7 Ways To Improve Your Travel Experience in 2019

It’s the start of a new year and many of us are busy checking out our calendars, planning our adventures for the year. Whether it’s a brief trip or two close to home or an epic jaunt around the world, many of us will travel in 2019, but along the way we will also make plenty of mistakes. That’s ok; travel is about making mistakes and learning from them. It’s what makes us better people. However, there are a few simple ways you can improve your next trip, and I don’t mean just by avoiding common...
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Netflix’s ‘Roma’ wins Golden Globes for best director and foreign language film

It might be strange to imagine now, but it was only a few years ago when the presence of Netflix, Hulu, and other streaming platforms at major award shows was considered disruptive. Today’s Golden Globes showed how formidable streaming platforms have become, with Netflix’s “Roma” winning the awards for best foreign language film and best director, strong harbingers for success at next month’s Academy Awards (“Roma” previously won the Golden Lion, the Venice Film Festival’s highest honor). Wr...
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The Pursuit Of Happiness: Never Stop Learning

You're reading The Pursuit Of Happiness: Never Stop Learning, originally posted on Pick the Brain | Motivation and Self Improvement. If you're enjoying this, please visit our site for more inspirational articles. Humans never stop learning throughout their entire life. Constantly widening your field of knowledge is going to make your life more fulfilling and healthier. These days, getting intoxicated with unnecessary information via social networks and the internet is almost inevitable. That...
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Nura brings its adaptive headphone tech to bluetooth earbuds

I really dug the Nuraphones. A lot. In fact, I was so impressed with the headphones’ adaptive noise technology I ended up putting them on my of the year list back in 2017. As such, I was pretty psyched to seen the Australian startup back at CES with a followup. The NuraLoop are the next logical step for the company, putting that technology into a pair of earbuds. It makes sense, really — the original headphones had earbuds positioned inside a pair of on-ear headphones. But the buds were real...
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Ellcie’s glasses know if you’re falling asleep while driving

It’s no pee-detecting wearable, but Ellcie’s glasses could be a life saver. The glasses feature 15 sensors designed to determine whether the wearer is falling asleep. I got a quick demo today and CES and was fairly impressed with the technology’s responsiveness. It detects a number of different factors, including head nods, eye blinks and even yawns. When the system detects one of the above, it sends an a level of alert, depending on how far gone you are. That involves some combination of flashe...
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Netflix’s ‘Roma’ wins Golden Globe for best director and foreign language film

It might be strange to imagine now, but it was only a few years ago when the presence of Netflix, Hulu, and other streaming platforms at major award shows was considered disruptive. Today’s Golden Globes showed how formidable streaming platforms have become, with Netflix’s “Roma” winning the awards for best foreign language film and best director, strong harbingers for success at next month’s Academy Awards (“Roma” previously won the Golden Lion, the Venice Film Festival’s highest honor). Wr...
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UrgoNight is a wearable headband that wants to help you sleep better

Getting a good night’s sleep is a universal desire for the human race. At the Consumer Electronics Show today, UrgoNight showed off its non-invasive solution to train your brain to sleep better. It’s designed to teach your brain to sleep better using electroencephalogram (EEG) measurements and app-based brain exercises. UrgoNight requires you to wear the device for 20 minutes a day, three times a week for three months. It uses positive feedback to show you what brain processes and mental activit...
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Apple inks deal with Samsung to distribute iTunes shows on TVs

Samsung Electronics Co Ltd said Sunday that it will add an app to its smart televisions in the coming months to let owners watch content bought on Apple Inc's iTunes service, a possible first sign Apple is looking to distribute its forthcoming television service on devices made by others.
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Ledger announces next-generation cryptocurrency hardware wallet

French startup Ledger unveiled its new hardware wallet to manage your cryptocurrencies. The Ledger Nano X is a Bluetooth-enabled wallet, which means that you’ll be able to send and receive tokens from your phone. The previous version of the device required you to plug the key to your computer using a microUSB cable in order to execute an order. Switching to Bluetooth and opening it up to smartphones is the next logical step. Ledger is going to launch a full-fledged mobile app called Ledger Li...
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Sphero's Sensor Ring Turns Everything Into an Instrument For Fidgety Finger Tappers

Hello. My name is Andrew Liszewski, and I’m an incessant finger tapper. Almost anything in reach can become an impromptu drum kit when I’m burning off nervous tension. It’s often incredibly annoying to those unfortunate enough to be in earshot, but soon my anxious behaviors could yield a future hit on the club scene…Read more...
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Saudi Arabia Will Now Notify Women by Text If They've Been Divorced

