Breakthrough Ultrasound Treatment To Reverse Dementia Moves To Human Trials

An anonymous reader quotes a report from New Atlas: An extraordinarily promising new technique using ultrasound to clear the toxic protein clumps thought to cause dementia and Alzheimer's disease is moving to the first phase of human trials next year. The innovative treatment has proven successful across several animal tests and presents an exciting, drug-free way to potentially battle dementia. The ultrasound treatment was first developed back in 2015 at the University of Queensland. The initia...
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IBM Africa and Hello Tractor pilot AI/blockchain agtech platform

Jake Bright Contributor Jake Bright is a writer and author in New York City. He is co-author of The Next Africa. More posts by this contributor Africa Roundup: Terragon’s Asia acquisition, Twiga Foods’ $10M raise, SimbaPay’s China payment service Nigerian logistics startup Kobo360 raises $6M, expands in Africa IBM Research and agtech startup Hello Tractor have developed an AI and blockchain-driven platform for Africa’s farmers. ...
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#Untitled - 21 Dec 2018

As I write this, its 9 AM at a residential area (Thane).I am here to meet a friend and hoping to get some homeopathy treatment for whatever ails me (which is I dont know what, except Lichen Planus and a suspect pain in my balls - this could, if I believe Google, be anything ranging from an infection to old age to hernia to those diseases that I dont want to name). As I write this, I feel good. Really good.The kinds that I havent felt in a while.I dont know why.May be because I am a morning perso...
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Chinese company clones celebrity dog and other tech news

BBC Click's Dan Simmons looks at the best of the week's technology news stories.
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Amazon’s huge lead in the smart speaker race is starting to shrink

Smart speakers represent one of the next great battlefronts as the biggest tech giants race to capture new territory in the war for user attention -- and, of course, advertising real estate. And while Amazon has been the far and away market leader in the category for some time, new research shows its dominance appears to be eroding. The latest forecast from eMarketer predicts that next year, the user base for Amazon's line of Echo speakers will for the first time slip to less than two-third...
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What is AWS? – An Introduction to Amazon Web Services

  Source: Not everyone realizes just how much of their day to day activities depends on cloud-based services. It’s not just internet email and social media but chances are the applications you use at your workplace are stored in Read more… The post What is AWS? – An Introduction to Amazon Web Services appeared first on TechRecur: Latest Telecom Media & Technology News, Trends, Analysis, Press Releases.
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Amazon's Grocery Push Keeps Stumbling After Whole Foods Purchase

Bloomberg reports that Amazon is struggling in the $840 billion grocery market, more than a year after it spoked the industry with the $13.7 billion acquisition of Whole Foods last year. "The number of Amazon Prime members who shop for groceries at least once a month declined in 2018 compared with 2017, according to the results of an annual consumer survey released Wednesday by UBS analysts," the report says. "The drop was surprising given the company's Whole Foods investment and expansion of tw...
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Uber Resumes Testing Self-Driving Cars Nine Months After Deadly Crash

Nine months after an Uber self-driving car struck and killed pedestrian Elaine Herzberg in Tempe, Arizona, Uber has decided that it's time to resume testing its self-driving cars on public roads. The company received a letter from Pennsylvania's Department of Transportation authorizing it to restart its program, although it will be massively scaled back from the one it had last year. The Verge reports: For the time being, Uber's self-driving Volvo SUVs will be confined to a one-mile loop around ...
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This New Space is Using Design to Humanize the Anxiety-Provoking Therapy Experience

Many people gravitate towards therapy during times of crisis, so why are most therapy offices loud, awkward and uncomfortable? This is something I've experienced personally when I tried out therapy in college. My therapist's office was filled with stark white walls, office furniture, obnoxious sound machines and plenty of awkward encounters with other patients throughout the journey. Granted this was a college medical center, but that doesn't mean it was an acceptable experience. After my second...
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Thousands forced to spend night at airport as chaos continues – as it happened

Karl Turner, the shadow aviation minister, said regulations around drones are not tight enough and has called for wider exclusion zone following the travel disruption which has led to 657 flights being cancelled.This live blog is closed. Gatwick airport reopens - live 2.47am GMT Hi everyone, we’re going to close down this blog. I will be back with a fresh blog following the developments at Gatwick in a few hours, which we will run throughout Friday, so see you all soon. 2.20am GMT In ca...
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Facebook Is Developing a Cryptocurrency for WhatsApp Transfers; Will start with Remittance market in India

