SpaceX Launches Advanced GPS Satellite for US Space Force, Sticks Rocket Landing at Sea

SpaceX successfully launched an advanced GPS satellite for the U.S. Space Force on Thursday (June 17), marking the 19th launch of the year here on the Space Coast. From a report: One of the company's two-stage Falcon 9 rockets blasted off from Space Launch Complex 40 at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station here at 12:09 p.m. EST (1409 GMT), carrying the GPS III SV05 navigation satellite to orbit. Nine minutes later, the rocket's first stage touched down on the deck of "Just Read the Instructions," o...
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FCC Gives ISP $8,000 To Deliver Broadband Five Feet From Apple's $5 Billion Campus (techdirt)

We've noted repeatedly that there are two major reasons US broadband is slow, spotty, and expensive: regional monopolization (a lack of competition), and the state and federal regulatory capture (corruption) that protects it. On the latter front, there's been an absolute army of telecom industry aligned folks, who, for decades, have relied on dodgy broadband availability maps and dubious data to not only pretend there's no real problem that needs fixing, but also to slather companies with subsid...
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Senate Confirms Chris Inglis as Biden's Top Cyber Adviser

The Senate on Thursday confirmed Chris Inglis to be President Joe Biden's national cyber director, installing the former NSA deputy director as Biden's top cyber adviser at a time when many lawmakers are pressing the White House for a muscular response to a series of high-profile hacks. From a report: As head of the new Office of the National Cyber Director inside the White House, Inglis will coordinate federal agencies' disparate work on cyber issues and oversee the development of the U.S.' dig...
Tags: Nsa, Senate, White House, Tech, Joe Biden, Moscow, Capitol Hill, Biden, Homeland Security Committee, Inglis, JBS, Chris Inglis, Office of the National, White House Inglis

India’s ban on Chinese apps eases just a little as PUBG blasts back onto Google Play, maybe Korean Stock market too

Fragfest adds green blood, Azure cloud, shirts, and detailed rules about how to kill people politely to satisfy regulators PUBG, one of the highest-profile China-linked apps India banned in 2020, has been allowed back into Google’s Indian Play store despite India's previous insistence its bans are permanent.…
Tags: Google, China, India, Software, PUBG

Update‌ ‌Your Chrome Browser to Patch Yet Another 0-Day Exploit‌ed ‌in‌-the‌-Wild

Google has rolled out yet another update to Chrome browser for Windows, Mac, and Linux to fix four security vulnerabilities, including one zero-day flaw that's being exploited in the wild. Tracked as CVE-2021-30554, the high severity flaw concerns a use after free vulnerability in WebGL (aka Web Graphics Library), a JavaScript API for rendering interactive 2D and 3D graphics within the browser. [Author: [email protected] (Ravie Lakshmanan)]
Tags: Google, Tech, Ravie Lakshmanan

Google dishes out homemade SLSA, a recipe to thwart software supply-chain attacks

Try it with phish'n'chips Google has proposed a framework called SLSA for dealing with supply chain attacks, a security risk exemplified by the recent compromise of the SolarWinds Orion IT monitoring platform.…
Tags: Google, Software, SolarWinds Orion, SLSA

Tamagotchi's Smartwatch Is Way Cuter Than Apple's

If you’ve read Gizmodo dot com in the past month, you know about Tamagotchi. You know that there are different variants available to collect worldwide, and you know that there’s a thriving community of fans that keep Tamagotchi alive even decades later. Tamagotchi is so popular that Bandai has sold more than 83…Read more...
Tags: Google, Science, Smartwatch, Ebay, Gizmodo, Tamagotchi, Bandai, Tama, Bandai Namco, Human Interest, Digimon, Fads, Contemporary history, Digital Pet

Thirty Tesla crashes linked to assisted driving system under investigation in US

Auto regulators have opened probes into crashes involving 10 deaths where the company’s Autopilot system was in useUS safety regulators have opened 30 investigations into Tesla crashes involving 10 deaths since 2016 where an advanced driver assistance system was suspected to have been in use.The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) released a list offering details about crashes under review by its special crash investigations programs. Continue reading...
Tags: Technology, US, Tesla, Automotive Industry

Pickpockets in Brazil Are Reportedly Going After Smartphones to Clean Out Victims' Bank Accounts

São Paulo pickpockets are increasingly stealing people’s smartphones not to pawn off the device, but rather to gain access to their bank account.Read more...
Tags: Science, Technology, Smartphone, Telecommunications, Password, Computing, Brazil, Waze, Mobile Phone, Nubank, Sao Paulo, Business Finance, Procon SP, Technology Internet, Fernando Capez, Bank Bradesco

