Why SEO is Constantly Changing?

Why SEO is Constantly Changing? SEO is always evolving and changing. Sometimes, it forces everyone to reconsider their strategies and their workflow for effective and successful SEO. It may be hard understand the reasons why it goes through a lot of changes and can be frustrating to keep updated at the same time.  What to Know about the New Algorithms Google creates new algorithms always. Search engines constantly evaluate their algorithms and techniques to find the best results for al...
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People are praising Jeff Bezos and calling him a 'genius' after he slammed the National Enquirer and accused them of blackmail in a shocking blog post (AMZN)

In an extraordinary blog post on Thursday, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos said the National Enquirer and its parent company AMI& threatened to publish intimate personal photos of the billionaire tech exec. According to Bezos, AMI allegedly threatened to publish the photos, unless he stopped his investigation into how they leaked — and unless he made a statement disavowing that the original National Enquirer investigation into his alleged affair was politically motivated. Bezos said that he refuses to ...
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Scientists Are Working On Ways To Swap the Needle For a Pill

An anonymous reader quotes a report from NPR: One team of scientists, from MIT's Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research and Harvard's Brigham and Women's Hospital, developed a system to deliver insulin that actually still uses a needle -- but is so small you can swallow it and the injection doesn't hurt. They built a pea-size device containing a spring that ejects a tiny dart of solid insulin into the wall of the stomach, says gastroenterologist Carlo Giovanni Traverso, an associate phys...
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Netflix for Android gets Smart Downloads that auto-retrieves next episode [Update: Now available for iOS]

Update - February 7, 2019: Netflix has rolled out Smart Downloads feature for iOS users. Similar to Android and Windows, this will automatically delete episodes you've watched and download the next one when you are connected to WiFi. You can disable it from the Downloads section. Grab the latest version of the iOS app to enjoy the feature. Earlier: Netflix had rolled out Download feature back in 2016 and one and a half year later the company is rolling a new feature “Smart Downloads” that a...
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How to Start Your Own Digital Marketing Agency in Just 5 Simple Steps

In a world where technology is booming, it only makes sense for businesses to utilize the latest digital marketing strategies to boost their sales. Likewise, it also makes sense for prospective business owners to consider starting their own digital marketing agency as the demand for online marketing is considerably growing. In fact, marketing spending on social media is projected to increase by 18.5 percent over the next five years. That said, if a future business in digital marketing is calling...
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NASA releases the “last light” image taken by Kepler before it retired last year

NASA Kepler space telescope’s “last light” image NASA has released the final view taken by Kepler in September, shortly before the space telescope was retired after nearly a decade of unprecedented discoveries about the universe beyond our solar system. “It bookends the moment of intense excitement nine and a half years earlier when the spacecraft first opened its eye to the skies and captured its ’first light’ image,” wrote NASA Ames Research Center public affairs officer Alison Hawkes. “Ke...
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Eye Candy for Today: Joaquim Vancells, “February”

February, Joaquim Vancells Oil on canvas, roughly 40 x 60 inches (104 x 155 cm) Link is to zoomable image on Google Art Project, downloadable version on Wikimedia Commons; original is in the Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya. Catalonian painter Joaquim Vancells invites us into a quiet forest landscape in the heart of winter. I like the way the details of sticks, leaves and undergrowth ground us in the environment, while the meandering path in center invites us farther into the misty depths of ...
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Apple Is Compensating the Kid Who Figured Out Its Sketchy Eavesdropping FaceTime Bug

Apple has finally delivered a fix to its Group FaceTime bug that let users eavesdrop on others with an accidental workaround. But the real hero of this story is the 14-year-old kid who figured out that it existed, and whose mom reportedly used every imaginable method to reach the company and flag the security issue.Read more...
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Apple Gives New Retail Head Stock Grants Worth About $8 Million

The Cupertino, California-based technology giant gave O’Brien two sets of 23,922 restricted stock units -- one group that will vest across three years beginning Aug. 5, 2021, and the other based on the company’s performance that may vest on Oct. 1, 2021, according to a regulatory filing. Each set is worth about $4.1 million based on Apple’s stock price of $170.94 at Thursday’s close. O’Brien has worked at Apple in various roles for about 30 years, including as head of human resources since Jul...
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Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos had a snappy response to the National Enquirer's allegations that taking intimate selfies showed poor business judgment (AMZN)

