World's Oldest Periodic Table Chart Found At University of St Andrews In Scotland

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Phys.Org: A periodic table chart discovered at the University of St Andrews is thought to be the oldest in the world. The chart of elements, dating from 1885, was discovered in the University's School of Chemistry in 2014 by Dr. Alan Aitken during a clear out. The storage area was full of chemicals, equipment and laboratory paraphernalia that had accumulated since the opening of the chemistry department at its current location in 1968. Following months of...
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Vivo APEX 2019 bezel-less curved screen smartphone to be introduced on January 24

Vivo introduced its APEX FullView Concept Smartphone with 98% screen-to-body ratio and an in-display fingerprint scanner at the MWC in February last year. Later it introduced the phone as NEX and the new NEX Dual Screen with a new design was unveiled last month. Today the company posted a teaser for APEX 2019 bezel-less smartphone ahead of announcement on January 24th. This shows a more curved design without the front camera or even the buttons on the sides. In a teaser on Facebook earlier ...
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Tesla to recall 14,000 Model S cars in China over faulty Takata airbags

China’s top market regulator said on Friday that Tesla will recall a total of 14,123 imported Model S vehicles in the country over potentially deadly airbags. The recall is part of an industry-wide crackdown on Takata-made front passenger airbags, which involves roughly 37 million vehicles including more mainstream brands such as Toyota and Ford, as noted by the United States Department of Transportation. These defective airbags use a propellant that might rupture the airbag and cause serious in...
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Court Rejects FCC Request To Delay Net Neutrality Case

A federal appeals court denied the FCC's request to postpone oral arguments in a court battle over the agency's decision to repeal its net neutrality rules. The FCC had asked for the hearing to be postponed since the commission's workforce has largely been furloughed due to the partial government shutdown. The hearing remains set for February 1. The Hill reports: After the FCC repealed the rules requiring internet service providers to treat all web traffic equally in December of 2017, a coalitio...
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Acxiom, a huge ad data broker, comes out in favor of Apple CEO Tim Cook's quest to bring GDPR-like regulation to the United States

On Thursday, Apple CEO Tim Cook called for sweeping regulation of advertising data brokers— essentially, an American version of the EU's GDPR data regulation law.  One of those data brokers is Acxiom, which said in a statement to Business Insider that the company also wants a national privacy law in the US. The company said that it is "actively participating in discussions with US lawmakers" around the issue. Acxiom, a large data brokerage, has come out in support of Apple CEO Tim Cook's ques...
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Netflix says more 'choose your own adventure' shows are on the way after the success of 'Black Mirror: Bandersnatch' (NFLX)

Netflix plans to make more interactive TV shows in the format of "Black Mirror: Bandersnatch," company officials said Thursday. The movie was popular with viewers and excited video content makers, officials said. Company officials see an opportunity in offering the system Netflix created to produce "Bandersnatch" to content creators. The choose-your-own adventure format of "Black Mirror: Bandersnatch" was a novelty when Netflix debuted the movie last month.  But it'll soon become a lot more c...
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Bioacoustic Devices Could Help Save Rainforests

"Researchers writing in Science argue that networked audio recording devices mounted in trees could be used to monitor wildlife populations and better evaluate whether conservation projects are working or not," writes Slashdot reader Damien1972. From the report: Compared to ground surveys and camera traps, the technology provides cheap continuous, real-time biodiversity monitoring at the landscape scale. Thousands of hours of recordings can now be collected with long-lasting batteries and stored...
Tags: Tech, Papua New Guinea, Princeton University, Slashdot, Zuzana Burivalova

As Xiaomi Shares Sink, a Russian Investor Is Still Up $1 Billion

Milner, an early investor in Facebook Inc. and Alibaba Group Holding Ltd., quadrupled his money even though Xiaomi’s market value has tumbled by more than $18 billion since the IPO. The declines accelerated when a six-month lockup period expired on Jan. 9, promoting some investors to sell the stock.
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To elude the parking challenges, here’s how to get to the Women’s March LA, Jan. 19, using public transportation

  Women’s March LA 2019 map. (Courtesy of Women’s March LA) You’ve decided to take part in Women’s March LA 2019 and you know that the organizers are expecting around 250,000 participants. Streets will be closed as early as 7 a.m. around Pershing Square and Los Angeles City Hall, according to the latest from Los Angeles Department of Traffic. Plus, traffic and where to park will be a challenge around Pershing Square where the rally and march kicks off. The organizers of Women’s March LA hav...
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Activists propose Amazon shareholder vote on facial recognition software

A group of activist shareholders are proposing that stop selling facial recognition software to government agencies until its board determines the technology doesn’t threaten people’s civil rights.
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Walmart is looking for a CEO for a ‘stealth company’ that doesn’t exist yet

