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Some local GOP leaders fire up base with conspiracies

By Garance Burke, Martha Mendoza, Juliet Linderman and Larry Fenn | Associated Press A faction of local, county and state Republican officials is pushing lies, misinformation and conspiracy theories that echo those that helped inspire the violent U.S. Capitol siege, online messaging that is spreading quickly through GOP ranks fueled by algorithms that boost extreme content. The Associated Press reviewed public and private social media accounts of nearly 1,000 federal, state, and local elected an...
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Newsom’s zero-emission car plans are mostly hot air

SACRAMENTO – Recent news reports contained some eye-opening news, at least for those of us who are car aficionados: “In a stunning announcement, GM says it will stop making all diesel and gas-powered cars,” according to Motor Biscuit. The planned implementation date is 2035, which isn’t particularly far into the future. I’m still grumpy about the disappearing manual transmission, and will give up my 332-horsepower 370Z when they peel the shifter from my cold, dead fingers. Whatever one’s views o...
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How exercise changes your brain biology and protects your mental health

As with many other physicians, recommending physical activity to patients was just a doctor chore for me – until a few years ago. That was because I myself was not very active. Over the years, as I picked up boxing and became more active, I got firsthand experience of positive impacts on my mind. I also started researching the effects of dance and movement therapies on trauma and anxiety in refugee children, and I learned a lot more about the neurobiology of exercise. I am a psychiatrist and neu...
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Newsom busy extracting ‘behested payments’ from private companies

In other states, when a public official asks for a big check from an individual or business that would have good reason to be afraid to say no, it’s called extortion. In California, it’s called a “behested payment.” A public official can ask for any amount of money. Unlike campaign contributions, there are no limits on behested payments. The money may be “behested” for a “charitable” purpose, which can include donations to non-profit organizations closely tied to the official or to a family memb...
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Focus on the Black community’s future by taking action to address air pollution

Every February, we recognize the numerous contributions African Americans have made to our nation’s history. From fighting for civil rights, inspiring us through literature, and sparking advancements in science, Black History Month provides us with an opportunity to recognize groundbreaking achievements. While this month serves as a celebration of history and an opportunity to consider the prospects of a healthy and thriving future for Black families, the reality is that we are reminded about ou...
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Increasing California’s housing supply will require three major steps

As California struggles to emerge from the economic and social malaise brought about by the coronavirus pandemic, our elected leaders will need to place a renewed focus on a variety of pressing issues, many of which existed long before the outbreak. Chief among these is the need to address California’s dire lack of attainable housing. While there is no single answer to fixing the state’s housing crisis, several critical changes need to occur as to how our elected leaders address the need for mor...
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Frumpy Middle-aged Mom: Museums are no longer my cup of culture, thank you

When I was young, I really, really wanted to visit the great museums of the world. And I saw many of them. Nowadays, I just want to have a cocktail. That’s right. I’ll sit right here at this lovely cafe and sip my tasty glass of wine, while you go stand in that endless line to view the Mona Lisa. Here’s a clue: It’s underwhelming. Maybe because you have to elbow your way through the thundering hordes to even see it. Maybe because it’s way smaller than you expect. I’m not disrespecting museums. S...
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An usher at NYC's Madison Square Garden on reopening at limited capacity: 'I wish it felt safer'

New York City's Madison Square Garden. Thomas Pallini/Business Insider Nancy (not her real name) is 57 years old and works as an usher at Madison Square Garden in NYC.  As stadiums reopened at limited capacity Tuesday, she's worried about social distancing and masking. She's immunocompromised, and a big part of her job involves very hands-on interaction with guests.  This is her story, as told to freelance writer Meira Gebel. Visit the Business section of Insider for more stories. Nanc...
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Franchise tags can start tomorrow but Miami Dolphins won't use it

Tomorrow marks the first day that NFL teams can begin securing their impending free agents with the use of the franchise and transition tags. Don't expect the Miami Dolphins to use any of those options. The franchise tag will come with an e
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Utah Resort Closing Dates 2021

2020–21 Closing Dates - April 18 with a bonus weekend April 23-25 - TBA - April 18 - April 18 - TBA - April 11 - April 4 - March 28 - April 4 - April 11 - April 11 - TBA - April 18 - April 4 - April 18   *All closing dates are weather and conditions permitting.Please check the latest updates on COVID-19 and current resort operations here. Don't miss a single inch that falls with the Ski Utah Snow Report. [Author: [email protected] (Yeti)]
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INDEPENDENT & UNBIASED All products featured on MyGolfSpy are independently selected and tested by our staff. However, when you buy something through our retail links, we may earn an affiliate commission. 38 ProductsConsidered 340 HoursResear...
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The Latest: Biden to mark 500,000 lives lost with ceremony

