Facebook ends forced arbitration of sexual misconduct claims

Facebook is dropping a requirement for mandatory arbitration of sexual misconduct allegations, acceding to a demand recently pressed by other Silicon Valley tech workers.Google made a similar change on Thursday, a week after thousands... [Author: [email protected]]
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Amazon's Consumer Business Has Turned Off Its Oracle Data Warehouse

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Bloomberg: Inc. has taken another step toward eliminating software from Oracle Corp. that has long helped the e-commerce giant run its retail business. An executive with Amazon's cloud-computing unit hit back at Oracle Executive Chairman Larry Ellison, who ridiculed the internet giant as recently as last month for relying on Oracle databases to track transactions and store information, even though Amazon sells competing software, including Reds...
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Where to go to reconnect with nature

Fresh air, wide-open landscapes, and the sound of, well, nothing. We’ve all been told how getting outdoors is good for us, but it’s not just our physical health that it benefits. Just five minutes of outdoor activity — even just walking — can help boost mood and self-esteem, and contact with nature has been linked to reductions in stress, depression, and anxiety. Yet these days, it seems we’re more reluctant than ever to switch off. Eighty-four percent of US citizens live in urban areas, the ...
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Strategy Guide Company Prima Games Is Shutting Down

Prima Games, the publishing company that has printed video game strategy games since it was founded in 1990, is shutting down. "The label will no longer publish new guides starting now, and it will officially shutter in the spring," reports Kotaku. From the report: Thanks to the rise of sites like GameFAQs -- and major gaming publications like IGN commissioning their own online guides, which bring in monstrous amounts of traffic -- print strategy guides have struggled for years now. In 2015, Pri...
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iPad Pro (2018) review

Apple has unveiled a big redesign for the iPad Pro, slimming down the bezels, adding Face ID, and the ability to attach and charge the Apple Pencil. All of this comes at a high cost however, as the iPad Pro starts at $799. The post iPad Pro (2018) review appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Facebook to Drop Forced Arbitration in Harassment Cases

The social media giant acted one day after Google, facing intense pressure from employees, made a similar decision.
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Researchers Defeat Perceptual Ad Blockers, Declare 'New Arms Race'

dmoberhaus writes: Perceptual ad blockers were supposed to be the "superweapon" that put an end to the arms race between advertisers and users. According to new research, however, perceptual ad blockers will come out on the losing side in the war against internet advertisers and expose users to a host of new attack vectors in the process. Researchers at Stanford tricked six different visual classifiers used in perceptual ad blockers with adversarial ads designed to trick the ad blockers by makin...
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Apple announces hardware issues with its iPhone X and 13-inch MacBook Pro

On Friday, Apple announced that two of its products — the iPhone X and the 13-inch MacBook Pro (non Touch Bar) — have known hardware issues. Apple said that some iPhone X screens do not respond or intermittently respond to touch. For the 13-inch MacBook Pro, Apple said some devices might have an issue that causes data loss or drive failure. Customers with eligible devices can have both issues fixed for free at an Apple retail store or with an Apple Authorized Service Provider. On Friday, Appl...
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Amazon and Microsoft are fighting for a $10 billion Pentagon contract — and HQ2 in Virginia could be Jeff Bezos' boss move (AMZN, MSFT)

Crystal City, Virginia, is a likely contender for Amazon to build its second headquarters HQ2, and the fact that it's near Washington, D.C. is "well timed" as Amazon competes for a massive $10 billion cloud contract with the Pentagon, analysts say. Still, both Amazon and Microsoft investors should be paying attention, as Microsoft also has a strong chance in winning the contract. There's an estimated $20 billion in cloud spending up for grabs from the government, and whoever wins the contract ...
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Growing pains at venture-backed Moogsoft lead to layoffs

Eight months after bringing in a $40 million Series D, Moogsoft‘s co-founder and chief executive officer Phil Tee confirmed to TechCrunch that the IT incident management startup had shed 18 percent of its workforce, or just over 30 employees. The layoffs took place at the end of October; shortly after, Moogsoft announced two executive hires. Among the additions was Amer Deeba, who recently resigned from Qualys after the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission charged him with insider trading....
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Gift Guide: The best security and privacy tech to keep your friends safe

Libertarian on lockdown? Privacy minded or paranoid? Security is more front of mind today than ever befroe. If it’s not a company vacuuming up your data or nation states trying to hack your email, it’s your own “opsec” that needs a refresh. For this holiday season, we have over a dozen gift ideas — from practical gadgets that will make it harder for spies to listen in, and data-saving tips that will keep your information safe — without breaking the bank. Passphrase dice Coming up with passwor...
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Slow thinking and machine learning in medicine