By Matthew Boyle, Bloomberg Walmart Inc. is searching for its next big technology star. The world’s largest retailer has posted an opening for a “CEO, Stealth Company” who would lead the latest startup housed inside its technology incubator, Store No. 8. The executive will be responsible for “building a business from scratch,” the job listing says, working closely with senior Walmart leaders and serving as the “public champion” for the as-yet-undefined business. One key skill is the ability to h...
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Educational Play Kit Company Osmo Sold to India’s Edtech Firm Byju’s for $120M

Byju’s, an edtech company based in India that claims a $3.6 billion valuation based on its sales success there, announced it has acquired Palo Alto, CA-based learning-through-play firm Osmo for $120 million.Named after the teacher Byju Raveendran, who founded the company in 2011, Byju’s is making its first acquisition in the United States to advance its goals of expanding globally and adding very young children to its user base. The company, which announced the deal Wednesday, had already made ...
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MoxiWorks goes for Upstream’s jugular

Real estate technology firm MoxiWorks has thrown down the gauntlet, casting its own data service MoxiCloud as a replacement for Upstream, the controversial broker data management platform funded by the National Association of Realtors until a sudden split last month.
Tags: Technology, Radio, Data Management, Upstream, National Association of Realtors, Brokerage, Select, Listing Data, Alex Lange, MoxiWorks, Craig Cheatham, York Baur, MLS & Associations, MoxiCloud

Twitter Bug Exposed Some Android Users' Protected Tweets For Years

Twitter disclosed on its Help Center page today that some Android users had their private tweets revealed for years due to a security flaw. "The issue caused the Twitter for Android app to disable the 'Protect your Tweets' setting for some Android users who made changes to their account settings, such as changing the email address associated with their account, between November 3rd, 2014 and January 14th, 2019," reports The Verge. From the report: Though the company says the issue was fixed earl...
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Motorola Razrs Are Coming Back, So Remind Me What Year It Is Again?

We may no longer be sporting low-rise jeans, peasant tops, and Juicy tracksuits, but if the rumors are true, then we should all be prepared to feel like it's 2005 again pretty soon. According to The Wall Street Journal, the Motorola Razr - the flip phone that became one of the most popular phones of the early 2000s thanks to its super slim design - is making a comeback. Motorola's parent company, Lenovo, is apparently coming out with an updated version of the classic phone that will be sold exc...
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Instagram influencers are so overwhelmed by hackers, they’re hiring hackers of their own to get their accounts back (FB)

Instagram influencers with thousands of followers are getting their accounts hacked and held for ransom. Hacked influencers told VICE's Motherboard that Instagram has been slow to give them back their accounts, even after creators followed necessary steps for account recovery. Some influencers have turned to 'white-hat' hackers to get their Instagram accounts returned to them, after being unsatisfied with Instagram's slow process. Internet celebrities who have seen their Instagram accounts ha...
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Jack Bogle, the Man Who Revolutionized Investing, Dies At 89

Thelasko shares a report from MarketWatch: You can thank Thomas Edison for the light bulb casting light in your home, Henry Ford for your affordable, mass-produced car, and Apple's Steve Jobs for the astonishing computer in your pocket. And Jack Bogle, who died Wednesday [at the age of 89]. The low-cost mutual funds he helped pioneer at Vanguard aren't as sexy or dramatic as other inventions. And you can't really touch or see them. But their effect on everyday lives has been enormous. Bogle's lo...
Tags: Apple, Steve Jobs, Tech, Marketwatch, Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, Vanguard, Jack Bogle, Bogle, Investment Company Institute ICI

Android Q Leak Confirms System-Wide Dark Theme, Experimental Desktop Mode

It's been confirmed many times that Google is working on a system-wide dark theme for a future version of its Linux-based Android mobile operating system, but the latest leak of Android Q gives a first look at the new dark mode and other upcoming features.
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Wales Inupiaq Sea Ice Dictionary.

Kifikmi Sigum Qanuq Ilitaavut/Wales Inupiaq Sea Ice Dictionary (pdf, Google cache) is an impressive document of a bit over a hundred pages. Igor Krupnik, in his introductory essay, says “In the community of Kifigin, also known as Wales, Alaska, over 120 words have been documented for various types of sea ice (sigu) and associated phenomena in the local Kifikmiut dialect of the Inupiaq language,” and the book documents them with both verbal explanations and pictures. It begins with a summary in...
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Facebook is restructuring its augmented reality glasses division as it inches closer to launch (FB)

Facebook is moving hundreds of employees to a new product-focused augmented reality group as it continues to quietly develop AR glasses. The employees are being moved out of the research-driven Facebook Reality Labs and into a new specialized team overseen by two key hardware execs, Business Insider has learned. A Facebook spokesperson said that Facebook is working on multiple different AR hardware products, but that they might not all ultimately launch. A source who has tried a prototype of t...
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Are Airbnb and Google revolutionising hotel distribution? One year on

As we settle into 2019, it's time for an update to explore how Google's and Airbnb's ambitious initiatives - and those of other large global companies - are affecting hotels.
Tags: Google, Hotels

Airline distribution in 2030: Gravitating towards airlines, intermediaries or tech giants?

