India to soon have own standard of apparel size: Smriti Irani

Union minister Smriti Irani on Sunday said Indian textiles and garments industry would soon get its own country-specific apparel size. Addressing the ‘Textile Conclave’ at the Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit here, Irani said a study will be carried out before introducing the ‘Size India’ project for apparel measurement.   Via  
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Bug: Copying Error (OleSetClipboard)

Platform: Windows 10 1809 (believe this is a Windows-only bug) Sigil Version: 0.9.10 Seems like a Qt bug, might be related to this bug (supposedly fixed in Qt 5.12.0?): I did a search for "OleSetClipboard: Failed to set mime data", and not many results pop up in Google (~130). Steps to Reproduce I don't have a reliable test case, but I was copying/pasting between Google Docs (Chrome) + Microsoft Word 2016 + and Sigil. Every so often, pressing Ctrl+C in...
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India likely to surpass UK in the world’s largest economy rankings : PwC

According to World Bank data, India became the world’s sixth largest economy in 2017, surpassing France. As per the report, while UK and France have regularly switched places, owing to similar level of development and roughly equal populations, India’s climb up the rankings is going to be permanent. Via
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India to achieve universal household electrification by January-end

India is all set to achieve 100 per cent household electrification by the month end, with 2.44 crore families having received power connections out of the targeted 2.48 crore under the Rs 16,320 crore Saubhagya scheme, an official said. The Pradhan Mantri Sahaj Bijli Har Ghar Yojana (Saubhagya) was launched in September 2017 (Via)
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Kumbh to generate Rs 1.2 lakh crore revenue: CII

The mega Kumbh Mela, which began on January 15 and will continue till March 4, is expected to generate a revenue of Rs 1.2 lakh crore for Uttar Pradesh, says apex industry body Confederation of Indian Industry. Although the Kumbh Mela is spiritual and religious in nature, the economic activities associated with it generate employment for over six lakh workers across various sectors, CII said in a report. Kumbh Mela Budget : Rs 4200 cr. What are opportunities for startups?
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MIDI Association Announces MIDI 2.0 Prototyping

MIDI was introduced at the 1983 NAMM show as a means to connect various electronic instruments together. Since then, our favorite five-pin DIN has been stuffed into Radio Shack keyboards, MPCs, synths, eurorack modules, and DAWs. The standard basically hasn't changed. Now, ahead of the 2019 NAMM show, the MIDI Manufacturers Association (MMA) in conjunction with AMEI, Japan's MIDI Association, are announcing MIDI 2.0. From a report: The new features include, "auto-configuration, new DAW/web inte...
Tags: Tech, Yamaha, Namm, MIDI Manufacturers Association MMA, MIDI Association Announces MIDI, AMEI Japan, Roland ROLI Steinberg TouchKeys

Victoria to allow trial of driverless cars on country roads

Trial of automated technology a bid to improve safety and reduce trauma on dangerous rural roadsVictoria has sanctioned a trial of driverless cars on rural roads in a bid to improve the dramatically more dangerous conditions outside urban areas.People are five times more likely to be killed on a Victorian country road than in the city.
Tags: Technology, Australia news, Victorian politics, Road Safety, Victoria, Self-driving Cars, Rural Australia

Tips and Tricks for Launching Your Career in the Digital Sector

Contrary to popular belief, many jobs in the tech sector don’t require an advanced computer science degree, but rather, a knowledge of how digital tools can enhance the functions of everyday work for maximum productivity.
Tags: Jobs, Tech, Discover Career Opportunities, Careers in Technology

Airbnb Spying, a Monster Breach, and Intravenous Semen Injection: Best Gizmodo Stories of the Week

Friends, I have some good news and some bad news. That bad news, if you missed our PSA last week, is that a colossal breach exposed nearly 773 million emails and more than 21 million passwords. This is not ideal, I know. And if you have not already, this is as good an opportunity as any to overhaul your personal…Read more...
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Garcetti dives into LAUSD, UTLA strike talks, with presidential ambitions on the line

With tens of thousands of teachers striking all over the city he governs, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti stepped up to a City Hall podium last week with a message: “This is the time to make an agreement,” Garcetti said, the first day of a teacher strike that over the next five days would ripple across the region and the nation. Since the strike began, Garcetti, 47, has taken a very public stage with UTLA’s Alex Caputo-Pearl and district chief Austin Beutner. While Caputo-Pearl implored striking...
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Leaked numbers reveal massive revenue growth at $3 billion Google-backed startup UiPath (GOOGL)

