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Gov. Newsom can’t tie recall to GOP in voter guide, lawsuit says

By KATHLEEN RONAYNE | The Associated Press SACRAMENTO — Top supporters of the recall against California Gov. Gavin Newsom want to block him from branding the contest as a Republican effort in the official election guide that will be sent to voters ahead of the Sept. 14 contest. His contention that the effort is led by Republicans seeking to overturn the 2020 presidential election and an “attempt by national Republicans and Trump supporters to force an election and grab power in California” are “...
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The celebrity factor in recall elections

Many Californians laughed out loud back in 1998, when Minnesota voters by a wide margin elected longtime professional wrestler and sometime talk show host Jesse Ventura their governor. But almost exactly five years later, those same Californians by a wide margin made longtime movie muscleman Arnold Schwarzenegger their governator and then kept him and his cigars in office for seven years. Neither Ventura nor Schwarzenegger had an iota of administrative experience, but both had shown some interes...
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Newsom is sometimes his own worst enemy

Gov. Gavin Newsom blames right-wing extremists for the drive to recall him, and there’s no doubt that they want him gone. However, the recall would not have qualified for the ballot, nor would polling indicate that the issue is in a virtual tie (47% of likely voters in favor, 50% opposed) if only die-hard Trumpies were supportive. The polling by UC Berkeley’s Institute of Governmental Studies indicates that a very sizeable segment of California’s voters dislike or distrust Newsom. In fact, just ...
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Will Donald Trump be spoiler as California GOP seeks Gov. Newsom recall?

By MICHAEL R. BLOOD | The Associated Press LOS ANGELES  — California could witness a stunning turnabout in a nation of deeply polarized politics if the liberal state dumps Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom and elects a Republican to fill his job in a September recall election. With the country’s political center largely vanished, it’s rare to see governors win elections on adversarial ground, making the notion of a Republican upset in one of the nation’s Democratic strongholds seem implausible. Repub...
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Recall Gov. Newsom, and keep the process

Two important topics previously addressed by this column are the propensity of progressives to change elections rules in order to tighten their grip on political power and the question of whether Governor Gavin Newsom’s performance in office warrants his removal via recall. As to the former, the last several legislative sessions are replete with examples of bills that seek to stack the deck in favor of progressives. Here are some of the highlights: • Sen. Bob Hertzberg, D-Van Nuys, has proposed ...
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At some California hospitals, nearly half of workers remain unvaccinated

They work in hospitals. They have easy access to jabs. They know the risks. Yet after a frenetic rollout and urgent pleas from officials on nearly-bent knees, almost a quarter of California’s hospital workers remained unvaccinated for COVID-19, according to federal data. Vaccine hesitancy is far more pronounced at some hospitals than at others, and may reflect a community’s affluence — or lack thereof. At Redlands Community Hospital, 42% of workers were not vaccinated as of July 16, according to...
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California now criticized from the left

California being what it is – a very large state with a complex social and economic matrix and a unique political structure – generates an endless stream of analysis and criticism. In recent decades, as California veered to the left politically, it drew fawning attention from like-minded media, portraying the state as a harbinger of the nation’s future. California’s politicians such as Gov. Gavin Newsom fed the notion. “California is what America is going to look like,” he has boasted. “Californ...
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Reverse damage of politicians, special interests: John Cox

For decades California has been run by career politicians and insiders. Together they have created a state that only the wealthy and well-connected can afford to live in. California has the highest taxes in the country and is one of the country’s least affordable places to live. Homelessness is out of control. California is home to nearly half of our country’s unhoused people. The politicians have spent billions, but the problem is getting worse every day. We are facing our worst ever wildfire s...
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Get back to the basics: Kevin Kiley

Our state government is broken. I’ve seen this first-hand as a member of the California Legislature, and prior to that as a public school teacher and prosecutor. Over the last 16 months, Californians have come to the same conclusion. We’ve known for some time that our state is on the decline. One survey showed nearly two-thirds of residents believe the American Dream is dead here. But the COVID era has connected the dots in an unmistakable way: our quality of life is declining because government...
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Could bacon become harder to find in California?