Jeff Bezos says that the National Enquirer argued that it would be in the public interest to publish intimate private photos of him, because they reflect on his judgment as the CEO of Amazon. Bezos had a snappy response: He personally built Amazon up to become one of the most valuable and important companies in the world. "I will let those results speak for themselves." Despite Bezos' snappy comeback, it's worth noting that his divorce from wife MacKenzie Bezos does carry some risks for Amazon...
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The Moto G7 Lineup Offers Bigger Screens and Smaller Bezels On a Budget

Motorola is releasing three versions of the Moto G7 this year: the G7, the G7 Power, and the G7 Play (a fourth, more powerful G7 Plus model will also be released internationally). These new devices offer slimmer bezels, bigger displays, and larger batteries than their predecessors. The Verge reports: [T]he $299 G7 (not to be confused with LG's G7 ThinQ) is the top-of-the-line model, with a 6.2-inch Gorilla Glass display that features a 2270 x 1080 resolution and a more subtle teardrop notch. The...
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Bezos blackmail claims add new twist to tale of Trump, Russia and the media

Trump’s vitriol toward Amazon CEO and long ties to National Enquirer collided last month, when tabloid ran story on Bezos’s affairThe remarkable blogpost from Jeff Bezos – Amazon CEO, world’s richest man and owner of the Washington Post – accusing the National Enquirer’s parent company of blackmail adds another bizarre strand to the tangled web tying together Donald Trump, the media and the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election.Bezos has long been a hate figure for Trump d...
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Apple Reportedly Threatens to Yank iOS Apps Recording Users' Screens Without Their Knowledge

Following a Wednesday report from TechCrunch that popular iPhone apps are recording the in-app activity of users without their knowledge through analytics companies like Glassbox, Apple has reportedly responded by threatening “immediate action” if they don’t knock it off or inform their users that their activity is…Read more...
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Ex-Cons Create 'Instagram For Prisons,' and Wardens Are Fine With That

Bloomberg's Olivia Carville writes about three apps that are offering a cheaper way for families to connect with incarcerated loved ones. Here's an excerpt from her report: Pigeonly and its ilk have hit on a communication model -- a necessarily inelegant one -- that meets inmates' desire for a more tangible connection while serving the social-media habits of their loved ones. One of the apps, Flikshop, has been affectionately dubbed the "Instagram for prisons." It's an imperfect metaphor perhaps...
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Redeem Only 10,000 Hilton Honors Points Per Night February 2019 at These Hotel and Resort Properties

In addition to your choice of 27 hotel and resort properties through which you can redeem only 5,000 Hilton Honors points per night, what if I were to tell you that there are no fewer than 150 hotel and resort properties in 18 countries where you can redeem only 10,000 Hilton Honors points per night? Thanks to this new tool from... The post Redeem Only 10,000 Hilton Honors Points Per Night February 2019 at These Hotel and Resort Properties appeared first on The Gate.
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NCTA Asks For Net Neutrality Law Allowing Paid Prioritization

DarkRookie2 shares a report from Ars Technica: Cable industry chief lobbyist Michael Powell today asked Congress for a net neutrality law that would ban blocking and throttling but allow Internet providers to charge for prioritization under certain circumstances. Powell -- a Republican who was FCC chairman from 2001 to 2005 and is now CEO of cable lobby group NCTA -- spoke to lawmakers today at a Communications and Technology subcommittee hearing on net neutrality. Powell said there is "common g...
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FaceTime bug: Apple rolls out a fix to enable group calls again

FaceTime group calls are back, so long as you update your iDevice with the fix that Apple rolled out on Thursday. iOS 12.1.4 sorts out a troubling FaceTime flaw that let people eavesdrop on the people they were calling. The post FaceTime bug: Apple rolls out a fix to enable group calls again appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Adobe Premiere Might Be Breaking the Speakers in MacBook Pros

Adobe software and Apple computers typically go together like bread and butter. But reports are indicating that something might be spoiled in Adobe’s latest batch of spread because MacBook Pro owners are saying that the company’s Premiere software is busting the speakers in their computers. MacBook Pro image via Apple. There are a couple of questions here. First, how does Adobe Premiere break the speakers on a MacBook Pro and, second, has Adobe acknowledged this issue? Reports on MacRumors say...
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Can old-fashioned journalism combat fake news?

