Grab raises $200M from Thailand-based retail conglomerate Central Group

Grab’s fundraising push continues unabated after the Southeast Asian ride-hailing firm announced that it has raised $200 million from Central Group, a retail conglomerate based in Thailand. Central’s business covers restaurants, hotels and more than 30 malls in Thailand, while it has operations in markets that include Vietnam and Indonesia. Its public-listed holding companies alone are worth more than $15 billion. Singapore-based Grab confirmed that this deal is not part of its ongoing Series...
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New York cracks down on companies that sell fake followers

On Wednesday New York Attorney General Letitia James announced that her office had reached a settlement with Devumi, a company that made millions selling fake followers to unsuspecting customers. The state of New York found that Devumi had engaged in illegal deception and illegal impersonation in the course of fluffing up social media profiles with its automated accounts. First reported by CNN, the settlement follows a New York state probe into the company after reports of suspicious activity an...
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OnePlus is 2018’s best selling premium smartphone brand in India

When it comes to purchasing a smartphone, the majority of Indians consider the latest specifications or feature at a lower price as the main factor. To make it more clear - huge RAM, great processing power, good battery life and of course the amazing camera is preferred. While there are hit and miss with few manufacturers, there is OnePlus which checks all the boxes and for the right reasons. As a result, OnePlus has emerged as the best selling premium smartphone brand in 2018 in India, accor...
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Japan Pocket 4G WIFI for Nagoya, Takayama and Shirakawago

Internet data is important while traveling in Japan. The priority of Internet data is not social media but essential apps like Google Translate, Google Map and Google. There are three options you can do whenever you travel to Japan. It is either you have mobile roaming, get a Japan SIM Card or rent a Japan Pocket 4G WIFI. We tried getting a Japan SIM Card and renting a Pocket WIFI and we still prefer getting the pocket WIFI as it is more convenient (especially you are traveling in a small g...
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Three Modes Of The Customer Buying Journey

Once triggered, the Customer Buying Journey can be categorized into one of three modes, each of which tends to dictate the nature and complexity of that buying journey. 1. Substitution Substitution is when a buying journey is triggered by the customer’s need to explore — and potentially acquire and adopt — an alternative offering for or supplier of something that is already part of the standard operating procedures. In other words, the buyer is simply substituting one solution for another. M...
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Lawmakers are calling out Facebook for paying people, including teenagers, to let it spy on them (FB)

Senators Mark R. Warner, Richard Blumenthal, and Edward J. Markey have called out Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg over the recent reports that the company paid people to install an intrusive, data-collecting app. Facebook pulled the iOS research app following a TechCrunch report on Tuesday that revealed it paid people, including teenagers, to allow it to gather data about them. Legislators are concerned the app did not properly inform users of the extent of its data gathering. Facebook's reputat...
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Attackers Can Track Kids' Locations Via Connected Watches

secwatcher shares a report from Threatpost: A gamut of kids' GPS-tracking watches are exposing sensitive data involving 35,000 children -- including their location, in real time. Researchers from Pen Test Partners specifically took a look at the Gator portfolio of watches from TechSixtyFour. The Gator line had been in the spotlight in 2017 for having a raft of vulnerabilities, called out by the Norwegian Consumers Council in its WatchOut research. "A year on, we decided to have a look at the Gat...
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Google Chrome Is Testing a Feature to Warn Users About Suspicious URLs

As phishing scams become increasingly sophisticated, Google’s engineers have been exploring ways to help users better identify potentially nefarious URLs. Google Chrome is currently testing a new warning to flag these types of domains, CNET reported Tuesday.Read more...
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Study shows we’re spending an insane amount of time online

Are we all addicted to the Internet? Maybe. The latest Digital 2019 report, from Hootsuite and We Are Social, shows we’re spending on average 6 hours and 42 minutes online each day. Half of that is spent on mobile devices. That figure sounds like a lot, but it’s absolutely astronomical when spread across an entire year. It equates to more than 100 days of online time every year for every Internet user. That’s more than 27 percent of every year. 2019’s figure shows a modest decrease from the prev...
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Rumor Mill Report: Three Rear Cameras and a USB-C Port Coming to Next-Gen Apple iPhones

Looks like the smartphone camera wars are heating up again as rumors are starting to surface that Apple is going hard with its next-gen iPhones in the camera department. Joining other models that have already done this, the next-gen iPhones will reportedly have three front-facing cameras to bring Apple’s marquee product on par with other top-of-the-line offerings from competitors. Image via Mateusz Dach from Not only that but also the new iPhones will be using USB-C connectors inst...
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Samsung Develops the First 1TB Storage Chips For Phones