United States: Timothy O'Toole Discusses The Implications Of The Xiaomi Ruling For Other Chinese Companies Challenging U.S. Bans With Ganbei! And China Business Law Podcasts - Miller & Chevalier Chartered

In collaboration with both Ganbei! and China Business Law Podcasts, Member Timothy O'Toole discussed Xiaomi's successful court challenge...
Tags: News, United States, Xiaomi, Miller, Timothy O Toole, Chevalier Chartered, China Business Law Podcasts

Daily Crunch: Google’s first retail location opened today in NYC

To get a roundup of TechCrunch’s biggest and most important stories delivered to your inbox every day at 3 p.m. PDT, subscribe here. Welcome back to the Daily Crunch for Thursday, June 17. Thank you to Walter Thompson and the Extra Crunch staff for taking the reins I took from Alex. I was released from jury duty, so I’ll be seeing you through the remainder of the week, and we’ll be back to regularly scheduled Alex in no time. But before we get on with the show, I want to let you know that Duolin...
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Police Bust Ransomware Gang in Ukraine

Police in Ukraine said this week they arrested members of a major ransomware gang. From a report: The arrests mark the first time a law enforcement agency has announced a mass arrest of a prolific hacker group that had extorted Americans by either encrypting an organization's files or threatening to leak them to the public. The gang, known as Cl0p, has hacked a number of American targets, including the University of Miami, Florida, Stanford University, University of Maryland, and University of C...
Tags: Putin, Vladimir Putin, Russia, Tech, Joe Biden, Ukraine, Ransomware, United States, Geneva, Biden, Eastern Europe, JBS

Interview: Dimitri Logothetis Discusses Future of Kickboxer and Jiu Jitsu Series

Martial arts films have seen a resurgence lately, partially due to the popularity of mixed martial arts and the advent of streaming. Dimitri Logothetis has helped revive the legendary Kickboxer film franchise and released Jiu Jitsu starring Nicolas Cage to Netflix. Now Logothetis is looking to continue both franchises with films, comic books, and television series. ComingSoon Editor-in-Chief Tyler Treese spoke to Logothetis about the future of the Jiu Jitsu and Kickboxer franchises. Check it ou...
Tags: Apple, Movies, China, Armageddon, Netflix, Thailand, Canada, Ufc, Mike Tyson, Bruce Lee, MMA, Elvis, Nicolas Cage, Conor Mcgregor, Mike, McGregor

Spotify acquires Podz, a podcast discovery platform

Podcasts are all the rage, but podcast discovery is a challenge. Today, Spotify announced its acquisition of Podz, a startup that’s trying to solve the problem of podcast discovery. “At Spotify, we are investing to build and scale the world’s best (and most personalized) podcast discovery experience,” the company said. “We believe that Podz’ technology will complement and accelerate Spotify’s focused efforts to drive discovery, deliver listeners the right content at the right time, and accelerat...
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White House Debuts New Maps Showing Broadband Vacuum

The Biden administration Thursday unveiled a new mapping tool that shows much greater gaps in use of high-speed internet service across the U.S. than the government's previous maps reported. From a report: The White House is pushing for big spending to provide more, better broadband service to underserved areas after the pandemic made Americans more dependent than ever on their internet connections. The new, zoomable map draws on a wider pool of data than existing maps by the Federal Communicati...
Tags: White House, Tech, Federal Communications Commission, Biden, Commerce Department, Census Bureau, Indicators of Broadband Need, Ookla M Lab Microsoft

You can now try out all the new features in Safari for MacOS Monterey

New features like tab groups and the redesigned address bar can be tried out now with the Safari Technology Preview.
Tags: Apple, News, Trends, Safari, Computing, Monterey, macOS, macOS Monterey

Ford acquires Electriphi as it prepares to woo EV fleet customers

Ford has two electric vehicles in the pipeline —  the E-Transit cargo van and F-150 Lighting Pro —aimed at commercial customers. Now, the automaker is rounding out its future EV commercial business with the acquisition of battery management and fleet monitoring software startup Electriphi. Terms of the acquisition weren’t disclosed. Ford is betting that the software developed by the three-year-old San Francisco startup will help it capture more than $1 billion in revenue just from charging by 20...
Tags: TC, Transportation, Electric Vehicle, San Francisco, Tech, Automotive, Ford, Electric Vehicles, Ghadiali, Electriphi, Muffi Ghadiali, Ford Pro