Recently, several high-profile institutions have called attention to the issue of inclusion and equity when artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms are applied in medicine. Leaders from the law, medicine, social sciences and computer sciences are speaking out about the challenges of using smart algorithms to solve social problems. While this topic might easily be dismissed as […] Find jobs at Careers by Search thousands of physician, PA, NP, and CRNA jobs now. Learn more.
Tags: Health, Tech, PA NP, Public Health & Policy, CRNA

PayPal ban unfairly lumps antifa with far-right Proud Boys, critics say

Crackdown draws ire from leftwing organizers who say the firm is pandering to white nationalists and extremistsPayPal is canceling the accounts of the far right group, the Proud Boys, and also banning anti-fascists from the platform, saying it prohibits people who “promote hate” or “violence”.The online payment company’s decision to associate anti-fascist activists with a rightwing “hate group” has sparked intense backlash from leftwing organizers, who say the Silicon Valley firm is pandering to...
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Apple Mac Mini (2018) Review

Apple’s new Mac Mini doesn’t look much different from its predecessor, and it’s more expensive. Yet the changes under the hood make a case for its consideration as your new Mac. Can this entry-level machine hold its own? The post Apple Mac Mini (2018) Review appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Mary Meeker is said to be raising up to $1.25 billion for her new growth fund

Mary Meeker, who revealed in September plans to leave Kleiner Perkins after an eight-year run with the venture firm, is reportedly looking to raise up to $1.25 billion for her debut fund. So says Business Insider, citing multiple sources. We’ve reached out to Meeker for more information. As Meeker told Recode a couple of months ago, she is forming her own late-stage investing firm with three of her KP colleagues, including Mood Rowghani, who joined the firm as a general partner in 2014; Noah ...
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Facebook Follows Google To End Mandatory Arbitration For Sexual-Harassment Claims

An anonymous reader quotes a report from CNBC: Facebook on Friday became the latest tech company to end a policy of requiring employees to settle claims of sexual harassment through private arbitration, according to a report by the Wall Street Journal. It will now allow employees to take these types of claims to court. Tech companies have long used arbitration as a method for handling instances of sexual harassment to prevent employees from suing them in court, but that's starting to change. Fac...
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Can the startup building a Fortnite for VR become the Fortnite of VR?

Virtual reality hasn’t proven itself to be the lucrative escape of the every-man, but the medium has done a fairly good job enticing the gaming community and keeping that niche (mostly) happy. While a couple of big titles have gotten some halfway-decent ports to VR, for the most part VR users are confined to whatever indies can build or whatever Oculus can fund. BigBox VR has been trying to capture attention in the space by not building solo adventures that lead users to find themselves, but i...
Tags: Startups, TC, Tech, Vr, Virtual Reality, Shasta, Shasta Ventures, Jacob, Fortnite, PUBG, Smashbox Arena, Jacob Mullins, BigBox VR, GSR Ventures and Pioneer Square Labs Ventures, Chia Chin Lee, Gabe Brown

Google Is Using AI To Digitize 5 Million Historical Photos

Google is working with The New York Times to digitize its huge collection of about 7 million historic images. The pictures are apparently kept in the newspaper's "morgue," which contains pictures going back to the 19th century, many of which exist nowhere else in the world. The Verge reports: That's why the company has hired Google, which will use its machine vision smarts to not only scan the hand- and type-written notes attached to each image, but categorize the semantic information they conta...
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The Wild West of Apple Products on Amazon is Dead

Just in time for the holidays, Apple and Amazon have teamed up to stick it to the little guys. Namely, in exchange for a direct line to Apple’s goods, Amazon has agreed to cut out unauthorized third-party resellers.Read more...
Tags: Apple, Amazon, Science, Amazon And Apple Play Nice

The 6 biggest differences you need to know about when switching from an older iPhone to the iPhone XS Max (AAPL)

Apple's newest crop of phones is here, which means you may be thinking about finally upgrading from your older iPhone.  During the past few years, it hasn't been easy to justify shelling out for a new phone if you're using an iPhone 5S, 6, or 6S. The design has been similar, the camera hasn't been a major upgrade, and the battery life hasn't necessarily been such a major jump from older devices.  But now that the iPhone XR, iPhone XS, and iPhone XS Max have arrived, it feels like time to consid...
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'Amazon's HQ2 Was a Con, Not a Contest'

