Data-driven iteration helped China’s Genki Forest become a $6B beverage giant in 5 years

Rui Ma Contributor Rui Ma is a partner with 500Startups based in Beijing. More posts by this contributor Data-driven iteration helped China’s Genki Forest become a $6B beverage giant in 5 years Working With A Chinese Factory, Hardware Entrepreneur Edition China’s e-commerce and industrial ecosystem is as different from the Western world as its culture. The country took decades to earn its reputation as the Factory of the World, bu...
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Object-oriented programming is dead. Wait, really?

Programming in the 1960s had a big problem: computers weren’t that powerful yet, and somehow they needed to split the capacities between data structures and procedures. This meant that if you had a large set of data, you couldn’t do that much with it without pushing a computer to its limits. On the other hand, if you needed to do a lot of things, you couldn’t use too much data or the computer would take forever. Then Alan Kay came around in 1966 or 1967 and theorized that one could use encapsula...
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Have you always wanted to play the piano? This $20 training teaches you how

TLDR: The Complete 2021 Piano for Beginners Bundle is an all-in-one training package to get students of any age playing the keyboard with skill and confidence. If you want your kid to be smarter, it can occasionally mean some tough love. But for all those times you make them do their homework or read a book instead of playing video games, you can practically see their brains getting bigger in front of your eyes.  Turns out, you can also add music to that list. According to one study, 3 and 4 yea...
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Get 10TB of cloud storage and lifetime VPN coverage for just $90

TLDR: The Lifetime Backup and Security Subscription Bundle brings together $4,000 worth of Degoo premium cloud storage space and top-notch KeepSolid VPN coverage in one collection. If you don’t have VPN protection online, you need it. If you don’t have adequate cloud storage space to backup all of your systems and vital data, you need it. If you need both…then frankly, we’re surprised you’ve survived on the internet this long anyway. Of course that’s no reason to keep tempting fate, especially w...
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Studies of ‘Marsquakes’ reveal the red planet’s metallic innards

We may have walked on the Moon and sent probes across the solar system, but we know very little about what’s going on inside other planets. Now, for the first time, we have been able to view the interior of one, thanks to NASA’s Mars InSight probe. The probe, which landed in 2018, is equipped with a solar-powered lander bristling with equipment, including a seismometer (a very sensitive vibration detector). The results, published in three studies in Science, throw up some unexpected findings abo...
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10 Community Tips for Building a Quality Small Business Website

A quality website can go a long way toward communicating your brand message with customers. Whether you run a local business or luxury brand, there are a few key elements you must consider when designing your site. Learn key tips from members of the online small business community below. Use the Golden Ratio in Web Design Web design is an art, but it’s also a science. The golden ratio can help you ensure your website directs visitors’ eyes where you want them. Learn more about it in this Pixe...
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This AI can spot sunken ships from the damn sky

The Research Brief is a short take about interesting academic work. The big idea In collaboration with the United States Navy’s Underwater Archaeology Branch, I taught a computer how to recognize shipwrecks on the ocean floor from scans taken by aircraft and ships on the surface. The computer model we created is 92% accurate in finding known shipwrecks. The project focused on the coasts of the mainland U.S. and Puerto Rico. It is now ready to be used to find unknown or unmapped shipwrecks. The f...
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Can we build a computer with free will?

Do you have free will? Can you make your own decisions? Or are you more like an automaton, just moving as required by your constituent parts? Probably, like most people, you feel you have something called free will. Your decisions are not predetermined; you could do otherwise. Yet scientists can tell you that you are made up of atoms and molecules and that they are governed by the laws of physics. Fundamentally, then – in terms of atoms and molecules – we can predict the future for any given sta...
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ElevenSight puts a new spin on video conferencing with some tools you never knew you needed

TLDR: Try a new and different way to communicate with a lifetime subscription to the all-around video, audio and chat hub ElevenSight. If you’ve finally started to zero in on what you like and don’t like about your current video conferencing platform of choice, it may be time to start considering alternatives. While many companies made the snap decision to start using Zoom or Microsoft Teams or another one of the big platforms out of necessity last year, many can now take a breath, step back and...
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