Samsung has started mass producing what it says is the industry's first one terabyte embedded Universal Flash Storage (eUFS) technology for smartphones. "It will give the company's mobile devices PC-like storage without the need for large-capacity microSD cards," Engadget reports. "It'll be incredibly useful if you use your phone to take tons of photos and HD videos -- Samsung says it's enough to store 260 10-minute videos in 4K UHD." From the report: "The 1TB eUFS is expected to play a critical...
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Ask Slashdot: Could An AI Conceivably Create Futureproof Product Designs?

dryriver writes: Whether you are into consumer electronics, cars, furniture or other manufactured things, one aspect of them doesn't change -- the physical design or "look" of the product tends to age badly in our perception as newer products are released. When you first buy the product it looks "sexy and new"; 5 years down the road, it just looks kind of "old" or "less sophisticated" compared to the newer, sleeker products. To the question: Could you get an artificial intelligence powered by a ...
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Answer to the heatwave? Embr's air-conditioner for your wrist

The heatwave's probably seen you try low-tech ways to cool down, from cold showers to licking ice cubes.US startup Embr Labs offers something more high-tech: its Embr Wave bracelet that looks like an upside down Apple Watch and... [Author: [email protected]]
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Detroit and Silicon Valley are racing to roll out fully self-driving cars, and the winner will be decided by one key factor

Investors are betting the real value of AV companies will come from the estimated 4 terabytes of data each car will generate per day. And based on the way they’re valuing the major AV players, Wall Street seems to think tech companies have a better shot than Detroit at capitalizing on that data. There's a growing realization on Wall Street that self-driving cars are still many years away. That pessimism is weighing far more heavily on traditional automakers than technology companies. The bi...
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E-cigarette company Juul is launching in India this year; Hires Uber India Exec

E-ciggarette company, Juul is working on India launch (in 2019). The company has hired Uber India executive Rachit Ranjan as a senior public policy strategist. Juul has also hired India-based Mastercard executive Rohan Mishra as head of government relations (source). India has strict regulations around import of e-cigarettes and 8 out of 29 states have banned e-cigarettes. The post E-cigarette company Juul is launching in India this year; Hires Uber India Exec appeared first on NextBigWhat.
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After 2 years of apologies, Mark Zuckerberg says he wants to go all-out building new stuff again (FB)

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg outlined 4 priorities for 2019 The four goals are designed to get the company out of the defensive crouch that's defined the past two years amid a string of scandals. Zuckerberg emphasized that the company will redouble its efforts on "building new experiences." After a two-year apology tour, Facebook is changing strategy: It's going to go all-out building stuff again. On Wednesday, CEO Mark Zuckerberg told analysts on a conference call after the company's Q4 2018...
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Google will start deleting Google+ accounts and pages on April 2nd (GOOG, GOOGL)

On Wednesday, Google announced its consumer version of Google+ will officially shut down on April 2. On that date, Google+ accounts and pages will become inaccessible to users and content, including p hotos and videos from Album Archives, will begin to be deleted. Google says the deletion process may take some time. Google has encouraged users to download and save their content before it is deleted.  The end of Google+ is drawing nearer.  On Wednesday, Google announced its consumer version...
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New York Attorney General Finds That Sale of Social Media Bots, Fake Engagement Is Illegal

The New York Attorney General’s office has announced a settlement with Devumi LLC, a social media-marketing firm whose tactics were exposed by the New York Times last year, in what the office wrote is “the first finding by a law enforcement agency that selling fake social media engagement and using stolen identities…Read more...
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The Moto Razr 2019 is the perfect fusion of futurism and nostalgia

The interweb has been buzzing with a certain piece of news leaked by the Wall Street Journal only last week. Motorola plans to build a 2019-appropriate version of their iconic Razr phone. Details are incredibly scarce, and the only taste of the phone we’ve got is via images from their patent registration with the World Intellectual Property Organisation in December 2018.The 3D visualization of the 2019 Razr bases itself on these patents. The new Razr will be more squarish (when closed) than its ...
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Apple’s next iPhones and iPads: Triple camera, 3-D back camera for AR, new Face ID, iOS 13 Dark Mode, new cheap iPad

Rumor has it that Apple is testing a triple camera system for iPhones in 2019, plus other improvements including 'dark mode.' Less expensive iPads and an updated iPhone XR are also said to be in development. Here’s Apple’s Plans for 2019, 2020 iPhones and iPads — Triple camera for extra pixels, 3-D back camera for AR, new Face ID, iOS 13 Dark Mode, codenames, Live Photos revamp, new cheap iPad and iPad Mini, and many more details: — Mark Gurman (@markgurman) January 30...
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With its Greenlots acquisition, Shell is moving from gas stations to charging stations

