Number of Workers in Jobs That Can Be Automated Falls

Employment has fallen in jobs that can be easily automated and risen in those which are trickier for robots, damping hopes that higher minimum wages could unleash a wave of investment in automation. From a report: Statistics from the Office for National Statistics published on Monday showed that in 2011 about 8.1 per cent of workers were in jobs with a "high" risk of automation, but by 2017 that had fallen to 7.4 per cent. [Editor's note: the link may be paywalled; alternative source and origina...

Netflix and Roku Shares Rally Ahead of Apple's Video Event

Analysts have speculated that Roku, a platform for streaming services, could be a beneficiary from Apple’s entry into the space. Netflix rose 0.8 percent at 11:46 a.m. in New York, while Roku jumped as much as 5.2 percent.

China Says it Cloned a Police Dog To Speed Up Training

A cloned dog, believed to be the first of the kind in China, has started training in Yunnan Province in a program to reduce the cost and time needed for training police dogs. From a report: Kunxun, a female of the Kunming wolfdog breed, was born on Dec. 19 last year in Beijing and arrived on March 5 for training at the Kunming Police Dog Base of the Ministry of Public Security. She was cloned from a 7-year-old female dog, known as Huahuangma, that has been in service in the city of Pu'er, Yunnan...

Daily News Roundup: Stories From the Weekend (and Beyond)

Kaspars Grinvalds/Shutterstock The interesting thing about Monday morning is that, well, there was probably a lot that happened over the weekend. The good news is that now you can catch up on everything you missed from March 23rd-25th  all in one spot. Apple News: Today’s the Day Apple is expected to announce its long-rumored streaming TV and news services at a 10:00 AM PT event today. We’ll be covering all the details here at HTG when it happens, but here’s what we “know” so far (based ...

Yunji, a startup that enables social commerce via WeChat, files for $200M US IPO

China’s Pinduoduo was all the rage in 2018 as the ecommerce upstart quickly rose to challenge Alibaba and raised $1.63 billion through a Nasdaq listing. Much of its success was attributable to its link to WeChat, China’s messaging leader. Now, another emerging ecommerce player that has leveraged WeChat is gearing up for a listing in the United States. Yunji, which was founded in 2015, the same year Pinduoduo launched, is raising up to $200 million according to its prospectus filed with the Secur...
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The Mega Sg Is the Only Sega Clone You Should Buy

It’s a great time to be a nostalgic retro gamer with countless ways to replay all the 8 and 16-bit games you loved as a kid—assuming you are a Nintendo fan. The NES and SNES Classic Editions, as well as several third-party console clones that work with original carts, do a lovely job of putting retro Nintendo games on…Read more...
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Our Apple Services Event Liveblog Is Right Here

Apple is having a new kind of big event at the Steve Jobs Theater in Cupertino today. Will the company announce a new iPhone? Probably not. A new computer then? Nah. Perhaps a flying car? LOL. Is it a litany of new services that let you pay money to read magazines and watch Apple-made TV shows and stuff? Ding ding…Read more...
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Google launches a new real-time data product for journalists

It’s been just over a year since Google announced its $300 million News Initiative, which included funding for independent journalism efforts along with products developed by Google. One of those products was News Consumer Insights, which has been used by publishers like BuzzFeed, Business Insider and Conde Nast. It takes data already collected through Google Analytics and makes it more useful for publishers, particularly when it comes to understanding different audience segments and whether the...
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TikTok quietly picked up the assets of GeoGif, which created animated, location-specific overlays for video

Video sharing app TikTok , and its parent company ByteDance is ramping up its efforts to monetize those users with ads, while also continuing to add more features to the app to keep people engaged. In a move that could help both of those efforts, ByteDance has made a small acquisition, picking up the assets of a defunct startup called GeoGif, which developed location-specific, animated stickers and overlays for videos, suggested to users when they capture video or images in specific place...
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A Scammer Pleaded Guilty of Fleecing Facebook of $98 Million, Google of $23 Million

A Lithuanian man posing as an employee of Taiwanese notebook computer and electronics manufacturer Quanta Computer pleaded guilty last week to being part of a scheme that fraudulently secured payments of some $23 million from Google in 2013 and about $98 million from Facebook in 2015, Chris Dolmetsch of Bloomberg reported. Evaldas Rimasauskas, 50, pleaded...
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As Apple takes on Netflix, is YouTube ditching its original content strategy?

