Google officially discontinues Chromecast Audio

Google for a while now has stopped making its Chromecast Audio streaming adapter and going forward, it will instead focus on smart speakers. The company's spokesperson has confirmed that Chromecast Audio is being discontinued.  Google's Chromecast Audio is introduced to bring music streaming to existing stereo systems and speakers with line-in connectivity in 2015. It worked very much like the regular Chromecast, but didn't offer an HDMI port, and only worked with audio apps. The company in 2...
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Man Says CES Lidar's Laser Was So Powerful It Wrecked His Camera

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Ars Technica: A man attending this week's CES show in Las Vegas says that a lidar sensor from startup AEye has permanently damaged the sensor on his $1,998 Sony camera. Earlier this week, roboticist and entrepreneur Jit Ray Chowdhury snapped photos of a car at CES with AEye's lidar units on top. He discovered that every subsequent picture he took was marred by two bright purple spots, with horizontal and vertical lines emanating from them. "I noticed that...
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Elon Musk's rocket company SpaceX cuts one tenth of workforce

Company cites ‘extraordinarily difficult times ahead’ behind decision to slash about 600 employees Elon Musk’s rocket company SpaceX will reduce its workforce by about 10% of the company’s more than 6,000 employees.The company said it will “part ways” with some of its manpower, citing “extraordinarily difficult challenges ahead”. Continue reading...
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Why Small Businesses Need to Ditch SEO Gimmicks for Good

If you take a look at the New Year’s resolutions you made for 2019, they’ll likely contain some financial ones, ones where you plan to have a more profitable year. And, if you are a business owner or work in marketing, consider adding this resolution to your list: “I’m ditching SEO gimmicks for good.” When SEO was new, companies could toss up a piece of content that included word-for-word keywords and reap the benefits. As Google’s algorithm evolved and competitors began their own SEO efforts, c...
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Mental well-being took center stage at CES 2019

This week, the Las Vegas Convention Center was packed with many of the year’s biggest new devices. But over the last several years, The Sands has become the place where the real magic happens. The segment of the show known as Eureka Park is where the startups and accelerators congregate, often times showing off products that are still years away. A quick walk around the floor (insofar as someone can walk quickly with that much humanity slowly shuffling through the halls) sheds a lot of light ...
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Philip Glass Finishes His David Bowie Trilogy, Debuting His Lodger Symphony

Sometimes I feel The need to move on So I pack a bag And move on Move on --David Bowie, “Move On” We might have been calling it the Lake Geneva Trilogy, given David Bowie’s recuperative sojourn in Switzerland after the emptiness he felt in L.A. The first album in the Berlin Trilogy, Low, was mostly recorded in France, and the last album of the trilogy, Lodger, in Montreaux in 1979. But they were almost all written in, around, and about Berlin, where Bowie found what he was looking for—a ...
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$445 billion flowed into startups in the last five years. Now it's threatening to upend one of Silicon Valley's most celebrated customs (SPOT, GOOGL)

The traditional initial public offering process may be in the process of being disrupted. Spotify went public last year using a different process and may soon be followed by enterprise software company Slack. Startups have good reasons to spurn regular IPOs — they're costly and time-consuming. Thanks to the massive amounts of money that have flowed into Silicon Valley in recent years, many companies are likely well positioned to go public a different way. The avalanche of money that's piled i...
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'Verizon Gaming' cloud-based games service coming soon to Android

'Verizon Gaming' is coming soon to Android, and a beta is already running on the Nvidia Shield, per a report from Chris Welch at Verge. “The Verge can report that Verizon Gaming is already up and running on the Nvidia Shield set-top box and will, according to the company’s documentation, eventually make its way to Android smartphones,” Chris writes: The Verizon Gaming app comes pre-installed on the Shield device, and Verizon will also be distributing it to testers privately through Google Pla...
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A lawsuit accuses the CEO behind the blockbuster 'Borderlands' video games of lewd behavior and pocketing a secret $12 million bonus

Video game studio Gearbox Software is engaged in contentious legal battle with the company's former general counsel, Wade Callender. Gearbox initially filed a lawsuit against Callender alleging that he misused company funds for to pay for tuition, a home loan, and other personal expenses. In a countersuit, Callender leveled multiple serious allegations against Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford, accusing Pitchford of taking a $12 million bonus that was intended as an advance against profits of "Borde...
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'We're Working On Rollable Phones,' Says LG CTO