By Scott McFetridge | Associated Press DES MOINES, Iowa — Thanks to a reworked menu and long hours, Jeannie Kim managed to keep her San Francisco restaurant alive during the pandemic. That makes it all the more frustrating that she fears her breakfast-focused diner could be ruined within months by new rules that could make one of her top menu items — bacon — hard to get in California. Bacon and eggs are among the most popular menu item at SAMS American Eatery in San Francisco, Kim says. “Our...
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Bring common sense back to California: Doug Ose

Sacramento is broken — fractured by years of mismanagement by career politicians who are detached from the real-life challenges facing everyday Californians. I was born and raised in California. I’ve raised my family and built my business here. For most of our lives, California was the land of opportunity. That hope has been eclipsed by a rising tide of crises and inept politicians. The Golden State has more homelessness and poverty than any other state in the country. Housing costs and health c...
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Elizabeth Warren’s attack on the recall cuts against her public persona

We’re just a few weeks from Tuesday, September 14, the day on which California voters will decide whether to recall Governor Gavin Newsom. In his latest bid to convince us to let him stay in the governor’s office, Newsom has decided to bring in an outsider – and let her denigrate Californians. In a 30-second commercial now airing throughout California, Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren neither endorses nor praises Newsom. Instead, Warren accuses those dissatisfied with Newsom as mere “Trump...
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Why we ought to be missing Jerry Brown (sort of)

SACRAMENTO – Gubernatorial press conferences typically are public-relations blitzes where governors tell you the wonderful way they are handling every problem and reporters ask lame questions designed to prove to their editors they are on top of things. They’re rarely very interesting, but with former Gov. Jerry Brown the events always were a hoot. “I’ve often used the phrase, from Thomas Hobbes, ‘Bellum omnes contra omnes.’ Or rather, ‘Bellum omni contra omnes. War of all against all.’ It will ...
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Water shortage, fire threat move to the top of Californians’ environment concerns

This second year of drought has helped push water supplies and wildfires to the top of Californians’ list of environment concerns in a new Public Policy Institute of California survey. While climate change, last year’s No. 1 environmental issue, fell to third place in the latest poll, most respondents linked their current top concerns of wildfires and water to climate change. “Most Californians believe that the effects of climate change have already begun, and that it is contributing to the cur...
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‘Is something around the corner?’ Small businesses reopen to new challenges

By Grace Gedye | CalMatters Patty Baird hasn’t taken a single day off in the past year. Cedar House Sport Hotel, her boutique hotel in Truckee, is experiencing a surge of reservations. Even weekday evenings are getting booked up by the work-from-anywhere contingent. Baird is grateful for the additional business, but she’s struggled to hire more staff, which has left her working 12- to 16-hour days. Difficulty hiring is just one of several issues Baird faces this summer as California’s economy re...
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Court provides some clarity on schooling

  Even though California schools are re-opening, we’re pleased that the 9th Circuit Court of Appeal recently weighed in on some of the state’s COVID-19 closure edicts. It’s not inconceivable that California could face pressure for stay-at-home rules in the future, so it’s best that the federal courts put a few brakes on the governor’s runaway executive power. Representing a variety of school-aged parents, a national conservative group called the Center for American Liberty challenged the constit...
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Early recall election could backfire on Newsom

Gov. Gavin Newsom and his pals in the Legislature thought they were being very clever when they advanced the date of his recall election several weeks to September 14. At the time, less than a month ago, events seemed to be going Newsom’s way and an earlier election would, they believed, take advantage of those circumstances while giving his enemies less time to persuade voters to oust him. Newsom had lifted the personal and economic restrictions he imposed to battle COVID-19, the economy seemed...
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Politicians never learn the harm of their endless rules

Politicians just don’t learn. People die as police fight drug dealers. Marijuana dealers form gangs and fight among themselves. It’s so stupid. Especially because marijuana is relatively harmless. Finally, some states legalized it, hoping to put an end to the black market. But legalization hasn’t ended the violence. Why? Because many states impose so many unnecessary rules. California is one of the worst. “The illicit market is approximately two to three times the size of the legal market,” says...
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Gov. Newsom pulls his kids from summer camp with no mask requirement

By KATHLEEN RONAYNE | The Associated Press SACRAMENTO  — California Gov. Gavin Newsom’s office said Tuesday he pulled his children out of a summer day camp that did not require kids to wear masks, a violation of state policy that Newsom’s spokeswoman said he and his wife missed when reviewing communication from the camp. “The Newsoms were concerned to see unvaccinated children unmasked indoors at a camp their children began attending yesterday and after seeing this, removed the kids from the cam...
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COVID-19 cases among LAPD employees surge as majority not fully vaccinated

The number of LAPD officers and civilian employees testing positive for coronavirus jumped last week to 33, a significant upswing in cases as the department continues to struggle getting its workforce vaccinated. In the week before last, LAPD saw just one new coronavirus case among employees. In the three weeks before last week, the number of new cases total was 19, Chief Michel Moore said in his report to the Police Commission on Tuesday. The surge comes as the more infectious Delta variant of ...
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COVID-19 roaring back, forcing Newsom to act

