Some new privacy features for Mac and iOS devices, and why they exist

You’ve probably noticed that there are more dialogues to click and hoops to jump through lately on Mac and iOS devices.. Here are a couple specific features and why they exist.
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Opera browser for Android beta gets built-in free VPN

Opera has announced that it is testing new in-built browser VPN for its Android browser. Beta users are the first ones to test the VPN. It is a free, unlimited and has no-log VPN feature.  When on public Wi-Fi, Just tap on “Settings” in your Opera browser and activate VPN. Opera says that the reason for including this built-in VPN in the Android browser is because it gives you that extra layer of protection. The desktop version of the Opera browser already offers unlimited free VPN, and Andro...
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New Chemical Process Can Convert Nearly a Quarter of All Plastic Waste Into Fuel

"Researchers at Purdue University have developed a new chemical process that they say can convert approximately one-quarter of the world's plastic waste into gasoline and diesel-like fuels," writes Slashdot reader dmoberhaus. Motherboard explains how it works: As detailed in a paper published this week in Sustainable Chemistry and Engineering, the chemists discovered a way to convert polypropylene -- a type of plastic commonly used in toys, medical devices, and product packaging like potato chip...
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Set it and forget it: 70mai Dash Cam Pro is always watching the road ahead

Tech review: The 70mai Dashcam Pro does everything I’d want a dashcam to do, and it’s easy to use.
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Google’s new job listing hints at possible Smartwatch

Android Wear announcement lead to rumors suggesting that Google might be building its own smartwatch for the platform. Reports about a possible Pixel Watch started in mid-2018, however, Google mentioned that it is not coming anytime soon. However, according to the new job listing, it looks like the company may actually building its own wearable devices. The company has posted a job listing on Google Careers site seeking a Vice President of Hardware Engineering for Wearables. The current Weara...
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What if Apple made hi-end Siri-enabled smart headphones?

Probably the only thing missing from Apple’s product roster is a pair of over-the-ear headphones. Apple has already developed and seen a fair share of success in the Airpods, and the Homepod (although the Homepod’s acceptance has been slightly underwhelming). The two products are immaculately engineered, and feature Apple’s very own Voice AI, Siri. The Airpods work with the iPhone, while the Homepod works independently, like all smart speakers. There is, however, a puzzle piece missing. The Ai...
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Save up to $950 with the best smartphone deals for February 2019

Need a better phone but don't want to spend a fortune? It's never a bad time to score a new smartphone and save some cash. We rounded up the best smartphone deals available that can save you as much as $950. The post Save up to $950 with the best smartphone deals for February 2019 appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Some Popular iPhone Apps Secretly Record Your Screen for Analytics Purposes (mac rumors)

Multiple popular iPhone apps from major companies are using intrusive analytics services that capture detailed data like taps, swipes, and even screen recordings without customer knowledge, reports TechCrunch. Apps that include Abercrombie & Fitch,, Air Canada, Hollister, Expedia, and Singapore Airlines are using Glassbox, a customer experience analytics firm that lets developers use "session replay" screen recording technology within their apps. Session replays let developers...
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Where to find Huddersfield vs. Arsenal on US TV and streaming

If you’re trying to find out how you can watch Huddersfield vs. Arsenal on US TV in the Premier League, you’ve come to the right place. For viewers in the US, Huddersfield vs. Arsenal will be shown on TV and streaming (more details below). Match: Huddersfield vs. Arsenal Kickoff: Saturday, 10am ET Looking to watch Huddersfield vs. Arsenal online from your work, home or on the go? If you live in the USA, there are several options to catch all the action. We Recommend: US Only. ...
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Medium, the blog site Jeff Bezos used to attack the Enquirer, won't say whether the post violated its rules — but it says Bezos won't get paid a dime (AMZN)

