Razer: Mine for Us

Gaming hardware manufacturer Razer has launched a cryptocurrency mining program named Razer SoftMiner to put spare graphics card capacity to work—for them, not for you.Read more...
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Ships Infected With Ransomware, USB Malware, Worms

An anonymous reader writes: IT systems on boats aren't as air-gapped as people think and are falling victims to all sorts of cyber-security incidents, such as ransomware, worms, viruses, and other malware -- usually carried on board via USB sticks. These cyber-security incidents have been kept secret until now, and have only been recently revealed as past examples of what could go wrong, in a new "cyber-security guideline" released by 21 international shipping associations and industry groups. O...
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Democrats Want Internet Companies to Be Liable for Data Loss Like Banks and Hospitals

Should we hold companies like Equifax and Facebook responsible for the protection of our personal information in the same way we hold banks and hospitals responsible? Should we expect the same level of control over data we’ve given to Google as we do with information shared with our doctor or lawyer?Read more...
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Japan plans tighter regulation of tech giants

Japan is planning to tighten regulation of tech giants like Google and Facebook after an expert panel called for better oversight on competition and privacy, an official said Thursday. Japan has followed in the footsteps of other countries in scrutinising the dominant role played by the world's largest information technology companies, including Big Four tech firms Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon. Despite bringing benefits, tech giants "tend to monopolise the market through their features s...
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What’s the big deal about Huawei?

The arrest of a Chinese tech executive in Canada this month has quickly become a focal point in a wider battle between the U.S. and China over trade, national security and trust in the age of globalization.
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Fears about artificial intelligence are 'very legitimate,' Google CEO says

Google CEO Sundar Pichai, head of one of the world's leading artificial intelligence companies, said in an interview this week that concerns about harmful applications of the technology are "very legitimate" - but the tech industry... [Author: [email protected]]
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Better Buy: Apple vs. Microsoft

Two industry titans. Two different strategies for success. Only one is the better buy.
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Lazada, Alibaba’s Southeast Asia e-commerce business, gets a new CEO

Alibaba has reshuffled the leadership at Lazada, its e-commerce firm in Southeast Asia, after CEO Lucy Peng — an original Alibaba co-founder — stepped down to be replaced by Lazada executive president Pierre Poignant after just nine months in the role. Alibaba owns more than 90 percent of Lazada but it has been involved in the business since April 2016 when it bought 51 percent of Lazada for $1 billion from Rocket Internet. It invested a further $1 billion last year to increase its equity to aro...
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Google+ to shut down early after second major security incident

After another data leak, its second such leak in a year, Google today announced it was shutting down its beleaguered social media platform, Google+. API access will shut down even sooner, within the next 90 days. The newest vulnerability affected 52.5 million users, according to Google. Profile information, including names, email addresses, age, and occupation were all exposed. Worse, accounts set to private were still affected. Apps may have also stolen data stolen with specific Google+ users, ...
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TNB Aura closes $22.7M fund to bring PE-style investing to Southeast Asia’s startups

TNB Aura, a recent arrival to Southeast Asia’s VC scene, announced today that it has closed a maiden fund at SG$31.1million, or around US$22.65 million, to bring a more private equity-like approach to investing in startups in the region. The fund was launched in 2016 and it is a joint effort between Australia-based venture fund Aura and Singapore’s TNB Ventures, which has a history of corporate innovation work. I t reached a final close today, having hit an early close in January. It is a part o...
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'Spiralled out of control very quickly': Kiwi rich lister behind Appster speaks out after collapse

The Gen Z bosses of an Aussie app developer once hailed as "the next Apple" say they are "absolutely devastated" after the company collapsed into liquidation on Friday.Appster, founded by Auckland-born Josiah Humphrey and Melbourne... [Author: [email protected]]
Tags: Apple, Business, Melbourne, Auckland, Josiah Humphrey

'Spiralled out of control very quickly': Rich listers behind Appster speak out after collapse

The Gen Z bosses of an Aussie app developer once hailed as "the next Apple" say they are "absolutely devastated" after the company collapsed into liquidation on Friday.Appster, founded by Melbourne teens Josiah Humphrey and Mark... [Author: [email protected]]
Tags: Apple, Business, Melbourne, Mark, Josiah Humphrey

Trump hints he’d intervene in case of Chinese telecom executive detained in Canada

WASHINGTON — When President Donald Trump said in an interview this week that he was willing to intercede in the case of a Chinese telecom executive facing extradition to the United States if it helped achieve “the largest trade deal ever made,” it was a clear signal that his White House saw no problem intervening […]
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Truthfinder Opt Out: Simple Steps To Remove Your Info

