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Gig workers like and want flexibility, that’s why they became gig workers

Are gig workers ⁠— think Uber drivers or Door Dashers ⁠— seeking to trade their flexible occupations for a full-time, 40-hour-week job? Two recent surveys suggest they’re not interested. A survey of 1,000 on-demand drivers, commissioned by Uber and conducted by a duo of polling firms representing clients on the political left and right, finds that 85 percent prefer some version of their current flexible arrangement. Another survey ⁠— this one of 1,000 independent contractors, and commissioned by...
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Mixed messages and conflicting ideas in our pandemic age

Our politics may be paranoid, our society paralyzed by pandemic, and our skies ablaze, but don’t fear! We Californians receive an avalanche of advice about how to behave in crisis. All we have to do is follow it. Easy-peasy, no? For starters, go outside. Avoid the indoors, because COVID spreads best in enclosed areas. The outdoors is good for your health. Also, don’t go outside. Don’t you know there’s a pandemic on? Plus, with so many fires burning, you’ll just be breathing smoke. The outdoors n...
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California needs a new energy plan

The blackouts that rolled through California in August were the direct result of what happens when we plan based on wishful thinking and not science. Our planning and policies did not hold up to a real-world challenge and millions of Californians lost power during the hottest days of summer. As our state’s energy regulators and leaders plan for how to prevent blackouts in the future, our top priority should be to plan for a warming planet and more frequent and intense extreme weather events such...
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California must do more to allow ex-offenders find work

Amid catastrophic wildfires, Gov. Gavin Newsom signed a bill that will finally expand economic opportunity for some of the state’s inmate firefighters. For decades, California has trained thousands of prisoners to fight fires. Today, those working in a penal fire camp earn just $2-5 a day, plus an extra $1 per hour when on the fire line. But in a cruel irony, once they’re released from prison, many ex-offenders find themselves barred from working as firefighters. Almost all of the state’s 900-pl...
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Most California ‘job killer’ bills bite the dust again

As COVID-19 slammed into California a half-year ago, Gov. Gavin Newsom ordered a partial shutdown of what had been a high-flying economy to combat the deadly virus, plunging the state into its worst recession since the Great Depression. In turn, the pandemic and the recession spawned a flurry of legislative bills aimed, their sponsors said, at ameliorating the effects on the lives of ordinary Californians, especially those who suddenly saw their jobs vanish. They included expansions of support p...
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COVID-19, summer melt a one-two punch to colleges and students alike

Real-life stories of the extreme challenges and anxiety COVID-19 has brought upon our state’s college students ring frighteningly loud and true: most have lost all or most of their income sources, many have changed their college plans and uprooted their living arrangements, and some have had their college aspirations completely derailed over worries about family and money. “I am trying to find the time to do my classes solely online on top of taking care of children that were also enrolled in sc...
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How Newsom’s war on climate change stacks up against reality

While visiting the scene of one of California’s many horrendous wildfires last week, Gov. Gavin Newsom declared that climate change is the culprit and promised to step up the state’s already vigorous effort to reduce greenhouse gases. “This is a climate damn emergency,” Newsom said while standing among some burned out trees near Oroville. “This is real, and it’s happening.” “Mother Nature is physics, biology and chemistry,” Newsom continued. “She bats last and she bats 1,000. That’s the reality....
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Debt is the real pandemic: Ron Paul

According to the Congressional Budget Office’s (CBO) latest “Update on the Budget Outlook,” this year’s $3.3 trillion federal deficit is not just three times larger than last year: it is the largest federal deficit in history. The CBO update also predicts that the federal debt will equal 104 percent of the gross domestic product (GDP) next year and will reach 108 percent of GDP by 2030. The CBO update also shows that the Social Security, Medicare, and highway trust funds will all be bankrupt by ...
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NFL, if you kneel for anything, you stand for nothing: Ron Hart

The NFL has somehow opened its season and at the same time tied itself to the muddled message of professional malcontent Colin Kaepernick and the BLM movement. We are not sure what they are mad about or asking for, and we are tired of being preached to by hypocrites who do not understand their own sermon. Thus, many of us tuned out. TV ratings for the NFL opener were down 16 percent. The few fans in Kansas City booed the maudlin message that players are good while white fans are racist and in ne...
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Nuclear power could end blackouts and fight climate change

Did you know not just Republicans, but Democrats favor developing the latest nuclear-power technologies? The recent Democratic National Convention’s platform twice endorsed it: “Recognizing the urgent need to decarbonize the power sector, our technology-neutral approach is inclusive of all zero-carbon technologies, including hydroelectric power, geothermal, existing and advanced nuclear, and carbon capture and storage.” And, “We will advance innovative technologies,” including “advanced nuclear ...
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Manage forests for timber, not tinder

