How retailers are using mobile AR to blend the online and in-store shopping journeys

This is a preview of a research report from Business Insider Intelligence, Business Insider's premium research service. To learn more about Business Insider Intelligence,   click here. The mobile augmented reality (AR) market is quickly becoming primed for the retail space. By blending the online and in-store shopping journeys, mobile AR promises to provide an immersive digital shopping experience unlike anything shoppers have seen before. Mobile AR is one of the most coveted technologies for i...
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Christopher Niesche: Oz watchdog's move is a huge threat to Facebook and Google

Out of every hundred dollars spent on digital advertising in Australia, $47 goes to Google and $21 goes to Facebook, leaving just $32 for every other social media site, search engine and news site to compete over.And when Australians... [Author: [email protected]]
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How Microsoft Embraced Python

Steve Dower, a Python developer at Microsoft, describes how the language become popular internally: In 2010, our few Pythonistas were flying under the radar, in case somebody noticed that they could reassign a few developers to their own project. The team was small, leftover from a previous job, but was chipping away at a company culture that suffered from "not invented here" syndrome: Python was a language that belonged to other people, and so Microsoft was not interested. Over the last eight ...
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Tech Stocks This Week: Apple Slides, Roku Gets Slammed, and More

Analysts lower their outlook for Apple and Roku as Facebook impresses with stats on Facebook Watch.
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Louisiana Adopts Digital Driver's Licenses (slashdot)

Louisiana is rolling out a new digital driver's license app, called LA Wallet, that will let retailers digitally verify the age of their customers, if required. "According to IEEE Spectrum, Louisiana's Office of Alcohol and Tobacco Control is expected to announce that bars, restaurants, grocery stores and other retails are allowed to accept LA Wallet as proof of age, according to the app's developer, Envoc." From the report: The Baton Rouge-based company launched LA Wallet in June, after two yea...
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Cydia, Onetime Hotspot for Apple Jailbreakers, Shuts Down Purchasing Functions

Cydia, a store for applications that run on jailbroken iPhones and other Apple devices, is shutting down the ability to buy and sell apps on its platform, TechCrunch reported on Saturday.Read more...
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Advantages of open source website and publishing software on display with WordPress 5.0

WordPress launched its version 5.0, including a total overhaul of its editorial interface via Gutenberg, just ten days.  Since then, WordPress released version 5.0.1 as a security release, as reported by WordPress Tavern’s Sarah Gooding, “with fixes for seven vulnerabilities that were privately disclosed.” First updates in a week, and the second to come six days afterwards.  WordPress 5.0.2 will be the first planned followup release to 5.0 and is now scheduled to be released December 1...
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The business case for serverless

Zack Kanter Contributor Zack Kanter is the co-founder of Stedi. More posts by this contributor Why Amazon is eating the world While serverless is typically championed as a way to reduce costs and scale massively on demand, there is one extraordinarily compelling reason above all others to adopt a serverless-first approach: it is the best way to achieve maximum development velocity over time. It is not easy to implement correctly and is ...
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Can't open Calibre Windows 10

Hi I've just bought a Lenovo IdeaPad, running Windows 10 Professional. I've installed Calibre for Windows 64 and the install seems to have completed successfully. However, when I try to launch it, it gets as far as trying to initialise the interface and crashes to desktop. The log says Quote: calibre 3.35 [64bit] embedded-python: True is64bit: True Windows-10-10.0.16299-SP0 Windows ('64bit', 'WindowsPE') ('Windows', '10', '10.0.16299') Python 2.7.12+ Windows:...
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'Trust deficit': UK's top envoy to Australia on diplomacy in the WikiLeaks era

Britain’s outgoing high commissioner opens up about the challenges of the role in a more transparent age A couple of decades ago, when Menna Rawlings joined the foreign office after university, the profession was a closed circle. No one thought about private cables finding their way to the public domain.That changed in 2010, when WikiLeaks dumped more than 250,000 classified cables, sparking an international diplomatic crisis. Continue reading...
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HR Trends to Watch for in 2019

HR trends affect everyone both inside and outside of work. Because people either want to improve their own career path or recruit those that can do it for them. During the past twelve months a lot has happened and a lot has changed in the HR world. So let’s take our collective heads out of the day-by-day HR sand to gaze into the distance at some of the likely HR trends coming down the road for 2019. The twists and turns of the Trump administration have given HR managers great pause to think thi...
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Lawsuit Claims Apple Lied About Its Display and Shady Marketing Obscured the Notch

Another day, another Apple lawsuit.
Tags: Iphone, Apple, Science, Lawsuits, iPhone X, Iphone Xs, iPhone Xs Max

People Are Harassing Waymo's Self-Driving Vehicles

Waymo's testing dozens of self-driving mini-vans near Phoenix. Now the Arizona Republic asks why the vehicles are getting so much hate, citing "a slashed tire, a pointed gun, bullies on the road..." "Police have responded to dozens of calls regarding people threatening and harassing Waymo vans." That was clear August 19, when police were called because a 37-year-old man who police described as "heavily intoxicated" was standing in front of a Waymo and not allowing the van to proceed. "He stat...
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Which Macs are compatible with MacOS Mojave?

