Theranos documentary review: The Inventor’s horrifying optimism

A blood-splattered Theranos machine nearly pricks an employee struggling to fix it. This gruesome graphical rendering is what you’ll walk away from HBO’s “The Inventor” with. It finally gives a visual to the startup’s laboratory fraud detailed in words by John Carreyrou’s book “Bad Blood”. The documentary that premiered tonight at Sundance Film Festival explores how the move fast and break things ethos of Silicon Valley is “really dangerous when people’s lives are in the balance” as former e...
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Bangkok Fights Air Pollution With Water-Spraying Drones

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Quartz: Earlier in the week, levels of PM2.5 -- tiny particles 2.5 microns in diameter or smaller that can penetrate deep into the lungs -- reached 185 micrograms per cubic meter. Anything above 150 is deemed hazardous for all individuals (50 or below is considered good). The government has responded by unleashing a small fleet of drones that can spray water into the air and eliminate some of the pollution. Photos from a test on Tuesday (Jan. 22) show the...
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Get Android 9.0 Pie on Redmi Note 5 Pro with OxygenOS 9.0 port

Xiaomi’s MIUI is amongst the most popular Android skins with more than 300 million worldwide users. MIUI is a heavy skin on top of Android skin that offers various customizations but brings a good amount of bloat as well. Xiaomi's Redmi Note 5 Pro was amongst the best selling devices launched in 2018 but it runs on Android 8.1 (Oreo) based MIUI 10 as of now. As per an official announcement, Redmi Note 5 Pro is expected to get Android 9.0 (Pie) in Q1 2019 but the public beta testing for the MIU...
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San Diego’s DeskHub Snapped Up by Co-Working Company Cross Campus

Cross Campus, a shared office-space provider with five locations in the Los Angeles, CA, region, has snapped up DeskHub in the latest step in a plan to expand its West Coast presence.DeskHub, one of San Diego’s oldest co-working companies, has about 500 members across two locations: a 23,000-square-foot space in Little Italy and about 15,000 square feet of space in Scottsdale, AZ. Cross Campus has a total of about 185,000 square feet across the Los Angeles area and about 2,500 members.BisNow fi...
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Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix and Google ready to reveal extent of decay

It has been a grisly three months for the world's most valuable technology companies. Shares in the so-called FAANGS - a racy acronym denoting Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix and Google - have taken a beating, at one point shedding... [Author: [email protected]]
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The Marketing Over Coffee Playbook! Buy Now!

In this Marketing Over Coffee: Learn about The Marketing Over Coffee Playbook, What’s In It, Why You Have Got To Get One, and more! Direct Link to File Brought to you by our sponsors: ahrefs and LinkedIn The MoC Playbook is now available! Click this link and buy one now! or if you want to learn more check out the landing page Right after talking branding last week – Gilette ad 5:33 We are giving away ahrefs accounts to one listener this week!  Tweet to @ahrefs and @mktgovercoffee ...
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Apple’s 2019 “Shot on iPhone” Contest Begins

Think you’ve got what it takes to beat the competition in an iPhone photography competition? Then Apple wants to see your pictures “Shot on iPhone” as it gets its 2019 contest underway. Image via Oleg Magni from Users of iPhones can submit their best photos between now and February 7th. After that date it will be up to a panel of judges to determine whether or not your work is the best. Apple's VP of Marketing Phil Schiller and head of the camera software team John McCormack will l...
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Nokia 2 users will get Android Oreo update option soon, but there’s a catch

Earlier this week HMD Global revealed Android 9.0 (Pie) roadmaps, but the Nokia 2 was missing from the list. Several users started asking the reason why the phone is yet to get stable Android 8.1 (Oreo) update since it got beta update way back in June last year. Today, HMD Global’s Chief product officer Juho Sarvikas‏ has finally revealed the reason behind the long delay. Nokia 2 that was launched in 2017 running Android 7.1.1 (Nougat) OS, later the company said that the phone will get Androi...
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The Cleer Flow Bluetooth Noise Cancelling Headphones

The Cleer Flow Bluetooth equipped noise cancelling headphones. Ever since 2016 when Apple forced the issue by eliminating the regular headphone jack on its iPhone 7 model, some headphone manufacturers have necessarily responded by offering Bluetooth connectivity on their headphones. This is, frankly, unfortunate and totally unnecessary, but for Apple’s decision to make things more complicated for us, and clearly motivated by their desire to now sell us expensive headphones to go with their expe...
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Deep Mind Artificial Intelligence Wins 10 Out 11 Games Versus Best Human Players

