Electric Car Batteries Might Be Worth Recycling, But Bus Batteries Aren't Yet

Iwastheone shares a report from Ars Technica: Researchers from Carnegie Mellon University published a paper in Nature Sustainability this week that looks at the emissions and economic costs associated with recycling automotive batteries. They specifically addressed batteries with three types of cathode chemistry: nickel manganese cobalt oxide (NMC), nickel cobalt aluminum oxide (NCA), and iron phosphate (LFP). The first two cathode chemistries are common in passenger vehicles, and LFP is common ...
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North Korea exploring sanctions-proof energy technologies

NAMPO, North Korea (AP) — Power-strapped North Korea is exploring ambitious alternative energy sources — tidal power and coal-based synthetic fuels — that could greatly improve living standards and reduce its reliance on oil imports and vulnerability to sanctions. Finding a lasting energy source that isn’t vulnerable to sanctions has been a priority for North […]
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MIUI 10 Global Beta ROM brings Dark Mode to some system apps

Colors displayed on the screen affect the power consumption of the display and this is where dark mode helps on AMOLED devices. In last few months, Google gradually rolled out dark mode for some system apps including Phone, Contacts, Messages and as per some reports, Google is all set to introduce the system-wide dark mode with Android Q. Dark mode doesn't help in saving much battery on the budget devices as budget devices lack AMOLED panels, but some users still prefer it. [gallery link="fil...
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Google, Facebook Forced to Pay Creators Under New EU Rules

The new rules mean music producers and publishers could come gunning for more money from Alphabet Inc.’s Google and Facebook Inc. to compensate for the display of their songs, video and news articles. If artists and music producers refuse to grant platforms licenses, tech firms will be required to remove or block uploads.
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CEO of Rappler, a media company critical of the Philippines government, is arrested

There’s serious concern around press freedom in the Philippines after Maria Ressa, the CEO of independent media company Rappler, was arrested last night. Ressa, who was CNN’s bureau chief in Manila and then Jakarta prior to starting Rappler in 2011, was arrested on cyber libel security charges for an article published in 2012, according to Rappler. The article in question centers around alleged links between Supreme Court Justice Renato Corona and wealthy businessmen around the time of his im...
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Software pirates use Apple tech to put hacked apps on iPhones

Software pirates have hijacked technology designed by Apple Inc to distribute hacked versions of Spotify, Angry Birds, Pokemon Go, Minecraft and other popular apps on iPhones, Reuters has found.
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All Signs Pointing to Google Releasing a Pixel Watch

Evidence is mounting that Google is ready to jump with both feet into the wearables market.
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China’s Alipay digital wallet is entering 7,000 Walgreens stores

China’s payments heavyweights have been following tourists abroad as their home market gets crowded. Ant Financial, Alibaba’s financial affiliate with a said valuation of $100 billion, now sees its virtual wallet Alipay handling transactions at 3,000 Walgreens stores in the U.S. and is eyeing to reach a roster of 7,000 locations by April. The alliance will make it breezier for Chinese tourists eager to pick up vitamin supplements and cosmetics from the pharmacy giant, doing away the hassle of...
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Indonesia-focused Intudo Ventures raises new $50M fund

Intudo Ventures, a VC firm focused on Indonesia, has closed a new $50 million fund. This is Intudo’s second fund to date following its $20 million debut last year. The firm is a relative newcomer to Southeast Asia but a key differentiator is that it is solely focused on Indonesia, which is the world’s fourth most populated country with over 260 million people and the region’s largest economy. It is also the dominant market for tech and the internet in the region. According to a much-cited report...
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We May Finally See Apple's Streaming Service and Netflix Rival Very Soon

We may finally get Apple’s long-awaited streaming service in mere months. Bloomberg reported Wednesday that the company plans to (finally) introduce us to its video streaming competitor to Netflix at a March 25 event.Read more...
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Google Will Spend $13 Billion On US Real Estate In 2019

In a blog post today, Google CEO Sundar Pichai said the company is building new data centers and offices and expanding several key locations across the U.S., spending $13 billion this year. CNBC reports: Pichai outlined the plans, which include opening new data centers in Nevada, Ohio, Texas and Nebraska, the first time the company will have infrastructure locations in those states. The company is also doubling its workforce in Virginia, providing greater access to Washington, D.C., with a new o...
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Facebook mulled multi-billion-dollar acquisition of gaming giant Unity, book claims

