Apple pencil, finally there

I have been trying electronic pencils for years and years: different 3rd party iPad styli (is that the correct plural?), the previous Apple pencil itself and previous solutions by Wacom. None of these worked good enough for me to get rid of my note book.I think has changed with the latest Apple pencil that works on a 2018 iPad Pro. The updated pencil solved a few annoyances when compared to the previous one:It snaps to your device (but still falls of in your bag)When snapped, it charges, no mor...
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Apple confirms some people's suspicions that the new 2018 iPads can bend

Apple confirmed the suspicions of some 2018 iPad Pro owners that their device can be slightly bent. The company said it's due to the 2018 iPad Pro's manufacturing process and that it's not a defect. There's no replacement program in place. The only option for 2018 iPad Pro owners who want a replacement is to return their unit within the standard 14-day return window. Some owners of Apple's 2018 iPad Pro have claimed the that their devices have developed slight bends out of the box or over ...
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Researchers Genetically Modify Common Houseplant To Remove Air of Hazardous Compounds

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News: Now, researchers at the University of Washington (UW) have genetically modified a common houseplant -- pothos ivy or devil's ivy -- to remove chloroform and benzene from the air around it. The modified plants express a mammalian protein, called 2E1, that transforms these compounds into molecules that the plants can then use to support their own growth. Small molecules like chloroform, which is present in small amo...
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United States: Great News For Texas, Apple Announces $1B Campus In Austin! - Foley & Lardner

The New York Times reported that Apple "would build a new $1 billion campus in Austin, Tex., where it could eventually employ 15,000 people
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Man who invented Keurig K-Cups regrets it

John Sylvan, the Keurig engineer who invented the K-Cup pod coffee system in the 1990s, regrets his mistake. It was intended for the corporate service market and the idea that people have these things in their homes leaves him "absolutely mystified." He says he doesn't begrudge the company for its success, or for wanting to make money, but he does question consumers' slavish devotion to the things. The company's latest product, the Keurig 2.0, which allows users to use pods to make larger cups a...
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7 Ways You Can Improve Your Concentration

You're reading 7 Ways You Can Improve Your Concentration, originally posted on Pick the Brain | Motivation and Self Improvement. If you're enjoying this, please visit our site for more inspirational articles. Concentration and memory are the two key focus points for every individual. When you are concentrated, your memory automatically improves as you are able to retain the information for a longer period of time. Having a sharp memory and good concentration power is useful to people of al...
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@Fossil Gen 4 Venture HR Smartwatch Review @BestBuy #Fossilstyle #ad

I have slowly upgraded my smartwatches over the years. I am rather picky with what is on my wrist. I like comfort first, and capabilities second. I like something that can answer my calls, or text back for me, plus keep track of my walking. The Fossil – Gen 4 Venture HR Smartwatch does all of that and more! Notifications for calender, SMS, social media, and email. Did I mention it came in my favorite color…rose gold! The Fossil Gen 4 Venture HR Smartwatch can: Record information about exer...
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TikTok parent ByteDance sues Chinese news site that exposed fake news problem

There’s worrying news from China’s online media world as ByteDance, the $75 billion company behind popular video app TikTok is taking a news site to court for alleged defamation after it published a story about ByteDance’s fake news problem in India. U.S. tech firms have come to rely on media to help uncover issues, but Chinese tech news site Huxiu has become the latest litigation target of ByteDance, which reportedly surpassed Uber’s valuation after raising $3 billion. The company has ...
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KY eats – Unique Korean BBQ at Apple Samgyupsal, Jaya One

RA number of weeks ago I asked a friend who stayed at Taman Desa what is her favorite restaurants at the area, and Apple Samgyupsal was what she told me. I had meant to give it a visit but for one reason or the other did not manage to make it. Fast forward a few weeks later, I got an invitation to do a review on their latest branch – Apple Samgyupsal at Jaya One, perfect. Apple Samgyupsal Korean Restaurant at Jaya One Located between Jaya One opposite the main entrance of The School, this is ac...
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T-Mobile reportedly delaying debut of ‘disruptive’ TV service