Deep Mind has a StarCraft II program AlphaStar. It is the first Artificial Intelligence to defeat a top professional human player. In a series of test matches held on 19 December, AlphaStar... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
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Deep Mind Artificial Intelligence Wins 10 Out 11 Games Versus Pro Human Players

Deep Mind has a StarCraft II program AlphaStar. It is the first Artificial Intelligence to defeat a top professional human player. In a series of test matches held on 19 December, AlphaStar... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
Tags: Science, Technology, Video Games, World, Artificial Intelligence, Innovation, Deep Learning, Deep Mind

Google's StarCraft-playing AI is crushing pro gamers

First, artificial intelligence created by Google's DeepMind mastered the game Go. Now, it's beating professionals at StarCraft, a popular sci-fi strategy game.
Tags: Google, Cnn, Deepmind

Google's DeepMind AI Just Beat Two Pros At StarCraft II

Add StarCraft II to the list of increasingly sophisticated games at which well-trained AIs can smash fallible, meat-fingered humans to chunky bits. Google’s DeepMind AI beat two professional players of Blizzard’s StarCraft in two multi-game series that happened in December, the companies jointly announced today.Read more...
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Go-Jek makes first close of $2 billion round at $9.5 billion valuation

Southeast Asia-based ride-sharing firm Go-Jek is making progress with its plan to raise up to $2 billion in fresh capital to fund its battle with close rival Grab . Indonesia-headquartered Go-Jek has closed an initial chunk of that round after a collection of existing investors, including Google, Tencent and, agreed to invest around $920 million towards it, three sources with knowledge of the investment told TechCrunch. The deal, which we understand could be announced as soon as next...
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DeepMind AI AlphaStar Wins 10-1 Against 'StarCarft II' Pros

In a series of matches streamed on YouTube and Twitch, DeepMind AI AlphaStar defeated two top-ranked professionals 10-1 at real-time strategy game StarCraft II. "This is of course an exciting moment for us," said David Silver at DeepMind in a live stream watched by more than 55,000 people. "For the first time we saw an AI that was able to defeat a professional player." New Scientist reports: DeepMind created five versions of their AI, called AlphaStar, and trained them on footage of human games....
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Google's AI is crushing pro gamers

First, artificial intelligence created by Google's DeepMind mastered the game Go. Now, it's beating professionals at StarCraft, a popular sci-fi strategy game.
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Ultima Thule shows its lumps in latest images from New Horizons flyby

The rendezvous between the New Horizons probe and the distant object known as Ultima Thule was an historic moment, but after the mind-blowing imagery the craft sent back from Pluto, you could be forgiven for being a little disappointed in how indistinct the early imagery was. Those concerns should be partly alleviated by the latest image from the probe, which shows the rocky world in considerably greater detail. It’s still not exactly poster quality, but remember, this is being beamed back bi...
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'I Stopped Using a Computer Mouse For a Week and It Was Amazing'

Slashdot reader dmoberhaus writes via Motherboard: Over the course of the next five days, I relied solely on my keyboard to navigate the web and my local hard drive. It was a limited form of digital detox, a way of trying to understand the way people used computers before the computer mouse became widely adopted for commercial machines in the 1980s. If I had to describe the experience of computing without a mouse in a word, I'd say it was fucking fantastic. It took about a day and a half before ...
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France: Google fined €50 million for breaches of GDPR - Holman Webb

France's data protection regulator, CNIL, fined Google 50 million euros (AUD $80 million) for breaches of the EU's GDPR.
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Intel just gave a revealing clue about how badly Apple's iPhone unit sales may have shrunk (AAPL)

Intel Thursday gave Apple watchers some insight into the latter's iPhone sales shortfall during the holidays. The chip maker announced that the revenue it saw from its cellular modems was $200 million less than expected. Apple is the major customer of Intel's modem chips. A back-of-the-envelope calculation suggests that Apple could have sold 11.8 million fewer iPhones than expected. Intel may have just given us a better sense of how poor Apple's iPhone sales were over the holidays. Apple may ...
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Is Lack of Sleep a Public Health Crisis?

