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Get back to the basics: Kevin Kiley

Our state government is broken. I’ve seen this first-hand as a member of the California Legislature, and prior to that as a public school teacher and prosecutor. Over the last 16 months, Californians have come to the same conclusion. We’ve known for some time that our state is on the decline. One survey showed nearly two-thirds of residents believe the American Dream is dead here. But the COVID era has connected the dots in an unmistakable way: our quality of life is declining because government...
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Bring common sense back to California: Doug Ose

Sacramento is broken — fractured by years of mismanagement by career politicians who are detached from the real-life challenges facing everyday Californians. I was born and raised in California. I’ve raised my family and built my business here. For most of our lives, California was the land of opportunity. That hope has been eclipsed by a rising tide of crises and inept politicians. The Golden State has more homelessness and poverty than any other state in the country. Housing costs and health c...
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Elizabeth Warren’s attack on the recall cuts against her public persona

We’re just a few weeks from Tuesday, September 14, the day on which California voters will decide whether to recall Governor Gavin Newsom. In his latest bid to convince us to let him stay in the governor’s office, Newsom has decided to bring in an outsider – and let her denigrate Californians. In a 30-second commercial now airing throughout California, Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren neither endorses nor praises Newsom. Instead, Warren accuses those dissatisfied with Newsom as mere “Trump...
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Why we ought to be missing Jerry Brown (sort of)

SACRAMENTO – Gubernatorial press conferences typically are public-relations blitzes where governors tell you the wonderful way they are handling every problem and reporters ask lame questions designed to prove to their editors they are on top of things. They’re rarely very interesting, but with former Gov. Jerry Brown the events always were a hoot. “I’ve often used the phrase, from Thomas Hobbes, ‘Bellum omnes contra omnes.’ Or rather, ‘Bellum omni contra omnes. War of all against all.’ It will ...
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Water shortage, fire threat move to the top of Californians’ environment concerns

This second year of drought has helped push water supplies and wildfires to the top of Californians’ list of environment concerns in a new Public Policy Institute of California survey. While climate change, last year’s No. 1 environmental issue, fell to third place in the latest poll, most respondents linked their current top concerns of wildfires and water to climate change. “Most Californians believe that the effects of climate change have already begun, and that it is contributing to the cur...
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LA officials start working out details on vaccine requirement for city workers

Los Angeles city officials on Wednesday, July 28, began hashing out details of a proposal to require all municipal employees to show proof of COVID-19 vaccination or undergo weekly coronavirus testing, while a City Council member introduced a motion calling for a stricter rule that would mandate vaccinations. “The fourth wave is here, and the choice for Angelenos couldn’t be clearer — get vaccinated or get COVID-19,” Mayor Eric Garcetti said Tuesday night. “This urgent need means that if you’re ...
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Recall effort picks up steam as vote nears

  With Californians just weeks away from receiving their ballots for the Sept. 14 recall election, two recent polls indicate a more competitive contest than past polls have up to this point. On Tuesday, the UC Berkeley Institute of Governmental Studies released its latest survey of registered and likely voters. On the one hand, polling of registered voters placed support for the recall at 36%, the same level of support as the IGS poll found in April and January. On the other hand, among likely v...
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Historic LA Olvera Street’s hearty stalwarts work to recover from pandemic-era economic struggles

Juliette Valenzuela sat atop Jorge, the well-used, life-sized burro replica, her head adorned with a sombrero and a brightly colored blanket around her shoulders. The 9-year-old from Stockton smiled as she had her photo taken as a reminder of her trip to the historic birthplace of Los Angeles, Olvera Street. “I like it here,” she said as she climbed down to continue her search for souvenirs in the many brightly colored kiosks that line the brick street with her mother and father. The historic st...
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Early recall election could backfire on Newsom

Gov. Gavin Newsom and his pals in the Legislature thought they were being very clever when they advanced the date of his recall election several weeks to September 14. At the time, less than a month ago, events seemed to be going Newsom’s way and an earlier election would, they believed, take advantage of those circumstances while giving his enemies less time to persuade voters to oust him. Newsom had lifted the personal and economic restrictions he imposed to battle COVID-19, the economy seemed...
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Politicians never learn the harm of their endless rules

Politicians just don’t learn. People die as police fight drug dealers. Marijuana dealers form gangs and fight among themselves. It’s so stupid. Especially because marijuana is relatively harmless. Finally, some states legalized it, hoping to put an end to the black market. But legalization hasn’t ended the violence. Why? Because many states impose so many unnecessary rules. California is one of the worst. “The illicit market is approximately two to three times the size of the legal market,” says...
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Gov. Newsom pulls his kids from summer camp with no mask requirement