Women in Saudi Arabia—who have long been subjected to a litany of misogynistic restrictions on their behavior, including totalitarian male guardianship laws—will soon receive text messages to inform them of changes to their marital status as part of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s “reforms” of the country’s…Read more...
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D Free knows when it’s time to pee

Just when you think you’ve seen every kind of wearable there is to see, the D Free comes along in all it its urinary glory. The little plastic sensor attaches to your belly, with a little gel and some medical tape. Once attached, the system uses ultrasound to determine how full your bladder is. It then sends that information wirelessly to a connected smartphone, showing you the capacity on a scale of 1 to 10. So, why, precisely would one need that information, when our bodies are fine-tun...
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Watch Nvidia’s CES press conference live right here

Nvidia is holding its CES press conference today at 8 PM Pacific, 11 PM Eastern. The company will talk about self-driving cars and all things GPUs. It’s a great way to see what’s ahead for Nvidia. We’ll have a team on the ground, so you should also check out our full CES coverage.
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Netatmo announces HomeKit doorbell that doesn’t require a subscription

Netatmo is announcing its first new product following its acquisition by Legrand — and it’s a connected doorbell. The company says that it is the first Apple HomeKit compatible doorbell but other companies could still beat Netatmo by releasing their product sooner. If you’ve been thinking about getting a connected doorbell, the main issue is that Ring, August and other brands require a subscription to store video footage and more advanced feature. Netatmo doesn’t want to get in the subscripti...
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Apple Addresses 2018 iPad Pro 'Bending' Controversy, Says Subtle Deviations May Be More Visible Due to New Design (mac rumors)

Apple yesterday posted a support document addressing the 2018 iPad Pro bending snafu that's been circulating around the internet over the course of the last couple of weeks. Image via MacRumors reader Bwrin1 In the document, Apple describes the new design of the unibody enclosure of the device and how cellular models use a new co-molding process to create the antenna bands in the chassis.To provide optimal cellular performance, small vertical bands or “splits” in the sides of the iPad allow ...
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Sphero’s Specdrums music kit ships January 15

Over the summer, Sphero acquired Colorado-educational music startup, Specdrums. The news arrived at a transitional time for the company, which was undergoing substantial growing pains as its line of licensed Disney products failed to catch fire. Today at CES, the Boulder-based company is finally ready to share the first fruits of that acqusition. After debuting tonight in Vegas, the relaunched Specdrums will be available from Sphero’s site, starting tomorrow. The kit is designed to teach k...
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Withings’ new watch will offer the same game-changing ECG feature as Apple’s latest

At CES this week, French consumer electronics company Withings is set to show off its forthcoming Withings Move ECG, a product it bills as the first analog watch to offer the same game-changing feature for which Apple’s newest Watch Series 4 attracted so much attention and headlines when it was unveiled. It’s right there in the name of the new Withings’ device - the ability to take eletrocardiogram (ECG) readings on-demand, which will let people presumably do a better job of monitoring their car...
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CES 2019: The Willow 2.0 breast pump lets women live their lives while they pump

At CES 2019, Willow unveiled its second-gen mobile-connected breast pump, aimed at helping women continue living their lives while still being able to pump. The pump fits inside a mom's regular bra. The post CES 2019: The Willow 2.0 breast pump lets women live their lives while they pump appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Withings promises an extensive at-home health solution for $250

Withings had a weird couple of years. The company was acquired by Nokia, only to be abandoned and launch again as its own brand late last year. It was a welcome return for a solid   brand in the health space that was cut down too early. Until now, the reborn company’s releases have largely relegated to upgrades of existing lines. The BPM Core, on the other hand, looks to be one Withings’ most ambitious product offerings to date. The product combines three key pieces of cardiovascular health ...
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Withings brings EKG readings to its hybrid smartwatch

When Apple added EKG to the Apple Watch for the Series 4, you knew it was only a matter of time before the rest of the industry followed suit. This, however, is a bit of a surprise. The recently resurrected Withings just announced that it will be bringing the heart monitoring tech to its line of hybrid smartwatch. The company says the Move ECG is “the world’s first analog watch to record an electrocardiogram (on-demand), and I’m not sure anyone can really refute that claim. The watch feature...
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Lenovo's Chairman Says Worst is Over For PC Giant

It has taken almost four years but China's Lenovo Group has begun to see some rewards from the multibillion dollar acquisitions of IBM's commodity server business and Google's Motorola Mobility smartphone unit, with the company recently regaining the crown from HP as the world's biggest personal computer (PC) maker. From a report: The company in November posted a third, straight quarter of profit growth as its Motorola business broke even operationally and as its data centre unit posted much-re...
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LG’s capsule-based beer maker will test your patience

