Google Considering Pulling News Service From Europe

The European Union is working towards finalizing a controversial new copyright law. The rules give publishers rights to demand money from the Alphabet Inc. unit, Facebook Inc. and other web platforms,when small fragments of their articles show up in news search results, or are shared by users. The internet giant has various options on the table and will analyze the final text before making any decisions, she said, adding that Google would withdraw its service reluctantly.
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Ancient Climate Change Triggered Warming That Lasted Thousands of Years

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Phys.Org: A rapid rise in temperature on ancient Earth triggered a climate response that may have prolonged the warming for many thousands of years, according to scientists. Their study, published online in Nature Geoscience, provides new evidence of a climate feedback that could explain the long duration of the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum (PETM), which is considered the best analogue for modern climate change. The findings also suggest that climate ...
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Lightroom Tutorial: How to Install Presets on your Smartphone (without a laptop)

Lightroom Tutorial: How to Install Presets on your Smartphone (without a laptop) AoiroStudioJan 22, 2019 Ever since we have launched our presets including Osore Series and Urbano Series, we have been overwhelmed by your response so far. As always, thank you for your support! Among all the messages we have received, one question gets requested by many of you: "How can I install my presets directly from my smartphone and/or my tablet? Also, I do not own a lapto...
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Netflix sees Fortnite as a bigger rival than HBO

The online shooter game Fortnite accounts for an enormous amount of consumers' screen time, Netflix says, making it a formidable foe in the global war for internet users' attention.
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The cargo industry takes steps to clean up its smoke-belching ships

Shipping companies are starting to experiment with cleaner fuels and cutting-edge technologies. Here are some of the brave, new ideas in green shipping.
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Service account based OAuth authentication for Google Cloud APIs
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Tesla Model 3 Is Heading To Europe

The Tesla Model 3 has cleared its last regulatory hurdle in Europe and will soon go on sale in the continent home to Audi, BMW, and Mercedes-Benz. "Deliveries should start in February for the Long Range Battery version of the midsize sedan -- the same variant first sold in the U.S. -- according to Tesla, after Dutch vehicle authority RDW issued the OK," reports Bloomberg. From the report: The European launch is crucial for Tesla as it navigates what Chief Executive Officer Elon Musk called a "ve...
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New EU Copyright Regs Could Nix Thumbnails in Google Search Results, Among Other Things

Copyright laws are getting tougher and more stringent in the EU – so much so that image thumbnails might not appear in search results in the near future. Image via PHOTOMIX Ltd. from A report from PetaPixel highlights the ramifications of 2018’s EU Copyright Directive, one of which could potentially result in not only thumbnail-less search results but also content-less results as well. This is because language detailed in the Copyright Directive’s controversial Article 11 says that...
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New Phobos Ransomware Exploits Weak Security To Hit Targets Around the World

An anonymous reader quotes a report from ZDNet: A prolific cybercrime gang behind a series of ransomware attacks is distributing a new form of the file-encrypting malware which combines two well known and successful variants in a series of attacks against businesses around the world. Dubbed Phobos by its creators, the ransomware first emerged in December and researchers at CoveWare have detailed how it shares a number of similarities with Dharma ransomware. Like Dharma, Phobos exploits open or...
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Russia Tries To Force Facebook, Twitter To Relocate Servers To Russia

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Ars Technica: The Russian government agency responsible for censorship on the Internet has accused Facebook and Twitter of failing to comply with a law requiring all servers that store personal data to be located in Russia. Roskomnadzor, the Russian censorship agency, "said the social-media networks hadn't submitted any formal and specific plans or submitted an acceptable explanation of when they would meet the country's requirements that all servers used...
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Comment on plush coconut cake by arbrager

Can I use Apple cider vinegar instead of white?
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Ford 8n vs 641

Literally all I know about this deal is a buddy is going to look at both tomorrow. The 8n is $500 the 641 is $800 and I have the option to buy either I want. (He's a farmer, mechanically inclined and has a couple tractors. We do deals together and hook each other up.) so either will be worth it if he gets them and gives me the option. I need a 4x4 with a front end loader, (got the cash, can't justify spending it) but I could use either a bit. I know a bit about the 8n's, quick Google (I'll b...
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Jodie Foster Teaches Filmmaking in Her First Online Course

FYI: Jodie Foster has just rolled out a new online course on filmmaking over on MasterClass. In 18 video lessons, the two-time Oscar-winner guides "you through every step of the filmmaking process, from storyboarding to casting and camera coverage." According to MasterClass, the course comes with "a downloadable workbook of lesson recaps and access to exclusive supplemental materials from Jodie’s archive." Students will have "the chance to upload videos to receive feedback from peers and...
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iBooks Wishlist

Hello, I was wondering if someone had the same issue as I have before heading to Apple's forums to further the research into the problem I have, which is : It looks like I have no more access to my iBooks wishlist. When I click on Wish List all that happens is the little wheel spinning, that's it. I tried signing out of iCloud, and then reboot, sign back in, no go. I'm using a Mac Mini with the latest OS installed. I'm a bit miffed because the iBooks wishlist is the only one I like to use d...
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Google Fined $57 Million By French Data Privacy Body For Failing To Comply With EU's GDPR Regulations

schwit1 shares a report from VentureBeat: Google has been hit by a $57 million fine by French data privacy body CNIL (National Data Protection Commission) for failure to comply with the EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) regulations. The CNIL said that it was fining Google for "lack of transparency, inadequate information and lack of valid consent regarding the ads personalization," according to a press release issued by the organization. The news was first reported by the AFP. What ...
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Original Content podcast: We conquer clutter with Marie Kondo’s new show