In a wide-ranging interview with Mark Spoonauer from Tom's Guide, CTO and president of LG Electronics, IP Park, said his company is working on both rollable and foldable smartphones, regardless of whether there's demand for them or not. Here's an excerpt from the report: Are you looking into rollable and foldable phones as well? We are exploring many different form factors for phones, including foldable and rollable. Because display technology has grown so much that it can make it into very flex...
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Improbable, Epic Games Establish $25 Million Fund To Help Devs Move To 'More Open Engines' After Unity Debacle

Lucas Matney writes via TechCrunch: Improbable is taking a daring step after announcing earlier today that Unity had revoked its license to operate on the popular game development engine. The U.K.-based cloud gaming startup has inked a late-night press release with Unity rival Epic Games, which operates the Unreal Engine and is the creator of Fortnite, establishing a $25 million fund designed to help game developers move to "more open engines." This is pretty bold on Improbable's part and seems ...
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Where to find Sporting CP vs. Porto on US TV and streaming

If you’re trying to find out how you can watch Sporting CP vs. Porto, you’ve come to the right place. Second place faces fourth place in the Primeira Liga on Saturday featuring two of the biggest teams in Portugal in a top of the table clash. Here are all of the details of where you can watch it via legal streaming: Who: Sporting CP vs. PortoWhat: Primeira Liga, gameweek 18When: Game kicks off at 10:30am ET / 7:30am PT; Saturday, January 12, 2019Where: Live exclusively on GolTV, GolTV en Espano...
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Apple demanded $1 billion for chance to win iPhone: Qualcomm CEO

Qualcomm sought to become the sole supplier of modem chips for Apple's iPhone to recoup a $1-billion "incentive payment" that Apple insisted on, not to block rivals from the market, Qualcomm's chief executive testified on Friday.
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'Verizon Gaming' soon on Android, cloud-based games service now on Nvidia Shield

'Verizon Gaming' is coming soon to Android, and a beta is already running on the Nvidia Shield, per a report from Chris Welch at Verge. “The Verge can report that Verizon Gaming is already up and running on the Nvidia Shield set-top box and will, according to the company’s documentation, eventually make its way to Android smartphones,” Chris writes: The Verizon Gaming app comes pre-installed on the Shield device, and Verizon will also be distributing it to testers privately through Google Pla...
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Shareholders sue Google execs over handling of Andy Rubin sexual harassment claims

When Android founder Andy Rubin left Google in 2014, the departure was unexpected, if not shrouded in mystery. A few years later, a New York Times expose revealed that Rubin was essentially forced out of the search giant due to a handful of sexual misconduct claims from other Google employees. In ousting Rubin, Google paid the famed engineer a whopping $90 million when it could have simply fired him outright. Naturally, when the story surfaced, Google received an avalanche of criticism for not ...
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Nefarious AI creates images of delicious food that doesn’t exist

A team of researchers from Tel-Aviv University developed a neural network capable of reading a recipe and generating an image of what the finished, cooked product would look like. As if DeepFakes weren’t bad enough, now we can’t be sure the delicious food we see online is real. The Tel-Aviv team, consisting of researchers Ori Bar El, Ori Licht, and Netanel Yosephian created their AI using a modified version of a generative adversarial network (GAN) called StackGAN V2 and 52K image/recipe combina...
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Scooter startup Bird tried to silence a journalist. It did not go well.

Cory Doctorow doesn’t like censorship. He especially doesn’t like his own work being censored. Anyone who knows Doctorow knows his popular tech and culture blog, Boing Boing, and anyone who reads Boing Boing knows Doctorow and his cohort of bloggers. The part-blogger, part special advisor at the online rights group Electronic Frontier Foundation has written for years on topics of technology, hacking, security research, online digital rights and censorship and its intersection with free speech an...
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Iranian Hackers Suspected in Worldwide DNS Hijacking Campaign

US cybersecurity firm FireEye has uncovered an extremely sophisticated hacking campaign during which a suspected Iranian group redirected traffic from companies all over their globe through their own malicious servers, recording company credentials for future attacks. From a news report: Affected organizations include telecoms, ISPs, internet infrastructure providers, government, and sensitive commercial entities across the Middle East, North Africa, Europe, and North America. FireEye analysts b...
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Microsoft's Bing search engine reportedly had a child porn problem (MSFT)

