Dropbox is temporarily halting its recruiting efforts, in a blow for tech workers seeking jobs as startups ramp up mass layoffs

Dropbox has temporarily halted all recruiting efforts as the company works through the challenges of integrating new hires remotely, Business Insider has learned.  "In order to ensure we're onboarding new hires effectively and managing the strain on these teams during the shelter-in-place orders in effect across the globe, we've paused recruiting efforts temporarily," a Dropbox spokesperson confirmed.  The file-sharing service is continuing to honor all pending offers and ongoing interview pro...
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The long, wild story of the universe, in 5 eras

We're in the middle, or thereabouts, of the universe's Stelliferous era.If you think there's a lot going on out there now, the first era's drama makes things these days look pretty calm.Scientists attempt to understand the past and present by bringing together the last couple of centuries' major schools of thought. If you're fortunate enough to get yourself beneath a clear sky in a dark place on a moonless night, a gorgeous space-scape of stars waits. If you have binoculars and point them upwar...
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Comet Atlas could be the brightest comet in decades

Comet Atlas is racing toward the inner solar system, and it could become the brightest comet seen in the night sky in over two decades. The comet, discovered by an observatory designed to protect Earth from asteroids, may even be visible during the day just two months from now. Also known as C/2019 Y4, this comet was discovered by astronomers at the Asteroid Terrestrial-impact Last Alert System (ATLAS) in Hawaii in December 2019. At the time, the comet was exceedingly dim — but the comet became ...
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Virtual field trips to take online

We’ve all been spending a lot of time at home lately, and for some, this new reality is tougher than others. After two weeks you may have already binged every Netflix show that piqued your interest and are desperately looking for new sources of entertainment — especially if you have kids. The is trying to make it easier to entertain the whole family over the coming weeks and months by providing a thorough list of virtual field trips. While virtual excursions are never a truly satisfying rep...
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SpaceX wins NASA contract to send cargo to lunar Gateway with new Dragon XL craft

NASA has tapped a type of SpaceX cargo craft that hasn't yet been built to deliver supplies to a moon-orbiting outpost that hasn't yet been launched. SpaceX's robotic Dragon XL, a cylindrical, supersized version of its workhorse Dragon spacecraft, will handle shipments to the Gateway space platform as the first commercial provider to receive a Gateway Logistics Services contract from NASA. The contract is similar to NASA's existing Commercial Resupply Services contracts with Spac...
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10 things you did as a kid that you should start doing again

Growing up doesn't mean your life has to be all about work.Studies have shown that playing and being creative has numerous health benefits for adults of all ages.Simple exercises like drawing, finishing a puzzle, or taking breaks outdoors can have a positive impact on your life. Peter Pan had the right idea: growing up is overrated. As adults we often forget to stop and have fun in between paying bills and being productive members of society. We're often stressed about our lives and the world...
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NASA Picks SpaceX To Fly Cargo To Moon-Orbiting Gateway Space Station

NASA has awarded SpaceX with a contract to supply Gateway, the moon-orbiting space station that the agency aims to start building in 2022, agency officials announced Friday. reports: Gateway is a key part of NASA's Artemis exploration program, which seeks to establish a sustainable, long-term human presence on and around the moon by the late 2020s. The small space station will serve as a jumping-off point for sorties, both crewed and uncrewed, to the lunar surface. SpaceX will help to ...
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SpaceX wins NASA moon program contract

SpaceX's Dragon XL cargo ships will support NASA's Artemis moonwalkers and allow extended research.
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Google is canceling its legendary April Fools' Day jokes this year because of the pandemic (GOOG)

Google is cancelling its legendary April Fools' Day jokes this year. The company is worried about seeming in bad taste if it went ahead with them due to the pandemic. In an email obtained by Business Insider, it asked managers to make sure no teams were still planning pranks. "Please suss out those efforts and make sure your teams pause on any jokes they may have planned," the email by Google's marketing boss Lorraine Twohill said. In previous years, Google has added treasure hunts to Google M...
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11 million names to be carried to Mars on NASA’s Perseverance rover

The public submitted names in the "Send Your Name to Mars" campaign
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SpaceX selected to deliver cargo to NASA’s Lunar Gateway space station

The company is NASA's first commercial partner for the Gateway project
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Rocket startup Skyrora shifts production to hand sanitizer and face masks for coronavirus response

One of the newer companies attempting to join the rarified group of private space launch startups actually flying payloads to orbit has redirected its entire UK-based manufacturing capacity towards COVID-19 response. Skyrora, which is based in Edinburgh, Scotland, is answering the call of the UK government and the NHS to manufacturers to do what they can to provide much-needed healthcare equipment for frontline responders amid the coronavirus crisis. Skyrorary says that the entirety of its UK...
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NASA still tracking towards mid-to-late May SpaceX crew launch despite parachute mishap

NASA provided an official update about the status of its Commercial Crew program, the project it’s working on with partners SpaceX and Boeing to return astronaut launch capabilities to American soil via private launch partners. This week, SpaceX encountered an issue while testing the parachute system that will be used on its Crew Dragon spacecraft, but a new update from NASA indicates the the previously stated mid-to-late May window for its first ever launch with astronauts on board is ...
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OneWeb to file for bankruptcy as effort to secure funding, including from investor SoftBank, falls through

Broadband constellation satellite operator OneWeb will file for bankruptcy protection in the U.S., likely some time Friday, after attempts to secure new funding, including from existing investor SoftBank, fell through, TechCrunch has learned. The Financial Times also reported on the failure of its funding attempt on Friday, based on its own separate sources. The company will be laying off most of its staff, with a team remaining in place to continue to operate its existing satellites in sp...
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‘Little Fires Everywhere’ author Celeste Ng talks Hulu adaptation

By Mark Meszoros It begins with a house engulfed in flames. It is the large, lovely Shaker Heights home of Elena Richardson (Reese Witherspoon,) who stares at the blaze and seems to … smirk? Moments later in the premiere episode of Hulu’s “Little Fires Everywhere” — the adaptation of author Celeste Ng’s bestselling 2017 novel, which is set in the late 1990s — we’ve jumped to when the fire has been extinguished. Authorities on the scene tell Elena the fire was intentionally set — that’s clear bec...
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See the strange and beautifully layered terrain of Mars’ Juventae Chasma

NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter captures another stunning image
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Scientists found a secret in old Voyager 2 data. This is why we need to revisit Uranus and Neptune

The wealth of data captured by NASA's Voyager 2 spacecraft when it flew by Uranus some 34 years ago holds secrets that are reminding scientists of why we need to go back to the ice giants, including Neptune.
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SpaceX to deliver cargo to NASA’s lunar Gateway station using a new ‘Dragon XL ‘ spacecraft

NASA has tapped SpaceX as the first provider of space-based logistics to deliver experiment materials, cargo and supplies to its lunar Gateway, the agency announced on Friday. This means SpaceX will be among the companies that NASA can turn to when it needs things shuttled via spaceship between Earth and this forthcoming platform, which will orbit the Moon and provide a staging ground for future crewed Moon missions. The contract means that SpaceX will play a key role in not only NASA’s...
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