[Recent Update]: We just added a brand new feature that will opt you out of Truthfinder and over 25 other sites just like it, with the click of a button. We’re super excited about it and it’s flying off the digital shelves. Click here to create an account and give it a shot. If you value your privacy you need to complete the Truthfinder opt out process. It’s really as simple as that. Why? Truthfinder is one of the most popular people search websites out there. It shares the private information o...
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Why Your Business Needs A Corporate Lawyer Even When You Don’t Have Any Lawsuits

Lawsuits. Lawyers. Judges. It would seem that the majority of the population have the impression that the only time you’re going to need a lawyer is when you get involved in a lawsuit, whether it’s a lawsuit that’s against you or when you’re the complainant. Sure, there’s nothing wrong with that presumption. However, this presumption becomes folly when people think that this is the only time that they’re going to need a lawyer. See, the thing is that yes, it’s true that lawyers are excellent at...
Tags: Google, Startups, Lawyer, Irs, Others, Legal Issues, Business Advice

New Zealand courts banned naming Grace Millane’s accused killer. Google just emailed it out | Toby Manhire

That one of the world’s biggest companies rides roughshod over a court order tells you all you need to know about the giants of Silicon ValleyImagine if a media company told you the name of the man accused of killing Grace Millane. Imagine if, in defiance of a very clear court ruling of interim name suppression, that company told you his name in an email – spelling it out, even, in the subject header.Unthinkable? That’s exactly what happened in the early hours of Tuesday. Continue reading...
Tags: Google, Asia Pacific, New Zealand, Toby Manhire, Grace Millane, Silicon ValleyImagine

New Zealand courts banned naming Grace Millane’s accused killer. Google just emailed it out

That one of the world’s biggest companies rides roughshod over a court order tells you all you need to know about the giants of Silicon ValleyImagine if a media company told you the name of the man accused of killing Grace Millane. Imagine if, in defiance of a very clear court ruling of interim name suppression, that company told you his name in an email – spelling it out, even, in the subject header.Unthinkable? That’s exactly what happened in the early hours of Tuesday. Continue reading...
Tags: Google, Asia Pacific, New Zealand, Grace Millane, Silicon ValleyImagine

Apple Offering Discounts on HomePod to Apple Music Subscribers (mac rumors)

Apple this morning began offering promo codes to Apple Music subscribers that allow them to buy a HomePod at a discounted price for a limited time, in a holiday-themed promotion. As of writing, customers in the UK have received codes for £50 off a new HomePod, bringing the price down to £269, with the offer available until December 16. The discount is being offered via an email from Apple that includes a button-style link to 'Get Your Promo Code', which sends customers to the official A...
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Google relents and transfers to DuckDuckGo (the verge)

DuckDuckGo, the privacy focused search engine, has acquired from Google, reports NamePros. Responding to rumors from a few days ago, CEO Gabriel Weinberg said that the new domain would make it easier for people to use the company’s search engine. The domain was previously owned by Google, after it acquired On2 Technologies (previously known as The Duck Corporation) back in 2010. Neither Weinberg nor Google confirmed how much, if anything, was paid for the domain. Google’s owne...
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Mobile phones to be banned in NSW public primary schools

Premier Gladys Berejiklian says they are distracting and cause stress in young children Mobile phones will be banned from public primary schools across New South Wales from next year.The state government announced the move on Thursday, following a review into their use in classrooms. Continue reading...
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Clash of the corporate titans: Who's spending what in Europe's Copyright Directive battle

There's been a lot of money thrown around to determine the future of the Internet in the EU, but despite the frequent assertion that every opponent of the new Copyright Directive is a paid puppet for Google, the numbers tell a different story: according to the watchdog Corporate Europe Observatory (CEO), the entertainment industry are the biggest spenders by far, and they have obscured that fact by using dodgy accounting to make it look like Google is buying out the European Parliament. The...
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The tiniest HDMI adapter turns your iPad into a home theater

2018 marks the year that Type-C became the big standard it promised it would be. With the iPad Pro adopting it, alongside the MacBook (and rumors that the iPhone would too), Type-C finally made its way across all dominant operating systems, from Windows, to Chrome OS, to Mac, to Android, and iOS. So if there’s a good time to start adopting Type-C (or USB-C), it’s right now.The beauty of the Type-C standard is that its compact and universal. It’s present everywhere, and works everywhere, and pret...
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President Trump To Use Huawei CFO As a Bargaining Chip

hackingbear shares a report from Politico, adding: "This fuels the suspicion that the Chinese executive is held as a hostage for the ongoing trade negotiation with China." From the report: President Donald Trump said on Tuesday that he reserved the right to weigh in on the Justice Department's case against the CFO of Huawei, if it would help him close a trade deal with Beijing or would serve other American national security interests. "If I think it's good for what will be certainly the largest ...
Tags: White House, China, Politico, Tech, Iran, Beijing, Canada, Xi Jinping, Vancouver, Donald Trump, Huawei, Justice Department, Trump, British Columbia Read, Meng, Reuters Trump