Less than a year after making a $3 billion investment into the future of virtual reality with the purchase of Oculus VR, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg was considering another multi-billion-dollar bet to ensure that his company dominated the VR platform, buying Unity, the popular game engine that’s used to build half of all gaming titles. This claim is made in a new book coming out next week, “The History of the Future,” by Blake Harris, which digs deep into the founding story of Oculus and the...
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Netflix Has Saved Every Choice You've Ever Made In 'Black Mirror: Bandersnatch'

According to a technology policy researcher, Netflix records all the choices you make in Black Mirror's Bandersnatch episode. "Michael Veale, a technology policy researcher at University College London, wanted to know what data Netflix was collecting from Bandersnatch," reports Motherboard. "People had been speculating a lot on Twitter about Netflix's motivations," Veale told Motherboard in an email. "I thought it would be a fun test to show people how you can use data protection law to ask real...
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Where to find Malmo vs. Chelsea on US TV and streaming

If you’re trying to find out how you can watch Malmo vs. Chelsea in the Europa League, you’ve come to the right place. Turner and Univision’s coverage of the UEFA club competitions continues Tuesday with their broadcast of Malmo vs. Chelsea. FOX Sports no longer has the rights, and TNT has decided not to show this game, so if you want to watch the game on TV, UniMas is the only way to go (in Spanish). Match: Malmo vs. Chelsea Kickoff: Thursday, 3pm ET Looking to watch Malmo vs. Chel...
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Report: Stolen Equifax Data Hasn't Been Sold Online, Raising More Questions Than Answers

In 2017, consumer credit reporting agency Equifax suffered one of the largest data breaches in history, exposing extensive personal information on nearly 150 million Americans (and in countless thousands of additional cases, credit-card numbers and scans of driver’s licenses, social security cards, and other identity…Read more...
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Android Phones Can Be Hacked Remotely By Viewing Malicious PNG Image (slashdot)

An innocent-looking image -- sent either via the internet or text -- could open your Android phone up to hacking. "While this certainly doesn't apply to all images, Google discovered that a maliciously crafted PNG image could be used to hijack a wide variety of Androids -- those running Android Nougat (7.0), Oreo (8.0), and even the latest Android OS Pie (9.0)," reports CSO Online. From the report: The latest bulletin lists 42 vulnerabilities in total -- 11 of which are rated as critical. The mo...
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Nintendo makes the old new again with Mario, Zelda, Tetris titles for Switch

The afternoon brought an eventful series of announcements from Nintendo in one of its Direct video promos, and 2019 is looking to be a banner year for the Switch. Here’s everything the company announced, from Super Mario Maker 2 to the unexpected remake of Game Boy classic Link’s Awakening. The stream cold opened with a look at the new Mario Maker, which would honestly be enough announcement for one day. But boy did they have more up their sleeves. First the actually new stuff: Shown last bu...
Tags: Gadgets, Gaming, Tech, Tetris, Nintendo, Super Mario Bros, Zelda, Legend Of Zelda, Yoshi, Bayonetta, Mario Maker, Fire Emblem, NieR, Nintendo Switch, Mario Zelda Tetris, Oninaki is face-generating AI at its creepiest

The most impressive magic trick AI‘s learned in the modern era is the one where it conjures people out of thin air. And there’s no better machine learning-powered wizardry than Nvidia‘s. Nvidia is a company most lauded for its impressive graphics cards. But in the world of machine learning, it’s one of the most ingenious companies using deep learning today. A couple of years back TNW reported on a new generative adversarial network (GAN) the company developed. At the time, it was an amazing exam...
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California governor wants users to profit from online data

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — California Gov. Gavin Newsom has set off a flurry of speculation after he said the state’s consumers should get a piece of the billions of dollars that technology companies make by capitalizing on personal data they collect. The new governor has asked aides to develop a proposal for a “data dividend” […]
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How India's Single Time Zone Is Hurting Its People

"The BBC reports on the detrimental effects of all of India being in one time zone since British Colonial rule," writes Slashdot reader dryriver. From the report: India stretches 3,000km (1,864 miles) from east to west, spanning roughly 30 degrees longitude. This corresponds with a two-hour difference in mean solar times -- the passage of time based on the position of the sun in the sky. The U.S. equivalent would be New York and Utah sharing one time zone. Except that in this case, it also affec...
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Google Eyeing $13B Nationwide Expansion

This article was originally published on
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Was that huge 2017 Equifax data breach part of a nation-state spy scheme?

