had it (and was proven true) that if you typed emacs into a terminal, pressed Alt+X, and typed tetris, you could play a falling-blocks more
Tags: Linux

Don't Sleep 7.55

Prevent Shutdown, Stand By, Turn Off, Restart
Tags: Software

Is your SQL Server installation old enough to go to high school? We need to talk

Join us and Pure Storage online to find out how to pay back borrowed time Webcast You’re not wearing cargo shorts, velour tracksuits, or Matrix trench coats anymore, so why on Earth would you be running SQL Server 2008?…
Tags: Earth, Software

Active Whois Browser 5.3

Explore all records for IP address and domain
Tags: Software

Docker support deprecated in Kubernetes will break your clusters, says CNCF ambassador. It's only the runtime, says Docker

Admins have until late 2021 to move away, but Windows containers need caution "Docker support is being deprecated in Kubernetes. You need to pay attention to this and plan for it. THIS WILL BREAK YOUR CLUSTERS," said CNCF Ambassador Ian Coldwater on Twitter.…
Tags: Software, Docker, Kubernetes, CNCF, Ian Coldwater

Ubuntu Unity 20.10 Launches Officially for the Raspberry Pi

Ubuntu Unity maintainer Rudra Saraswat officially released today the Ubuntu Unity 20.10 distribution for the Raspberry Pi single-board computers.
Tags: Linux, Ubuntu Unity, Rudra Saraswat

Linux Kernel 5.10 LTS Top Features (RC-6 is out now)

Linux Kernel 5.10 is planned for LTS (long term support) Kernel release. Kernel 5.10 is the 21st stable release following the current Kernel 5.4 LTS. And the Kernel 5.10 RC6 is out now.
Tags: Linux, LTS Top Features RC

New twist in H-1B saga as US Senate abolishes per-country visa caps

Means India no longer has the same number of visas to bid for as tiny countries The US Senate has passed an Act that will abolish per-country caps on visas for skilled workers.…
Tags: India, Software, US Senate

Whoa BlackBerry: Firm hooks up with AWS on cloud telematics platform for vehicle data

Ivy league data inhalation as BB vows to grass on teen drivers BlackBerry has inked a deal with AWS to develop and sell the IVY intelligent vehicle data platform just months after it largely blamed a revenue drop in its software and services segment on the slowdown in the automotive market.…
Tags: Software, Aws

Zortam Mp3 Media Studio 27.70

Auto tag you Mp3 collection, Mp3 Organize
Tags: Software

Trumpian politics continue as senators advance controversial Republican FCC commissioner nominee

Telecoms regulator now firmly a part of the burnt partisan landscape Analysis Although the Trump administration is in its final days, the destructive partisan politics it has persistently fanned are still in full effect at the FCC.…
Tags: Fcc, Software, Trump

Linux Complex Bash One-Liner Examples

Bash one-liners can reduce workload, automate something quickly and put the power of ultimate system control in your hands. Over time, you will likely learn to write more complex one-liners and some of the things you end up writing as a seasoned professional will be nearly in-parsible by a beginner. That said, the Bash command and development language is highly structured - and relatively easy to understand - once you know about the in and outs. It really is like becoming proficient in a foreign...
Tags: Linux

Microsoft engineer thinking ahead? Troubleshooter doc for Active Directory references 'Florida Retirement System'

If you're mixing that up with File System Replication, maybe it is indeed time Hardworking vultures trying to think up new backronyms for TITSUP aren't alone judging by Microsoft's Windows Server Active Directory documentation.…
Tags: Florida, Microsoft, Software

Infused with the spirit for Christmas, TalkTalk decides to extend cut-off deadline for Business email domain

Gawd bless us, every one! TalkTalk Business customers (at least those using the email domain) opened the second door of their advent calendars this morning and were rewarded with... an extension to the switch-off date.…
Tags: Software, Gawd

XAMPP 7.4.12-0 / 7.3.25-0 / 7.2.34-0

Is an easy to install Apache distribution
Tags: XAMPP, Software

XAMPP 7.4.13-0 / 7.3.25-0 / 7.2.34-0

Is an easy to install Apache distribution
Tags: XAMPP, Software

Vitamin-R 3.23

Personal productivity tool; focus on one task
Tags: Software, Vitamin R

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