Top converted trains on Airbnb

Trains have a certain air of romance about them, a small, contained space rumbling along the countryside where strangers meet and real-life is suspended. Adorable back woods bed and breakfasts have much the same charm, albeit without the rumbling. Thanks to Airbnb, you can now enjoy the best of both worlds by spending the night in a converted train car. People all over the world have combined old trains with bed and breakfasts to create ultra-romantic getaways surrounded by mountains, river...
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US Ballistic Missile Systems Have No Antivirus, No Data Encryption, and No 2FA, DOD Report Finds

An anonymous reader writes from a report via ZDNet: No data encryption, no antivirus programs, no multi-factor authentication mechanisms, and 28-year-old unpatched vulnerabilities are just some of the cyber-security failings described in a security audit of the U.S.' ballistic missile system released on Friday by the U.S. Department of Defense Inspector General (DOD IG). The report [PDF] was put together earlier this year, in April, after DOD IG officials inspected five random locations where th...
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Google will make it easier for people without accounts to collaborate on G Suite documents

Soon it will be easier for people without Google accounts to collaborate on G Suite documents. Currently in beta, a will enable G Suite users to invite people without G Suite subscriptions or Google accounts to work on files by sending them a pin code. Using the pin code to gain access allows invitees to view, comment on, suggest edits to, or directly edit Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides. The owners and admins of the G Suite files monitor usage through activity logs and can revoke access at...
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Firmware 2.0.1 for Nova and Poke released

I've tested in Chinese and English UI, both can get the upgrade prompt. Recommend for those who have trouble with google store. Quote: Upgrade content Neo Reader 2.0: Increase Nova's multi-document support; Add pop-up prompts for third-party DRM documents and data-damaged documents; Fixed an issue where individual PDFs could not be opened; Fix crashes caused by individual documents exporting annotations; Fixing multiple documents ca...
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Junk Food Cravings Linked To a Lack of Sleep, Study Suggests

An anonymous reader quotes a report from The Guardian: Writing in the Journal of Neuroscience, Peters and colleagues describe how they recruited 32 healthy men aged between 19 and 33 and gave all of them the same dinner of pasta and veal, an apple and a strawberry yoghurt. Participants were then either sent home to bed wearing a sleep-tracking device, or kept awake in the laboratory all night with activities including parlor games. All returned the next morning to have their hunger and appetite ...
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Xiaomi smartphone with 5.84-inch FHD+ water-drop notch display, AI dual rear cameras gets certified, could be Redmi 7 Pro [Update: Detailed specs]

Update - December 18: Detailed specifications of the Xiaomi has surfaced on TENAA. It also reveals that the phone will come in a range of colors in addition to Black. Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 Pro rumored specifications 5.84-inch (2280×1080 pixels) Full HD+  curved glass display 2.3GHz Octa-Core Processor 3GB / 4GB / 6GB LPDDR4x RAM, 32GB / 64GB / 128GB storage, expandable memory up to 256GB with microSD Android 8.1 (Oreo) with MIUI 10 Dual SIM 12MP rear camera with LED Flash, seconda...
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Solo female traveler trip to Tibet

One young woman from the UK is seeking to make trekking to the high mountains of Tibet about as hard as possible. She’s doing it dressed in traditional Nepalese clothing and carrying only equipment available long before Yvon Chouinard brought mountaineering gear into the modern age. Elise Wortley is on a mission to recreate the Himalayan journey of French author and spiritualist Alexandra David-Neel, best known for her 14-year voyage through Asia from 1911 to 1925. In so doing, Elise seeks to...
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Pros And Cons Of Hiring Fresh Grads

There are many different philosophies around how to effectively hire employees and who to hire. Many CEOs of huge companies embrace the idea of bringing in more than just talent. Richard Branson of the Virgin Group believes in the idea of hiring more for personality rather than skill or experience. Other CEOs follow a different rule. Apple founder, Steve Jobs, believes in bringing in talent that will move the company further rather than “yes” people. To hire or not to hire? This is one of the m...
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Senate Report Shows Russia Used Social Media To Support Trump In 2016

AmiMoJo shares a report from the BBC: Russia used every major social media platform to influence the 2016 US election, the report claims. New research says YouTube, Tumblr, Instagram and PayPal -- as well as Facebook and Twitter -- were leveraged to spread propaganda. Its authors criticize the "belated and uncoordinated response" by tech firms. It is the first analysis of millions of social media posts provided by Twitter, Google and Facebook to the Senate Intelligence Committee. Russia adapted ...
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Roundup: Quikr acquires IndiaProperty, Suvidhaa invests in Infibeam