Is your computer ready for Apple's big Mojave update? Here's what you need to know about MacOS Mojave compatibility, what Macs can successful download Mojave, and the requirements you need to know about. The post Which Macs are compatible with MacOS Mojave? appeared first on Digital Trends.
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CNN Contributor Urges: Stop Calling Facebook a Tech Company

An anonymous reader quotes a CNN opinion piece by Stanford business school lecturer David Dodson: "Senator, we run ads." That's what Mark Zuckerberg told Senator Orrin Hatch earlier this year during his congressional testimony when asked to describe Facebook's business model. The 84-year-old senator was later mocked on social media for not understanding modern technology. But I'd argue that the wily senior senator understood Facebook's business quite well. Hatch was simply getting Mark Zuckerbe...
Tags: Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, Stanford, Tech, Cnn, New Zealand, Zuckerberg, Hatch, Orrin Hatch, Truth in Advertising, Tech Company, David Dodson

Study Suggests Too Much Collaboration Actually Hurts Productivity

An anonymous reader quotes Inc: Our attention in the workplace is a precious resource that often falls victim to tools like email, Slack, and so on, which bring a nonstop supply of things to read, things to respond to, things to file, things to loop others in on, things to follow up on, and in general, things to do. This "always on" dynamic has roots in a desire for increased workplace collaboration and productivity, but as is so often the case, it turns out there is a balance to be struck for o...
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The Slow Painful Death of "Woke" Digital News Media

Most news media is "woke". Their stories are clickbait articles to signal their own virtue (which usually includes some form of attack on white males), or to attack president Trump. The latest example of this is the Friday shutdown of The Weekly Standard, founded by NeverTrumper Bill Kristol: Quote: The Weekly Standard, a 28-year old neoconservative institution, is reportedly headed towards dissolution after its founder, Bill Kristol, devoted almost three yea...
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Cydia shuts down purchasing mechanism for its jailbreak app store

Years after becoming one of the go-to destinations for iOS jailbreaks, Cydia’s app store is disabling purchases. Users will be able to access existing downloads through the store and access purchases via third-parties, but beginning this week, they’ll no longer be able to buy apps through the store. Founder Jay “Saurik “ Freeman revealed the news via a Reddit post this week recommending users remove PayPal accounts from their profile. Freeman notes his initial plan to shut the service down b...
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What's involved in developing a vehicle?

There are lots of raw materials that go into a vehicle -- steel, rubber, plastic -- but what really costs the cash is what it takes to develop and engineer it in the first place. Find out what's involved in my "How It Works" column at the National Post. [Author: Jil McIntosh]
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10 Israeli Startups Shaping The Cities Of Tomorrow

The 1939 "World of Tomorrow" fair in NYC presented an optimistic vision of the future which included robots, flights to outer space and automated freeway systems. A significant part of the fair was devoted to the "City of Tomorrow" which isn't essentially different from the concept which we all talk about now as the "Smart City."  While in 1939 we could only dream of actual smart cities, they’re now starting to materialize. On the banks of Lake Ontario, a little south of downtown Toronto, an old...
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Do Alternative Software Licenses Represent Open Source's 'Midlife Crisis'?

"it is clear to me that open source -- now several decades old and fully adult -- is going through its own midlife crisis," writes Joyent CTO Bryan Cantrill. [O]pen source business models are really tough, selling software-as-a-service is one of the most natural of them, the cloud service providers are really good at it -- and their commercial appetites seem boundless. And, like a new cherry red two-seater sports car next to a minivan in a suburban driveway, some open source companies are dealin...
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One Year After Net Neutrality Repeal, America's Democrats Warn 'The Fight Continues'