The West is on fire, again. In Washington, more acres burned on Labor Day than in 12 of the last 18 fire seasons. In Oregon, fires are closing schools and piling up ash like snow. California’s wildfires have consumed more than two and a half million acres, a state record, killed at least eleven people, and forced 119,000 to evacuate their homes. These scorched acres and upset lives send an obvious message: We need to manage our forests better. Our federal forests have become a hazard, exposing n...
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Split roll will raise needed revenue for California’s future: Betty Yee

I endorse Proposition 15 because it is critical to California’s long-term economic recovery strategy.  As someone who grew up in a small business household and has served on the Board of Equalization and now as State Controller, I know the impacts and implementation of this measure matter. Our state, local governments and schools are reeling from declines in tax revenue, with no assurance of sustained federal financial relief to aid our recovery.  Small businesses that are the backbone of local ...
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California Legislature says yes to environmental exemptions, but no to reform

The California Legislature has a handy website that allows users to find and track the thousands of bills that are introduced during its two-year sessions. If one enters “California Environmental Quality Act” into the website’s search function, 171 bills pop up for the session that ended a fortnight ago, implying the Legislature’s penchant for tinkering with California’s landmark environmental legislation that then-Gov. Ronald Reagan signed 50 years ago. As applied after enactment, CEQA evolved ...
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Kamala Harris is living proof of the American Dream she now derides

Speaking just days after the August 23 police shooting of Jacob Blake, Democratic nominee for vice president, California Sen. Kamala Harris, delivered a message to the American people that was the exact opposite of the call for unity and healing it needed. “The reality is that the life of a Black person in America has never been treated as fully human,” she claimed while standing in front of the American flag. Harris displayed a great deal of anguish over Blake’s shooting, calling it “an ordeal ...
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Keep the government out of pharmaceutical drug manufacturing

Earlier this month, the California legislature passed a bill that would make the Golden State the first in the nation to establish its own line of generic drugs. Gov. Gavin Newsom is expected to sign the bill into law by the end of the month. The measure’s architects argue that a state-run generics firm would provide additional competition in the drug market and lead to lower prices. But that promise is empty. Generic drugs can’t get much cheaper. Setting up a new state generics manufacturer wou...
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Proposition 15 is the wrong way to reform California’s tax system: Antonio Villaraigosa

As California grapples with one of its worst economic crises in decades, there is little doubt that people are hurting, businesses are suffering, cities and counties are under extraordinary pressure, and our long-term fiscal outlook uncertain. Despite these challenging times, we Californians have faced difficult circumstances and overcome them, from fires and floods that battered our homes and businesses, to the earthquakes that leveled portions of our cities. These were circumstances not of our...
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California Legislature fails on police reform promises

When the California Legislature folded up its tent 10 days ago, it left an extraordinary number of high-profile bills still awaiting final votes, and the finger-pointing has been underway ever since. It’s not unusual for the last day of any legislative session to be a madhouse but the 2020 version was especially so for a variety of reasons, including the public eruption of long-simmering animosity between the Legislature’s two top figures, Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon and Senate President Pro...
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China’s dark turn: John Stossel

“I’m more anti-China than you!” That’s a new theme of this election. Joe Biden says, “We will never again be at the mercy of China!” Donald Trump replies, “China would own our country if Joe Biden got elected!” It’s strange to hear competition, because just a few administrations ago, presidents were eager to celebrate China. “A future of greater trade and growth and human dignity is possible!” said George W. Bush. Bill Clinton praised China’s “positive change” and “great progress.” What changed?...
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How Tibetan Buddhists helped me seek enlightenment at Howard Jarvis’ house

Want to stop worrying about California’s future? Go say a prayer at Howard Jarvis’ house. No historic plaques mark the five-bedroom home at 515 N. Crescent Heights Blvd. in L.A. But this is where the famed anti-tax activist Jarvis lived and organized Proposition 13, the 1978 tax-limiting ballot initiative that still dominates California politics. Another fall fight over changing Proposition 13 is underway. The November ballot’s Proposition 15 proposes to lift Proposition 13 caps on taxing commer...
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How Los Angeles is preserving its housing crisis

You have to hand it to Los Angeles’ NIMBYs: they’re endlessly creative at finding new reasons to oppose more housing. Apartment buildings create traffic. They hurt property values. They attract “the wrong element”. They spread COVID-19. They will (gasp!) cast a shadow. Now, they’re using historic preservation as a gambit to block new housing. Los Angeles has robust historic preservation policies. The Historic-Cultural Monument program recognizes architecturally distinct or historically significa...
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The Fed’s brilliant plan? More inflation and higher prices

Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell recently announced that the Fed is abandoning “inflation targeting” where the Fed aims to maintain a price inflation rate of up to two percent. Instead, the Fed will allow inflation to remain above two percent to balance out periods of lower inflation. Powell’s announcement is not a radical shift in policy. It is an acknowledgment that the Fed is unlikely to reverse course and stop increasing the money supply anytime soon. Following the 2008 market meltdown...
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Legislature ignores fire insurance crisis

As wildfires of record magnitude swept through Northern California last week, destroying thousands of homes and other structures, the Legislature closed its 2020 session without doing something about the fire insurance crisis that afflicts fire-prone areas. It ranks near the top of a long list of legislative failures this year, right up there with housing shortages and police reforms. Insurers have sustained massive losses, tens of billions of dollars, from wildfires in recent years and are incr...
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Capitol’s dominant Democrats still bickering

One might think that when Democrats captured overwhelming control of the California Legislature — roughly three-fourths of its 120 seats — harmony would prevail. Nope. As the Legislature’s just-concluded, pandemic-truncated 2020 session demonstrated, one-party dominance is no panacea. While Republican legislators may be largely irrelevant these days — although they did display some sly gamesmanship on the session’s final night — fault lines within dominant Democrats produced plenty of bickering ...
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Want to protect lives, reduce COVID and save money? Reform probation

California has been reeling this summer – battered by public unrest over abuses in the criminal justice system and the nation’s highest number of COVID-19 infections. Fortunately, California just passed legislation that will address both issues by fixing the worst parts of the state’s probation system. Most Californians don’t think about probation very much or very often. But probation is a massive surveillance system that functions like a spider’s web of Catch 22s – often undermining people’s b...
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Reject state-sanctioned discrimination, reject Proposition 16: Betty Chu

I am one of the first women of Chinese descent to pass the California bar exam. I was mayor of Monterey Park. I was the first Chinese-American woman to co-found and run a bank in the United States. In my lifetime, I have seen Asian Americans prevail against racism to be treated as fully American, as equal citizens, employees and leaders. This has occurred in large part because racism itself has become unacceptable in America. What a triumph! It pains me greatly, then, that after all this progres...
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California’s energy policies need some rethinking

California used to be the state of unlimited opportunity.  Now, it cannot even keep the lights on.  In August, with temperatures in the 100-degree range, hundreds of thousands of people were without electricity for as much as an hour at a time.  This was not due to an accident.  The state’s power manager ordered the blackouts to prevent an even larger-scale blackout.  This was an admission that the state of California is no longer able to keep the lights on.  And it could have been a lot worse. ...
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The California Legislature’s session left much undone

When the Legislature reconvened in January, the stage was seemingly set for a year of sweeping action on California’s most vexing political issues, such as a chronic housing shortage, homelessness and an embarrassingly high poverty rate. Democrats enjoyed overwhelming majorities in both legislative houses, the Democratic governor, Gavin Newsom, was fond of pursuing “big hairy, audacious goals” in contrast with cautious predecessor Jerry Brown, and the state’s roaring economy was pouring billions...
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California is back in black due to going green

California was hit last month with rolling blackouts, for the first in nearly two decades. Gov. Gavin Newsom says he knows why. His answer is not politically popular. But it is correct. According to Politico, “the exact root” of the trouble “is still unclear as more power outages loom.” Unclear, that is, to those who do not want to see it. California might be the only place on Earth that celebrates the loss of energy production. In recent years, one nuclear plant and three natural gas facilities...
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The end of the California Judicial Council’s unlawful eviction ban provides key civics lesson

Peggy Christensen is an independent rental property owner in California who relies on her rental income in retirement. She owns a small, eight-unit apartment building. One of Peggy’s tenants has damaged the property, disturbed other tenants, and refused to pay rent for months, even though the tenant hasn’t indicated any change in her ability to pay due to the pandemic. In a normal year, Peggy would have gone to the courts to evict the tenant. But this year, Peggy’s hands were tied, thanks to an ...
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Trump must back Iraq withdrawal promise with action

Earlier this month, while meeting with the Iraqi Prime Minister, President Trump reaffirmed his intent to remove all U.S. troops from Iraq. “We were there and now we’re getting out. We’ll be leaving shortly,” the president told reporters at the time. Although President Obama should never have sent U.S. troops back into Iraq in 2016, it is definitely well past time to remove them as quickly as possible. Over the weekend, the Trump administration announced it would be drawing down troops currently...
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