Everything you need to know today. Learn the art of conversation from the design principles applied to Google Assistant. If people are asked the question, what is a conversation; they would answer that when two people are talking, it is called a conversation. While there is not too much wrong about the definitive answer,   […] More Source
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T-Mobile wins U.S. security approval for Sprint deal, sources Say

The approval moves the No. 3 and No. 4 wireless providers in the U.S. closer to consummating their $26.5 billion tie-up
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Tumblr Porn Vanishes Today

Earlier this month, Tumblr announced that it would be permanently banning adult content from its platform on December 17th. Well, that day has arrived and the social media site is now hiding all posts that are currently flagged as explicit, as well as posts that users are in the process of appealing. This includes media showing sex acts, exposed genitals, and "female-presenting" nipples. The Verge reports: In addition to what's already gone, more adult content is going to be flagged in coming we...
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Xiaomi Play smartphone to be announced on December 24

After a teaser recently, Xiaomi today announced that it will introduce a smartphone in the new Play series in China on December 24th. The company doesn't reveal any details other than the name of the phone, but the name hints that it could be targeted at gaming. It could also be the 48MP camera phone that the company has been teasing. There are some rumors that say that it could be a version of Snapdragon POCO / POCOPHONE F1 for the Chinese market at an affordable price tag of less than 1...
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Samsung Kills Headphone Jack After Mocking Apple (slashdot)

Last week, Samsung introduced its latest smartphone, the Galaxy A8s. Not only is it the first phone of theirs with a laser-drilled hole in the display for the front-facing camera sensor, but it is also their first phone to ditch the headphone jack. Slashdot reader TheFakeTimCook shares a report from Mac Rumors that takes a closer look at the move and the hypocrisy behind it: [The A8s] is also Samsung's first smartphone without a headphone jack, much to the amusement of iPhone users, as Samsung h...
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'Not everybody wants to live in Silicon Valley': Google to expand in New York

Company will spend more than $1bn to build a new complex in New York City, in the tech industry’s latest major expansion eastSilicon Valley is becoming Silicon Nation.Google has announced will spend more than $1bn to build a new office complex in New York City that will allow it to double the number of people it employs there. Continue reading...
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In the future, smartphone displays will be embedded in our eyewear

Probably for the first time, spectacle wearers may be at a strategic advantage as North acquired all of Intel’s Vault AR patents. The company aims to build and launch, in the near future, smart AR glasses that are incredibly light and indistinguishable from regular glasses. They’re stylish (and look nothing like the abomination that was Google Glass), and come with a module built into the side of the glasses (the stem) that projects an image on your spectacle lens and uses the glass of your ey...
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How to install Google Play on your Chinese version Honor Magic 2 phone

The Honor Magic 2 is one of the most interesting devices to cross my desk this year, but sadly is only available to buy in Mainland China. This means that it’s customized for the Chinese market and doesn’t come with Google Play (and apps like Gmail, Chrome, and Google Maps) pre-installed. If you’re based in the West and have been lucky enough to import one, you’re probably wondering how to install Google’s Android apps on the device. Here’s the good news: it’s ridiculously easy. You don’t need t...
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Germany Refuses To Ban Huawei, Citing Lack of Real Evidence

hackingbear writes: Germany's IT watchdog has expressed skepticism about calls for a boycott of Chinese telecoms giant Huawei, saying it has seen no evidence the firm could use its equipment to spy for Beijing, news weekly Spiegel reported. "For such serious decisions like a ban, you need proof," the head of Germany's Federal Office for Information Security (BSI), Arne Schoenbohm, told Spiegel, adding that his agency had no such evidence. The U.S. has been pressuring German authorities for month...
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German Refuses To Ban Huawei, Citing Lack of Real Evidence

hackingbear writes: Germany's IT watchdog has expressed skepticism about calls for a boycott of Chinese telecoms giant Huawei, saying it has seen no evidence the firm could use its equipment to spy for Beijing, news weekly Spiegel reported. "For such serious decisions like a ban, you need proof," the head of Germany's Federal Office for Information Security (BSI), Arne Schoenbohm, told Spiegel, adding that his agency had no such evidence. The U.S. has been pressuring German authorities for month...
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Equifax, Western Union, Priceline settle with New York attorney general over insecure mobile apps

New York’s attorney general has settled with five tech and financial giants, requiring each company to implement basic security on their mobile apps. The settlements force Credit Sesame, Equifax (yes, that Equifax), Priceline, Spark Networks, and Western Union to ensure data sent between the app and their servers are encrypted. Specifically, the attorney general said their apps “could have allowed sensitive information entered by users — such as passwords, social security numbers, credit card nu...
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You better watch out, you better not cry. Better not pout, I'm telling you why: SQLite vuln fixes are coming to town

May your days be merry and bright, and may you all go patch your SQLite Google and other software developers have patched the SQLite component of their code after it was discovered it could be potentially exploited to inject malware into vulnerable systems.…
Tags: Google, Software

Is Brexit 'game over' for tech recruitment?