UiPath, an artificial intelligence company backed by Google and Sequoia, will soon hit $200 million annual recurring revenue, sources told Business Insider. Though founded in 2005, the company had just $3.5 million in ARR in 2016.  The company, which is backed by Accel, CapitalG and Sequoia, was last valued at $3 billion in a September funding round. The buzzy and well-funded $3 billion artificial intelligence startup UiPath will soon hit $200 million in annual recurring revenue, sources told...
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Invoice finance platform MarketInvoice raises $33.5M from Barclays, Santander

London, with its huge FinTech hub, is continuing to attract investment and that is no better represented today than with the news that MarketInvoice, arguably Europe’s largest online invoice finance platform, has raised £26M ($33.5M) in a Series-B funding round led by Barclays and fintech fund Santander InnoVentures, alongside participation from European VC Northzone, which previously invested. In August last year Barlcays took a minority equity stake in the company and rolled out the service...
Tags: TC, Europe, UK, London, Tech, Barclays, Fintech, Marketinvoice, Viola Credit, Barclays Santander, Barlcays, Anil Stocker Co, Barclays Business Bank, Manuel Silva Martínez, Head of Investments at Santander InnoVentures

How Orkney Leads the Way For Sustainable Energy

An anonymous reader shares a report: It seems the stuff of fantasy. Giant ships sail the seas burning fuel that has been extracted from water using energy provided by the winds, waves and tides. A dramatic but implausible notion, surely. Yet this grand green vision could soon be realised thanks to a remarkable technological transformation that is now under way in Orkney. Perched 10 miles beyond the northern edge of the British mainland, this archipelago of around 20 populated islands -- as well ...
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Huawei’s reclusive founder rejects spying and praises Trump

Ren Zhengfei, the 74-year-old founder and chief executive of the Chinese technology giant Huawei, may need to become less reclusive as the company comes under pressure in the U.S. and elsewhere over suspected ties to China's military.
Tags: Business, Technology, News, China, International Trade, Huawei, Trump, Nation & World, Ren Zhengfei

Uh Oh, Uber Might Be Thinking About Self-Driving Scooters and Bikes Now

Uber—the company that had to pull its self-driving cars off the road for most of 2018 that allegedly came after warnings of routine accidents—is hiring for a program that may work on self-driving “micromobility” devices, TechCrunch reported on Sunday.Read more...
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A Poker-Playing Robot Goes To Work for the Pentagon

In 2017, a poker bot called Libratus made headlines when it roundly defeated four top human players at no-limit Texas Hold 'Em. Now, Libratus' technology is being adapted to take on opponents of a different kind -- in service of the US military. From a report: Libratus -- Latin for balanced -- was created by researchers from Carnegie Mellon University to test ideas for automated decision making based on game theory. Early last year, the professor who led the project, Tuomas Sandholm, founded a...
Tags: US, Tech, Army, Silicon Valley, Pentagon, US Army, Carnegie Mellon University, Tuomas Sandholm, Libratus, Defense Innovation Unit, Texas Hold Em Now Libratus

Forget to take your medication? A new digital pill will alert you — and your doctor.

Ingestible technology has raised a variety of concerns among experts and ethicists since the Food and Drug Administration approved digital pills in 2017, from how physicians will use the wave of new data created by the technology to whether that data may be vulnerable to hackers.
Tags: Health, Business, Technology, News, Food And Drug Administration

Apple's iPhone SE sneaks back into smartphone marketplace – for a few hours, at least

Apple has quietly begun making the smaller iPhone SE available again. It quit selling the smartphone two years ago as consumers opted for bigger devices.            [Author: USA TODAY]
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We Have Met the Problem. Guess Who?

Here is chapter I contributed to the Hackademic 2018 book, Anti-Social Media?: The Impact on Journalism and Society. I’ve used various ideas in this in other posts recently. I’m leaving the British  spelling because it just might make me seem smarter.  In all the urgent debate about regulating, investigating, and even breaking up internet companies, we have lost sight of the problem we are trying to confront: not technology but instead human behaviour on it, the bad acts of some (small)...
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Popular WordPress Plugin WPML Hacked By Angry Former Employee

A very popular WordPress plugin was hacked over the weekend after a hacker defaced its website and sent a mass message to all its customers revealing the existence of supposed unpatched security holes. From a report: In a follow-up mass email, the plugin's developers blamed the hack on a former employee, who also defaced their website. The plugin in question is WPML (or WP MultiLingual), the most popular WordPress plugin for translating and serving WordPress sites in multiple languages. Accordin...
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Non Sequiturs: 01.20.19