Revolut gets European banking license in Lithuania

Fintech startup Revolut is now officially a bank. While the startup initially expected to get its European banking license during the first half of 2018, the company has finally come out of the regulatory tunnel with a license in hand. As expected, Revolut applied for a license through the Bank of Lithuania and is leveraging passporting rules to operate in other European countries. Users will see some changes over the coming months. First, the company expects to roll out new features in the U...
Tags: Startups, Apps, Europe, Finance, Tech, Lithuania, Fintech, Revolut, France Germany, Bank of Lithuania, Poland Right now Revolut

FCC decision deals blow to California’s proposal to tax text messages

A federal regulatory ruling Wednesday aimed at protecting consumers from text-messaging spam may also help California mobile phone users avoid a proposed state texting tax. The California Public Utilities Commission has proposed a surcharge on text messaging to help cover its growing budget for programs that help make phone service accessible to the poor, with a vote scheduled for Jan. 10. But the proposal — first reported Tuesday by the (San Jose) Mercury News — has drawn fast and fierce critic...
Tags: Verizon, Business, Politics, Technology, Taxes, News, Fcc, California, California News, Sport, Soccer, Facebook Messenger, Federal Communications Commission, Oakland, Cpuc, Pai

Watch Rocket Lab launch 10 cubesats into orbit tonight for NASA

It’s been just over a month since Rocket Lab’s inaugural (and long-delayed) commercial launch, “It’s Business Time,” and it’s about to take another customer to space: NASA. Tonight’s 8PM scheduled launch will take 10 small satellites to orbit as part of NASA’s Educational Launch of Nanosatellites (ELaNa) XIX mission. This is not only Rocket Lab’s first all-NASA launch, but the first launch from NASA under its “Venture Class Launch Services” initiative, which is taking advantage of the new gen...
Tags: Space, Science, Tech, Nasa, New Zealand, Rocket, Rocket Launch, Jpl, Pickering, Electron, Rocket Lab, William Pickering, NASA Venture Class Launch Service, Justin Treptow ELaNa XIX

Stratim, formerly known as valet startup Zirx, sues co-founder for theft

Stratim, the mobility services company formerly known as Zirx, is suing its co-founder and now-former COO Shmulik Fishman for breach of fiduciary duties, civil conversion, criminal conversion, theft, criminal mischief, deception, unjust enrichment and fraud. The lawsuit’s co-plaintiff is Adesa, a subsidiary of KAR Auction Services, which acquired Stratim earlier this year. Stratim powers fleet management for more than 50 companies, including BMW (DriveNow), General Motors (Maven), Ford (Chariot)...
Tags: TC, Transportation, New York City, Tech, Automotive, Ford, Toyota, Zirx, Fishman, Shmulik Fishman, Sean Behr, Mobility Services, ADESA, Stratim, KAR Auction Services, BMW DriveNow General Motors Maven Ford Chariot

Google Training Document Reveals How Temps, Vendors, and Contractors Are Treated

"An internal Google training document exposed by The Guardian reveals how the company instructs employees on how to treat temps, vendors, and contractors (TVCs)," writes Slashdot reader Garabito. "This includes: 'not to reward certain workers with perks like T-shirts, invite them to all-hands meetings, or allow them to engage in professional development training.'" From the report: "Working with TVCs and Googlers is different," the training documentation, titled the The ABCs of TVCs, explains. "...
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Bees wearing wireless sensors create a "living Internet of Things platform"

While researchers continue attempts to build practical insect-size flying robots, engineers at the University of Washington have prototyped a backpack for real bees that outfits the insects with sensing, computing, and wireless networking capabilities. From UW News: “We decided to use bumblebees because they’re large enough to carry a tiny battery that can power our system, and they return to a hive every night where we could wirelessly recharge the batteries,” said co-author Vikram Iyer, ...
Tags: Internet Of Things, Post, Technology, News, Bees, Cybernetics, Insects, Cyborgs, University of Washington, Vikram Iyer, Gollakota, UW Department of Electrical Computer Engineering

FCC Panel Wants To Tax Internet-Using Businesses, Give the Money To ISPs

The FCC's Broadband Deployment Advisory Committee (BDAC), which includes members like AT&T, Comcast, Google Fiber, Sprint, and other ISPs and industry representatives, is proposing a tax on websites to pay for rural broadband. Ars Technica reports: If adopted by states, the recommended tax would apply to subscription-based retail services that require Internet access, such as Netflix, and to advertising-supported services that use the Internet, such as Google and Facebook. The tax would also app...
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