According to The Washington Post, "a growing number of scientists, not normally known for being advocates, are bringing evangelical zeal to the message that lack of sleep is an escalating public health crisis that deserves as much attention as the obesity epidemic." "We're competing against moneyed interests, with technology and gaming and all that. It's so addictive and so hard to compete with," said Orfeu Buxton, a sleep researcher at Pennsylvania State University. "We've had this natural expe...
Tags: Tech, Princeton, The Washington Post, Centers For Disease Control And Prevention, Gallup, Orfeu Buxton, Pennsylvania State University We, Monika Schonauer

Mapping the Overlap of SERP Feature Suggestions

Posted by TheMozTeamFrom carousel snippets to related searches to “People also ask” boxes and “People also search for” boxes, the Google SERP is jam-packed with features that not only aid in keyword list creation but can help you better understand the topics your unique search landscape is structured around. In fact, the increase of topics and entities as a way of navigating and indexing the web was one of the biggest developments in search in 2018. This is why we took 40,977 SERPS and stripped ...
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Hidden screen in iOS 12.2 beta hints at AirPods that can handle ‘Hey Siri’

It’s a weird quirk of the current generation of AirPods: they support Siri, but only if you double-tap one of the earbuds first. Unlike with iPhones, iPads, Apple Watches and HomePods, you can’t just say “Hey Siri” and babble out your request. Rumors have been floating around for a while suggesting that a new iteration of AirPods — AirPods 2, the rumor mill is calling them — would bring “Hey Siri” functionality. Now a screen hiding in the latest iOS beta seems to suggest the same. While it’s not...
Tags: Apple, TC, Gadgets, Siri, Tech, Guilherme Rambo, AirPods, Machine Learning Journal

Will lawyers step up after this week’s mass layoffs of journalists?

Yesterday brought word of mass layoffs at Buzzfeed and HuffPost. Today brought news that Gannett, the largest newspaper publisher in the country, is slashing jobs across the country.  Investors are likely looking to reign in losses at the first two and it’s possible Gannett is looking to get more profitable asap now that a hedge fund known to be the death of journalism for its previous acquisitions is looking to acquire them. No matter how you slice it though, there will be more a thousa...
Tags: Google, Facebook, Law, Time, Journalism, Blogging, Gannett, Lexblog, Greg, Greg Siskind, HuffPost Today

Amazon’s cloud is slowly addressing one of its biggest criticisms as it extends another olive branch to open source developers (AMZN)

Amazon Web Services announced a new open source project on Thursday called Neo-AI, which helps developers bring artificial intelligence to hardware like security systems or maybe even self-driving cars.  Amazon has historically had a reputation for using a lot of open source software, without giving much back. But Neo-AI could be a sign that it's ready to be a bigger part of the open source community. Neo-AI is Amazon Web Services' second-ever open source project, after Firecracker, which it...
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Only 25 Percent of Occupations In US Are At 'High Risk' For Losing Jobs From Automation, Study Finds

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Quartz: Automation is coming, but not for everyone. Researchers at the Brookings Institution estimate just 25% of occupations in the US -- in production, food service, and transportation -- are at "high risk" for losing jobs from the advance of automation. "Automation is not the end of work," said Mark Muro, policy director for the Brookings Institution's program on urban economies and co-author of a study published Jan. 24. Most occupations will see spec...
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StarCraft II-playing AI AlphaStar takes out pros undefeated

Losing to the computer in StarCraft has been a tradition of mine since the first game came out in 1998. Of course, the built-in “AI” is trivial for serious players to beat, and for years researchers have attempted to replicate human strategy and skill in the latest version of the game. They’ve just made a huge leap with AlphaStar, which recently beat two leading pros 5-0. The new system was created by DeepMind, and in many ways it’s very unlike what you might call a “traditional” StarCraft AI. T...
Tags: Gaming, Science, Tech, Artificial Intelligence, Starcraft, Protoss, Deepmind, Zerg, MANA, AlphaStar

Trial for valet airport parking robots and other news

BBC Click's Jen Copestake looks at some of the best technology stories of the week.
Tags: Tech, Bbc, Jen Copestake

A picture tells a 1,000 words. Pixels pwn up to 5 million nerds: Crims use steganography to stash bad code in ads

Apple fans lured into installing malware via crafty JavaScript A strain of malware has been clocked using steganography to run malicious JavaScript on Macs via images in online banner ads, it was claimed this week.…
Tags: Apple, Software

Google’s Bid to Battle Amazon Suffers Blow as Walmart Withdraws

Walmart removed its products from Google’s Shopping Actions service, the internet giant said on Thursday. The retailer also recently dropped out of Google Express, a related delivery service. In March, Google unveiled Shopping Actions, which lets consumers more easily buy goods from retailers through the company’s search engine, digital assistant and Express delivery.
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