* Adam Feldman explores the possible effect on the Supreme Court of replacing Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg with a staunch conservative -- e.g., Judge Amy Coney Barrett. [Empirical SCOTUS] * Speaking of SCOTUS, here's Ilya Somin's read of the tea leaves in Knick v. Township of Scott, an important Takings Clause case.  [Volokh Conspiracy / Reason] * Stephen Embry disagrees with Joe Patrice's suggestion that junior lawyers are going extinct, but Embry acknowledges the major effect that technology ...
Tags: Technology, Supreme Court, Law, Scotus, Congress, Washington, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Government Shutdown, Shutdown, Litigators, Bill Of Rights, Michael Cohen, Adam Feldman, The Hill, Grady, Embry

The case against behavioral advertising is stacking up

No one likes being stalked around the Internet by adverts. It’s the uneasy joke you can’t enjoy laughing at. Yet vast people-profiling ad businesses have made pots of money off of an unregulated Internet by putting surveillance at their core. But what if creepy ads don’t work as claimed? What if all the filthy lucre that’s currently being sunk into the coffers of ad tech giants — and far less visible but no less privacy-trampling data brokers — is literally being sunk, and could both be more hon...
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The Cat S48c is the phone for construction workers, or the clumsy

The Cat S48c is a rugged smartphone that's available from Sprint. It mixes midrange specs with a huge battery wrapped in an extremely tough and protective body. If you need a phone that can survive the construction site, then this is it. The post The Cat S48c is the phone for construction workers, or the clumsy appeared first on Digital Trends.
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The Economics of Streaming is Making Songs Shorter

Popular music is shrinking. From 2013 to 2018, the average song on the Billboard Hot 100 fell from 3 minutes and 50 seconds to about 3 minutes and 30 seconds. From a report: Six percent of hit songs were 2 minutes 30 seconds or shorter in 2018, up from just 1% five years before. Take Kendrick Lamar. One of the world's most popular musicians right now. The average track length on Lamar's breakout 2013 album good kid, m.A.A.d city is 5 minutes 37 seconds. All are 3 minutes 30 seconds or longer. On...
Tags: Tech, Kendrick Lamar, Drake, Lamar

Pope Endorses App

Apps! They’re everywhere! Even Pope Francis is endorsing them. On Sunday, the pontiff touted an app called ClickToPray ahead of the World Youth Day festival in Panama.Read more...
Tags: Apps, Science, Technology, Religion, Smartphones, Catholicism, Pope Francis, Catholic Church, Catholic, Pope, Panama, Click2pray

Top 9 Best CRMs for Small Businesses in 2019

Customers are the lifeblood of every business. But as a business grows, managing growth and organizing information becomes increasingly more difficult. What used to be easy when you had one employee and two customers is more difficult when you employ five people and have 25 customers. Not every business owner is prepared for their business to grow. But if you want your business to succeed, you must evolve the way you manage your business to match the growth of the business. This means doing som...
Tags: Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Small Business, California, Marketing, Sales, Entrepreneurs, Strategy, Social Media, Small Businesses, Customer Service, Mailchimp, Google Apps, HubSpot, CRM

Which MacBook has the best battery life?

Battery life is one of the most important factors in buying any laptop, especially MacBooks. Their battery life is typically average, but there are some standouts. Knowing which MacBook has the best battery life can be rather useful. The post Which MacBook has the best battery life? appeared first on Digital Trends.
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The best text messaging apps for Android and iOS

These days, most people tend to favor digital messages over phone calls. We have the best messaging apps that allow you to share photos and documents, send text messages, and more with end-to-end encryption. The post The best text messaging apps for Android and iOS appeared first on Digital Trends.
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A Look at the Amount of Time Smartphone Vendors Have Taken To Roll out Major Android Updates To Their Handsets, and How Things Are Beginning To Improve (slashdot)

Most Android smartphone vendors have been notorious for the time they take to roll out the newest Android OS updates to their respective handsets. To tackle this, Google in 2017 announced Project Treble, which bypasses some middlemen in delivering new updates to consumers. With Project Treble now supported by all Android phone makers, in theory updates should roll out to us faster than before. To test this, news blog AndroidAuthority looked at the data to see where things stand. From the report...
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Thanks to Hulu, Disney lost $580 million last fiscal year

The streaming media business is tough. Disney, which has a 30 percent stake Hulu, saw losses of $580 million last fiscal year, according to an SEC filing. This was, the SEC filing states, “primarily due to a higher loss from our investment in Hulu, partially offset by a favorable comparison to a loss from BAMTech in the prior year.” BAMTech is the streaming technology that powers ESPN+ and other services. In total, streaming accounted for more than $1 billion in losses for Disney last fiscal ...
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