Travel News: December 27, 2018

Shutdown affects national parks unevenly Travel Weekly The partial federal government shutdown, now in its fifth day, has affected national parks unevenly, some still accessible with bare-bones staffing levels, some operating with money from states or charitable groups, and others locked off. Arizona and Utah officials implemented plans to keep open Grand Canyon, Zion, Arches, Bryce Canyon and Zion national parks and provide services such as public restrooms, shuttles and trash collection. Conc...
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Human censorship and legal bloggers

There’s going to come a day when there will be a need to police the speech of legal bloggers. Not across the Internet in entirety, but by a company or organization hosting or syndicating legal blogs. Could be LexBlog. Censorship of legal bloggers has not been a big topic of concern among the legal blogosphere. Sadly, most legal bloggers are afraid to offend anyone, though we have seen a few get bounced off Twitter for a bit, I suspect out of machines doing automatic takedowns.  With lega...
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Why Trying to Get Google Traffic May Hurt Your Blog

Obsessing over THINGS forces you to miss out on HUMAN BEINGS. I never would have met and befriended Mike Allton, Alonzo Pichardo, Vishwajeet Kumar or Jan Verhoeff if I obsessed over the thing known as Google. Google is a thing. Google is an inanimate object. Google cannot do anything. Human beings drive Google. Humans created […] The post Why Trying to Get Google Traffic May Hurt Your Blog appeared first on Blogging Tips.
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Faster patents for women, startups: DIPP

The government has proposed to fast-track patent applications from women and small businesses in its latest bid to encourage innovation from new category of innovators. DIPP has floated draft rules to amend the Patent Rules, 2003 and extend the facility to other groups, including Indian women as part of a policy to encourage innovation and […]The post Faster patents for women, startups: DIPP appeared first on NextBigWhat..
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YouTube Responds After Failing to Credit Video From One of Its Own Creators in Tweet

YouTube appears to have found itself in hot water after it lifted an uncredited video from one of its creators and used part of the video for its own Christmas content on Twitter.Read more...
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In Blow to Amazon and Walmart, India Bans a Key Part of Their Business Strategy

The Indian government sent a strong screw you to Amazon and the Walmart-owned Flipkart on Wednesday, banning e-commerce companies from selling products from companies that they have an equity interest in or “entering into exclusive agreements with sellers,” CNBC reported.Read more...
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What to Look for When Purchasing a Wi-Fi Router

You will likely find wireless routers everywhere you look – in every apartment, house, business and even that sketchy van that is always packed by... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
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League of Legend- Nidalee's Spear

I don’t play League of Legends but I enjoy making things. This one is for Nidalee’s spear. The instructions for the other parts of the costume will be in a separate Instructable. Some points to keep in mind before starting:Research is the first step as usual, and I used pictures from Google and Inst...By: TiffanyT70Continue Reading » [Author: TiffanyT70]
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10 top questions you had for Dr. Google in 2018

People were curious about the keto diet, ALS and endometriosis in 2018.
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A Man Spent $5,000 of His Own Money To Put Zimbabwe on Street View

Zimbabwe is too far for many people to visit, but 37-year-old Tawanda Kanhema grew up there before moving to the United States. Thanks to Kanhema, though, you'll soon be able to play virtual tourist, thanks to his work and the magic of Google Street View. From a report: Kanhema, who left the country to study journalism and documentary film-making at the University of California, Berkeley, spent two weeks back in Zimbabwe shooting the sights and sounds of the coolest places. Areas he covered inc...
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Longtime Apple analyst Gene Munster thinks the iPhone maker will reclaim its crown as the best tech stock in 2019. Here's why (AAPL, FB, AMZN, NFLX, GOOGL)

Next year should be a good one for Apple's stock, said Gene Munster, a managing partner at Loup Ventures. The company's shares should outperform its peers among the most widely watched big tech companies, said Munster, a longtime Apple analyst. The changes the company is making to its financial reporting, and a new upgrade in wireless technology, should help boost its stock, he said. This year had been a tough one for Apple. But things could get a whole lot better for the company in 2019. App...
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Google's Hardware Ambitions Are Starting to Pay Off

The search giant is expected to enjoy $3 billion in hardware profits this year.
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Questions the world asked Google in 2018

From Prince Harry's age to the floss, can Washington DC tackle some of the year's most searched questions?
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NZX opens in the green after record US surge

The NZX50 was up 0.48 per cent in early trading following a record-breaking session on Wall Street overnight.Tech stocks were the biggest gainers, albeit on light trading - even by post-Christmas standards. Scott Technologies was... [Author: [email protected]]
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Samsung TVs are reportedly getting Google Assistant in 2019

Voice assistants aren't just for speakers anymore. Reports suggest Samsung's upcoming line of televisions for 2019 could include the Google Assistant built into the device, giving users voice control over the TV. The post Samsung TVs are reportedly getting Google Assistant in 2019 appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Report: Washington Redskins Killed Stadium Wifi Deal With Huawei Over Security Concerns

The Washington Redskins axed a deal in 2014 with Chinese tech giant Huawei to provide free wifi at games near the nation’s capital after being warned that the company could pose a cybersecurity threat, the Wall Street Journal reported on Wednesday, citing a source familiar with the matter.Read more...
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Now’s the time to bridge the gap between female health and technology

