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Coronavirus: LAUSD officials say lack of clear reopening guidance from state hampering negotiations

With the deadline for applying for the state’s Safe Schools for All reopening grant a week away, Los Angeles Unified School District leaders are pressing state and county health officials for a clearer definition as to what constitutes a safe learning environment, saying the lack of consistent guidance is why the district and local teachers union have yet to reach an agreement on returning students to campus. One major hang-up has been over the proposal by Gov. Gavin Newsom’s administration that...
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Navalny’s allies call for new protests in Russia

By Daria Litvinova | Associated Press MOSCOW — Allies of jailed Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny, who faces years in prison, called for new protests next weekend to demand his release, following a wave of demonstrations that turned out tens of thousands across the country in a defiant challenge to President Vladimir Putin. Mass rallies took place Saturday in over 100 cities in what observers said was the largest outpouring of anger in years, and Navalny’s supporters urged protesters to k...
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Video: Pets have returned to the White House

[vemba-video id=”politics/2021/01/26/joe-biden-first-dogs-white-house-moos-pkg-vpx.cnn”] By Darlene Superville | Associated Press WASHINGTON — The patter of paws is being heard in the White House again following the arrival of President Joe Biden’s dogs Champ and Major. The two German shepherds are the first pets to live at the executive mansion since the Obama administration. Major burst onto the national scene late last year after Biden, then president-elect, broke his right foot while playing...
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DHS agreements may tie Biden’s hands on immigration

By Elliot Spagat | Associated Press SAN DIEGO — During the Trump administration’s final weeks, the Department of Homeland Security quietly signed agreements with at least four states that threaten to temporarily derail President Joe Biden’s efforts to undo his predecessor’s immigration policies. The agreements say Arizona, Indiana, Louisiana and Texas are entitled to a 180-day consultation period before executive branch policy changes take effect. The Biden administration rejects that argument o...
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Overall crime is down in LA, but 2020 brought spikes in homicides and shootings

Overall crime in the city of Los Angeles went down last year compared to 2019, but homicides and shootings — many of them gang-related — saw significant spikes, city officials said during a virtual press conference on Monday, Jan. 25. There were 350 homicides last year, nearly 100 more victims than the year before, Los Angeles Police Department data shows. It’s unclear what contributed to the rise in killings, but city officials noted that its numbers were similar to other large cities as the na...
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Biden signs ‘Buy American’ order, vows to help US manufacturing

By Andrea Shalal, Alexandra Alper and Timothy Aeppel | Reuters WASHINGTON – President Joe Biden vowed on Monday to leverage the purchasing power of the U.S. government, the world’s biggest single buyer of goods and services, to strengthen domestic manufacturing and create markets for new technologies. The Democratic president signed an executive order aimed at closing loopholes in existing “Buy American” provisions, which apply to about a third of the $600 billion in goods and services the feder...
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White House recommits to putting Tubman on $20 bill

By Donald Judd | CNN The Biden administration says it is “exploring ways to speed up” release of $20 bills featuring Harriet Tubman after the Trump administration delayed the move first initiated by President Barack Obama. “It’s important that our notes, our money — if people don’t know what a note is — reflect the history and diversity of our country, and Harriet Tubman’s image gracing the new $20 note would certainly reflect that,” White House press secretary Jen Psaki told reporters Monday. P...
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Sen. Rob Portman, R-Ohio, won’t run for re-election

By Clare Foran, Jeff Zeleny and Alex Rogers | CNN Republican Sen. Rob Portman of Ohio announced Monday that he will not run for reelection after his current term in office ends in 2022, saying in a statement that the entrenched partisan gridlock in Washington was a factor in his decision. The announcement will set off what could become a highly competitive race to fill the seat and will reshape the 2022 battlefield for control of the Senate. The news could also potentially pave the way for a cro...
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House sending Trump impeachment to Senate today

By Mary Clare Jalonick and Lisa Mascaro | Associated Press WASHINGTON — As the House prepares to bring the impeachment charge against Donald Trump to the Senate for trial, a growing number of Republican senators say they are opposed to the proceeding, dimming the chances that former president will be convicted on the charge that he incited a siege of the U.S. Capitol. House Democrats will carry the sole impeachment charge of “incitement of insurrection” across the Capitol Monday evening, a rare...
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Political ‘unity’ is neither necessary nor desirable

“[T]o restore the soul and to secure the future of America,” President Joe Biden said in his inaugural speech, “requires more than words. It requires that most elusive of things in a democracy: Unity. … This is our historic moment of crisis and challenge, and unity is the path forward.” The bad news:  Where politics is concerned, “unity” is a pipe dream. The good news: Where human flourishing is concerned, the ersatz “unity” demanded by politicians like Joe Biden is neither necessary nor desirab...
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Biden reversing Trump ban on transgender people in military