In a bid to show that it’s getting ready for the electrification of American roads, Royal Dutch Shell is buying Greenlots, a Los Angeles-based developer of electric vehicle charging and energy management technologies. Shell, which is making the acquisition through its Shell New Energies US subsidiary, snatched the company from Energy Impact Partners, a cleantech-focused investment firm. “As our customers’ needs evolve, we will increasingly offer a range of alternative energy sources, supported b...
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The fastest growing internet market isn’t the one you think

For a country that few people know exists, Western Sahara has had a uniquely tumultuous history. Its modern history starts, as is unfortunately the case with most African nations, with colonialism. Until the mid-70’s, it lived under the thumb of Spanish rule. When Spain ultimately withdrew, it handed the territory to Mauritania and Morocco, sparking a fierce war for independence. Flash forward to 2019. Morocco controls a vast swathe of the country. The Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic controls a...
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Here's why Apple won't punish Facebook with the 'nuclear option' (AAPL, FB)

Tensions are running high between Apple and Facebook. The revelation that Facebook skirted around Apple's rules to distribute an app that spied on users only added to the animosity. Despite the strains between the two, they're likely to find a way to continue to get along, at least so far as it comes to having Facebook's consumer apps in Apple's App Store. Facebook appears to have blatantly violated Apple's rules by convincing some users to install a special iPhone app that collects personal ...
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Apple and Facebook may hate each other, but neither company can afford to go to war (AAPL, FB)

Tensions are running high between Apple and Facebook. The revelation that Facebook skirted around Apple's rules to distribute an app that spied on users only added to the animosity. Despite the strains between the two, they're likely to find a way to continue to get along, at least so far as it comes to having Facebook's consumer apps in Apple's App Store. Facebook appears to have blatantly violated Apple's rules by convincing some users to install a special iPhone app that collects personal ...
Tags: Apple, Google, Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, Japan, Steve Jobs, US, Trends, Canada, Tim Cook, Vpn, App Store, British Airways, John Gruber, Facebook research, Instagram Facebook Messenger

Block party: scientists celebrate robot that can play Jenga

MIT researchers develop machine with physical skills needed to master children’s gameThe humble game of Jenga has become the latest human pursuit to fall to machines, scientists have announced.In what marks significant progress for robotic manipulation of real-world objects, a Jenga-playing machine can learn the complex physics involved in withdrawing wooden blocks from a tower through physical trial and error. Continue reading...
Tags: Science, Technology, World news, Mit, Robots, Mit - Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

The Shift: Maybe Only Tim Cook Can Fix Facebook’s Privacy Problem

The cold war between Facebook and Apple over data use and privacy is heating up. How far should Mr. Cook take it?
Tags: Apple, Facebook, Cook, News, Privacy, Social Media, Tim Cook, Apple Inc, Facebook Inc, Mobile Applications, Timothy D, Can Fix Facebook

Regulate social media to protect children, MPs urge

A cross-party committee says social media companies should have a legal "duty of care" to children.
Tags: Tech

Another Apple engineer accused of stealing autonomous vehicle secrets for China

For the second time in 6 months, the FBI is accusing a Chinese national engineer who worked for Apple of stealing Apple trade secrets related to self-driving cars, to help a China-based competitor. Michael Bott, NBC Bay Area: Apple began investigating Jizhong Chen when another employee reported seeing the engineer taking photographs in a sensitive work space, according to a federal criminal complaint unsealed this week. Chen, according to the complaint, allowed Apple Global Security employees ...
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Google+ accounts and pages will be shut down April 2nd, says Google

Google announced last fall it's killing off Google+ because of the social network's laughably “low usage” and “challenges involved in maintaining a successful product that meets consumers’ expectations,” plus revelations of serious security vulnerabilities. In a blog post and related support page that went live today, Google explained how the shutdown will unfold, and the important part for most 'consumer' users is this: they're gonna delete all your posts, photos, videos, and comments, star...
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Tesla says the Model Y is coming in 2020

The Tesla Model Y — the SUV electric vehicle that CEO Elon Musk has been teasing and talking about since 2015 — will begin volume production by the end of 2020, the company said Wednesday in a letter to shareholders. The automaker, which has yet to show a prototype of the vehicle, said it will begin tooling for the Model Y this year. And unlike Tesla’s other electric vehicles, the Model Y will most likely be produced at the company’s massive “gigafactory” in Nevada, Musk said during an earnin...
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