Study Shows How LSD Interferes With Brain's Signaling

An anonymous reader quotes a report from The Guardian: A group of volunteers who took a trip in the name of science have helped researchers uncover how LSD messes with activity in the brain to induce an altered state of consciousness. Brain scans of individuals high on the drug revealed that the chemical allows parts of the cortex to become flooded with signals that are normally filtered out to prevent information overload. The drug allowed more information to flow from the thalamus, a kind of n...
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Apple's iPhone problem isn't going away

Apple's iPhone business is in decline -- and there appears to be no end in sight.
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ASUS Zenfone 5Z Android 9.0 (Pie) global roll out begins [Download Link]

After rolling out Android 9.0 (Pie) update for the Zenfone 5Z in Taiwan last month, ASUS has finally started rolling out the update globally earlier this week, as it had promised. The latest Android Pie update brings several new features, including Adaptive Battery that uses machine learning to prioritize system resources for the apps, App Actions that helps you raise the visibility of your app and help drive engagement using machine learning, new Magnifier feature for easier copy-and-paste...
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It's clearer than ever Apple's problem won't go away

Apple's iPhone business is in decline -- and there appears to be no end in sight.
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Several top Pandora executives, including CEO Roger Lynch, will leave after its acquisition by SiriusXM

Pandora announced today that shareholders have approved its $3.5 billion acquisition by SiriusXM. After the transaction closes, several key Pandora executives will leave, including CEO Roger Lynch, general counsel Steve Bene, CFO Naveen Chopra, and chief human resources officer Kristen Robinson. SiriusXM CEO Jim Meyer will lead the combined company. Pandora and SiriusXM announced the proposed acquisition last September, with SiriusXM offering to pay $3.5 billion in stock, or $10.14 per share,...
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Apple reports $19.97 billion profit on $84.3 billion revenue in FY Q1 2019, iPhone revenue down 15% YoY

Apple has reported quarterly revenue of $84.3 billion, down 5% over last year with a net profit of $19.97 billion, almost same as last year and earnings per share of $4.18, an increase of 7.5% over last year in their earnings for the financial year Q1 2019 that ended December 2, 2018. During earnings call Tim Cook said that iPhone XR, iPhone Xs, and iPhone Xs Max are by far the best iPhones the company has ever shipped but iPhone revenue was down 15% from last year since its customers are hold...
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B2B Local Search Marketing: A Guide to Hidden Opportunity

Posted by MiriamEllis Is a local business you’re marketing missing out on a host of B2B opportunities? Do B2B brands even qualify for local SEO? If I say “B2B” and you think “tech,” then you’re having the same problem I was finding reliable information about local search marketing for business-to-business models. While it’s true that SaaS companies like Moz, MailChimp, and Hootsuite are businesses which vend to other businesses, their transactions are primarily digital. These may be the types o...
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DxOMark’s New Selfie Score Ranks Front-Facing Smartphone Cameras

If the endless number of lists on the Internet is any indication, we humans love ranking things. From top-10s to best-ofs, people want to know what’s the number 1 whatever out there – or want reaffirmation that they’ve made the right decision already. Image via Lisa Fotios from DxOMark has a reputation in the photography and videography world for having reliable rankings and they tend to be watched by industry insiders as well as optics manufacturers. That’s why it should come as n...
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Here's How Much Weed Apple Could Buy With Its $245 Billion Cash Pile, and Other Useless Calculations

Tech giant Apple last year took advantage of Republican tax cuts to announce it was bringing home a hoard of $252 billion it had stashed overseas at a meager 15.5 percent tax rate ($100 billion of which it later said would go to stock buybacks). As of Tuesday, when the company announced its first-quarter earnings,…Read more...
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The most important things we learned from Apple's earnings call (AAPL)

Apple offered new details on its business with its earnings report Tuesday. New figures showed just how profitable its services business is. The company now has 1.4 billion total active users of its devices, up 100 million last year. Apple may have pre-announced its revenue shortfall in early January, but the company offered plenty of important updates and details about the state of its business, and of the broader economy, during its official earnings call on Tuesday.  From the state of cons...
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Apple lowers some iPhone prices outside U.S. to offset strong dollar