Facebook is developing a stablecoin — a type of digital currency pegged to the U.S. dollar — to minimize volatility, said the people, who asked not to be identified discussing internal plans. Facebook is far from releasing the coin, because it’s still working on  the strategy, including a plan for custody assets, or regular currencies […]The post Facebook Is Developing a Cryptocurrency for WhatsApp Transfers; Will start with Remittance market in India appeared first on NextBigWhat..
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‘It’s complicated’: Facebook users’ fraught relationship with social giant

Social media was supposed to bring people together. But amid a steady stream of allegations against Facebook and calls to quit the platform, many users are finding themselves more trapped than connected.
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How to break up with Facebook

Facebook can be a good tool for connecting with friends and family. But for some users, that digital connection doesn't outweigh the side effects. Like breaking any habit, cutting back on social media can be a challenge.
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Two Android Apps Used In Combat By US Troops Contained Severe Vulnerabilities

According to a Navy Inspector General report, U.S. military troops used two Android apps that contained severe vulnerabilities in live combat scenarios. "The two apps are named KILSWITCH (Kinetic Integrated Low-Cost Software Integrated Tactical Combat Handheld) and APASS (Android Precision Assault Strike Suite)," reports ZDNet. From the report: Both apps work by showing satellite imagery of surroundings, including objectives, mission goals, nearby enemy and friendly forces. The two apps work as ...
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Facebook contractors faced Christmas ultimatum: accept wage offer or lose jobs

Dispute between subcontracting firm and workers demanding better conditions has prompted protest inside FacebookAfter 20 Facebook subcontractors demanded better working conditions, they were told to accept a counter-offer from their company by Friday afternoon – or lose their jobs.The labor dispute has prompted internal protest by some full-time Facebook employees (FTEs), who have been sharing updates on the situation on the company’s internal version of Facebook, known as Workplace, according t...
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Google Cloud is acquiring a research startup founded by some of the top names in DevOps (GOOGL, GOOG)

A startup called DevOps Research and Assessment (DORA) announced Thursday that it has been acquired by Google Cloud. DevOps, a term that combines development and operations, is a concept that has spread quickly within companies and startups as a way to build more software, faster.  DORA was founded by some of the top names in DevOps — experts who helped develop some of the concepts involved. Google is investing further in "DevOps," a very Silicon Valley term for a software engineering philos...
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At Blind, a security lapse revealed private complaints from Silicon Valley employees

Thousands of people trusted Blind, an app-based “anonymous social network,” as a safe way to reveal malfeasance, wrongdoing and improper conduct at their companies. But Blind left one of its database servers exposed without a password for more than a month, making it possible for anyone who knew where to look to access each user’s account information and identify would-be whistleblowers. The South Korea-founded company made its way into the U.S. in 2015, when it quickly became a highly popular a...
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The PIQO projector fits a home theater in your pocket

I’ll let you in on a little secret. People who watch Netflix or stream full-length movies on their tiny mobile phone screens are more likely to be psychopaths. This isn’t a scientific study, this is just one of those things like putting milk first and cereal after. There’s a universal standard to preparing cereal, Sharon, and it’s clearly by putting the flakes first and adding the milk later. Similarly, the only acceptable way to watch movies and TV series is on a large screen, and not a 6-inc...
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Entertaining Oneself On One’s Travels

What should you bring with you when traveling? Joe Brancatelli asked several travel writers to discuss what books, music and video they take with them on the road. Here’s our response, and rather than giving you any favorites, we’ve chosen to answer “everything”, and explain, below, why and how. The last few decades have seen extraordinary developments when it comes to in-flight entertainment.  The first ever in-flight movie was shown on a demonstration flight around Chicago in 1921, and then f...
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4 fitness tech trends you can expect to see in 2019

For a tech founder, working in the industry of health and fitness is extremely challenging — but the rewards far outweigh the difficulties. It’s not a place where easy money is made, but it’s one where you can influence the lives of so many people and change them for the better. Nevertheless, fitness tech startups attracted only $2.4 billion in funding from 2013 to 2017, while the global health-tech market is projected to reach more than $140 billion this year. Speaking about trends in this indu...
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FBI Shuts Down 15 DDoS-For-Hire Sites