Delivery service Gopuff acquires rideOS for $115 million

On-demand goods, food and alcohol delivery service Gopuff has acquired fleet management platform rideOS for $115 million, sources familiar with the deal say. This acquisition comes just a few months after the Philadelphia-based startup announced a $1.15 billion funding round at a $8.9 billion valuation, up from $3.9 billion in October. Last fall, the company also raised $380 million and bought BevMo, a beverage retailer. Gopuff did not share its updated valuation with this new acquisition. Gopuf...
Tags: Apple, Transportation, UK, New York, Berlin, Tech, M&a, Mergers and Acquisitions, Philadelphia, Logistics, Delivery, Uber Google, GoPuff, rideOS, Justin Ho, Silicon Valley Pittsburgh

KeepTruckin raises $190 million to invest in AI products, double R&D team to 700

KeepTruckin, a hardware and software developer that helps trucking fleets manage vehicle, cargo and driver safety, has just raised $190 million in a Series E funding round, which puts the company’s valuation at $2 billion, according to CEO Shoaib Makani.  G2 Venture Partners , which just raised a $500 million fund to help modernize existing industries, participated in the round, alongside existing backers like Greenoaks Capital, Index Ventures, IVP and Scale Venture Partners, which is manage...
Tags: Startups, TC, Transportation, Tech, Artificial Intelligence, Trucking, Mckinsey, Scale Venture Partners, KeepTruckin, Makani, Recent Funding, G2 Venture Partners, Shoaib Makani G2 Venture Partners, Greenoaks Capital Index Ventures IVP, BlackRock KeepTruckin, Usher Transport

Canoo wants to connect owners to all of their vehicles — not just Canoo’s

Electric vehicle startup Canoo detailed some of the features that may be on its app on Thursday, foremost of which is a one-stop shop functionality that customers could use for their Canoo vehicles – and all their other cars, as well. This unusual approach to its branded vehicle app could potentially pay off big-time for Canoo in terms of user data and revenue via sales on services like tire replacements and insurance. If the average Canoo driver owns two other vehicles, that could mean that 50,...
Tags: Apple, Transportation, Apps, Tech, App, Automotive, Electric Vehicles, Netherlands, Oklahoma, Aquila, Treiber, Solera Holdings, Kranz, Stefan Krause, Ulrich Kranz, VDL Nedcar

Nielsen Now Knows When You Are Streaming

Nielsen on Thursday announced that it had moved a step closer toward cracking one of the great questions of the modern entertainment world: How big, exactly, is streaming? From a report: Nielsen, the 98-year-old research firm that for decades has had an effective monopoly on measuring TV ratings in the United States, has a new metric that it says allows it to make an apples-to-apples comparison, on a percentage basis, of how many people are streaming shows and films on their TVs versus how many ...
Tags: Amazon, Disney, Tech, Netflix, United States, Nielsen, Hulu, Nielsen Now Knows

CEO Shishir Mehrotra and investor S. Somasegar reveal what sings in Coda’s pitch doc

Coda entered the market with an ambitious, but simple, mission. Since launching in 2014, it has seemingly forged a path to realizing its vision with $140 million in funding and 25,000 teams across the globe using the platform. Coda is simple in that its focus is on the document, one of the oldest content formats/tools on the internet, and indeed in the history of software. Its ambition lies in the fact that there are massive incumbents in this space, like Google and Microsoft. Co-founder and CEO...
Tags: Google, Startups, TC, Cloud, Enterprise, Microsoft, Tech, Mehrotra, Seattle, S Somasegar, Microsoft Co, Coda, Somasegar, Madrona, ECL, Shishir Mehrotra

The 5 best true wireless earbuds in 2021 for listening on the go and at home

Table of Contents: Masthead Sticky The best wireless earbuds balance portability, sound quality, comfort, and features. Jabra's Elite 85T manage to do all that for a great price, making them our top pick overall. True wireless earbuds are headphones that fit neatly in your ear and are completely without wires. Because they're so small and wire-free, these earbuds can be easily transported and stored in small charging cases when you're not wearing them, not to mention they're mor...
Tags: Reviews, Apple, Amazon, Audio, Trends, Siri, Features, Headphones, Buying Guide, Sony, Bose, Belkin, Jabra, ANC, Realtek, Amazon Read

The best laptop deals we expect for Amazon Prime Day 2021 including some early discounts