By The Associated Press WASHINGTON __ President Joe Biden will mark the U.S. crossing 500,000 lives lost from COVID-19 with a moment of silence and candle lighting ceremony at the White House. The nation is expected to pass the grim milestone on Monday, just over a year after the first confirmed U.S. fatality due to the novel coronavirus. The White House said Biden will deliver remarks at sunset to honor those who lost their lives. He will be joined by first lady Jill Biden and Vice President Ka...
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The Latest: New Zealand to remove restrictions from Auckland

By The Associated Press WELLINGTON, New Zealand — New Zealand will remove remaining coronavirus restrictions from Auckland on Monday after an outbreak discovered in the largest city fades away. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said more than 72,000 tests had found no evidence the virus was spreading in the community. Auckland was placed into a three-day lockdown this month after a mother, father and daughter tested positive. Another five contacts later tested positive. After the lockdown ended, Auc...
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The Latest: California coronavirus death toll tops 49,000

By The Associated Press LOS ANGELES — California’s death toll during the coronavirus pandemic has topped 49,000, even as the rates of new infections and hospitalizations continue to plummet across the state. California reported another 408 deaths Sunday, bringing the total since the outbreak began to 49,105 — the highest in the nation. Health officials said Sunday that the number of patients in California hospitals with COVID-19 has slipped below 7,000, a drop of more than a third over two weeks...
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The Latest: California coronavirus death toll tops 9,000

By The Associated Press LOS ANGELES — California’s death toll during the coronavirus pandemic has topped 49,000, even as the rates of new infections and hospitalizations continue to plummet across the state. California reported another 408 deaths Sunday, bringing the total since the outbreak began to 49,105 — the highest in the nation. Health officials said Sunday that the number of patients in California hospitals with COVID-19 has slipped below 7,000, a drop of more than a third over two weeks...
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The Latest: Grieving Italians mark a COVID-19 anniversary

By The Associated Press CODOGNO, Italy — Italians are marking one year since their country was shocked to discover it had the first known locally transmitted COVID-19 case in the West. With church services Sunday and wreath-laying ceremonies, including in small northern towns which were the first to be hard-hit by the pandemic, citizens paid tribute to the dead. Italy has a confirmed death toll from the virus of 95,500. While the first wave of infections largely engulfed Lombardy and other north...
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It’s All Bad

To state the obvious, it's all bad. Every aspect of this team just plain sucks. No way can this level of incompetence be placed on any one player. It starts behind the bench, and, continues out onto the ice. It's like the entire team has given up, and, no one is even trying to play anymore. Yzerman doesn't get a pass either. It's ultimately his call. Stay, and watch along with us if you want. Don't worry, no one will think any less of you if you check out early, or, like ...
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Golf Swing Video: Transform Your Game With Spieth’s Simple Swing

In this article we look at Jordan Spieth’s golf swing, to see what the Occasional Golfer might learn from his example. The Power of KISS is on Display With Spieth’s Simple Swing We all need to remember the KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid), especially when it comes to the golf swing.  In that spirit, Spieth’s is a great simple swing to emulate. He has had huge success in the Majors, and his rhythmic, simple swing is at least somewhat within reach of Occasional Golfers everywhere. The first thing ...
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Ski Utah Resort Histories | Sundance Mountain Resort

The History of Sundance Mountain Resort Established: 1944 Claim to Fame: The only resort in Utah once owned and operated by a film star, Sundance is a resort unlike any other. Thanks to the watchful eye of Robert Redford, has successfully balanced development alongside conservation. The resort's enduring legacy protects the wild character of the land while fostering culture arts and a space for creative types to innovate, retreat and create. Unique Character: What sets Sundance apart...
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Tomato growing cheat sheet: Sign up for the Garden Party newsletter

Can’t wait to hop on the pandemic gardening train by planting some tomatoes this spring? Want to know how to grow your favorite tomato varieties even better? The Southern California News Group is putting out a newsletter all about those delicious fruits that are just waiting to be sliced into salads, made into sauce and put in that feta tomato pasta that’s gone viral. Garden Party is a limited run, eight week course-style newsletter to all things tomatoes. Consider it your cheat sheet to growing...
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Rush Limbaugh, conservative media icon, dies at 70

