Tencent e-wallet is following Alibaba to Hong Kong subways

China’s payments giants have taken their battle to Hong Kong. Less than a week after Ant Financial announced adding QR codes to the city’s MTR public transport network of rail and buses, Tencent’s WeChat Pay unveiled a similar scheme on Wednesday. Starting mid-2021, commuters in Hong Kong can scan a barcode to enter the subway turnstile through WeChat Pay, the digital wallet linked to Tencent’s popular messaging app. That’s a year behind Alibaba’s payments affiliate Alipay, which claims to...
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Windows on Mac in 2018 (3)

I upgraded my setup to the latest MacBook Pro (the i5 processor started to struggle with some of my music creation plugins) and can gives some updates on my previous posts over the last 2 months or so. Basically all glitches were due to the late 2015 iMac, especially its graphics card. All is fine now:No pink letter rendering in ChromeNo corrupted cursor when waking up from sleepNow it is just down to small things: a colour picker, screen shots, and that CMD vs CTRL issue.Cover image via WikiPed...
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First Ever Plane With No Moving Parts Takes Flight

An anonymous reader quotes a report from The Guardian: The first ever "solid state" plane, with no moving parts in its propulsion system, has successfully flown for a distance of 60 meters, proving that heavier-than-air flight is possible without jets or propellers. The flight represents a breakthrough in "ionic wind" technology, which uses a powerful electric field to generate charged nitrogen ions, which are then expelled from the back of the aircraft, generating thrust. Steven Barrett, an aer...
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Cross-border fintech startup Instarem raises $20M for global expansion

Instarem, a Singapore-based startup that helps banks transfer money overseas cheaply, has raised a Series C round of over $20 million for global expansion. The round is led by MDI Ventures — the VC arm of Indonesian telecom operator Telkom — and Beacon — the fund belonging to Thai bank Kasikorn — as well as existing investors Vertex Ventures, GSR Ventures Rocket Internet and the SBI-FMO Fund. The money takes four-year-old Instarem to nearly $40 million raised to date, although Instarem co-...
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Facebook policy chief admits hiring PR firm to attack George Soros

Communication head takes blame for hiring Definers Public Affairs as Sheryl Sandberg says idea works was antisemitic ‘is abhorrent’Facebook admitted on Wednesday that a top executive hired a public relations firm to attack George Soros and undermine critics by publicizing their association with the billionaire Jewish philanthropist.Elliot Schrage, Facebook’s outgoing head of communications and policy, took responsibility for hiring Definers Public Affairs in a memo first reported by TechCrunch a...
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Gavin McInnes: Proud Boys? Haha What Do You Mean I'm the Leader of the Proud Boys?

Gavin McInnes, the founder of the far-right Proud Boys group, is bailing on the organization after leaked Washington state law enforcement documents indicated the FBI considers it an “extremist group with ties to white nationalism.” McInnes’ hasty departure follows a wave of arrests of the group’s members in…Read more...
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Teaching STEM through the wonders of larva harvesting

There’s hardly enough room to turn around in Livin Farms’ office. Pretty standard, really, in Central, Hong Kong, where space is at a perpetual premium. It’s a small operation for the HAX-backed startup — there’s space for a few desks and not much more. The startup’s last product, the Hive, stands next to the door. It’s a series of innocuous trays stacked atop one another. But it’s the Hive Explorer I’m here to see. The small tray sits in the middle of the room. Its top is open, the brightly...
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Paralyzed Individuals Operate Tablet With Brain Implant

Last year, a study from the BrainGate consortium reported that a brain-computer interface (BCI) enabled a paralyzed man to type up to eight words per minute via thoughts alone. Now, according to new results from a BrainGate2 clinical trial, the same BCI was used to help three participants operate an off-the-shelf tablet. IEEE Spectrum reports: All three participants suffer from weakness or loss of movement in their arms due to amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS, also called Lou Gehrig's disease)...
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The best texting games

Gaming consoles keep getting more advanced, but you can still have fun with the good old fashioned Latin alphabet. Here are our picks for the best texting games, so you can make the most fun out of that limited data plan or basic cell phone. The post The best texting games appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Apple iPhone Supplier Foxconn Planning Deep Cost Cuts