Medium isn't commenting on whether or not Jeff Bezos violated its terms of service with his astonishing post on Thursday. The online publishing site also won't say whether Bezos gave it a heads up before he published it. But Medium did confirm that, no matter how many people like his post, he won't get paid for it. When Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos decided to accuse David Pecker, the CEO of National Enquirer's parent company, of blackmail on Thursday, he chose an interesting way to do it: a post on ...
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AI Study of Human Genome Finds Unknown Human Ancestor

Zorro shares a report from the Smithsonian: A recent study used machine learning technology to analyze eight leading models of human origins and evolution, and the program identified evidence in the human genome of a "ghost population" of human ancestors. The analysis suggests that a previously unknown and long-extinct group of hominins interbred with Homo sapiens in Asia and Oceania somewhere along the long, winding road of human evolutionary history, leaving behind only fragmented traces in mo...
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Powerful Tools That Will Help You In Your Daily Projects

Present day, choosing the most powerful web tools is an art in itself. There are so many options that look very similar and are extremely hard to differentiate without spending money and time to test them. The best web design tools out there help you work smarter rather than harder and achieve the desired result within a shorter period of time. We bet that you’re after such tools. However, you probably don’t feel like trying and testing all the solutions available on the web to determine the bes...
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Amazon's Home Security Company Is Turning Everyone Into Cops

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Motherboard: Neighbors is not just a social media app: it's a service that's meant to be used with Ring security cameras, a Wi-Fi-powered home security company that was acquired by Amazon last February in a $1 billion deal. Neighbors was launched in May 2018, three months after the acquisition. If you have Ring security cameras, you can upload video content straight from your security camera to Neighbors. [...] Beyond creating a "new neighborhood watch," ...
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Twitter Still Can't Keep Up With Its Flood of Junk Accounts, Study Finds

According to a new 16-month study of 1.5 billion tweets, researchers write that Twitter still isn't keeping up with the flood of automated accounts designed to spread spam, inflate follower counts, and game trending topics. Wired reports: In a 16-month study of 1.5 billion tweets, Zubair Shafiq, a computer science professor at the University of Iowa, and his graduate student Shehroze Farooqi identified more than 167,000 apps using Twitter's API to automate bot accounts that spread tens of millio...
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Amazon drops prices on the Apple Watch Series 3 for Valentine’s Day

If you happen to be an iPhone owner, the Apple Series 3 smartwatch is the most compatible smartwatch for you. And now for a limited time the Apple Watch Series 3 is being offered to the public at a discounted price from Amazon. The post Amazon drops prices on the Apple Watch Series 3 for Valentine’s Day appeared first on Digital Trends.
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HP's ink DRM instructs your printer to ignore the ink in your cartridge when you cancel your subscription

Inkjet printer manufacturers continue to pioneer imaginative ways to create real-world, desktop dystopias that make Black Mirror look optimistic by comparison: one such nightmare is HP's "subscription" printers where a small amount of money buys you ink cartridges that continuously communicate with HP's servers to validate that you're still paying for your subscription, and if you cancel, the ink stops working. HP's argument is that it's subsidizing the ink and you're agreeing to this treat...
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TikTok: Where gummy bears singing Adele rule

The Chinese-owned meme platform taking over the internet.
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TikTok: When gummy bears singing Adele rule online

The Chinese-owned meme platform taking over the internet.
Tags: Tech

What is TikTok?

The social media app was downloaded more times than Instagram and Snapchat in 2018.
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Teenager Builds Himself a Robotic Prosthetic Arm Using Lego Pieces

David Aguila, a 19-year-old bioengineering student at the Universitat Internacional de Catulunya in Spain, has built himself a robotic prosthetic arm using Lego pieces. David was born with Poland syndrome that affects his right peck and right arm. From a report: Once his favorite toys, the plastic bricks became the building material for Mr Aguilar's first, still very rudimentary, artificial arm at the age of nine, and each new version had more movement than the one before. He uses the artificial...
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Feel the beep: This album is played entirely on a PC motherboard speaker