The move is an attempt to stem weak sales of the iPhone, particularly in overseas markets such as China, where a 10 percent rise in the U.S. dollar over the past year or so has made Apple's products - which already compete at the top end of the market - much pricier than rivals. Apple Chief Executive Tim Cook disclosed the plan on Tuesday after the company reported the first-ever dip in iPhone sales during the key holiday shopping period. The company has only once before cut iPhone prices, sho...
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Apple: Good news, everyone – sales are less bad than we thought. Not amazing but not bad. $84bn is $84bn, tho

Cook and co get a boost after topping their own low bar Apple managed to turn what was expected to be a terrible quarter into merely a not-so-great one as the Cupertino phone-flinger barely topped its own recently lowered estimates.…
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Global Markets: Asian shares inch up after Apple earnings, CEO comments

U.S. stock futures and Asian equities eked out modest gains on Wednesday as investors seized on Apple Inc's earnings and comments from its chief that U.S.-China trade tensions were easing, sending the iPhone maker's shares soaring in after-hours trade.
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Why Consumers Choose One Brand Over Another

In his book, Branding with Brains: The science of getting customers to choose your company, Tjaco Walvis from the Netherlands formulated what he calls the ‘algorithm in the brain’ that makes the brand choices, in much the same way Google uses an algorithm to search the Web. This brain algorithm has three criteria that guide consumer choices of one brand over another. These are: 1. Relevance. The more distinctive and uniquely relevant a product or service is, the greater the chance it will be ...
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I had to laugh at JohnMFlores's comment to the last post, which was, in its entirety, Yes ...But, overall, I think the point is made, in my mind at least: cameras don't actually cost all that much. I'm thinking that perhaps I should stop boxing myself in to one stratum of the pricing tiers by conceiving of things as "inexpensive" and "expensive." It's really just all relative. Personally, at this moment, I can tell you what seems reasonable to me: I balked at paying $1,649 for an X-H1 body (befo...
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iPhone FaceTime Vulnerability

This is kind of a crazy iPhone vulnerability: it's possible to call someone on FaceTime and listen on their microphone -- and see from their camera -- before they accept the call. This is definitely an embarrassment, and Apple was right to disable Group FaceTime until it's fixed. But it's hard to imagine how an adversary can operationalize this in any useful way. New York governor Andrew M. Cuomo wrote: "The FaceTime bug is an egregious breach of privacy that puts New Yorkers at risk." Kinda, ...
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Firefox 65 Arrives With Content Blocking Controls, and Support for WebP and AV1 (slashdot)

Firefox 65, the latest version of Mozilla's web browser, is now available for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android platforms. The release brings simplified Content Blocking controls for Enhanced Tracking Protection, support for WebP image support with the Windows client getting an additional feature: support for AV1 format. From a report: Across all platforms, Firefox can now handle Google's WebP image format. WebP supports both lossy and lossless compression and promises the same image quality as ...
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Project Atlas: Facebook has been secretly paying Iphone users to install an all-surveilling "VPN" app

The "Facebook Research" VPN is an app that circumvents Apple's ban on certain kinds of surveillance by cloaking itself as a beta app and distributing through the Applause, Betabound and Utest services, rather than Apple's App Store: users get up to $20/month, plus referral fees, to run the app, which comes with a man-in-the-middle certificate that lets Facebook intercept "private messages in social media apps, chats from in instant messaging apps – including photos/videos sent to others, emails...
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Google Cleans Up Gmail App With An All-White Redesign

While Gmail on the web was significantly redesigned last year, the app for Android and iOS stayed relatively unchanged, with the exception of an update last year that removed the bold colors in favor of an almost entirely white look. Engadget reports that a redesigned Gmail for mobile is starting to roll out today and it will be available to all Android and iOS users in the coming weeks. Engadget reports: Functionally, the new Gmail mobile app isn't wildly different than what came before. There'...
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Apple Shares Rally as Company Outlines Life Beyond the iPhone

The company’s Wearables business, which includes the Apple Watch and AirPods, surged 50 percent. Without getting into detail, Cook suggested Apple will get further into the original video content business. Apple shares rose 5.5 percent in extended trading on Tuesday.
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A 14-year-old found the FaceTime bug. His mom contacted Apple, which acted a week later

Fourteen-year old Grant Thompson was just trying to play video games with friends on a day off from school when he made an alarming discovery: A bug in Apple's FaceTime tool that could turn iPhones into eavesdropping devices.
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YD JOB ALERT: Join the Bose team as a Hardware User Experience Designer!

