FBI Issues Warning, NY Attorney General Makes Inquiry After Wave of Zoom Hijackings

The FBI has issued a warning about video messaging service Zoom, and New York Attorney General’s office has made an inquiry into its cybersecurity practices, after a string of disturbing incidents involving takeovers of teleconferences.Read more...
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How to connect your Alexa-enabled device to Wi-Fi

You just purchased a brand new Amazon Alexa-enabled device, let's show you how to get it connected to Wi-Fi.
Tags: Echo, Trends, How-to, Wifi, Smart Home, Alexa, Setup, Amazon Alexa

How to change Google Assistant’s voice

There are more ways than ever to personalize your Google Assistant's voice including accents and languages.
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The best video-editing apps for iOS and Android

Smartphone video footage demands quick, pro-level editing. Here are the best video editing apps available.
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Campus Is Closed, So College Students Are Rebuilding Their Schools In Minecraft

An anonymous reader quotes a report from The Verge: The day before University of Pennsylvania students were told that their college commencement would be held online, junior Andrew Guo thought of an alternative to holding the address over Zoom. Students could have a "Hey Day" and graduation inside Minecraft, just as a Japanese elementary school had organized days earlier. Quickly, "Penncraft" students began to recreate dormitories, food trucks, and local sculptures in-game. Makarios Chung, an ea...
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A former Facebook diversity consultant is suing the company for $100 million, accusing it of discrimination (FB)

A former diversity consultant for Facebook is suing the company for $100 million. Anastasia Boone Talton alleges she experienced discrimination based on race and disability at the company, as well as harassment. The lawsuit, seen by Business Insider, alleges she was excluded from events and meetings after raising concerns internally. Boone Talton was also allegedly told she was not a "cultural fit" after asking for accommodation for her medical issues. Facebook employees have previously spoken...
Tags: Google, Facebook, Trends, Signal, Business Insider, Price Waterhouse Coopers, Mark Luckie, Boone Talton, Anastasia Boone Talton, California s Superior Court of San Mateo, Tiega Varlack, Varlack

A diversity-focused recruiter for Facebook is suing the company for $100 million, accusing it of discrimination (FB)

A diversity-focused recruiter for Facebook is suing the company for $100 million. Anastasia Boone Talton alleges she experienced discrimination based on race and disability at the company, as well as harassment. The lawsuit, seen by Business Insider, alleges she was excluded from events and meetings after raising concerns internally. Boone Talton was also allegedly told she was not a "cultural fit" after asking for accommodation for her medical issues. Facebook disputes the allegations, saying...
Tags: Google, Facebook, US, Trends, Signal, Business Insider, Price Waterhouse Coopers, Mark Luckie, Bertie Thomson, Boone Talton, Anastasia Boone Talton, California s Superior Court of San Mateo, Tiega Varlack, Varlack

Marriott Discloses New Data Breach Impacting 5.2 Million Guests

An anonymous reader quotes a report from CNET: Marriott International said Tuesday that names, mailing addresses, loyalty account numbers and other personal information of an estimated 5.2 million guests may've been exposed in a data breach. This is the second major security incident to hit the hotel group in less than two years. Marriott said it spotted that an "unexpected amount" of guest information may've been accessed at the end of February using the login credentials of two employees at a ...
Tags: Tech, Marriott, Starwood, Cnet, Marriott International, Marriott Discloses New Data Breach Impacting

Apple Updates iMovie and iWork Apps for iOS With Trackpad and Mouse Support

After releasing new Keynote, Pages, and Numbers updates for the Mac earlier today, Apple has also started rolling out updates for the iWork apps designed to work on iPhones and iPads. The updates to Keynote, Pages, and Numbers for iOS bring support for the upcoming Magic Keyboard, mice, and trackpads when using the iWork apps on an iPad. The new versions of the software also include support for collaborative work using iCloud Folder Sharing along with other new features outlined in the releas...
Tags: Apple, Mac, Numbers, Pages, Iwork, Keynote, Add a Pages, Keynote Pages and Numbers, Keynote Pages

What Happens After the Lockdown?