One video game company boss is worried international staff will be harder to hire post-Brexit.
Tags: Tech

Chrome fights manipulative sites that don’t allow you to hit the back button

Have you encountered a webpage that won't let you hit the back button? Someun scrupulous websites employ what's known as history manipulation, preventing you from hitting the back button, but now Google Chrome will be fighting back. The post Chrome fights manipulative sites that don’t allow you to hit the back button appeared first on Digital Trends.
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This fake package covers porch thieves in glitter and fart spray

Having a package stolen off your front porch sucks. No matter what’s inside the box, it just feels… violating. Someone came into your space and took your stuff just because they could probably get away with it. And even if you go to the cops with license plates and high-res face photos, they’ll often respond with a big, apathetic shrug (particularly around Christmas when package thefts skyrocket). After having one of his own packages nabbed, engineer/YouTuber Mark Rober decided to take things in...
Tags: TC, Gadgets, Tech, Mark, YouTuber Mark Rober, Sean Hodgins

Report Knocks Tech Giants For Failure To Cooperate In Russia Probe

The major social media companies whose platforms were used by the Russian government to sharpen division in the United State before and after the 2016 election had an “uncoordinated” response to the influence campaign and did not fully cooperate with government investigations, a new report on the effort claimed. “Social media firms need to co-operate with public agencies in a way that respects users’ privacy,” read the report for the Senate Intelligence Committee released Monday. “However, sh...
Tags: Google, Facebook, News, Obama, Senate, Russia, United States, Ira, Donald Trump, Senate Intelligence Committee, St Petersburg, Trump, United State, Internet Research Agency, Russia Probe, Muckraker

How to Catch a Glimpse of the Rare "Christmas Comet" in All Its Twinkly Glory This Week

Source: NICOLAS BIVER/AFP/Getty Images Even the stars are celebrating the holidays this year. The 46P/Wirtanen comet, aptly nicknamed the "Christmas Comet" and first observed 70 years ago, was at its most visible in centuries on Sunday night. The twinkling comet set off a greenish glow into the sky, and at its point nearest the Earth, was about 30 times as far away as the moon. "This will be the closest comet Wirtanen has come to Earth for centuries and the closest it will come to Earth for ce...
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FCC Forces California To Drop Plan For Government Fees On Text Messages

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Ars Technica: California telecom regulators have abandoned a plan to impose government fees on text-messaging services, saying that a recent Federal Communications Commission vote has limited its authority over text messaging. The FCC last week voted to classify text-messaging as an information service, rather than a telecommunications service. "Information service" is the same classification the FCC gave to broadband when it repealed net neutrality rules...
Tags: Fcc, California, Tech, Ars Technica, Federal Communications Commission, Cpuc, California Public Utilities Commission CPUC

Swedish ISP Bahnhof Fights Sci-Hub Blocking Order

thomst writes: "After being ordered to block a number of piracy-related domains following a complaint from academic publisher Elsevier, Swedish ISP Bahnhof retaliated by semi-blocking Elsevier's own website and barring the court from visiting," reports TorrentFreak. "Those actions have now prompted Sweden's telecoms watchdog to initiate an inquiry to determine whether the ISP breached net neutrality rules." Bahnhof is under investigation for diverting its users who attempt to click ...
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Twitter shares tumble on concerns about hacking activity

Company discovered suspicious traffic to a customer-support forum while investigating a security bug that exposed dataTwitter shares fell almost 7% after the company said it was investigating unusual traffic that might be from state-sponsored hackers and, in what appeared to be an unrelated issue, a security firm said hackers used the platform to try to steal user data. Related: After a year from hell, Facebook parties like it's 2017
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One of the world's most famous computer scientists reveals his 'playbook' for bringing AI to every business (GOOG)

Dr. Andrew Ng, one of the most famous computer scientists in the world, revealed his "playbook" for helping all businesses adopt AI.  Ng is best-known for his time at Google and his stint as chief scientist at Chinese tech giant Baidu, though he's also affiliated with Stanford and cofounded Coursera. He says the best thing to do is to start with a small project before you even think about trying to form a grand strategy. He also says that a lot of companies make a crucial mistake — they hoard...
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