Arguably one of the most valued companies in its industry, Bose is responsible for producing some of the most high-end consumer audio equipment internationally. Founded by Amar Bose in 1964, Bose is best known for its home audio systems and speakers, noise-canceling headphones, professional audio systems, and automobile sound systems. The company has also conducted research into suspension technologies for cars and heavy-duty trucks, and even into the subject of cold fusion. Bose is looking to h...
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Ask Slashdot: What Could Go Wrong In Tech That Hasn't Already Gone Wrong?

dryriver writes: If you look at the last 15 years in tech, just about everything that could go wrong seemingly has gone wrong. Everything you buy and bring into your home tracks you in some way or the other. Some software can only be rented now -- no permanent licenses available to buy. PC games are tethered into cloud crap like Steam, Origin and UPlay. China is messing with unborn baby genes. Drones have managed to mess up entire airports. The Scandinavians have developed a serious hatred of ca...
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Stop “Link Building”; Start “Trust Building”

Are you still working with some so-called SEO gurus or SEO experts that guarantee “Google’s Top Ranking” for your website and only asks for your top 5 or 10 keyword phrases and focus on fake, irrelevant, low-quality link building strategies only to artificially improve your website’s ranking? And have NEVER asked you (or helped you) to improve your website content, its structure, adjusting your website pages by adding related titles and META descriptions, adding new pages, renaming your webs...
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Apple's Sales Drop in China Means $5 Billion in Lost Revenue

Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook has seen China as a key part of Apple’s sales and manufacturing strategy, with the company generating almost $52 billion in revenue from China and Hong Kong last fiscal year.
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Apple has taken away the yardstick everybody measured its business with — but the replacement might be better (AAPL)

Apple won't provide unit sales for products such as the iPhone and the iPad to investors anymore. Analysts and investors had relied on those numbers as key metrics to judge Apple's growth. Instead, Apple is now disclosing how many iPhones are in use — 900 million, according to Tuesday's earnings call. Tuesday's earnings report was the beginning of a new era for Apple. Instead of providing investors and observers a simple number for the total amount of iPhones sold during a quarter — for examp...
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Austin’s RigUp Adds $60M for Service That Finds Oil and Gas Workers

Austin—Energy industry startup RigUp has added $60 million in new funding for its service that aims to connect oilfield workers who are looking for a job with oil and gas companies.The financing is Austin, TX-based RigUp’s Series C funding round and was led by Founders Fund, the San Francisco venture firm started by PayPal co-founders Peter Thiel, Ken Howery, and Luke Nosek. Earlier investors Energy Partners, Global Reserve Group, and Bedrock Capital also participated.RigUp raised a $15.8 milli...
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Facebook got caught paying people $20 a month to let them spy on their phones (FB)

Facebook has been caught paying people $20 a month to spy on their phones and data. Tech news site TechCrunch discovered the social network was asking some users to give them deep access to their phones and install VPNs in exchange for cash. Facebook has defended the program, but it raises questions about the social network's approach to user privacy, even in the wake of its string of scandals. Another day, another round of uncomfortable questions for Facebook.  The Silicon Valley social netw...
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Announcing the audiobook for Unauthorized Bread: a DRM-free tale of DRM-locked appliances, refugees, and resistance

Unauthorized Bread is the first of four audiobooks that make up my forthcoming book Radicalized, read by the talented actor Lameece Issaq. The book, published by Macmillan Audio, is a Google Play exclusive, as part of a deal I made to celebrate the launch of a major DRM-free audiobook store that challenges Audible's monopoly on the store. But the Google Play folks have graciously permitted me to sell it with my other DRM-free audiobooks, so you can buy it direct if you prefer. There's thre...
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Apple's revenue, iPhone sales fall in the first quarter

Apple on Tuesday said its revenue fell 5 per cent in the first quarter, compared with US$88.3 billion ($129.4b) a year earlier.Revenue from the maker of iPhones came in at US$84.31b, slightly higher than the company estimated earlier... [Author: [email protected]]
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