BeerFartMoron writes: Recently there has been a proliferation of modeling work which has been used to make the point that if we can stay inside, practice extreme social distancing, and generally lock down nonessential parts of society for several months, then many deaths from COVID-19 can be prevented. But what happens after the lockdown? In an article studying the possible effects of heterogeneous measures, academics presented examples of epidemic trajectories for COVID-19 assuming no mitigatio...
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MIT Team Shares New $500 Emergency Ventilator Design With the Public

A group of MIT scientists has created an emergency ventilator, which is affordable, and easily made using regular hospital devices. Interesting Engineering reports: A team of volunteers, scientists, physicians, and computer scientists at MIT known as E-Vent put their heads together three weeks ago to revive a 10-year-old ventilator project. The end result is a ventilator design that's affordable and easily replicated. The total cost of the device for the different parts is between $400 to $500, ...
Tags: Tech, Mit, Fda, Ambu

United States: New PTAB Ground Or Just Supporting Evidence? - Ropes & Gray LLP

Recently, the Federal Circuit in Philips v. Google (here) explained that the Patent Trial & Appeal Board (PTAB) may only institute trial on grounds presented in a trial petition.
Tags: Google, News, United States, Patent Trial Appeal Board PTAB, Gray LLP, Federal Circuit in Philips

How to use Bixby

Samsung Bixby is a powerful tool, but not the most intuitive one. Here's how to set up and use Samsung's A.I.
Tags: Android, Mobile, Samsung, Trends, How-to, Voice Assistants, Bixby, Samsung Bixby, Galaxy S10 Plus, Tier 4

iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max tips and tricks

Here's our roundup of the best tips and tricks for Apple's iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max.
Tags: Apple, Mobile, Trends, How-to, Tips And Tricks, Ios Tips And Tricks, iPhone 11, Iphone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max

How to transfer music from an iPod to a computer

Get those old favorite songs off your obsolete Apple device and onto your new iTunes: We'll show you how to transfer music from an iPod to a computer.
Tags: Apple, Mobile, Trends, Ipod, How-to, Itunes, Computing, Digital Music, Tier 4

Xerox drops $34B HP takeover bid amid COVID-19 uncertainty

Xerox announced today that it would be dropping its hostile takeover bid of HP. The drama began last fall with a flurry of increasingly angry letters between the two companies, and confrontational actions from Xerox, including an attempt to take over the HP board that had rejected its takeover overtures. All that came crashing to the ground today when Xerox officially announced it was backing down amid worldwide economic uncertainty related to the COVID-19 pandemic. The company also indicated...
Tags: TC, Enterprise, Drama, Tech, Hp, Xerox, M&a, Printers, HP Inc NYSE, HP-Xerox deal, Coronavirus, Hostile Takeover Bids, COVID-19, COVID

What does a pandemic say about the tech we’ve built?

There’s a joke* being reshared on chat apps that takes the form of a multiple-choice question — asking who’s the leading force in workplace digital transformation? The red-lined punchline is not the CEO or CTO, but: C) COVID-19. There’s likely more than a grain of truth underpinning the quip. The novel coronavirus is pushing a lot of metaphorical buttons right now. “Pause” buttons for people and industries, as large swathes of the world’s population face quarantine conditions that can resemble h...
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D-Wave Makes Its Quantum Computers Free To Anyone Working On Coronavirus Crisis

An anonymous reader quotes a report from VentureBeat: D-Wave today made its quantum computers available for free to researchers and developers working on responses to the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis. D-Wave partners and customers Cineca, Denso, Forschungszentrum Julich, Kyocera, MDR, Menten AI, NEC, OTI Lumionics, QAR Lab at LMU Munich, Sigma-i, Tohoku University, and Volkswagen are also offering to help. They will provide access to their engineering teams with expertise on how to use quantum ...
Tags: Asia, Tech, Volkswagen, North America Europe, Tohoku University, NEC OTI Lumionics QAR Lab, LMU Munich Sigma, Burnaby Canada D Wave

Apple Stops Signing iOS 13.3.1 Following Release of iOS 13.4

Following the release of iOS 13.4 on March 24, Apple has stopped signing iOS 13.3.1, which means downgrading to that version of iOS is no longer possible. iOS 13.3.1 was a minor update that added a toggle for disabling the U1 chip in Apple's iPhone 11, 11 Pro, and 11 Pro Max. Apple routinely stops signing older versions of software updates after new releases come out in order to encourage customers to keep their operating systems up to date. iOS 13.4 is the current publicly available version ...
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‘Trying’ Trailer: Rafe Spall Tries to Adopt in Apple TV+ British Comedy Series

Apple TV+ is trying its hand at British comedy with its new series staring Black Mirror alums Rafe Spall and Esther Smith. Trying comes from writer Andy Wolton (The Coopers vs the Rest) and is directed by Jim O’Hanlon (Catastrophe), the latter of which feels like a big influence on the adoption comedy. Watch the Trying trailer below. Trying Trailer Spall and Smith star in Trying as Jason and Nikki, a charming British couple who turn to adoption after having difficulty conceiving, and in ...
Tags: Apple, Comedy, Television, Movies, Drama, Apple TV, Rafe Spall, Imelda Staunton, Smith, Black Mirror, Jason, Bbc Studios, Coopers, Nikki, Spall, Trying

Despite coronavirus closures, L.A. county’s budding scientists participated virtually in science fair