The FBI has shut down the domains of 15 high-profile distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) websites. "Several seizure warrants granted by a California federal judge went into effect Thursday, removing several of these 'border' or 'stresser' sites off the internet 'as part of coordinated law enforcement action taken against illegal DDoS-for-hire services,'" reports TechCrunch. "The orders were granted under federal seizure laws, and the domains were replaced with a federal notice." From the report...
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Following Sale of Haiku Deck, Adam Tratt Reflects on Startup Life

The idea for Haiku Deck, a Seattle startup that makes software for putting together short, image-heavy presentations, only came about after its founders’ original plan to build a development shop for social network games failed to gain sufficient traction.Now, years later, Haiku Deck co-founders Adam Tratt and Kevin Leneway’s decision to switch to developing slideshow-building tools looks to have been a savvy one. This week, Tratt announced that BookRags, a Seattle company which provides online...
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To stop terror content online, tech companies need to work together

Wherever we live, whatever our background, we’ve all seen the pain caused by senseless acts of terrorism. Just last week, the tragic murder of Christmas shoppers in Strasbourg was a sobering reminder that terrorist attacks can happen at any time.What is clear from such attacks is that we all—government, industry, and civil society—have to remain vigilant and work together to address this continuing threat. While governments and civil society groups face a complex challenge in deterring terrorist...
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Defense Secretary James Mattis steps down

The man who led the Department of Defense for the first two years of the Trump administration will wrap up his tenure early next year. Retired Marine General James Mattis will leave his post by February 28, 2019. Mattis, who retired from the Marine Corps in 2013, received a special congressional waiver to serve as defense secretary. President Trump characteristically announced the retirement in a pair of tweets, followed by a full resignation letter from Mattis. Defense Secretary James Mattis...
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Apple To Pull Some iPhones In Germany Following Ruling In Qualcomm Patent Case

"Qualcomm was granted a second injunction against Apple on Thursday, banning it from selling some iPhone models in Germany that use chips from Intel and parts from another supplier, Qorvo," reports CNBC. This is the second major win for Qualcomm against Apple after a Chinese court granted an injunction against Apple for an alleged patent violation on Dec. 10." From the report: In a statement, Apple said it plans to appeal the ruling. Under this condition, Judge Matthias Zigann told the court ear...
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Australian Court Orders ISPs To Block 181 'Pirate' Domains, Including Subtitle Sites

An anonymous reader quotes a report from TorrentFreak: This week the Federal Court has issued the largest pirate site blocking injunction thus far in Australia, judging by the number of targeted sites. The case in question was filed by Village Roadshow, Disney, Twentieth Century Fox, Paramount, Columbia, Universal, Warner, and others, targeting 78 pirate "locations." The list of targets includes IPTorrents, BT-Scene, Fmovies, Putlocker, RuTracker, KissAnime, NYAA, Torrentday, YIFY-movies and var...
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FCC fines Swarm $900,000 for unauthorized satellite launch

Swarm Technologies Inc will pay a $900,000 fine for launching and operating four small experimental communications satellites that risked "satellite collisions" and threatened "critical commercial and government satellite operations," the Federal Communications Commission said on Thursday. The California-based start-up founded by former Google and Apple engineers in 2016 also agreed to enhanced FCC oversight and a requirement of pre-launch notices to the FCC for three years. Swarm launched the...
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Apple yanks iPhones from sale in Germany – and maybe China, too – amid Qualcomm spat

Courts crack down on Cupertino idiot-tax operation as tech patent war explodes The iPhone has been removed from sale in Germany after a Munich court issued an injunction against Apple amid its ongoing patent fight with Qualcomm.…
Tags: Apple, China, Germany, Software, Munich, Cupertino, Qualcomm

Apple yanks iPhone from sale in Germany – and maybe China soon, too – amid Qualcomm spat

Courts crack down on Cupertino idiot-tax operation as tech patent war explodes The iPhone has been removed from sale in Germany after a Munich court issued an injunction against Apple amid its ongoing patent fight with Qualcomm.…
Tags: Apple, China, Germany, Software, Munich, Cupertino, Qualcomm

China Hacked HPE, IBM and Then Attacked Clients, Report Finds

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Reuters: Hackers working on behalf of China's Ministry of State Security breached the networks of Hewlett Packard Enterprise and IBM, then used the access to hack into their clients' computers, according to five sources familiar with the attacks. The attacks were part of a Chinese campaign known as Cloudhopper, which the United States and Britain on Thursday said infected technology service providers in order to steal secrets from their clients. While cyb...
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