Foxconn, Apple's biggest assembler of iPhones, is planning to cut $2.9 billion from expenses in 2019 as it faces "a very difficult and competitive year." According to Bloomberg, citing an internal company memo, "The iPhone business will need to reduce expenses by [about $900 million] next year and the company plans to eliminate about 10 percent of non-technical staff." For reference, Foxconn's spending in the past 12 months is about $6.7 billion. From the report: Foxconn assembles everything fro...
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Facebook releases memo on PR firm, George Soros and antisemitism claims

Communication head takes blame for hiring Definers Public Affairs as Sheryl Sandberg says idea works was antisemitic ‘is abhorrent’Facebook admitted on Wednesday that a top executive hired a public relations firm to attack George Soros and undermine critics by publicizing their association with the billionaire Jewish philanthropist.Elliot Schrage, Facebook’s outgoing head of communications and policy, took responsibility for hiring Definers Public Affairs in a memo first reported by TechCrunch a...
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Smart speaker voice platforms compared

At the Embedded Linux Conference Europe, Leon Anavi compared the Alexa and Google Assistant voice platforms and looked into open source newcomer Mycroft Mark II. U.S. consumers are expected to drop a bundle this Black Friday on smart speakers and home hubs. A Nov. 15 Canalys report estimates that shipments of voice-assisted speakers grew 137 […]
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Let's get artists paid by making Big Tech pay them, not by creating EU copyright filters

The EU wants to punish Google for allegedly underpaying artists for the use of their works on YouTube, and so they're proposing copyright filters that block anything that appears in an anonymously created, crowdsourced database of forbidden works that are allegedly in copyright. The reasoning goes like this: if Google can't post stuff that appears on the blocklist, they'll offer the entertainment industry more and more money until they remove it from the blocklist. Then the entertainment in...
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iPhone Dual SIM Support Is Reportedly Coming to Verizon in December

Apple’s freshly launched iPhone XR and iPhone XS lines have hardware support for dual SIM configurations, but the rollout of the feature has been a bit delayed (or in the case of AT&T, rolled back) due to issues with carriers that have not been totally sorted out yet. Verizon, however, is reportedly planning on…Read more...
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Some Amazon Employees Bought NYC Condos Before News of HQ2 Location Emerged, Says WSJ Report

An anonymous reader quotes a report from The Hill: At least two Amazon employees reportedly purchased condos in a New York City neighborhood before news emerged that the area had been picked to host the company's second headquarters. The employees decided to buy units in a new 11-story condo building in the Long Island City neighborhood of Queens just before the first reports of Amazon's HQ2 location were released this month, The Wall Street Journal reported Tuesday. While employees of companies...
Tags: Amazon, New York, New York City, Tech, Queens, Wall Street Journal, Journal, WSJ, Arlington County, Long Island City, Crystal City, Amazon Employees Bought NYC Condos Before News

How Facebook’s P.R. Firm Brought Political Trickery to Tech

Definers, an import from Washington to Silicon Valley, thrived with opposition research and a fishy campaign to push Apple’s C.E.O. for president.
Tags: Apple, Facebook, Cook, News, Washington, Social Media, Silicon Valley, Apple Inc, Oracle Corporation, Miller, George, Elliot, Tim, Qualcomm Inc, Google Inc, Facebook Inc

Simon Jack and DJ Sideman talk housing

Radio 1 Xtra DJ Sideman and the BBC's Simon Jack talk housing - and buying a first home.
Tags: Tech, Bbc, XTRA, Simon Jack

With no moving parts, this plane flies on the ionic wind

Since planes were invented, they’ve flown using moving parts to push air around. Sure, there are gliders and dirigibles, which float more than fly, but powered flight is all about propellers (that’s why they call them that). Today that changes, with the first-ever “solid state” aircraft, flying with no moving parts at all by generating “ionic wind.” If it sounds like science fiction… well, that’s about right. MIT’s Stephen Barrett explains that he took his inspiration directly from Star Trek. “I...
Tags: Transportation, Science, Tech, Mit, Aircraft, Barrett, Stephen Barrett, Barrett Said

15 Awesome Gifts For People With Fuji Instax Mini Cameras (or Those Who Want One!)

As fun as it is to scroll through photos on Instagram, nothing beats having a physical copy of your favorite memories in your hands. If you've got a friend who loves their Fuji Instax Mini camera - or if one of your loved ones has the camera on their wish list - they'll love receiving a gift that goes with their instant-film device. The best part? It doesn't matter whether they have the Instax Mini 8 or 9, because Fuji accessories fit both! See 20 awesome ideas ahead - from value bundle packs to...
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Could HoloLens tech help save babies’ lives?