If you buy through our links, we may earn money from affiliate partners. Learn more. Amazon; Alyssa Powell/Business Insider Table of Contents: Masthead Sticky Amazon Prime Day 2021 is right around the corner, and we're expecting to see some significant deals on laptops. The annual shopping holiday will take place on June 21 and 22, making it a great opportunity to snag a new laptop, whether it's for school, work, or even gaming.Last year, we saw deals on laptops from Apple, Leno...
Tags: Reviews, Apple, Google, Amazon, Deals, Trends, Walmart, Hp, Amazon Prime, Os, Tech Deals, Live, Ram, Dell, MSI, MacBook Air

Mobile dialysis startup eyes human trials in 2022 following encouraging animal study

This past year, three sheep in Canada have been wearing their kidneys on their sleeves. Or more aptly, in jackets on their fluffy backs.  These three sheep are part of an ongoing animal study run by the Buffalo, New York-based startup Qidni Labs, a company pursuing waterless and mobile blood purification systems. Qidni Labs was founded in 2014, has raised $1.5 million and is currently in the due diligence process leading up to another round of funding. Qidni Labs was also an award winner ...
Tags: Health, TC, Medicine, Cdc, US, Tech, Canada, Medicare, Fda, Buffalo, Biotech, Infection, Davita, Dialysis, Morteza, Fresenius

"No Doctor Visit Required - Order Your Own Lab Test" - Quest Diagnostics Google Ad

Quest Labs is actively advertising on Google with "No Doctor Visit Required - Order Your Own Quest® Lab Test". Anyone can order their own lab test at Quest and LabCorp, including test for COVID antibodies, HIV, etc: is not new, it but it is still not widely utilized in clinical practice. The likely reason is that the cost of the tests must be paid out of pocket as most in...
Tags: Health, Google, Facebook, LabCorp

US lawmakers want to restrict police use of ‘Stingray’ cell tower simulators

Igor Bonifacic Contributor Share on Twitter Igor Bonifacic is a contributing writer at Engadget. According to BuzzFeed News, Democratic Senator Ron Wyden and Representative Ted Lieu will introduce legislation later today that seeks to restrict police use of international mobile subscriber identity (IMSI) catchers. More commonly known as Stingrays, police frequently use IMSI catchers and cell-site simulators to collect informat...
Tags: Column, Technology, Mobile Security, California, Montana, US, Tech, Sms, Surveillance, Law Enforcement, Mobile Phones, United States, Telecommunications, Judge, District Of Columbia, Mobile Phone

Following lawsuits, Snapchat pulls its controversial speed filter

Lately, Snapchat’s 3D Cartoon lens has been all the buzz, making all of our friends look like Pixar characters. But since 2013, a staple filter on the ephemeral photo sharing app has been the speed filter, which shows how fast a phone is moving when it takes a photo or video. Today, Snapchat confirmed that it will pull the filter from the app. NPR first reported this today, calling it a “dramatic reversal” of Snap’s earlier defense of the feature. Over the years, there have been multiple car acc...
Tags: Apps, Lawsuit, Technology, Selfie, California, Tech, Snapchat, Instant Messaging, Software, Computing, Npr, Bob Marley, Lawyer, Driver, Car Accidents, Snap

How to watch 'Luca' - the new Pixar movie will be available to all Disney Plus subscribers on June 18

If you buy through our links, we may earn money from affiliate partners. Learn more. "Luca" is the latest animated film from Pixar. Pixar "Luca" is a new Pixar movie centered around a sea monster who takes on a human form. The film will be available to stream exclusively on Disney Plus starting June 18. Disney Plus costs $8/month or $80/year, and "Luca" doesn't require any extra fees to watch. Monthly Subscription Service (small) "Luca," the new straight-to-Disney Plus film from Pix...
Tags: Reviews, TV, Movies, Entertainment, Disney, US, Trends, Tech, Streaming, Espn, Pixar, Hulu, Maya Rudolph, Luca, Disney Pixar, Raya

Federal Ban on Warrantless 'Stingrays' Finds Bipartisan Support

A bipartisan group of lawmakers is pursuing a federal ban against the use of controversial cellphone-tracking gear without the express permission of a judge.Read more...
Tags: Science, Technology, Mobile Security, Ted, Surveillance, Law Enforcement, Telecommunications, Stingray, US Marshals, Mobile Phone, Ron Wyden, Steve Daines, Harris Corporation, Ted Lieu, Tom McClintock, Telecommunications Equipment

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