WASHINGTON — President Joe Biden is signing an order Monday reversing a Pentagon policy that largely barred transgender individuals from joining the military. The new order, which Biden is expected to sign in the Oval Office during a meeting with Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, overturns a ban ordered by President Donald Trump in a tweet during his first year in office. It immediately prohibits any service member from being forced out of the military on the basis of gender identity. Biden’s orde...
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The $27 trillion elephant in the room

With the national debt fast approaching $28 trillion, and no signs of slowing down, some Republican politicians are beginning to remember that they used to care about fiscal responsibility. “When do we hit the point where the thing starts to collapse? That’s what really concerns me and nobody is talking about it really in either party anymore,” said Sen. John Thune, R-South Dakota, this week during a hearing for Janet Yellen’s nomination to serve as U.S. Treasury Secretary. It’s an even more dif...
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President Biden should pursue immigration reform

Comprehensive immigration reform has proven elusive for decades, despite the clear need for it. With roughly 11 million undocumented immigrants in our country, most of whom have lived and worked here for over a decade, according to the Pew Research Center, it is untenable for Congress to continue to do nothing. We encourage President Joe Biden to pursue immigration reform and for Congress to take it up. President Biden has proposed a sweeping immigration reform plan that includes offering tempor...
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Will reducing criminal penalties reduce crime?

California is conducting an immense sociological experiment, testing whether reducing prison time for criminal acts will, in the long run, mean less crime. Over the last decade, politicians and voters have lowered penalties for dozens of serious and minor crimes, reduced state prison populations by about 40% and adopted multiple programs to treat underlying conditions, such as drug use and lack of education, to deter offenders from committing new crimes. It’s been a dramatic turnaround from prev...
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Lawmakers have been threatened ahead of Trump’s impeachment trial, officials tell AP

WASHINGTON — Federal law enforcement officials are examining a number of threats aimed at members of Congress as the second trial of former President Donald Trump nears, including ominous chatter about killing legislators or attacking them outside of the U.S. Capitol, a U.S. official told The Associated Press. The threats, and concerns that armed protesters could return to sack the Capitol anew, have prompted the U.S. Capitol Police and other federal law enforcement to insist thousands of Nation...
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Biden attends Mass at church where he worshipped as VP

WASHINGTON — President Joe Biden attended Mass for the first time since taking office, worshipping Sunday at the church he frequented when he was vice president. Biden, the nation’s second Catholic president, picked Holy Trinity Catholic Church in Washington’s Georgetown neighborhood, a few miles from the White House. It’s where the nation’s only other Catholic president, John F. Kennedy, often went to Mass. Biden entered through the front entrance, where a Black Lives Matter banner was hanging ...
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White House will pitch $1.9 trillion plan to reluctant senators

The White House economic director may get a chilly response Sunday in making the case for the Biden administration’s $1.9 trillion economic relief plan to a centrist, bipartisan group of senators. Brian Deese is scheduled to speak by phone to 16 lawmakers, including eight Republicans, at 3 p.m. President Joe Biden’s team has said it would prefer to pass a relief package with Republican as well as Democratic votes. Democrats have the option of passing some parts using a special budget tool, known...
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Analysis: Why Biden’s immigration plan may be risky for Democrats

WASHINGTON — President Joe Biden is confronting the political risk that comes with grand ambition. As one of his first acts, Biden offered a sweeping immigration overhaul last week that would provide a path to U.S. citizenship for the estimated 11 million people who are in the United States illegally. It would also codify provisions wiping out some of President Donald Trump’s signature hard-line policies, including trying to end existing, protected legal status for many immigrants brought to the...
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Spending blowouts and fiscal irresponsibility top the Biden agenda

With his policy announcement about another COVID-19 relief bill, President Joe Biden declares loud and clear that he will not shy away from spending blowouts and fiscal irresponsibility. For the most part, his proposed plan is nothing more than a way to use the current crisis to deliver on Democrats’ longtime dream to explode the size and scope of the federal government. The objective of the $1.9 trillion plan is noble enough: stimulate the economy, provide relief to Americans and combat the pan...
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Crawling toward a better America

And exhale. President Biden took the oath of office on the proscribed day just as presidents have been doing every four years since 1789. It was a little dicey this time but democracy held serve. Now it’s time to move forward. That won’t be easy. We’ve fallen out of the habit of cooperating, choosing instead to go for the jugular over pretty much everything. While our new president has some very big agenda items, including immigration, healthcare, the economy, the environment, foreign policy and...
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Americans must not let freedom of speech slip away