The Bellevue-based wireless carrier has promised to deliver a service that would upend the television industry, but that high bar has made it hard to get the project done this year, people close to the situation said.
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This Ex-NASA Engineer Is Putting an End to Package Theft - One Glitter Bomb at a Time

Most of us know the feeling of having a delivery stolen from our porches too well. We also know the feeling of wanting the thieves who ran off with our packages to at least face some sort of consequences. That desire for revenge is what inspired former NASA engineer Mark Rober's latest passion project. After being told by police earlier this year that not much could be done about a few packages that were stolen from his doorstep, Rober decided to take matters into his own hands by creating a...
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Facebook defends allowing third parties access to user messages

In a new blog post, Facebook VP of Product Partnerships Ime Archibong addressed the company’s latest user privacy controversy. The rebuttal is the second round of Facebook’s push back against Tuesday’s report by the New York Times detailing some of Facebook’s special partnerships and extensive data sharing with major tech players. In the new post, Archibong specifically argues that Facebook never allowed its partners to access private Facebook messages without a user’s permission. While Faceb...
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Giant Trap Deployed To Catch Plastic Littering the Pacific Ocean Isn't Working

In September, a nonprofit deployed a multimillion-dollar floating structure designed to corral plastic debris littering the Pacific Ocean. But, according to CBS News, the 2,000-foot-long structure hasn't picked up any plastic waste. Slashdot reader pgmrdlm shares the report: A floating device sent to corral a swirling island of trash in the Pacific Ocean between California and Hawaii has not swept up any plastic waste. But the young innovator behind the project said Monday that a fix was in the ...
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Macaulay Culkin reimagines 'Home Alone' with help of Google Assistant

Macaulay Culkin reprised his role as Kevin McAllister from the 1990 holiday classic for the Google Assistant ad.
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MoviePass Films Somehow Scores Three-Picture Deal With Bruce Willis

MoviePass, the e-ticketing company that has spent most of the last year in a slow-motion catastrophic meltdown, has somehow sucked Bruce Willis into a three-picture deal with its production company, Deadline reported this week.Read more...
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The Destroyed Collection of the National Museum of Brazil Resurrected Online

In 2016, the National Museum of Brazil in Rio de Janeiro started working with Google Arts & Culture to make their collection available online. In September 2018, a devastating fire at the museum destroyed an estimated 20 million pieces, from one-of-a-kind artworks to archeological artifacts. Now Google is hosting an online exhibition of the museum’s collection where you can virtually explore the pre-fire museum in a Street View interface. The artifacts pictured here are, from top to botto...
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Elon Musk Unveils 1.14-Mile Boring Company Tunnel

Last night, Elon Musk unveiled his vision of a high-speed tunnel system he believes could ease congestion and revolutionize how millions of commuters get around cities. CNBC reports: Musk, who founded the Boring Co. two years ago after complaining that traffic in Los Angeles was driving him "nuts," says the demonstration tunnel cost approximately $10 million to complete. Engineers and workers have been boring the 1.14-mile-long tunnel underneath one of the main streets in Hawthorne, California. ...
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Click: Gaming in 2019

Marc Cieslak looks ahead to some of the video games that will be making news in 2019.
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Square Roots is bringing more transparency to its produce

If you’re concerned about what you eat, there’s a good chance you’ve looked at the food in the supermarket, or in your fridge, and wondered where it actually comes from. Now urban farming incubator Square Roots is introducing a new way for you to check full history of the produce that you’re about to purchase. To do so, you just scan the QR code or type in the lot number that the company says will be included in the packaging of all its produce moving forward. Either way, you’ll be taken to to w...
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Apple Admits the New iPad Could Be Prone to Bending