LG unveiled the LG HomeBrew a few weeks ahead of CES. I’ve seen the device today, and it looks like a gigantic, inconvenient machine. It’s hard to grasp the size of the device based on photos, but it’s as big as a full-size espresso machine. You’ll need a big counter in your kitchen. But that’s not the issue. The system uses a set of capsules. There’s a big tube-shaped malt capsule and three tiny Nespresso-shaped capsules for yeast, hop oil and flavoring. All these capsules come in a single b...
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Byton has added yet another screen to its upcoming all-electric M-Byte SUV

Byton, the China-based electric car startup that made its debut at CES last year, is back to show what the finalized interior of its upcoming M-Byte SUV will look like. The giant 48-inch wraparound digital dashboard screen that received so much attention is staying. And so is the touchscreen drive tablet located at the center of the steering wheel — although its size and design has changed. No, Byton didn’t remove anything. It’s adding more. Byton is adding an 8-inch touch pad between the driver...
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Fitness marketplace ClassPass acquires competitor GuavaPass

ClassPass, the five-year-old fitness marketplace startup with $239 million in financing, is acquiring competitor GuavaPass, which was founded by Rob Pachter and Jeffrey Liu in 2015. ClassPass is in the midst of an expansion sprint, both domestically and internationally. The company is hyper-focused on Asian markets, where GuavaPass had carved out its own place with 75 studio partners across 11 cities, including Abu Dhabi, Bnagkok, Beijing, Dubai, Hong Kong, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Manila, Mumb...
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Samsung Smart TVs Will Support Apple AirPlay 2 and iTunes Videos in Spring 2019

If the late 2018 deal that brought Apple Music to Amazon Echo speakers wasn't surprising enough, Samsung today announced a similar partnership with Apple for 2018 and 2019 Samsung Smart TVs: support for iTunes movies, iTunes TV shows, and AirPlay 2 will be coming in spring 2019. From a report: The deal is all but unprecedented for Apple, which has historically restricted playback of iTunes videos solely to its own devices, including Apple TVs, iPods, iPhones, iPads, and Macs, with no support for...
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WPML is a plugin to build multilingual WordPress websites. It is not free software. I haven’t tested it and I haven’t read anything about it like reviews, but as a note to self since I was into multilanuage websites in the past until I settled on the Google Translator….See side collumn. Light and easy and everybody understands it is a machine translation with errors. I don’t have to be blamed for text as if I did the translation. … The post WPML appeared first on Happy Hotelier.
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Electric car startup Byton on track to complete China factory by May

China-based electric vehicle startup Byton is on track to complete construction of its factory by May, company executives said Sunday at CES 2019 in Las Vegas. The plant is being constructed in Nanjing, China and will have a capacity to produce 300,000 vehicles per year. The main body of the factory, which includes the stamping, painting, welding, assembly and battery, is currently under construction.  Manufacturing equipment in the factory will be supplied by  AIDA Engineering of Japan, and KUK...
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ASUS drops a combo Alexa router/smart speaker for $220

ASUS just announced the first — but surely not the last — combination router/Alexa smart speaker of the show. The Lyra Voice is a pretty decent looking thing — covered in the sort of fabric design that’s become all rage with smart speakers like the Google Home and the latest iteration of the Echo. In fact, the product looks a lot more like a speaker than router, with cones one opposite ends of the oblong device. There’s a pair of eight-watt speakers, which can be used to play music via bluet...
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Vinyl and Cassette Sales Continued To Grow Last Year

Albums sold on vinyl and cassette both saw a growth in sales according to BuzzAngle Music's End-Year Report profiling U.S. music industry consumption for 2018. From a report: Vinyl sales grew by just shy of 12% from 8.6 to 9.7 million sales, while cassette sales grew by almost 19% from 99,400 to 118,200 copies sold in the US, The Verge reported. Sixty-six percent of those vinyl sales were of albums that are more than three years old and feature classic bands like The Beatles, Fleetwood Mac, and ...
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As Apple Shifts Into Services, Its iTunes App Will Be Coming to Samsung Smart TVs

In a move that could signal a major shift in the way it does business, tech giant Apple will make iTunes movie and TV show libraries accessible from 2018 and 2019 smart TVs manufactured by Samsung, the two companies announced on Sunday. The partnership will also result in support for AirPlay 2, which allows users to…Read more...
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