Google AdSense Reminds Publishers that Free Speech has Limits by @martinibuster

Google AdSense issues a warning about publishing dangerous and derogatory content on pages that show AdSense ads.The post appeared first on Search Engine Journal.
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Shocking Maps Show How Humans Have Reshaped Earth Since 1992

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Motherboard: It's no secret that humans -- noisy, messy creatures that we are -- are vastly altering Earth's environments. But it's one thing to know this in the abstract, and another to see global changes laid out in detail, as they are in comprehensive new maps published this month in the International Journal of Applied Earth Observation and Geoinformation. Developed by geoscientist Tomasz Stepinski and his team at the University of Cincinnati's Space ...
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How Brands Can Confront The AI Platform Challenge

  Pity the brand marketer. Over the past couple of decades she has had to contend with disintegrating mass media, concentrating retail distribution channels, the rise of advertising platforms such as Google and Facebook, and a tide of data and analytic tools. Far from the promise of disintermediation, what the internet has in fact delivered is the growing power of intermediaries: Amazon, App and Music Stores, Netflix. Brands that have survived these upheavals saw opportunities where others saw...
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Volvo Expands In Silicon Valley As Auto Innovation Goes West

As GM announced a wave of auto plant closures in the North American heartland this week at the cost of thousands of jobs, Sweden’s Volvo Cars was expanding its U.S. presence, both in Silicon Valley and at a new South Carolina factory.Like Detroit-based GM (NYSE: GM), which is shifting its attention from traditional auto manufacturing to projects like its self-driving car unit Cruise—a San Francisco startup GM bought in 2016—Volvo Cars is one of the flock of established carmakers drawn to the Ba...
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Google May Be Shutting Down Hangouts for Consumers Sometime in 2020: Report

It looks as though Hangouts will join a growing list of Google chat products to bite the dust. After years of indications that such a move could be imminent, Google may finally be shutting down its Hangouts platform for consumers.Read more...
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Automakers Give the Chinese Government Access To Location Data of Electric Cars

According to a new report from The Associated Press, a number of China's government officials and entities have had access to the location data of "new energy vehicles" from many different manufacturers. "More than 200 manufacturers (both national and foreign) transmit the data to 'government-backed monitoring centers,' according to the report, including one called 'The Shanghai Electric Vehicle Public Data Collecting, Monitoring and Research Center' and another known as the 'National Big Data A...
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Turns Out Mitochondria Can Come From Fathers Too

schwit1 shares a report from Popular Mechanics: We all know: The mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell. But the mitochondria is much more than a simple power plant. It's also a unique source of DNA that can give us important clues to our species and our history. That's because the DNA in your mitochondria comes only from your mother. At least, that's what we believed. But new research suggests that in some cases, mitochondrial DNA can be inherited from fathers, too. A group of researchers f...
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Google Answers Questions About AMP Indexing by @MattGSouthern

Google has compiled the most common questions about indexing AMP pages in search and answered them in a help thread.The post Google Answers Questions About AMP Indexing by @MattGSouthern appeared first on Search Engine Journal.
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Click Here to Kill Everybody News

My latest book is doing well. And I've been giving lots of talks and interviews about it. (I can recommend three interviews: the Cyberlaw podcast with Stewart Baker, the Lawfare podcast with Ben Wittes, and Le Show with Henry Shearer.) My book talk at Google is also available. The Audible version was delayed for reasons that were never adequately explained to me, but it's finally out. I still have signed copies available. Be aware that this is both slower and more expensive than online booksto...
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HP Spectre Folio vs. Apple MacBook Air

HP's Spectre Folio is an innovative 2-in-1 that's literally constructed of high-quality leather and sports low-power components. Does it have what it takes to defeat Apple's refreshed MacBook Air? The post HP Spectre Folio vs. Apple MacBook Air appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Tips For Tracking Your Website Performance Metrics

Building a website is now easier than ever. Even if you have no prior experience in digital commerce, you can easily get your website online and see heavy traffic from it. All you need is a domain name, hosting, a website template, and you’re good to go. But don’t expect to see instant success once the site is up. You have the ability to see high traffic from your site, but you’ll need to pour some time and energy into this process. It starts with setting goals and then tracking your website...
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3 Things You Should Definitely Do If You Want Your Business To Grow

Some businesses and websites seem like they became successful overnight. Sadly, that usually isn’t the case. It takes the right combination of hard work, strategy, the right team and many other assets. Sometimes your company will get lucky, but it will be with the right inner workings and strategy behind it. Also when trying to grow a business, there can be set backs. The key is to not give up while also setting yourself up for success to make things easier. Here are three things that will ...
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California judge condemns startup for giving secret Facebook papers to UK

Parliament seized confidential documents under scrutiny in Six4Three’s lawsuit against social networkA California judge sharply criticized the legal team of the app developer that turned over confidential Facebook documents to the British parliament, accusing the attorneys of behavior that “shocks the conscience” and ordering them to hand over their client’s laptops and other evidence.In a suburban courtroom in Silicon Valley – far from the jurisdiction of Westminster – Judge V Raymond Swope att...
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Airbnb Will Start Designing Houses In 2019

Airbnb is reportedly planning to distribute prototype buildings next year. Yesterday, Samara, a futures division of Airbnb meant to develop new products and services for the company, announced a new initiative called Backyard. The initiative is described in a press release as "an endeavor to design and prototype new ways of building and sharing homes," with the first wave of test units going public in 2019. Fast Company reports: The name "Backyard" might imply that Airbnb just wants to build Acc...
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Google to roll out Call Screen transcription for all Pixel phones later this year [Update: Now rolling out]