We are losing freedom of speech in this country at a speed that could win an Olympic gold medal. And that’s saying something, because the Olympics feature teams from some of the most accomplished totalitarian nations in world history. It’s alarming that good old American know-how is being used to crush those who express an opinion that has been deemed unacceptable. Let’s start by acknowledging that violence is unacceptable. Violence isn’t speech. But at the same time, speech isn’t violence. So l...
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The giddy shine from that cold D.C. day

Last Wednesday went off so brilliantly there’s still a kind of giddy shine on everything. And I don’t just mean the schadenfreude that comes with being a Californian watching hundreds of people having to spend hours out of doors in the D.C. snow flurries. Though there is that. Sen. Bernie Sanders sitting on his folding chair wearing his silly, toasty Vermont mittens has launched a thousand Instagram memes. I mean, our neighbors Linda and Bert even Photoshopped Bern onto the sidewalk in between o...
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Ted Cruz's 'Pittsburgh over Paris' campaign shows us just how dumb the Biden years are going to be

Getty In response to Biden re-entering the US into the Paris climate agreement, GOP Sen. Ted Cruz has launched a "Pittsburgh over Paris" campaign. Cruz says that Biden rejoining the Paris agreement will cost the citizens of Pittsburgh jobs, but the idea makes no sense and is just another bad faith attempt at scoring political points. This is the norm for Republicans, and a sign of what's to come. This is an opinion column. The thoughts expressed are those of the author.   Visit Business I...
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'Polar night,' NFL championship games, coronavirus pandemic: 5 things to know this weekend

Lawmakers look to head-off gridlock over Biden's COVID stimulus plan, NFL's Super Bowl teams will be decided and more things to start your weekend.         [Author: USA TODAY]
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Negotiations continue between LAUSD, teachers union on hybrid learning

The teachers union and representatives for the Los Angeles Unified School District had yet to reach agreements on providing services to high-needs students and a hybrid instructional model as of the afternoon on Friday, Jan. 22 — two days before their self-imposed deadline for coming to terms on these issues. It’s unclear what the repercussions might be if the union and district are unable to reach agreements by Sunday, though the parties could mutually consent to extend the deadline. Even if ag...
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State parole board panel recommends parole for onetime Manson follower

A state parole board panel Friday recommended parole for Bruce Davis, a onetime Manson Family follower who was convicted in two killings in 1969. Davis, now 78, has been found suitable for parole six previous times, with three different governors reversing the recommendation for parole. Most recently, Gov. Gavin Newsom blocked Davis’ release in November 2019. Former governors Jerry Brown and Arnold Schwarzenegger had also reversed the parole board’s recommendation. Davis was convicted of first-d...
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Sun Valley gang member admits to shootings, illegal drug and gun sales

A Sun Valley man and gang member admitted Friday in federal court to taking part in 2016 shootings across the San Fernando Valley and selling narcotics and illegal firearms. Jesus Gonzalez Jr., 27, entered his guilty plea through a video call from a San Bernardino County Jail on multiple Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act charges of attempted murder and drug and gun sales, said U.S. Attorney’s Office Spokesman Ciaran McEvoy. Gonzalez, who went by “Lil Chito,” “Gunner” and “Chuy,”...
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Ex-TSA agent sentenced for falsely imprisoning woman at LAX

A former Transportation Security Administration agent pleaded no contest Friday to falsely imprisoning a woman who was going through Los Angeles International Airport. Johnathon Lomeli — who was arrested and charged for unlawfully detaining a woman and using fraud or deceit to get her to expose herself to him outside of the primary security screening area at LAX in June 2019 — was immediately sentenced to 60 days in county jail, 52 classes to address sexual compulsion and two years probation fol...
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Yellen appears set for confirmation on Monday

By David Lawder and Andrea Shalal | Reuters WASHINGTON – The U.S. Senate Finance Committee on Friday unanimously approved Janet Yellen’s nomination as the first woman Treasury secretary, indicating that she will easily win full Senate approval, but Republicans called for her to work with them in developing economic policies. The full Senate will vote on Yellen’s nomination on Monday, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said on the Senate floor late Friday, which would allow her to get to work p...
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Outcry follows photos of Guard sleeping in garages in DC

[vemba-video id=”tv/2021/01/22/the-lead-pete-muntean-2.cnn”] By Nomaan Merchant, Lolita Baldor and Aamer Madhani | Associated Press WASHINGTON — Images of National Guard soldiers camped in a cold parking garage after being sent to protect Washington sparked new calls Friday for investigations of the U.S. Capitol Police, now facing allegations that the agency evicted troops sent to help after its failure to stop rioting mobs two weeks ago. President Joe Biden expressed his “dismay” Friday morning...
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