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Gov. Gavin Newsom, the class clown

As of the latest tally, after a year and change of school shutdowns, only 47% of California students have returned for on-campus instruction, including only 42% of secondary school students. The ‘distance learning’ has been going on for so long some parents have been forced to hire private tutors to teach their children Critical Race Theory and trans-sexual pronoun usage. In Los Angeles County, only 34% of students are back in school, which is just over one-third of students. Not that LAUSD kids...
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The best laid plans of mice and legislators

The normal refrain when government undertakes an initiative is, “Your tax dollars at work.” However, the latest episode from Sacramento introduces a new spin: “Your tax dollars are not at work.” The action (or inaction) in question is the state’s delayed implementation of Assembly Bill 841 (2020). That bill redirected untapped money (approximately $500 million) in a ratepayer-funded program to pay for repairs or replacement of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems and plumbin...
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Capitalism makes us better off

Last week, I debunked three myths about capitalism. Here are four more: Myth No. 4: Capitalism creates unsafe workspaces. “Greedy capitalists” will risk workers’ lives to increase production if government, through agencies such as the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, or OSHA, doesn’t stop that. It’s logical to assume that government regulation saves lives. Workplace deaths dropped after the OSHA was created. Government officials like showing a graph of the decline. But if you bothe...
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School closures were rough for everyone, let’s do better

It’s no secret that the great majority of California students and their parents aren’t happy about anything at all concerning the last 15 months of their education. The shutdowns surely saved lives — but they also made it extremely hard to learn for those who thrive in the classroom environment and were suddenly trapped at home trying to take Zoom classes, a change for which no one was prepared. Only time will tell the long-term deleterious impact the past year and a half has had on California’s...
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Despite fear-mongering, Amy Coney Barrett upholds Obamacare

The Supreme Court just voted 7-2 to uphold the Affordable Care Act (ACA, or Obamacare), rejecting a GOP-led challenge to the constitutionality of the individual mandate. Aside from the fact that we’re now stuck with the law for good, the decision exposes the farce that was Democratic senators’ opposition to Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation. First, let’s refresh our memories. On October 26, 2020, 48 members of the Senate voted against the nomination of Justice Amy Coney Barrett under the pretext ...
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Fire unions target private EMS firms to pad pensions

California’s cities and counties are awash in pension debt, as skyrocketing retirement costs for public employees consume a larger share of their budgets and mandate the cutbacks in community services. One of the biggest cost-drivers is firefighting given that local firefighters receive average compensation packages that top $200,000 annually. In a sensibly governed state, lawmakers would be pursuing ways to trim those costs by embracing competitive models. In California, however, the public-emp...
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Pushing California schools to help at-risk kids

Jerry Brown counts the awkwardly named Local Control Funding Formula as a signal achievement of his second governorship. Enacted in 2013, LCFF overhauled California’s system of financing public education with the avowed goal of closing an academic “achievement gap” separating poor and English-learner students from their more privileged classmates. It provided additional state money to school districts with large numbers of at-risk students on the expectation that it would be spent to close the g...
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California needs a 3/13 Commission

If America needs a 1/6 Commission, then California must have a 3/13 Commission. When an irreplaceable foundation of our free society is threatened—as our national democracy was during the January 6 insurrection—an independent body must investigate so that there’s accountability for those responsible, and the attack doesn’t happen again. For these same reasons, the ongoing California cataclysm that began on March 13, 2020 needs its own commission. On that fateful day, California, facing a new pan...
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U.S. must set clear, sensible asylum rules

Last Wednesday, the Biden Justice Department eased the Trump Justice Department’s interpretation of asylum law. Contemporaneously, we are experiencing the greatest number of illegal entries into the United States in the last twenty years. These two events are related. The vast majority of those entering illegally claim asylum as soon as they are taken into custody. American law then entitles them to a hearing on their asylum claim and to be free, in America, pending the hearing. The asylum categ...
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Guest Opinion: Stop the freeway-widening slush fund

“For me, true independence will come not from a driver’s license, but from Oregon building a transportation system that allows every Oregonian the chance to get around without an automobile.”— Cassie Wilson Cassie Wilson.(Photo courtesy Cassie Wilson) By Cassie Wilson, a 22-year-old resident of Clackamas County. This spring, I celebrated getting my driver’s license, knowing it meant I could independently leave my neighborhood for the first time in my life. I can’t help but wish navi...
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Lump of labor fallacy shouldn’t guide retirement decisions