Update: Google is now rolling out Call Screen transcript feature for select users. You can view this under Recent calls -> Call Details -> See transcript. Earlier: One of the handiest features Google introduced with Pixel 3 was Call Screen, meaning it will screen unknown calls so you know who’s calling and why before picking up. It will display a new "Screen call" button when you get an incoming call. Just hit the button and it will start screening the call. The system will ask why they'...
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Google Hangouts For Consumers Will Be Shutting Down Sometime In 2020

According to 9to5Google, Google Hangouts for consumers will be shutting down sometime in 2020. The news shouldn't come as too much of a surprise since Google essentially stopped development on the app more than a year ago. Thankfully, there are plenty of other Google messaging apps available, such as Allo, Duo, and Android Messages. From the report: Last spring, Google announced its pivot for the Hangouts brand to enterprise use cases with Hangouts Chat and Hangouts Meet, so the writing has been...
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Save up to $950 with the best smartphone deals for December 2018

Need a better phone but don't want to spend a fortune? It's never a bad time to score a new smartphone and save some cash. We rounded up the best smartphone deals available that can save you as much as $950. The post Save up to $950 with the best smartphone deals for December 2018 appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Tolino Shine 1.5?

For a while now I've wondered whether the original Tolino Shine used a Pearl or E-Carta screen because there were conflicting reports on the Internet. For example, the German Wiki on the Tolino Shine shows it using a Pearl 1024×758 screen, but MyTolino shows it using an E-Carta 1024×758 screen. Someone was selling these on eBay and was down to one left (and they were dropping the price 20% each week ...
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Content and Ranking Factors for Google AI Search by @martinibuster

Consideration of content and ranking factors for a search engine that uses AI for 30% of search queries.The post Content and Ranking Factors for Google AI Search by @martinibuster appeared first on Search Engine Journal.
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Apple quietly delays Blackmagic eGPU Pro ship date to December

Mac users wanting AMD's Radeon RX Vega 56 performance will have to now wait until December, as the Blackmagic eGPU Pro has been delayed. Originally slated for a November release, Apple's website now quotes a December delivery. The post Apple quietly delays Blackmagic eGPU Pro ship date to December appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Trump OKs seismic tests in Atlantic that can harm thousands of dolphins & whales

Trump's about to make a bunch of whales, turtles, and dolphins go deaf. The Trump administration is about to take a preliminary step toward oil and natural gas drilling off the Atlantic shore, by approving requests from energy companies to conduct “deafening seismic tests that could harm tens of thousands of dolphins, whales and other marine animals,” reports the Los Angeles Times. The information was revealed in a NOAA call with reporters. “The Trump administration is ignoring threats to whal...
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TV News Roundup: Rupert Grint Cast in M. Night Shyamalan Series at Apple

In Today’s TV News Roundup, Rupert Grint has joined an untitled M. Night Shyamalan Series and BBC One released a first look image of Sam Claflin on set for the fifth season of “Peaky Blinders.” DATES Season five of INSP’s “The Cowboy’s Way” is set to premiere Jan. 6 at 7 p.m. CT. Produced by Glassman […]
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The dingo... er, Google stole my patent! Biz boss tells how Choc Factory staff tried to rip off idea from interview

Googlers sought patent on tech described during job chat Jie Qi, cofounder of edu-tech electronics biz Chibitronics, marked the launch of patent education site with her account of how Google tried to patent her research after inviting her to meet with company executives.…
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The, Google stole my patent!

Tech entrepreneur recounts how Googlers tried to patent her work after interview Jie Qi, co-founder of edu-tech electronics biz Chibitronics, marked the launch of patent education site with her account of how Google tried to patent her research after inviting her to meet with company executives.…
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Apple fans are betting the booming 'services' business will take the sting out of an iPhone slowdown — here's why they might get a painful surprise (AAPL)

Apple's stock has fallen sharply since the beginning of the month due to concerns over weak iPhone sales. The company and its fans insist the "services" will provide the next leg of growth. But Jeffrey Kvaal, an analyst at Nomura, cast doubt on that argument in a new research note. Apple's services business faces multiple challenges and could be hurt by declining iPhone sales, he said. Apple's services business may not rescue it or its stock from declining iPhone sales.  In fact, a drop in ph...
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Samsung's Foldable Screen Tech Has Been Stolen, Sold To China

Prosecutors in South Korea say that Samsung's latest bendable screen technology has been stolen and sold to two Chinese companies. "The prosecutors allege that a Samsung supplier leaked blueprints of Samsung's 'flexible OLED edge panel 3D lamination' to a company that it had set up," reports CNN. "That company then sold the tech secrets to the Chinese firms for nearly $14 million, according to the prosecutors." CNN reports: The Suwon District Prosecutor's Office charged 11 people on Thursday wit...
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Microsoft's market value overtakes Apple's to close out week

Microsoft Corp's stock market value closed above Apple Inc's for the first time in eight years on Friday as the Windows maker benefited from growth in cloud computing while Apple was hit by investor concern about iPhone demand.
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Rupert Grint Joins M. Night Shyamalan's Apple Psychological Thriller

Rupert Grint has landed a role in M. Night Shyamalan's Apple TV show!
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Facebook Discussed Using People's Data As a Bargaining Chip, Emails and Court Filings Suggest

An anonymous reader quotes a report from The Washington Post: Facebook executives in recent years appeared to discuss giving access to their valuable user data to some companies that bought advertising when it was struggling to launch its mobile-ad business, according to internal emails quoted in newly unredacted court filings. In an ongoing federal court case against Facebook, the plaintiffs claim that the social media giant doled out people's data secretly and selectively in exchange for adver...
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