By KATHLEEN RONAYNE | The Associated Press SACRAMENTO  — California Gov. Gavin Newsom’s office said Tuesday he pulled his children out of a summer day camp that did not require kids to wear masks, a violation of state policy that Newsom’s spokeswoman said he and his wife missed when reviewing communication from the camp. “The Newsoms were concerned to see unvaccinated children unmasked indoors at a camp their children began attending yesterday and after seeing this, removed the kids from the cam...
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Aliso Canyon: Supervisors aim to stop SoCalGas from expanding storage at site of mammoth leak

Los Angeles County leaders voted unanimously Tuesday, July 27, to send a letter to the California Public Utilities Commission, which oversees operations at the Aliso Canyon natural gas storage facility, to stop SoCalGas from expanding the site’s storage capacity. The vote comes after a group of oil companies appealed to the CPUC, asking to raise the allowable gas inventory in Aliso Canyon from its current value. “The health and environmental impacts from the 2015 blowout are still not fully unde...
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Don’t make gun owners pay for crimes they don’t commit

The city of San Jose in California recently made history, but not for anything good. Gun-owning residents will soon be required to pay a premium price to exercise their Second Amendment rights. Mayor Sam Liccardo, a gun control advocate, recently announced a new “innovative” ordinance in response to the tragic mass shooting that befell the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) rail yard in May. The new law will mandate gun owners pay liability insurance and an annual fee for costs in...
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Receiverships and conservatorships are ripe for abuse in California

Pop star Britney Spears shocked the world in June when she begged a Los Angeles court for power over her own life and estate, which her father and a private guardian have controlled since 2008. She cannot even choose her own attorney to fight for her rights. Though Ms. Spears’ story is what made waves in the media, these complicated legal arrangements are not extraordinary—especially in California. And when even the wealthiest Californians cannot escape them, everyday Californians are left with ...
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COVID-19 roaring back, forcing Newsom to act

For weeks, Gov. Gavin Newsom has been crisscrossing the state, boasting that California is “roaring back” from the health, social and economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. On Monday, however, he had to interrupt his victory lap because a nasty variant of coronavirus, dubbed “delta,” is roaring through the state, just a few weeks after Newsom had lifted personal and economic restrictions. “As of last week, California’s statewide case rate more than quadrupled from a low in May of 1.9 cases (...
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Deadline looms for $540 million in funding for light-rail to Montclair

Legislators and city council members from western San Bernardino County and the San Gabriel Valley who’ve been pushing to receive gap funding to complete extension of the LA Metro light-rail to Montclair are stuck in a waiting game. Leaders say the $540 million award from the state to fund the last leg of the project from Pomona to Claremont and Montclair is a perfect fit. First, because the project is “shovel ready” and second, it matches Gov. Gavin Newsom’s desire to spend part of a whopping $...
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Why are key California affordable housing bills bottled up?

Encouraging housing to be built in place of abandoned big box stores and strip malls. Making it easier to build student housing near community colleges. Establishing an authority in Los Angeles to finance affordable housing. These proposals all promise to ease California’s ever-worsening housing crisis by adding or preserving the already-scarce supply. But these bills also appear to be dead in the water. They missed a key July 14 deadline to be heard in a policy committee in the state Assembly b...
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California to require COVID vaccinations for health workers

As the highly contagious delta variant drives up COVID-19 cases throughout well-vaccinated California, the state announced Monday it will require all public and private health workers as well as state employees to get vaccinated and prove they had the shots, or be subject to at least weekly testing for the disease. The order, which comes amid alarm among health experts about the highly contagious delta variant and calls for tougher action and mandates, means health and state workers will no long...
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California to require vaccination proof for health workers

As the highly contagious delta variant drives up COVID-19 cases throughout well-vaccinated California, the state announced Monday it will require all public and private health workers as well as state employees to show proof they had the shots or be subject to at least weekly testing for the disease. The order, which comes amid alarm among health experts about the highly contagious delta variant and calls for tougher action and mandates, means health and state workers will no longer be allowed t...
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California educators battle over woke math

The modern world runs on mathematics. From balancing a checkbook to calculating rocket trajectories, human beings rely on their ability to understand and use mathematical tools, and we expect our schools to develop those tools in their young charges. But how and when? For the past eight months, a philosophical war has raged in California education circles over a plan to sharply, even radically, change math instruction at all grade levels. In January, the state Instructional Quality Commission re...
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Trump’s tech lawsuits are ludicrous – and dangerous