Stanley Liu’s love for the field of microfluidics began with the toys of his childhood, equipment his mechanical engineer father would bring home from work. Science fairs became a way for the two to bond over the years, as Liu began to research scientific questions on his own. Like many budding scientists, the Arcadia High junior was concerned that the L.A. County Science and Engineering Fair might join a growing list of cancelled events last week as the novel coronavirus epidemic worsened. I...
Tags: Google, News, Education, Sport, Soccer, Lausd, Local News, Roosevelt, Liu, Beutner, AliKhan, Coronavirus, Stanley Liu, County Science and Engineering Fair, Nishat Alikhan

Honda Bucks Industry Trend By Removing Touchscreen Controls

Honda has done what no other car maker is doing, and returned to analogue controls for some functions on the new Honda Jazz. Autocar reports: While most manufacturers are moving to touchscreen controls, identifying smartphone use as their inspiration - most recently seen in Audi's latest A3 - Honda has decided to reintroduce heating and air conditioning controls via a dial rather than touchscreen, as in the previous-generation Jazz. Jazz project leader Takeki Tanaka explained: "The reason is q...
Tags: Tech, Honda, Audi, Honda Jazz Autocar, Takeki Tanaka

Secretive big data company Palantir is reportedly providing software to help the CDC track the coronavirus pandemic, even as critics slam its work with ICE (AMZN)

Palantir is providing the CDC with software to help it monitor the spread of COVID-19 and assess how hospitals are dealing with spikes in new cases, Forbes reported Tuesday. Palantir's software uses data from hospitals and public health agencies — such as test results, bed capacity, and ventilator supply — to give the CDC insight into where additional resources are needed, according to Forbes. The tool resembles one Palantir built for the UK's top health agency and has raised significant priva...
Tags: Google, Amazon, UK, Microsoft, Cdc, Trends, Bbc, Peter Thiel, Pentagon, Cia, Palantir, Forbes, Open Rights Group, Customs Enforcement, Google Microsoft, US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Vericool raises $19.1 million for its plant-based packaging replacement for plastic coolers

Vericool, a Livermore, Calif.-based startup that’s replacing plastic coolers and packaging with plant-based products, has raised $19.1 million in a new round of financing. The company’s stated goal is to replace traditional packaging materials like polystyrene with plant-based insulating packaging materials. Its technology uses 100% recycled paper fibers and other plant-based materials, according to the company, and are curbside recyclable and compostable. Investors in the round include Radicl...
Tags: Startups, TC, Tech, GreenTech, Livermore Calif, Vericool, Ecosystem Integrity Fund, Recent Funding, Dan Skaff, Radicle Impact Partners

Two Quick Links for Tuesday Afternoon

If your school is considering cancelling IRL graduation ceremonies, here's a helpful guide to creating a virtual graduation ceremony instead. []Whoa, Dark Sky (the weather app) got bought by Apple. [] ---Note: Quick Links are pushed to this RSS feed twice a day. For more immediate service, check out the front page of, the Quick Links archive, or the @kottke Twitter feed. [Author: Jason Kottke]
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Apple buys weather app Dark Sky

The iPhone maker will shut down the Android and Wear OS versions of the app in July.
Tags: Apple, News

Apple acquires popular weather app Dark Sky

Apple has acquired the popular weather app Dark Sky in a move that could turn the iPhone and smartwatch maker into the exclusive provider of an app known for its minute-by-minute weather updates.
Tags: Apple, Cnn

FCC Mandates Robocall-fighting Tech Be in Use By End of June 2021

The Federal Communications Commission voted Tuesday to finalize rules requiring phone companies to use the Shaken/Stir protocol to automatically block calls to fight illegal robocalls. The new rules mandate the use of the technology by all voice providers by the end of June of 2021. From a report: The rules come after Congress passed and President Donald Trump signed into law the Traced Act last year. The law, which makes Shaken/Stir compliance mandatory for all voice service providers, directed...
Tags: Fcc, Congress, US, Tech, Federal Communications Commission, Donald Trump

The best iPad Pro 11-inch (2020) cases

We've put together the best cases to help protect your new iPad Pro 11-inch. Protect your tablet in style!
Tags: Apple, Mobile, Trends, Ipad Pro, Buying Guides, Best cases, iPad Pro 11, Ipad Pro Cases

Amazon Fires Worker Who Led Strike Over Virus

Chris Smalls, an Amazon fulfillment center employee, said the company fired him after he led a strike at a warehouse in Staten Island, New York, over coronavirus safety conditions. "Taking action cost me my job," Smalls said Monday in a Bloomberg TV interview. "Because I tried to stand up for something that's right, the company decided to retaliate against me." Bloomberg reports: A group of workers at the Staten Island fulfillment center walked off the job Monday to demand Amazon close the facil...
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