Remember when Zack Nelson from JerryRigEverything got everyone worked up into a tizzy after he bent an iPad Pro in half with his bare hands and mused whether Apple’s new tablet might be a little weak? Well, it seems he may have been onto something.Read more...
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Researchers Use AI To Map Every Solar Panel In the US

An anonymous reader quotes a report from CNET: There are about 1.47 million individual solar panel installations in the US. That number comes courtesy of an artificial intelligence system developed by researchers at Stanford University. The system is outlined in a study released Wednesday that describes how the AI setup analyzed satellite photos to figure out how widespread solar panel usage is. The report, called "DeepSolar: A Machine Learning Framework to Efficiently Construct a Solar Deployme...
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Which video games will be big in 2019?

Marc Cieslak looks ahead to some of the video games that will be making news in 2019.
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The LibreRouter project aims to make mesh networks simple and affordable

In the city, we’re constantly saturated with the radio waves from 10 or 20 different routers, cell towers and other wireless infrastructure. But in rural communities there might only be one internet connection for a whole village. LibreRouter is a hardware and software project that looks to let those communities build their own modern, robust mesh networks to make the most of their limited connectivity. The intended use case is in situations where, say, a satellite or wired connection terminates...
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Macaulay Culkin revisits 'Home Alone'

Macaulay Culkin updates "Home Alone," this time in an ad for Google Home. But he isn't the first celebrity to bring back a beloved character for a commercial.
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This Elon Musk Interstellar parody is the weirdest thing you’ll see all day

After leaving Elon Musk’s big Boring Company test tunnel reveal Tuesday night, TechCrunch stumbled upon a gem that only the interwebs can provide. And because farting Teslas and an “entirely new system of transport,” just wasn’t enough for the last 24-hour Elon Musk news cycle, TechCrunch is sharing what it found. To be clear, this is a parody video. Elon Musk did not star in the movie Interstellar. The video’s creator, who goes by @KaziooFX on Twitter, didn’t use AI or neural nets to create ...
Tags: Transportation, Spacex, Elon Musk, Matthew Mcconaughey, Tech, Automotive, Musk, Joe Rogan, Boring Company, The Boring Company, Elon Musk Interstellar, Kazioo

15 Best-Selling Beauty Products To Pick Up On Your Next CVS Run

Anytime we enter a drugstore, we're on a mission. Whether it's picking up a prescription or restocking on toothpaste, we've got one goal in mind. But somehow we always find ourselves in the beauty aisle looking at the newest products or checking out what's on sale. Oh, two body lotions for the price of one? Count me in. That's how we inevitably end up with a shopping basket full of mascara, lipsticks, and that on-sale body lotion — with the prescription buried underneath.Well, to close out the ...
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Digital Engagement Ain’t Easy: Predictions for Hotel and Social Media Marketing Trends in 2019

Do your Hotel find that Digital Engagement Ain’t Easy? Here are predictions for Hotel and Social Media Marketing Trends in 2019 that will help get a better grip on this challenge. In the next couple of years Hotels is facing some major shifts, and also start to prepare for the next disruption. The trends that will impact Hotels will cover three primary areas; Operation Security Platform Hire for Attitude – Train for Skills Many Hotels have it backward today. They hire the right skill set bu...
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Microsoft, Amazon respond to Facebook privacy concerns

Microsoft said it took steps to make sure it was respecting user privacy when using Facebook data. Amazon said it uses information in accordance with its privacy policy.
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Apple Tweaks iOS Animation In China In Attempt To Avoid Sales Ban

Apple released a tiny update to iOS this week designed to avoid a sales ban in China. iOS version 12.1.2 contains software changes exclusive to China that are designed to circumvent Apple's patent dispute with Qualcomm, which won an initial sales ban over claims that Apple violated a pair of its patents. The Verge reports: The update changes the animation for when an app is forced to close, according to MacRumors, seemingly avoiding a Qualcomm patent around app management. Previously a closed ap...
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