Bing, Microsoft's search engine, was surfacing child pornography, TechCrunch reports. A report from online safety consultancy AntiToxin, commissioned by TechCrunch, found that several image searches using terms referring to children and pornography turned up explicit photos of clearly under-aged children. Microsoft told TechCrunch it has removed these illegal images, and is working to block such search results in the future — though AntiToxin says that it found that some searches still showed ...
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Sensel’s pressure-sensitive display tech works underwater

The Morph is a fun little computer peripheral. The small trackpad uses a series of silicone covers to recreate different interfaces, from a QWERTY keyboard to a drum pad. Ultimately, however, it’s the tech that drives the product — rather than the product itself — that may prove the most useful. Sensel was on-hand at CES this week, in a much larger booth than the year prior. The Morph took up a chunk of the area, including a musician using different pads to play songs live. But the startup’s...
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Apple demanded $1 billion from Qualcomm for chance to win iPhone

Apple Inc asked for $1 billion as an "incentive payment" from Qualcomm Inc in order for Qualcomm to become the supplier of modem chips for Apple's iPhone, Qualcomm's chief executive testified on Friday at a trial with U.S. antitrust regulators.
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With Google project, Minnesota joins the boom in megasized data centers

Once construction starts, it tends to go on for years as expansions occur.
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Google May Filter Emojis Out of Meta Titles & Descriptions in Search Results by @MattGSouthern

Although Google supports emojis in search results, it may choose to filter them out in certain circumstances.The post Google May Filter Emojis Out of Meta Titles & Descriptions in Search Results by @MattGSouthern appeared first on Search Engine Journal.
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SpaceX will lay off hundreds to ‘become a leaner company’

SpaceX plans to lay off approximately 10 percent of its workforce in order to manage its costs, the company confirmed to TechCrunch today. First reported by Ars Technica’s Eric Berger, the news comes as the company embarks on an ambitious plan to develop and test an interplanetary spacecraft while simultaneously performing frequent orbital launches. In a statement provided to TechCrunch, SpaceX explained that the layoffs are in pursuit of becoming a “leaner company” and that they were only ne...
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Looking for wireless earbuds? These Apple AirPods alternatives are $115 off

When it comes to wireless earbuds, Apple AirPods pretty much dominate the market, but that doesn't they are the only option available to you. Walmart is offering a $115 discount on a pair of Photive Wireless Earbuds right now. The post Looking for wireless earbuds? These Apple AirPods alternatives are $115 off appeared first on Digital Trends.
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You can get a refurbished Apple Watch for under $200 at Walmart right now

The Apple Watch reigns at top in the smartwatches market, but with its costly price tag attached, it’s often hard to afford this great wearable device. Walmart is offering steep discounts for refurbished Apple Watch Series 3, Series 2, and Series 1. The post You can get a refurbished Apple Watch for under $200 at Walmart right now appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Facebook staff discussed cashing in on user data, reports say

Proposals to charge firms for data said to have been revealed by badly redacted court papersFacebook staff discussed charging companies for access to user data, before ultimately deciding against such a policy, according to reports.The internal discussions were revealed due to improperly redacted court documents, released as part of Facebook’s lawsuit against American software developer Six4Three last year. According to Ars Technica and the Wall Street Journal, an 18-page court filing contains t...
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Anker’s PowerPort Atom is my permanent new travel companion

I had fight a couple of coworkers for this thing. It’s a strange thing to fight over, I realize, but we are strange people with a strange job. And more importantly, I won. I’m plugged into the PowerPort Atom as I write this. It’s keeping my 13-inch MacBook Pro alive via the plane power outlet tightly squeezed behind my legs. I travel a lot, and I try to travel light. Determining what goes into and what stays out of my carryon feels a bit like stocking delivery rockets for the International S...
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Here's how the government shutdown could affect the race between Amazon and Microsoft for a $10 billion Pentagon cloud contract (AMZN, MSFT, ORCL, IBM)

The bid for the Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure (JEDI) contract, a $10 billion cloud contract with the Pentagon that cloud giants are competing for, might potentially be delayed because of the government shutdown, some analysts say. Since the Department of Defense wasn't closed from the shutdown, there won't be a direct impact on the JEDI race. However, the shutdown could affect government cybersecurity, the ability of companies to obtain government security certifications, and the tim...
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From Jaguar to Apple, global gloom spreads across industries

Trade wars, China's slowdown, erratic stock markets: The outlook is getting grimmer for an increasing number of companies across the globe.Just Thursday, more than a half-dozen corporate giants either lowered their profit forecast,... [Author: [email protected]]
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