News-rating start-up NewsGuard hopes to take a traditional approach against online misinformation, by using actual humans, not algorithms, to create 'nutrition labels' for news outlets and other websites.
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Microsoft backs Washington state’s facial recognition bill as Amazon mulls support

Microsoft is lobbying on behalf of the bill, sponsored by state Sen. Reuven Carlyle, while Amazon has asked for some clarifications and changes.
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Google makes it easier for cheap phones and smart devices to encrypt your data

Encryption is an important part of the whole securing-your-data package, but it’s easy to underestimate the amount of complexity it adds to any service or device. One part of that is the amount of processing encryption takes — an amount that could be impractical on small or low-end devices. Google wants to change that with a highly efficient new method called Adiantum. Here’s the problem. While encryption is in a way just transforming one block of data reversibly into another, that process is...
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Review: Optoma’s UHL55 is a versatile and flawed 4K projector with Google Assistant and Alexa

There’s no home theater experience quite like a giant projected screen. TVs get bigger by the year, but once you cross the 65-inch mark, prices increase exponentially – and good luck trying to find a 150-inch TV. For the average person, a projector is the best way to go big. But projectors are also stuck in the past. Most have none of the smart features we’ve come to expect from our TVs, acting simply as displays for our cable boxes and streaming devices. The ones that are smart tend to be of th...
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Spotify Bans Ad Blockers In Updated ToS

In an updated Terms of Service policy sent out on Thursday, Spotify is now explicitly banning ad blockers. "The new rules specifically state that 'circumventing or blocking advertisements in the Spotify Service, or creating or distributing tools designed to block advertisements in the Spotify Service' can result in immediate termination or suspension of your account," reports The Verge. From the report: The service already takes significant measures to limit ad blockers. In a DigiDay report from...
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Read all the emails Jeff Bezos says the National Enquirer sent to 'blackmail' him (AMZN)

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos wrote a blog post on Thursday accusing National Enquirer publisher AMI of trying to extort him over naked photos of him. AMI allegedly sent Bezos emails describing the photos they obtained of him and former news anchor Lauren Sanchez, who he was having an affair with. These are the emails that Bezos says were sent to "blackmail" him. On Thursday, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos wrote a Medium blog post revealing the emails that he alleges were sent to blackmail him. In the email, ...
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Can you gamify love?

There’s a notification on my phone that says I’ll get “20 points” from the Desire romance app if I give my fiance a thorough medical examination. I’m no doctor, but I could use the points. I’ve been stuck on “mild” for a few weeks. I’d like to see what happens when things get “spicy.” Desire is an app for couples. It lets you and your partner send each other sexy dares — among other things. Once you complete them, you earn points that are used to unlock new dares and other goodies within the app...
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Jeff Bezos accuses National Enquirer owner of 'extortion and blackmail'

Amazon CEO and world’s richest man publishes blogpost alleging tabloid threatened to publish nude images of himDavid Pecker, the tabloid king: meet Trump’s friend and fixerThe Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos, has accused the owner of the National Enquirer of “extortion and blackmail”, alleging that lawyers for David Pecker threatened the tabloid would publish text messages and intimate images if Bezos didn’t halt an investigation into how it had obtained those files.I’ve written a post about developments...
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Spanish researchers use AI to develop plant-based phosphorus and nitrogen maps

In Spain, researchers of Valencia University (UV) have developed the first global maps of phosphorus and nitrogen content in vegetation, as well as efficiency in water use, via artificial intelligence and big data techniques. The application of these maps could benefit fields such as biodiversity, agriculture and the adaptation of species to climate change. Artificial intelligence (AI) techniques and Google mass satellite observation data have made it possible to generate the first global maps o...
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Google’s Gary Illyes Explains How RankBrain Works by @MattGSouthern

Google's Gary Illyes has provided a matter-of-fact explanation of how the RankBrain algorithm works.The post Google’s Gary Illyes Explains How RankBrain Works by @MattGSouthern appeared first on Search Engine Journal.
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Jeff Bezos accuses National Enquirer of blackmailing him — and publishes the details himself

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos says he is being blackmailed with nude selfies by AMI, owner of the National Enquirer and reportedly protector of the president’s reputation, over claims the publisher has acted as a political operative. The events feel almost as if they have been arranged by mysterious forces as a microcosm of the “tech elite vs. the President” narrative. Bezos, who has been in the news recently owing to a rather dramatic and public divorce, published a post on a fresh Medium instance d...
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Amazon at times used Flex drivers' tips to cover promised base pay, investigation finds

Amazon sometimes dipped into tips earned by contracted delivery drivers for its 'Flex' service to cover the base pay they'd been promised, a Los Angeles Times review of emails and receipts shows. They're not the only contractor-supported delivery giant playing hinky with tips. Instacart and DoorDash have caught criticism for doing the same. As Amazon continues to grow, it increasingly relies on contractors to meet delivery demand. They aren't employees, so they don't get benefits. Tips help. A...
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