If you’re craving a truly different sound with which to slay the crew this weekend, look no further than System Beeps, a new album by shiru8bit — though you may have to drag your old 486 out of storage to play it. Yes, this album runs in MS-DOS and its music is produced entirely through the PC speaker — you know, the one that can only beep. Now, chiptunes aren’t anything new. But the more popular ones tend to imitate the sounds found in classic computers and consoles like the Amiga and SNES. It’...
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Google to Introduce Job Posting Markup for Remote Jobs by @MattGSouthern

Google will soon be rolling out the ability for companies to highlight postings for remote jobs in search results.The post Google to Introduce Job Posting Markup for Remote Jobs by @MattGSouthern appeared first on Search Engine Journal.
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Your locked phone could verify it's you by listening to your lips move

LipPass is a user verification system for mobile devices that verifies your identity by the unique way that you move your lips. Developed by researchers at Shanghai Jiao Tong University, the system doesn't validate based on the sound of your voice but rather the movement of your mouth. From IEEE Spectrum: The researchers realized the audio components on smartphones can be exploited to depict the movement of a person’s mouth by analyzing the acoustic signals that bounce off the user’s fac...
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Apple updates FaceTime eavesdropping bug, rewards 14-year-old who found it

Apple has released an iPhone update to fix a software flaw that allowed people to eavesdrop on others while using FaceTime. The bug enabled interlopers to turn an iPhone into a live microphone while using Group FaceTime. Callers were able to activate another person’s microphone remotely even before the person has accepted or rejected the call. Apple turned off the group-chat feature last week, after a 14-year-old boy in Tucson, Arizona, discovered the flaw. The teenager, Grant Thompson, and his ...
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Transportation Weekly: Amazon’s secret acquisition and all the AV feels

Welcome to Transportation Weekly; I’m your host Kirsten Korosec, senior transportation reporter at TechCrunch. I cover all the ways people and goods move from Point A to Point B — today and in the future — whether it’s by bike, bus, scooter, car, train, truck, robotaxi or rocket. Sure, let’s include hyperloop and eVTOLs, or air taxis, too. Yup, another transportation newsletter. But I promise this one will be different. Here’s how. Newsletters can be great mediums for curated news — a place...
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13 New-Age Gadgets That Look Straight Out of a Retro Era

Remember the days of jelly shoes, landlines, and flavored Lip Smackers? Well, hold on to your Von Dutch hats, because all these retro-inspired gadgets are popping up on the internet. Don't worry, they've got 21st century technology to back them up, so they just look like they're from a different era. We're excited just thinking about them. Related: Quiz: How Well Do You Know Thes...
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Stably Tacks on $1.2M to Reduce Volatility in Digital Currencies

Stably, a Seattle-based startup developing a service it claims can reduce investors’ exposure to volatility in Bitcoin and other digital currencies’ values, on Thursday announced it has raised $1.2 million in new funding to support Stably’s growth.Digital currencies, or cryptocurrencies, have attracted significant investor attention and news coverage in recent years. One reason is more mainstream retailers have begun allowing consumers to purchase goods and services using digital currencies suc...
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Scientists Discover a New Kind of Magnet

Wave723 shares a report from IEEE Spectrum: A new kind of magnet, theorized for decades, may now have been experimentally proven to exist. And it could eventually lead to better data storage devices. In a normal magnet, the magnetic moments of individual grains align with each other to generate a magnetic field. In contrast, in the new "singlet-based" magnet, magnetic moments are temporary in nature, popping in and out of existence. Although a singlet-based magnet's field is unstable, the fact t...
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Google Search Console’s Inspect URL Tool is Only Useful for Webpages by @MattGSouthern

Google's John Mueller has advised that the new inspect URL tool in Search Console is only useful for webpages.The post Google Search Console’s Inspect URL Tool is Only Useful for Webpages by @MattGSouthern appeared first on Search Engine Journal.
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Local Realtors reel from report Amazon may avoid NYC

That news did not thrill real estate agents in the area, half a dozen of whom said they still hope Amazon goes through with the original HQ2 plan. But they also said that with or without the retail giant, Long Island City has already benefited from months of publicity and should ultimately thrive long term.
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