I recently watched a stand-up show in which comedian Michelle Wolf made a cunning observation: “It’s our fault we’re not further along in period technology, because we’re ok that our best solution is a rolled-up piece of cotton.” Whether it really is women’s fault is debatable, but she does make a valid point. You would assume for a problem that affects half of the world’s population every month, we would have come up with something a little more innovative by now. Yet only little progress has b...
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'Doomba' Will Turn Your Roomba Into a Doom Hellscape Generator

The Roomba’s most sinister-sounding feature—recording maps of your home that iRobot CEO Colin Angle swears he will totally never sell to advertisers—can now be used for more overtly hellish purposes thanks to Doomba, a tool that converts Roomba maps for use in the 1993 shooter Doom.Read more...
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Focusmate: Watched over while I worked from home

An online service pairs homeworkers together to encourage them not to slack off.
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This Right Here Is an Incredibly Annoying Thing About Android

Everything to love about Android, there is still one deeply annoying problem. One that can be so annoying it could make you swear off the OS altogether. It takes forever for the Google’s OS updates to trickle down to products manufactured by companies like Samsung, OnePlus, and Huawei. So while Samsung S9 and OnePlus…Read more...
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Colin O'Brady Completes Historic Antarctic Crossing

The final miles of a nearly two-month race across Antarctica -- a lonely effort marked by long days, short nights and stunning endurance -- ended Wednesday with a sprint to the finish. From a report: Adventurer Colin O'Brady on Wednesday accomplished what he had dubbed "the Impossible First," becoming the first person to complete a solo, unsupported crossing of Antarctica. With a push of 32 hours after leaving his last camp on Christmas morning, the 33-year-old American reached the edge of the ...
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A top tech analyst is betting on a rebound, not a recession, and says these stocks are his best bets after the market's correction (AMZN, FB, GOOGL, ATVI, TTWO)

The volatile stock markets likely have investors on edge. Many are worried that a recession is imminent. But Colin Sebastian, an analyst with Baird Equity Research, is optimistic that the recent sell-off in the markets represents just a correction, not a sign of an economic downturn. If so, that could be a good sign for tech stocks; they've tended to post strong gains in rebounds after corrections, according to Sebastian's data. But some stocks have done better than others, and Sebastian has t...
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Fortnite players report queue issues as Epic experiences a ‘minor service outage’

Epic Games is having its own Christmas hangover. On Wednesday, a number of Fortnite players reported long queues that time out and problems logging in to Fortnite’s servers. The company is aware of the issue and tweeted that it’s investigating the cause behind the outage that some users are running into when they try to log in. We are investigating an issue causing some players to encounter a problem with game services and when attempting to log in. — Fortnite (@For...
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'Two Years Later, I Still Miss the Headphone Port'

An anonymous reader shares a column: I've been trying to figure out why the removal of the headphone port bugs me more than other ports that have been unceremoniously killed off, and I think it's because the headphone port almost always only made me happy. Using the headphone port meant listening to my favorite album, or using a free minute to catch the latest episode of a show, or passing an earbud to a friend to share some new tune. It enabled happy moments and never got in the way. Now ever...
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How to Schedule Text Messages on Android

Whether you have friends or family members who work and live different schedules than you, or you find yourself sending more “happy belated birthday” messages than you’d like, having the ability to schedule text messages ahead of time is an incredibly useful feature.Read more...
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perpetual beta 2018

The great thing about a blog is that it gives a view of my thinking and how it has progressed or changed over time. This year marked 15 years of freelancing and one new initiative was the perpetual beta coffee club — a community of professionals focused on work & learning in the network era — which now numbers over 50 members. A community is not a network and I am seeing more demand for safe community spaces online. Our community of practice has become a place to share ideas and have deeper conv...
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Setting Goals: Why It’s Important to Do It Now

I still remember the day I decided I wanted to make a living out of public speaking. It was a dream that, at the time, I thought could never be achieved. As a young, 18-year-old college freshman, I had no idea where I needed to go – let alone where to begin. So I did what every good millennial does and conferred with the all-knowing Google where I found tons of resources to help me navigate the industry. The most useful of all those resources was an article I read about the importance of setting...
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Let your new Roomba build a Doom level of your house with DOOMBA

Some of you out there may be lucky enough to have received over the holidays a fancy new robot vacuum. Turns out it’s even more useful than you’d think: in addition to cleaning your home, it can scan its surroundings and produce a Doom level of your home! Just the right thing to ring in the new year: Hell on Earth. It’s not an official iRobot feature, unfortunately, but rather a hack put together by veteran game engineer Rich Whitehouse. He noticed that Roombas were actually putting together ...
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After years of resistance, Porsche is now open to offering Android Auto

Porsche has never offered a car with Android Auto compatibility. The company offers Apple CarPlay because research has shown a majority of its customers use an Apple device. Now, Porsche could soon offer Android Auto. The post After years of resistance, Porsche is now open to offering Android Auto appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Battered Apple Poised to Lead FAANGs in 2019, Munster Says

Apple will be rewarded in the coming year as investors focus more on revenue and earnings growth rather than iPhone unit sales, said Loup Ventures’ Munster, who has covered the company for more than a decade. With a few days to go in 2018, Apple is the second-worst performer in the group of large-cap internet and technology stocks. It’s been a year that saw the iPhone maker become the first to reach a $1 trillion market capitalization and then lose its crown as the world’s most valuable compan...
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