On the surface, “Tidying Up With Marie Kondo” sounds like a simple show: Over the course of eight episodes, organizing guru Marie Kondo helps a variety Los Angeles residents sort through their belongings and clean up their homes. But for some, following Kondo’s KonMari method can be a surprisingly difficult or emotional experience — after all, it’s really about looking at what we own and where we live. And the show has led to broader discussions around things like the value of books and how gend...
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Google fined $57 million by France under E.U.'s privacy law

The penalty is the largest to date under the privacy law enacted by the E.U.
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Politiscope, an app to track Congressional voting records and bills, launches on android devices

Last September, two former National Football League players launched an app called Politiscope to track the voting records of members of Congress and the bills that they were introducing — and provide non-partisan information about what those bills and votes would mean to voters. The pro-football-playing brothers, Walter Powell Jr. and Brandon Williams, launched the app to provide an accurate accounting of what Congressional leadership was doing — something the two felt was necessary given the p...
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Are you having plans of becoming a web developer? Or are you in love with programming languages and want to learn them? Well, a good place to start is the by learning the JavaScript. JavaScript is a very important tool when it comes to anything that has to do with a computer. Computer coding is one of the hottest skills to acquire in the world today, almost everything big company or organization requires people with these skills. There are so many programming languages that are available and can...
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Stand Out With High-Quality Content

Over the years, “high-quality content” has held different meanings. The current acceptable standard is that content can be classified as high quality when it is over 1,000+ words, as that is what Google loves. But is a topic with 1,000 words content the only indicator of high-quality content? Of course not. What Is High-Quality Content? Quality content is primarily content that achieves your marketing goal. That might be: Increasing brand awarenessRanking well on search enginesImp...
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Spotify Will Soon Let You Mute, Block Artists

Spotify, one of the largest music streaming platforms available, is readying a "don't play this artist" feature in its apps that will let you mute artists you don't want to hear from. "The feature simply lets you block an entire artist from playing, so that songs from the artist will never play from a library, playlist, chart list, or even radio stations on Spotify," reports The Verge. From the report: The block feature works on songs by an individual artist, but it doesn't currently apply to tr...
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Roger Dickey ditches $32M-funded Gigster to start Untitled Labs

Most founders don’t walk away from their startup after raising $32 million and reaching 1000 clients. But Roger Dickey’s heart is in consumer tech, and his company Gigster had pivoted to doing outsourced app development for enterprises instead of scrappy entrepreneurs. So today Dickey announced that he’d left his role as Gigster CEO, with former VMware VP Christopher Keane who’d sold it his startup WaveMaker coming in to lead Gigster in October. Now, Dickey is launching Untitled Labs, a “sear...
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Demand and Salaries For Data Scientists Continue To Climb

Data-science job openings are expanding faster than the number of technologists looking for them, says job-search firm Indeed. From a report: Back in August, a LinkedIn analysis concluded that the United States is facing a significant shortage of data scientists, a big change from a surplus in 2015. Last week, job-search firm Indeed reported that its data indicates the shortage is getting worse: While more job seekers are interested in data-science jobs, the number of job postings from employers...
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Google Employees Hope To Turn Last Year's Walkouts Into Real Change

NPR's Audie Cornish speaks with Vicki Tardif, a linguist at Google, who led one of the walkouts last year. Now, she's building upon that with a social media campaign to end forced arbitration.
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Tony Hawk says real estate agents will go extinct in Home Bay ad

Ken Potashner, chairman and CEO, says the savings Home Bay is able to offer buyers and sellers isn't because his company is skirting on service — he says his tech platform makes everything more efficient and faster, with an average sale time of 38 days.
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Youth-run agency AIESEC exposed over 4 million intern applications

AIESEC, a non-profit that bills itself as the “world’s largest youth-run organization,” exposed more than four million intern applications with personal and sensitive information on a server without a password. Bob Diachenko, an independent security researcher, found an unprotected Elasticsearch database containing the applications on January 11, a little under a month after the database was first exposed. The database contained “opportunity applications” contained the applicant’s name, gender, ...
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Google’s John Mueller Explains Why Rel=Canonical is Sometimes Ignored by @MattGSouthern

Google's John Mueller responded to an SEO seeking advice regarding issues with canonicals and the use of angular JavaScript.The post Google’s John Mueller Explains Why Rel=Canonical is Sometimes Ignored by @MattGSouthern appeared first on Search Engine Journal.
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Apple 10.5″ iPad Pro 64GB For $499.99 Shipped From Amazon And More iPads On Sale

Apple 10.5″ iPad Pro 64GB For $499.99 Shipped From Amazon And More iPads On Sale This was selling for $610.99 yesterday and is now the lowest price ever from Amazon. This sells for $649 directly from Apple. Also on sale from B&H: Apple 12.9″ iPad Pro (Mid 2017, 512GB, Wi-Fi): $849 Apple 11″ iPad Pro (64GB, […]
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The words most used to describe releases at Hard Wax

“Now that’s one fine and classy, atmospheric, big room tool, son.” Here’s the data when you crawl Berlin electronic music shop Hard Wax for descriptive keywords. Friend of the site (and one-time CDM Web developer) musician-and-hacker Olle Holmberg has crawled Hard Wax’s website. That’ll be the legendary record purveyor opened by Mark Ernestus back in 1989 in Kreuzberg, Berlin, and still a leading destination for vinyl lovers today. has accordingly accumulated a lot of words about ...
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The 'Fortnite' Economy Now Has Its Own Black Market

Fortnite's in-game currency, V-bucks, are now being used to launder money from stolen credit cards, according to a report by The Independent and cybersecurity firm Sixgill. From a report: Here's how it works: After a hacker obtains someone else's credit card information, they make a Fortnite account and use the card to buy V-bucks which are used in the game to purchase cosmetic upgrades and new ways your character can dance. Once the account is loaded up with V-bucks, it is then sold through a l...
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