On the same day Apple is expected to launch a video subscription service to rival Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, YouTube is reportedly stepping away from its planned big-budget original content ambitions. The post As Apple takes on Netflix, is YouTube ditching its original content strategy? appeared first on Digital Trends.
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2-Pack Of TP-Link HS103P2 Wi-Fi Smart Plugs For $24.99 Shipped From BH

2-Pack Of TP-Link HS103P2 Wi-Fi Smart Plugs For $24.99 Shipped From BH -Clip the 28% coupon above the add to cart button. Remotely Turn On/Off Two Devices 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi Connectivity Scheduled Usage Away Mode Kasa App for iOS and Android Works with Alexa and Google Assistant Works with Microsoft Cortana No Hub Required
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Oslo Will Build Wireless Chargers For Electric Taxis in Zero-Emissions Push

Norway is helping lead the charge toward complete electrification, and it will soon have a whole network of wireless chargers for its capital city's fleet of taxis. From a report: The city of Oslo, in conjunction with Finnish utility company Fortum and American manufacturer Momentum Dynamics, announced last week that the three will work together to create a wireless-charging infrastructure for Oslo's growing zero-emission taxi fleet. The charging plates will be installed at places where taxis pa...

Inside GitHub’s fight to protect devs from EU’s disastrous Copyright Reform

On Tuesday, March 26, the final plenary vote on the incredibly controversial Copyright Reform will take place in the European Parliament. It’ll be the decisive vote on whether it’ll become EU law and it’s fair to say the stakes are high. One of the most disputed parts of the current version (there are quite a few) is Article 13, which makes platforms responsible for users’ possible copyright infringements and basically requires them to build impossible ‘upload filters.’ The law could filter out ...
Tags: Design & Dev, Europe, Politics, Tech

How to clear the cache on a Safari browser to make it run more efficiently

It just takes a minute to clear the cache on Safari, Apple's web browser, whether you're on a Mac computer or a mobile device.  Web browsers save data from the websites you visit to load them more quickly when you return. But an overstuffed cache can sometimes cause technical problems. Here's how to clear your cache on Safari's desktop and mobile browser.    If your Mac computer is running slow or you ' re having trouble loading a website, your friendly IT person may tell you to clear your c...

My Apple Watch captured the thrill of beating a boss in 'Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice,' one of the most difficult games ever made

Last night, shortly after midnight, I finally beat one of the most challenging bosses I've found so far in "Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice." "Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice" is the latest game from Japanese developer From Software, which is the company behind "Bloodborne" and the "Dark Souls" series, some of the most famously difficult games ever made. Immediately after I beat the boss, I looked at my Apple Watch, which was able to capture the thrill of winning in that moment thanks to its built in hear...

Ghost In The Machine: Why AI Faces An Uphill Battle For Copyright Authorship

If AI actually creates a work, is it copyrightable, and if so, who is the author?
Tags: Intellectual Property, Artificial Intelligence, Copyright, Technology, Tom Kulik

Tired of losing employees to competitors? Culture is key

High turnover rates should be a warning sign to companies. Not only do they decrease performance and morale, they can be very costly. To improve retention, businesses need to build a culture that is worth sticking around for. Image Source: Pexels Culture is key to Retention Many managers believe that employees abandon ship solely because of compensation issues. But retention goes much deeper than a ...
Tags: Management

Hackers Hijacked ASUS Software Updates To Install Backdoors on Thousands of Computers

ASUS is believed to have pushed malware to hundreds of thousands of customers through its trusted automatic software update tool after attackers compromised the company's server and used it to push the malware to machines. From a report: Researchers at cybersecurity firm Kaspersky Lab say that ASUS, one of the world's largest computer makers, was used to unwittingly to install a malicious backdoor on thousands of its customers' computers last year after attackers compromised a server for the com...