For weeks, Gov. Gavin Newsom has been crisscrossing the state, boasting that California is “roaring back” from the health, social and economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. On Monday, however, he had to interrupt his victory lap because a nasty variant of coronavirus, dubbed “delta,” is roaring through the state, just a few weeks after Newsom had lifted personal and economic restrictions. “As of last week, California’s statewide case rate more than quadrupled from a low in May of 1.9 cases (...
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Deadline looms for $540 million in funding for light-rail to Montclair

Legislators and city council members from western San Bernardino County and the San Gabriel Valley who’ve been pushing to receive gap funding to complete extension of the LA Metro light-rail to Montclair are stuck in a waiting game. Leaders say the $540 million award from the state to fund the last leg of the project from Pomona to Claremont and Montclair is a perfect fit. First, because the project is “shovel ready” and second, it matches Gov. Gavin Newsom’s desire to spend part of a whopping $...
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California to require COVID vaccinations or weekly testing for state, health workers

The state will require all public and private health workers, as well as the state’s 246,000 employees, to get vaccinated against the coronavirus and prove they had the shots, officials announced Monday, July 26, or be subject to at least weekly testing for the virus. The order comes amid health experts expressing alarm about the highly contagious delta variant, which has contributed, along with slowing vaccination efforts, to increasing cases and hospitalizations in the weeks since California l...
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Why are key California affordable housing bills bottled up?

Encouraging housing to be built in place of abandoned big box stores and strip malls. Making it easier to build student housing near community colleges. Establishing an authority in Los Angeles to finance affordable housing. These proposals all promise to ease California’s ever-worsening housing crisis by adding or preserving the already-scarce supply. But these bills also appear to be dead in the water. They missed a key July 14 deadline to be heard in a policy committee in the state Assembly b...
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USC healthcare workers OK contract that includes raises between 11%-68%

More than 1,500 USC workers have voted to ratify a labor contract that boosts healthcare benefits and provides hefty wage hikes for many employees. The move averts a potential walkout after employees at Keck Hospital of USC, USC Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center, several university clinics and a university call center voted in May to authorize a five-day strike. The three-year contract includes substantial raises and improved health benefits for the workers, which include nursing assistants, re...
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California to require vaccination proof for health workers

As the highly contagious delta variant drives up COVID-19 cases throughout well-vaccinated California, the state announced Monday it will require all public and private health workers as well as state employees to show proof they had the shots or be subject to at least weekly testing for the disease. The order, which comes amid alarm among health experts about the highly contagious delta variant and calls for tougher action and mandates, means health and state workers will no longer be allowed t...
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California to require COVID vaccinations for health workers

As the highly contagious delta variant drives up COVID-19 cases throughout well-vaccinated California, the state announced Monday it will require all public and private health workers as well as state employees to get vaccinated and prove they had the shots, or be subject to at least weekly testing for the disease. The order, which comes amid alarm among health experts about the highly contagious delta variant and calls for tougher action and mandates, means health and state workers will no long...
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Justice for Bruce’s Beach leader launches national project to reclaim Black families’ land

Kavon Ward started a movement to return Bruce’s Beach to its original owners. Ashanti Martin had been planning on a project to help Black families throughout the country get their land back. The women, on opposite coasts, came together to answer Black Americans who had been asking, “Where Is My Land?” Where Is My Land is a national project to help African American families reclaim land that once belonged to their ancestors — who either lost their property through acts of terror, such as the Tuls...
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Could the crime surge give Newsom recall a push?

Those who want voters to recall Gov. Gavin Newsom joined crime victim advocates at the state Capitol last Tuesday to accuse the governor of being too lenient on lawbreakers as the state experiences a new wave of crime. They castigated him for unilaterally suspending executions of murderers and making it easier for felons to win release from state prisons. “The thing that really alarms me about what the governor did, is that it’s a continuation of policies to undermine the criminal justice system...
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California’s spending on homelessness lacks creativity, urgency

California’s homeless problem has spiraled into a full-on crisis, as the ranks of the homeless have soared nearly 40% over the last five years, according to recent news reports. City officials across the state are therefore relieved that Gov. Gavin Newsom has earmarked $2.4 billion a year to fund a variety of programs. It’s an unprecedented commitment. The state government has a legitimate role in dealing with this matter, which has widespread implications for public safety and for the quality o...
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