Let's Not Rely on Billionaires To Fund Climate Action

This week, the richest man in the world announced that he will give $10 billion dollars to the fight to stop the climate crisis. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos announced his new fund in an Instagram post on Sunday.Read more...
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10 avoidable tax filing errors

Millions of us file taxes every year. And millions of us, even those who get refunds, dread it. Why? We worry that we'll make a mistake. That's a legitimate concern. Despite lawmakers' perpetual promises to make our tax lives easier, they somehow seem to screw up that political pledge. Yes, I am looking at you Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA), with your new forms and confusing tax breaks even when they provide some relief. Thanks, Congress! But sometimes, we filers have to bear some of the blame. W...
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Don’t guess on your taxes. Get tax help

Taxes getting close? Does filing your taxes fill you with dread? It can, especially if you don't know what you're doing. Get some help! (This post was originally published on March 31, 2009.) The first three and a half months of the year can have a lot of good memories. It's safe to say that preparing taxes isn't part of that. Regardless of how much, or how little, you enjoy preparing your taxes, it should be taken seriously. Taxes aren't a laughing matter. Get tax help ...
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Wealthier taxpayers are new IRS in-person audit targets

Having plenty of money apparently also has some drawbacks. Really. One is that you could soon get more attention from the Internal Revenue Service, especially if you've been, shall we say, a bit lax in letting Uncle Sam know about your how well you're doing. The IRS announced today that it will be sending agents to visit taxpayers who haven't filed returns or didn't do so in a timely manner in 2018 or previous years. These particular in-person tax inquiries, according to the IRS, will be on tho...
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IRS sues Facebook for $9bn

The IRS is suing Facebook for $9bn over unpaid taxes, reports Reuters, targeting its licensing of "intellectual property" to its own Irish subsidiary to shift profits to that lower-taxed jurisdiction. Under the arrangement, Facebook’s subsidiaries pay royalties to the U.S.-based parent for access to its trademark, users and platform technologies. From 2010 to 2016, Facebook Ireland paid Facebook U.S. more than $14 billion in royalties and cost-sharing payments, according to the court filing. Th...
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