Attack of the Middlemen

Today, Apple is set to unveil its new subscription news service, which will charge a monthly fee to access hundreds of major publications. A possible revival for the struggling news business? My friends, it’s quite the opposite. Read more...
Tags: Media, Apple, Journalismism, How Things Work, Technology, The Future, News

Qlearly catapults Chrome bookmarks and tabs into the future

As of February of this year, Google's Chrome desktop web browser owned a remarkable 65% of the global browser market, according to market research firm NetApplications. Microsoft's Internet Explorer is still the second most popular browser in the world, but it's not even close -- IE held just 10.23% of the market as of last month, and no other web browser even managed a double-digit market share. Long story short, Chrome is far and away the king of web browsers right now. Of course, ...

Apple TV ‘Show Time’ Event: How to Watch Live-Stream

Monday is the coming-out party for Apple’s Hollywood ambitions: After years of trademark secrecy about its plans to stream into video entertainment, the tech giant is set to pull back the curtain at a media event. The live program kicks off at 10 a.m. PT / 1 p.m. ET, on Monday, March 25, from the […]
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Facebook Live post nets wiretapping guilty plea for student

TOWSON, Md. (AP) — A Maryland university student has pleaded guilty to illegally wiretapping a congressional staffer and putting the conversation on Facebook Live without consent. The state prosecutor’s office said Monday a plea agreement was reached with Jake Burdett, a Salisbury University student. Under the agreement, Burdett will receive probation before judgment and 100 […]
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French Muslim group suing Facebook over Christchurch video

CFCM is also taking action against YouTube for allowing attack footage to be broadcastThe French Council of the Muslim Faith (CFCM) has said it is suing Facebook and YouTube for allowing the public broadcast of a live video by the man who carried out the New Zealand mosque massacre this month.The council said it was suing the French branches of the two companies for “broadcasting a message with violent content abetting terrorism, or of a nature likely to seriously violate human dignity and liabl...
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Live from Apple’s media special event

You know Apple’s got something big in the works when it went ahead and launched new iPads, iMacs and AirPods in one week with little fanfare. And while this week’s event was a bit of a surprise, Apple’s clearly been working to it for a long time. The company sent out invites for “Show Time” a few weeks back, and since then we’ve been piecing together the clues of what we expect will be announced. A new video streaming service will most likely be the centerpiece of the big event. The company h...
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A site that tells you if Apple’s AirPower wireless charger is out yet is now out

Have you heard of AirPower? It’s Apple’s wireless charging mat – a device that has been teased and speculated on for ages, but still hasn’t appeared. Well, this arduous wait inspired one Reddit user to create, a website that, uh, tells you if the AirPower is out yet. Go on, check if AirPower is out yet. I’ll wait. At the time of writing, this is a big fat no. But things might change later on today (March 25). Apple is holding a somewhat unexpected event, with some of the rum...
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To succeed in entertainment, Apple may have to risk damaging its brand

Even if Apple makes offers like free video with purchase of a new iPhone, the deals Apple may have been negotiating with suppliers, and for the news and information it promises to deliver, will be vital, because that's the pudding beneath the whipped cream of the Hollywood product, writes Bill Carter, media analyst for CNN.

Hackers dropped a secret backdoor in Asus’ update software

Hackers targeted and compromised “hundreds of thousands” of Asus computer owners by pushing a backdoored update software tool from the company’s own servers. The bombshell claims, first reported by Motherboard, said the hackers digitally signed the Asus Live Update tool with one of the company’s own code-signing certificates before pushing it to Asus’ download servers, which hosted the backdoored tool for months last year. The malicious updates were pushed to Asus computers, which has the softwa...
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It's showtime for Apple

The eyes of the entertainment industry are all on Apple.

The iPhone SE Is Back in the Apple Store, and It's Cheap

Small-handsed iOS fans all over the world should be pleased today. Just a few hours before its big spring event, Apple started selling the iPhone SE in its store again—for as little as $250. This is not a new small-screen iPhone, however. It’s likely the last of Apple’s stock that the company has finally put on…Read more...
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