Google and Amazon pose an existential threat for the existing industry players. Will they succeed in gobbling up the entire travel value chain in the next decade?
Tags: Google, Amazon, Hotels

Coinstar machines will start selling Bitcoin at the grocery store

You know those machines at the grocery store that transform your gallon jugs worth of change into more usable currency? They’re about to start selling Bitcoin . To make this impulse shopping dream come true, Coinstar, the company behind those ubiquitous change-counting kiosks, has partnered with Coinme, a startup that operates a small network of cryptocurrency-dispensing ATMs around the country. “Coinstar is always looking for new ways to offer value to our consumers when they visit our kio...
Tags: TC, California, Tech, Bitcoin, Cryptocurrencies, Cryptocurrency, Digital Currencies, Texas Washington, Bitcoin ATM, Coinstar, Coinme, Jim Gaherity

CEO Satya Nadella says that Microsoft is embracing Amazon's Alexa instead of fighting it — and he wants to be friends with Google, too (MSFT)

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella says that it no longer sees its Cortana smart assistant as a competitor to Amazon's Alexa.  Instead, Nadella says that he wants Cortana to be thought of as a skill, or app, for Amazon's Alexa — something that Alexa users can already try for themselves.  But Nadella doesn't want to stop there: He says that there's no reason why Cortana shouldn't be available on Google Assistant, too.  Rather than fighting Alexa and Google Assistant, Microsoft wants to be friends — in...
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Nike’s auto-laced future

Why does the world need a self-lacing shoe? Haven’t you heard of Velcro? How will you tie your shoes when the Wi-Fi is down? That’s the gist of the instant response I got when I mentioned the new Adapt BB, a shoe from Nike with, yes, powered laces that tighten to a wearer’s foot automatically. The shoe is an evolution of the Nike HyperAdapt 1.0, which is itself a commercialization of the Air Mag — a self-lacing vanity project that realized the self-lacing shoes mocked up for Back to the F...
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Verizon Blames School Text Provider In Dispute Over 'Spam' Fee

Last week, Ars Technica reported that Verizon's new "spam" fee for texts sent from teachers to students might stop working on the network because of a dispute over texting fees that Verizon demanded from Remind, the company that operates the service. Now, it appears that Verizon "has backed down from its original position slightly, and ongoing negotiations could allow the free texting service to continue," reports Ars. From the report: As we reported Monday, the dispute involves Verizon and Remi...
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Here’s how SpaceX’s Crew Dragon capsule will look motoring in from sea

If you’re coming back from space at high speeds, it’s generally safer to descend over water than land, for a number of reasons. Certainly SpaceX’s Crew Dragon capsule will do so, and this is how it’ll look when it comes back to land aboard the GO Searcher retrieval ship. Expect a bit more of a hero’s welcome, though. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen the GO Searcher; it got a bit of publicity late last year when it underwent some helicopter landing tests at sea. See, the GO Searcher isn’t ...
Tags: Space, Spacex, Florida, Tech, Atlantic, Port Canaveral

Judge orders net neutrality lawsuit to go ahead despite shutdown

This week the possibility emerged that the ongoing government shutdown could delay net neutrality’s day in court — but the court was not sympathetic to the FCC’s request that the lawsuit be put off. Oral arguments for this major challenge to the agency’s rollback of 2015’s internet regulations will go ahead as planned on February 1. During a shutdown, federal employees — including government lawyers — must have specific authorization to continue working, since it’s illegal for them to do so with...
Tags: Lawsuit, Fcc, Net Neutrality, Government, Tech, Incompas, D C Circuit Appeals Court

2 dealmakers named David: Uber and Lyft's expected IPOs will trigger competition at Google's in-house VC firms (GOOGL, GOOG)

Uber and Lyft have both confidentially filed for IPOs with the Securities and Exchange Commission, and are expected to go public in 2019. While the ride-hailing competitors have dueling IPOs, Google's parent company Alphabet stands to gain no matter who fares better. Alphabet has substantial investments in both Uber and Lyft through its two venture capital arms, GV and CapitalG. The 2019 tech IPO line up has promised plenty of side-choosing as ride hailing rivals Lyft and Uber prep for duelin...
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In dueling Uber and Lyft IPOs, two Google dealmakers named David share competing interests (GOOGL, GOOG)

Uber and Lyft have both confidentially filed for IPOs with the Securities and Exchange Commission, and are expected to go public in 2019. While the ride-hailing competitors have dueling IPOs, Google's parent company Alphabet stands to gain no matter who fares better. Alphabet has substantial investments in both Uber and Lyft through its two venture capital arms, GV and CapitalG. The 2019 tech IPO line up has promised plenty of side-choosing as ride hailing rivals Lyft and Uber prep for duelin...
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