By Oliver Darcy | CNN Rush Limbaugh, the conservative media icon who for decades used his perch as the king of talk-radio to shape the politics of both the Republican Party and nation, died Wednesday after a battle with cancer. He was 70 years old. Limbaugh announced in February 2020 that he had been diagnosed with advanced lung cancer. Limbaugh continued to host his show while undergoing treatment, and he told listeners that he remained hopeful he would defeat the disease. A pioneer of AM talk-...
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NFL insider notes: Don't underestimate David Tepper and the Panthers in the Deshaun Watson sweepstakes

David Tepper's desire to land Deshaun Watson is something to watch if the quarterback is indeed on the trade block
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Frumpy Middle-aged Mom: I looked in my son’s closet

So I did something the other day that I try hard to never do: I entered my son’s bedroom. The doctor has ordered me to avoid stress, so in my world that means staying as far away as possible from the interior of my adult children’s rooms. They could have entire families living in there. I’d never know. It’s been many years, but at one time my daughter Curly Girl had a box full of tiny kittens she’d found in front of the grocery store hidden in her room, and it took me an embarrassingly long time...
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A One Line Team In Toronto

from Steve Simmons of the Toronto Sun, William Nylander is like buying furniture from IKEA with the instructions somehow missing from the package. You know you have all the parts — you see them in front of you — you just have no real idea of how to put it all together. Nylander was not the reason why the Maple Leafs blew a 5-1 lead Monday night and lost in rather embarrassing fashion to the hapless but growing Ottawa Senators. But bigger picture, away from this messy defeat, away ...
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Oregon Walks ED Ashton Simpson on Hawthorne, ‘aggressive’ bike culture, and more

Oregon Walks Executive Director Ashton Simpson. Ashton Simpson took over as leader of the nonprofit Oregon Walks back in January. Before that, the Russell neighborhood resident and active volunteer for transportation issues ran for statewide office. I reached out to him last week to get his perspective on the debate around the Hawthorne Boulevard paving project. Our chat went longer than expected. Below is a slightly edited version of our conversation: Any thoughts on the Hawthorne decision?...
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The 6 best running watches we tested in 2021

Full-featured running watches offer users advanced tracking metrics not found on other trackers.Though many watches tout their GPS capability, few offer reliable enough connections that can benefit dedicated runners.Our top pick, the Suunto 7, is a feature-rich smartwatch that tracks over 70 activities and a highly accurate GPS function.   Table of Contents: Masthead Sticky The latest GPS running watches are like having a personal trainer on your wrist. They tell you how fast you're going and ho...
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Best Equipment for High Handicap Golfers

If golfing with your buddies and spending some quality time is what you’re after. Being one of the best players to walk the course would obviously not be on your schedule. Maybe you enjoy golfing just for the experience and don’t necessarily want to be the best or beat everyone you play with. It is truly one of the most relaxing games you can play, but there’s no doubt about it that at some stage or another, you will get frustrated with slicing more than $20 into the woods. This is understandabl...
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Riot video shows focus on stopping Biden’s win

By Nomaan Merchant | Associated Press As the insurrectionists breached the U.S. Capitol, smashing windows and climbing in over the jagged glass, some of their first audible cries were a declaration of purpose: “Where are they counting the votes?” The group encountered a single Capitol police officer who yelled: “Don’t do it. Don’t do it.” “Where are they counting the (expletive) votes!” they hollered as they streamed inside, wielding wooden beams and a metal baseball bat, forcing the officer t...
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The dry run: 'Don't need to worry,' says Ajinkya Rahane as team backs its 'impact player'

"It is all about what the team wants from me - and then go and contribute. And I am pretty much confident about that"
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Rams’ Raheem Morris has higher goal for No. 1 defense

The hardest part of Raheem Morris’ new job as Rams defensive coordinator is the most basic. Don’t make Mom mad. A New Jersey native who coached 18 NFL seasons in Tampa, Washington and Atlanta, Morris finds himself waking up in L.A. at 2:30 a.m. while his body clock adjusts, and getting yelled at by his mother for messing up their phone schedule. “By the time you’re ready to call them, they’re asleep,” he said. The rest of Morris’ new life is no easier. Hired Jan. 21 to replace Brandon Staley, Mo...
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