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Recode: To dozens of cities across the United States, Amazon's widely publicized search for a "second headquarters" looked like thousands of new jobs, up for grabs. To Pivot co-host Scott Galloway, it now looks like a "ruse." "I lease office space all the time for my businesses and I always tell my real estate agent, 'We can lease any office in the world as long as I can walk there from where I live,'" Galloway said on the latest episode. "Amazon is now t...
Tags: Amazon, Tech, Bezos, Galloway, Kara, Long Island City, Scott Galloway, United States Amazon, Seattle Crystal City

Following Google's Lead, Facebook Ends Mandatory Arbitration for Sexual Harassment Claims

With employee action creating creating pressure in the tech industry, Facebook has finally opted to end forced arbitration for employees seeking to file claims of sexual harassment. Where those cases would previously have been handled behind closed doors, allegations of sexual misconduct on the part of Facebook…Read more...
Tags: Google, Facebook, Science, Labor, Sexual Harassment, Tech Reform

News Consumer Insights: How data is driving publisher growth

Although news companies are awash in data, publishers say that it’s often hard for them to extract valuable insights that can affect the bottom line of their businesses. In close collaboration with news partners, we developed the News Consumer Insights (NCI) tool to help publishers make data-driven business decisions that increase profitability and build deeper relationships with their readers. The News Consumer Insights Audience Funnel NCI is a data framework implemented into Data St...
Tags: Google, Google Analytics, Ireland, United Kingdom, Johnston Press, WRAL, NCI, Lee Enterprises, Google News Initiative, Independent News Media Group INM

Facebook launches Lasso, its music and video TikTok clone

Done cloning Snapchat, Facebook is now chasing Chinese short-form video sensation TikTok with the launch of its knock-off Lasso. Available now for iOS and Android, Lasso is Facebook’s answer to the zany mobile lipsyncing playground that’s gained ground with young users, both in China and in the West. The release confirms TechCrunch’s scoop from last month that the company was building an app called Lasso to let people share short videos with soundtracks. With TikTok looking like the next big ...
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Limiting social media use reduced loneliness and depression in new experiment

The idea that social media can be harmful to our mental and emotional well-being is not a new one, but little has been done by researchers to directly measure the effect; surveys and correlative studies are at best suggestive. A new experimental study out of Penn State, however, directly links more social media use to worse emotional states, and less use to better. To be clear on the terminology here, a simple survey might ask people to self-report that using Instagram makes them feel bad. A ...
Tags: Psychology, Health, Social, Mobile, Facebook, Science, Instagram, Social Media, Tech, Snapchat, Depression, Hunt, Penn State, Facebook Snapchat, Melissa Hunt

Why you’re about to see a lot of drifting Tesla Model 3 videos

Tesla Model 3 owners who opted for the Performance variant now have a reason to go to the track. Or, if history is a guide, they’ll skip the track and try the newly released Track Mode software feature in a parking lot or winding road. Track Mode — to be clear — is designed for, and should only be used on closed autocross circuits and racetracks. Here’s why. The software feature taps into the dual electric motors to squeeze even more performance out of the vehicle. But in a new way. Until now...
Tags: Transportation, Tech, Tesla, Automotive, Tesla Model 3, Model 3, Electric Motor, Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio, Randy Probst, Willows Springs Street

Google and NASA run classical supercomputer versus quantum chip races

Google and NASA have an agreement to compare Google 72-qubit quantum Bristlecone chip and possibly near-term follow-up quantum chips against regular supercomputers. Alibaba had a recent paper which... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
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Here are the best Black Friday deals for the iPhone XS, XS Max, XR, 8, and more

Black Friday is right around the corner and it's a great time to get your hands on an iPhone if you've been thinking of buying one. Thankfully, there are a ton of great iPhone deals for Black Friday, including discounts on the phones. The post Here are the best Black Friday deals for the iPhone XS, XS Max, XR, 8, and more appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Veteran's Day 2018 sales: Save on things like Instant Pots, mattresses, and TVs at Macy's, Best Buy, Target, and more

Oh, look: Another holiday, another excuse for a ton of online retailers to have a sale. This time we're talking about Veteran's Day. Thank the people you know who have served, tell them all of the places they can get free stuff on Monday, and get to saving. If you'll be clearing house to make room for new items, this is also a great time to donate old clothing and household goods to veteran charities. Some charities will even offer to come pick your stuff up for you. The official ...
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