That massive Equifax data breach on September 7, 2017, shocked everyone, but a year and a half later, where the data of all those 143 million Equifax users ended up is still a mystery. CNBC reports that the current prevailing theory is that “the data was stolen by a nation-state for spying purposes, not by criminals looking to cash in on stolen identities.” Excerpt: CNBC talked to eight experts, including data "hunters" who scour the dark web for stolen information, senior cybersecurity manage...
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Lyft donates $700,000 to Oakland after quietly battling city taxes

Donation will aid transportation in low-income neighborhoods, but tax could have generated far more moneyLyft’s announcement this week that the ride-hailing company is donating $700,000 to expand transportation options in Oakland’s low-income neighborhoods was hailed by Oakland’s mayor, Libby Schaaf, as a way of “undoing the wrongs of the past”.According to the company and the mayor’s office, Lyft’s grant will pay for a participatory design process for the creation of new parklets and bike share...
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Lyft donates $700,000 to California city despite quietly fighting ride-hailing tax

Donation will aid transportation in low-income neighborhoods, but tax could have generated far more moneyLyft’s announcement this week that the ride-hailing company is donating $700,000 to expand transportation options in Oakland’s low-income neighborhoods was hailed by Oakland’s mayor, Libby Schaaf, as a way of “undoing the wrongs of the past”.According to the company and the mayor’s office, Lyft’s grant will pay for a participatory design process for the creation of new parklets and bike share...
Tags: Lyft, Uber, Technology, California, US news, Oakland, Libby Schaaf

Google is Testing Favicons in the Top Stories Carousel by @MattGSouthern

Google appears to be testing the use of favicons within the top stories carousel in search results.The post Google is Testing Favicons in the Top Stories Carousel by @MattGSouthern appeared first on Search Engine Journal.
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Shlayer Malware Disables macOS Gatekeeper To Run Unsigned Payloads

A new variant of the multi-stage Shlayer malware known to target macOS users has been observed in the wild, now being capable to escalate privileges using a two-year-old technique and to disable the Gatekeeper protection mechanism to run unsigned second stage payloads. Bleeping Computer reports: This new Shlayer variant unearthed by Carbon Black's Threat Analysis Unit (TAU) targets all macOS releases up to the latest 10.14.3 Mojave, and will arrive on the targets' machines as a DMG, PKG, ISO, or...
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Should Californians get a digital dividend from tech companies? Gov. Newsom says yes

California Gov. Gavin Newsom proposed a “digital dividend” that would let consumers share in the billions of dollars made by technology companies in the most-populous U.S. state. In his “State of the State” speech on Tuesday, Newsom said California is proud to be home to tech firms. But he said companies that make billions of dollars “collecting, curating and monetizing our personal data have a duty to protect it. Consumers have a right to know and control how their data is being used.” He went ...
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Google to invest $13 billion in new US offices, data centers

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Google said today it will invest more than $13 billion in building data centers and offices across the U.S in 2019. The Mountain View, California-based company emphasized its new locations in the Midwest and South in a blog post announcing the investment . Analyst Scott Kessler of CFRA Research said an […]
Tags: Google, Business, Technology, News, US, San Francisco, Ap, Nation, South, Midwest, Mountain View California, CFRA Research, Scott Kessler Makes Solar-Powered Computer Chip to Crunch, Learn from Data

By now, many consumers know that uploading a photo, video, or other file to “the cloud” on a service like Google or Facebook often means storing it in a data center. But the computer servers inside data centers don’t just store information—they are constantly processing complex algorithms and using energy to glean new insights for the companies that store it.A Seattle-based startup,, is attempting to build a business on the belief that it could also be possible to run machine learning a...
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Game of Thrones Hacker Worked With US Defector To Hack Air Force Employees of Iran

An anonymous reader quotes a report from ZDNet: The U.S. Department of Justice unsealed today espionage-related charges against a former U.S. Air Force service member who defected to Iran and helped the country's hackers target her former Air Force colleagues. Besides charges and an arrest warrant issued in the name of the former USAF service member, the DOJ also indicted four Iranian hackers who supposedly carried out the cyber-attacks acting on information provided by Witt. The most notable of...
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