SACRAMENTO – No one should be surprised that former President Donald Trump, who according to a USA Today analysis had filed 4,095 lawsuits over three decades by the beginning of his presidency in 2016, has filed a series of “class action” lawsuits against Facebook, Twitter and Google. He accuses these firms of violating the First Amendment because they suspended his and other conservatives’ social-media accounts. Some politicians act on a set of principles and others go by whatever suits their i...
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Trump’s lawsuit brings needed scrutiny to Big Tech

Last month, Facebook’s “oversight board” announced that the company would bar former president Donald Trump from the social media network’s platforms for two years, which by total coincidence is exactly one congressional election cycle. At that point, the board said, it will consider whether the nation has the same levels of “violence, restrictions on peaceful assembly, and other markers of civil unrest.” The board’s evaluation of American society’s stability will determine whether the 45th pres...
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Could the crime surge give Newsom recall a push?

Those who want voters to recall Gov. Gavin Newsom joined crime victim advocates at the state Capitol last Tuesday to accuse the governor of being too lenient on lawbreakers as the state experiences a new wave of crime. They castigated him for unilaterally suspending executions of murderers and making it easier for felons to win release from state prisons. “The thing that really alarms me about what the governor did, is that it’s a continuation of policies to undermine the criminal justice system...
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California’s spending on homelessness lacks creativity, urgency

California’s homeless problem has spiraled into a full-on crisis, as the ranks of the homeless have soared nearly 40% over the last five years, according to recent news reports. City officials across the state are therefore relieved that Gov. Gavin Newsom has earmarked $2.4 billion a year to fund a variety of programs. It’s an unprecedented commitment. The state government has a legitimate role in dealing with this matter, which has widespread implications for public safety and for the quality o...
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Radical antitrust bills would be disastrous for consumers and innovation

Last week, Margrethe Vestager, the European Union’s top competition commissioner, praised all of the antitrust action legislators have been taking. Do American consumers really want what European consumers have (or, more precisely, what they don’t have)? In June, the House approved six radical bills meant to reign in the market power of large tech companies like Amazon, Apple, Google, Facebook and Twitter. The bills were originally co-sponsored by Rep. David Cicilline, D-Rhode Island, and Rep. K...
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Optimize school spending to help students, not teachers unions

California schools are in for a payday, but there’s no word yet on how much of that money will actually be used to help students recover from extended school closures. In total, Golden State schools will receive $15.3 billion in additional funding, thanks to a series of federal aid packages aimed at restoring student learning time lost during the pandemic. The amount California school districts will receive varies widely, with dozens of charter schools receiving less than $100 in per-pupil relie...
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Why the long wait notifying the public about the Hyperion spill?

The Hyperion Water Reclamation Plant, near El Segundo, discharged 17 million gallons of untreated sewage into the Pacific Ocean the evening of July 11 into the morning of July 12. Operators of the plant, which is owned by the city of Los Angeles, usually dump their treated wastewater five miles at sea, but an emergency — akin to a giant clogged pipe in your home — caused them to instead release untreated waste a mile offshore in order to forestall even more problems. All morning long on the 12th...
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California’s thorough bungling of unemployment insurance system

The fight is on to shift the blame for California bungling the processing of unemployment insurance claims so badly that the state lost at least $11 billion, and maybe as much as $31 billion, to fraud. On Tuesday, state officials announced the appointment of a special counsel to assist in the investigation into fraudulent unemployment claims that resulted in mind-boggling sums of money flowing to international criminal organizations, swindlers and even prison inmates. McGregor Scott, who will ha...
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Three growing crises could affect Newsom recall

In many ways, the campaign to recall Gov. Gavin Newsom is evolving just as Newsom hoped it would. The polls indicate that recall sentiment is running well behind what would be needed to oust him from office. He enjoys solid support from his own Democratic Party, even though he won’t be listed as a Democrat on the Sept. 14 ballot, thanks to an error by his campaign. Newsom and the Legislature advanced the date of the election to take advantage of his current popular support and give his opponents...
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Why spending matters in times of inflation and high debt

A lot of people don’t care about the nation’s growing debt. Some believe that low interest rates for the foreseeable future essentially means a free lunch for the government. Others believe that no matter what the cost of this debt, it is all worth it because of the purported higher returns on government spending. But there is an argument that may convince them otherwise: If inflation ever gets out of control, it’s easier to deal with it in a lower-debt environment. I believe that high levels of...
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