Students are shown virtual reality images to teach them about obstetric emergencies.
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Microsoft, Google and Qualcomm Working On Chrome For Windows On ARM

Microsoft and Google engineers appear to be working on a Chrome browser running on Windows on ARM. "9to5Google has spotted various commits by Microsoft engineers assisting with the development of Chrome for Windows 10 on ARM," reports The Verge. "The details follow claims by a Qualcomm executive last month that the chip maker was working on an ARM version of Chrome for Windows 10." From the report: A native ARM version of Chrome would make a lot of sense for Qualcomm, Microsoft, and Google. Chro...
Tags: Google Chrome, Google, Microsoft, Tech, Qualcomm, Microsoft Google, Qualcomm Microsoft

Apple could release a cheap Apple TV dongle to get more people hooked (AAPL)

Apple has considered the release of a lower-priced Apple TV dongle similar to the Google Chromecast and Amazon Fire Stick, according to a report by The Information on Wednesday.  For Apple, a low-price dongle could make sense, given the upcoming launch of the company's streaming video service.  A device that's cheaper than the Apple TV could help broaden Apple's audience for its original and licensed content.  Apple has considered the release a lower-priced Apple TV dongle similar to th...
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Google to Demand More Disclosure From Buyers of European Election Ads

The internet giant is expanding an identification program ahead of the European Parliament vote in May.
Tags: Google, News, Social Media, European Parliament, Online Advertising, Google Inc, Facebook Inc, Political advertising, Computers and the Internet, Rumors and Misinformation, Legislatures and Parliaments

Thanksgiving brings together Apple's Siri and Google Assistant

A divided tech nation embraces, uncomfortably In a very American celebration of setting aside differences to sit at the same table, on the eve of Thanksgiving you can now use your iPhone to issue voice commands to Google's smart home systems. Well, sort of.…
Tags: Apple, Google, Siri, Software

S&P 500 gains with energy, tech but ends near day's low

The S&P 500 ended higher on Wednesday after a brutal two-day selloff, led by a rebound in energy and technology shares, but the market faltered towards the session's end as Apple shares surrendered gains ahead of the Thanksgiving holiday.
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Apple Looked at Launching Low-Cost TV Dongle (Report)

Apple has been considering to launch a low-cost TV dongle similar to devices from Roku, Amazon and Google, The Information reported Wednesday. Such a cheaper device could help the company find a wider audience for its still-unannounced streaming service, which is expected to launch next year. Apple didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment […]
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Google Play Store Will Make All Movie Rentals 99 Cents on Thanksgiving, Giving You the Perfect Excuse to Ignore Your Family

There are two ways to enjoy Thanksgiving. You either embrace the holiday and use this time to reconnect with your family and play catch-up and remember that blood is thicker than grudges as you devour turkey with the people who matter to you. Or you desperately scramble to put on a movie before your crazy uncle tries to engage you in conversation about border walls. And this year, Google is making it very easy to make the latter happen. This Thanksgiving, all movie rentals will be 99 cents on t...
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These Are Google's Best Black Friday Deals

Need a new Pixel phone or Chromecast? Now's the time
Tags: Google, Science

These Are Google’s Best Black Friday Deals

Need a new Pixel phone or Chromecast? Now's the time
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'Relatively Few' Twitter Bots Were Needed To Spread Misinformation and Overwhelm Fact Checkers, Study Finds

A new study conducted by Indian University researchers found that "relatively few accounts are responsible for a large share of the traffic that carries misinformation," with just 6 percent of Twitter accounts identified as bots responsible for 31 percent of "low-credibility" content. "Bots amplify the reach of low-credibility content, to the point that it is statistically indistinguishable from that of fact-checking articles," researchers wrote. NBC News reports: The study analyzed 14 million t...
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