CNET just published a fierce pro-net neutrality editorial co-authored by Nancy Pelosi, the soon-to-be Majority leader in the U.S. House of Representatives, with Mike Doyle, the expected Chairman of the House Subcommittee on Communications and Technology, and Frank Pallone, Jr. the expected Chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee. The three representatives argue that "the Trump FCC ignored millions of comments from Americans pleading to keep strong net neutrality rules in place." The...
Tags: Fcc, California, America, Tech, Nancy Pelosi, Cnet, U S Senate, House Energy and Commerce Committee, U S House of Representatives, Mike Doyle, Trump FCC, Frank Pallone Jr

When it comes to VR hardware, consumers are balancing price point and experience

This is a preview of a research report from Business Insider Intelligence, Business Insider's premium research service. To learn more about Business Insider Intelligence,   click here. The virtual reality (VR) market is expected to rally in 2018 after seeing slow growth from 2016 to 2017. The uptick will be largely catalyzed by the emergence of the newest headset form factor, stand-alone VR headsets, which address some of the biggest pain points that have prohibited mainstream consumers from ad...
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Charlie Brown and New ‘Peanuts’ Specials Are Coming to Apple

Fire up the Vince Guaraldi music: new Peanuts specials and series are headed to Apple. Charlie Brown, Snoopy and all the other giant-headed children will be headed to Apple’s upcoming streaming service. New specials include short-form STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) content, featuring Snoopy in space. According to Deadline, Apple has signed a deal with DHX Media to produce new Peanuts content, including new series, specials and shorts inspired by the comic strip creat...
Tags: Apple, Movies, Peanuts, Animation, Charlie Brown, Octavia Spencer, Vince Guaraldi, Damien Chazelle, Charles M Schulz, Snoopy, La La Land, Little America, DHX Media, Deadline Apple, Apple Streaming Service, Jennifer Aniston Steve Carell Reese Witherspoon

Ask Slashdot: Is There An Open Source Tool Measuring The Sharpness of Streaming Video?

dryriver asks: Is there an open source video analysis tool available that can take a folder full of video captures (e.g. news, sports, movies, music videos, TV shows), analyze the video frames in those captures, and put a hard number on how optically sharp, on average, the digital video provided by any given digital TV or streaming service is? If such a tool exists, it could be of great use in shaming paid video content delivery services that promise proper "1080 HD" or "4K UHD" quality cont...
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Researchers create a flying wireless platform using bumblebees

Researchers at the University of Washington have come up with a novel way to create a wireless platform: using bumblebees. As mechanical drones' batteries run out too fast, the team made use of a biology-based solution using living insects. The post Researchers create a flying wireless platform using bumblebees appeared first on Digital Trends.
Tags: News, Trends, Drones, Emerging Tech, University of Washington, Payload, Bumblebees, Wireless Platform

Apple pushing update to iPhone in China in response to legal troubles

Apple has been facing legal issues in China due to alleged infringements of patents from Qualcomm Inc. On Friday, Apple announced it will push a software update in China in hopes of resolving any potential legal issues around the iPhone. The post Apple pushing update to iPhone in China in response to legal troubles appeared first on Digital Trends.
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New Zealand Official Blasts Google for Publishing Name of Murder Suspect in Trending Newsletter

The government of New Zealand “admonished” search giant Google for publicizing the name of a man charged in the killing of backpacker Grace Millane in Auckland, with justice minister Andrew Little demanding that the company change its algorithms to prevent it from happening again in the future, the New York Times…Read more...
Tags: Google, Science, Technology, Search Engines, Search, New York Times, New Zealand, Free Speech, Auckland, Andrew Little, Grace Millane, Grace Millane Trial

Was Commodore's Amiga 'A Computer Ahead of Its Time'?

Long-time Slashdot reader Mike Bouma quotes Gizmodo: Despite being ahead of its time when it was unveiled in 1985, the Commodore Amiga didn't survive past 1996. The machine, which went up against with the likes of the IBM PC and the Macintosh, offered far superior hardware than its competitors. But it just wasn't enough, as this video from Ahoy's Stuart Brown explains. While the Amiga had other 16-bit computers beat on technology, it didn't really have anything compelling to do with that hardwa...
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5 things you need to know about Rolling Loud’s opening day

Rolling Loud’s Southern California installment rolled into a new venue, the Banc of California Stadium in Los Angeles’ Exposition Park this weekend, tapping some of hip-hop’s biggest names du jour, including Post Malone, as well as venerable veteran Lil Wayne for its opening day Friday, Dec. 14. Beyond the music, there were art displays to see, trendy food items to eat, merch to buy and plenty of things to experience. These are some of the highlights from the festival’s opening day: Ty Dolla...
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