It is difficult to know when to retire. Do it too early, and you might well be bored for the rest of your life, bereft of your workplace friends, not to say a bit of money. Do it too late and you miss out on the joys of a bit of well-earned relaxation. There are motives galore for going in either direction on this matter. But there is one that is predicated upon an economic fallacy: retiring, so as to allow a younger person to take your job. All too many people in the sixties and older leave the...
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As independent redistricting shows, changing rules can change outcomes

The conflict du jour in Washington these days is the sweeping Democratic bill — passed by the House but hung up in the Senate — to overhaul voting procedures. The legislation would supersede widely varying state-level voting laws and is needed, President Joe Biden and other Democratic figures contend, to counteract voter suppression in Republican-dominated states. Republicans counter that the Democrats are less interested in protecting voters’ rights than in changing procedures to enhance Democr...
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Cities and counties should use budget surpluses to pay down benefit liabilities

California Gov. Gavin Newsom says the state has a massive $76 billion surplus, including stimulus money from federal taxpayers. Meanwhile, the nonpartisan Legislative Analyst’s Office puts the surplus at half that figure— $38 billion— due to constitutional spending requirements on where some of the money must go. With cities, counties and state agencies all lining up to request some of this surplus, they should heed the Legislative Analyst’s warning that new “spending at this time is shortsighte...
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California’s tourism industry can recover, if we help it

Last year was the most challenging period in our resort’s history.  But I am optimistic about 2021. Our resort is once again bustling with guests. We have recalled more than 500 employees to the property, and will continue to offer additional laid-off employees the opportunity to return as business conditions permit. We offered property-wide raises for all hourly employees, and a quick on-ramp for all employees to receive full-time benefits. We have heard similar reports of optimism from other S...
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Throwing money around won’t make Los Angeles more affordable

With even iconic Venice Beach covered with tents and ravaged by skyrocketing crime, Los Angeles is home to the nation’s largest unsheltered homeless population. While there’s an obvious need for action, Mayor Eric Garcetti’s announced plans to spend $1 billion this year to combat homelessness and L.A.’s affordable housing shortage show he believes indiscriminately shoveling money at the situation will make it better. It won’t. We’ve seen how Los Angeles manages money. Projects financed with the ...
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Critical race theory is too ideological, divisive for our schools

June 30 is the deadline for Los Angeles Unified School District teachers to take an online course called “Implicit/Unconscious Bias Training,” preparatory to the rollout in August of a new “anti-racist” program that will follow the precepts of critical race theory (CRT), an approach that blames American racism not just on white people, but on all white people. I have viewed the training, and it is disturbing.  I, along with many LAUSD teachers, view CRT as counterproductive. In a section called,...
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State budget process is broken

Well, they’ve done it again. Since the passage of Proposition 25 more than a decade ago, the California Legislature has passed what can only be described as fake budgets. The 2021-22 “budget” passed last week is no exception. Despite the self-congratulatory preening of Democratic leadership, the “on-time” budget is neither on-time nor is it a real budget. The bill laughingly labeled the budget bill (AB 128) is not a true annual spending plan for the state, as it leaves many issues unresolved. An...
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The Joe Biden I knew and now disagree with

Years ago many doubted the dreams of Joseph R. Biden, Jr. when he said when asked that his primary goal in life was to be the president of the United States of America. I didn’t…. And then Beau Biden, (real name Joseph R. Biden, III, also another Syracuse University College of Law grad) said “Promise Me Dad” to his father before he passed away in 2017. Then the book with that title came out shortly thereafter  and old cynical libertarian anarcho-capitalist Dick Boddie read it and had some positi...
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How should California confront wildfire threat?

Physicist Albert Einstein is widely, albeit erroneously, thought to have said that “insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results,” but regardless of its source, the aphorism accurately reflects California’s attitude about wildfires. Year after year, destructive fires whip through communities in the “wildland-urban interface,” often killing those who cannot or will not leave their homes and causing untold billions of dollars in property losses. The frequenc...
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New study uses wildfires to push troubling agenda

A new University of California Berkeley Center for Community Innovation study raises important questions about California’s wildfire policies, but its solutions would be disastrous. The report chastens the state for encouraging homeowners and cities to adopt wildfire-mitigation strategies rather than simply discouraging the construction of homes in fire-prone areas. Communities located within, say, the wooded Sierra Nevada foothills certainly are more prone to wildfires, which impose high costs ...
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44% of world sees U.S. as dangerous to democracy

Now that everyone has seen our normal-guy president not making an ass of himself in Cornwall at the G7, and then not kowtow to the Russian dictator in Zurich, I don’t know, maybe the numbers are better. But just last month, before Joe Biden had his first chance as president to walk the world stage, 44% of people polled in 53 countries around the globe saw the United States as a danger not just to democracy in general but to the prospects for democracy in their very own countries. And, yes, we’re...
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Repeal the 2001, 2002 authorizations for use of military force

On Thursday, the House of Representatives voted 268 to 161 to repeal the 2002 authorization for use of military force in Iraq. The AUMF, directed at the regime of Saddam Hussein, has long since lost its relevance. As with the 2001 AUMF passed after the attacks of Sept. 11, the 2002 AUMF wrongly cedes war-making powers to the executive branch while letting Congress shirk its constitutional authority. Both AUMFs should be repealed once and for all. The U.S. Constitution is clear. Article I, Sectio...
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The California Dream lives despite California’s reality

Tom Motley lives in Denver. He’s been reading and seeing and hearing a lot about California of late, none of it good. He called last week to ask if I thought it was safe for his daughter to move here. I paused before answering. I’ve known Tom since college, so when I say “old friend”, I mean it literally. We’ve known each other so long an outright lie wouldn’t fly. Whatever spin I put on the California Dream (2021 edition) would have to have enough grit to pass the smell test. I scanned my menta...
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Senate Bill 12 would kill housing construction

Gov. Gavin Newsom declared a state housing crisis in 2019, calling for 3.5 million new homes to meet the state’s booming economy. California business organizations joined with the Building Industry Association of Southern California, Orange County Business Council, and BizFed LA in supporting that declaration and call to action. Lack of housing supply in all price ranges is the underlying driver increasing homelessness, reducing housing affordability, higher rents, longer commutes, a dying middl...
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Keep private money out of election administration

State lawmakers may not be experts on everything, but there’s one subject on which their expertise is beyond question. State elected officials know a lot about state elections. They also know a lot about fundraising, and how much it costs to run an effective get-out-the-vote effort. They know about campaign finance laws, and contribution limits, and how hard it is to raise money. They know where their voters live, and where the other team’s voters live. So it’s interesting that a number of state...
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Opinion: It’s time to rally support for a carfree South Park Blocks

A plan to prohibit driving to create carfree spaces on several blocks of the South Park Blocks, as drawn by Portland Bureau of Transportation in Appendix B of the South Park Blocks Master Plan. This is an opinion from BikePortland founder, editor, and publisher Jonathan Maus. It’s unfortunate that the discussion about the future of the South Park Blocks has been poisoned by a misleading opposition campaign. What we should be laser-focused on is something city planners call the Connected Cu...
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End the War on Drugs

Fifty years ago, the United States launched the War on Drugs. The results are clear. The policy of federal drug prohibition, aimed at combating drug use, abuse, cultivation and distribution, brought a sledgehammer approach that has only compounded the problems associated with illicit drugs. “It is, in my view, as I have indicated, drug traffic is public enemy number one domestically in the United States today, and we must wage a total offensive, worldwide, nationwide, government wide, and if, I ...
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Stop the excuses and pass a police decertification bill

SACRAMENTO – If you’re a Realtor, contractor or insurance agent who engages in serious misbehavior, the state can strip you of the license that allows you to practice your profession. Occupational-licensing rules often are strict. They include “moral turpitude” clauses that deny licenses to those with convictions – even for crimes that have little to do with the specific work license. These rules mostly apply to private-sector workers. But many government employees – especially police officers, ...
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California bill would reduce accountability for ambulance and EMS services

Competitive forces help spur innovation in all avenues of our lives, both in the public and private sectors. When looking to improve the cost-effectiveness of governments, for example, public-private partnerships can bring competitive bidding processes and performance-based measures to ensure taxpayers get the most for their money. Private ambulance services, relied upon by many California cities for decades, are no exception. Ambulance companies try to outdo each other to provide these critical...
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Pass Senate Bill 519 to ease access to psychedelic treatments

During my professional football career, I had the privilege of playing for the Pittsburgh Steelers, New England Patriots, Seattle Seahawks and the Arizona Cardinals. I even won a Super Bowl ring with the Patriots in the 2004. I spent seven years in the NFL – more than twice the length of the average career – and while I loved the game, I also suffered countless injuries and concussions. After my seventh season, I decided to retire. Almost immediately, I went into a physical and emotional spiral....
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