Renewables Will Be World's Main Power Source By 2040, Says BP

An anonymous reader quotes a report from CNBC: In a not-too-distant future, renewable energy becomes the world's biggest source of power generation. A quarter of the distances that humans travel by vehicle will be in electric cars. U.S. dominance in the oil market begins to wane, and OPEC's influence is resurgent, as crude demand finally peaks. That is the vision laid out by British oil and gas giant BP on Thursday in its latest Annual Energy Outlook. The closely followed report lays out a visio...
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Xiaomi Mi 9 with gradient back will offer holographic effect [Update: More images, Snapdragon 855 confirmed]

Update - February 15, 2019: Xiaomi CEO has shared new images of the Mi 9 in purple color that that offers unique color since it uses nano-level laser engraving holographic technology and dual layer nano coating. He also confirmed Snapdragon 855 for the smartphone. Even though he claimed that it will be the first Snapdagon 855-powered phone, we had already seen  Lenovo Z5 Pro GT that was announced back in December last year. Other flagships, including Samsung Galaxy S10 (US version), LG G8...
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Alibaba takes an 8% stake in Tencent-backed anime streaming site Bilibili

Ecommerce giant Alibaba is continuing its push into the world of youth culture after it scooped up an 8 percent stake in anime streaming and game publishing company Bilibili. According to a securities filing on Thursday, Alibaba’s Taobao marketplace has acquired about 24 million shares in Bilibili, the Shanghai-based firm that has captured 93 million monthly users from hosting licensed anime titles, video games and user-generated content. The financial gesture is hot on the heels of a partners...
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Ask Slashdot: Could Android and iOS Become Popular Desktop Operating Systems?

dryriver writes: For many older people, you use Windows, macOS, or Linux on the desktop, and Android or iOS on mobile devices. Nobody is screaming for an Android desktop PC or an iOS 17.3-inch laptop computer. But what about younger generations growing up, from a very young age, glued to devices with these two mobile operating systems running on it? Will they want to use Windows, macOS, or Linux just like us old farts when they grow older, or will they want their favorite mobile operating system...
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Common Weed Killer Glyphosate Increases Risk of Cancer By 41 Percent, Study Says

A broad new scientific analysis of the cancer-causing potential of glyphosate herbicides, the most widely used weedkilling products in the world, has found that people with high exposures to the popular pesticides have a 41% increased risk of developing a type of cancer called non-Hodgkin lymphoma. The Guardian reports: The evidence "supports a compelling link" between exposures to glyphosate-based herbicides and increased risk for non-Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL), the authors concluded, though they s...
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Is Love Possible at 35,000 Feet in 2019?

As Valentine’s Day winds down for 2019, here is a look at the technology which is available for you to meet that special someone — especially if you like to travel or are a frequent flier who does not have the time to meet people. Before delving into exactly what are some of the options available to you, please indulge me in presenting to you... The post Is Love Possible at 35,000 Feet in 2019? appeared first on The Gate.
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Netflix office goes on lockdown over report of a potential shooter, suspect now in custody

Alarming reports popped up on Twitter late Thursday of incident involving an armed individual at Netflix’s Hollywood office on Sunset Blvd. TechCrunch has confirmed with the Los Angeles Police Department that a call reporting a man with a gun first came in at 3:53 Pacific Time. According to the LAPD, there were no shots fired, no reports of injuries and the suspect in question has been taken into custody. Though some reports on social media appeared to contradict those details, the LAPD again co...
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Ford puts bed hoggers in their place, and other news

BBC Click's Jen Copestake looks at some of the best technology stories of the week.
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Amazon’s exit could scare off tech companies from New York

NEW YORK (AP) — Amazon’s decision to walk away from New York City could scare off other tech companies considering moving or expanding in the city. That’s according to experts analyzing the e-commerce giant’s sudden cancellation of plans to build a massive headquarters in Queens. The decision on Thursday wipes out 25,000 promised jobs in […]
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Marc Benioff says that before Salesforce buys a startup, he does 'due diligence' on a company's culture and how it pays employees (CRM)

At the Goldman Sachs Technology and Internet Conference on Thursday, Salesforce co-CEO Marc Benioff addressed sexual harassment and the wage gap in Silicon Valley. Benioff said he now looks at a company's culture and how it pays employees when he's considering an acquisition for Salesforce. Benioff spoke about the infamous Google Walkout, and called it an "eye-opening" example of the importance of corporate culture.  "We have CEOs who are not paying attention to their culture and allowed tox...
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Postscript wants to be the Mailchimp for SMS

Email is certainly not dead despite many such exclamations, but there’s no questions that it’s a bloated, seeping hog of a platform that’s incredibly difficult for businesses to develop meaningful relationships with customers on. Postscript, a startup launching out of Y Combinator’s latest class, wants to learn from what email marketing got right and translate that to the next frontier of B2C communications: SMS. It basically wants to be the Mailchimp for texts. “We are witnessing the decay of e...
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Year-Over-Year Smartwatch Sales Jumped By 61% In the US Last Year

New research from The NPD Group reveals that the smartwatch market overall is growing at an impressive rate and that the Apple Watch remains the best-selling wearable on the market. "Specifically, year-over-year smartwatch unit sales in the U.S. jumped by 61% while revenue jumped by 51%," reports BGR. "As for specific revenue figures, the report relays that smartwatch revenue from November of 2017 through November of 2018 checked in at $5 billion. One particularly interesting data point is that ...
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Finding True Love Can Be Ruff, But This Startup Could Have Your Match

Too many people treat pet adoption like a one-night stand.“You look at a dog, and see his eyes, and think he’s cute,” says Tama Lundquist, co-president of Houston PetSet, an organization that works with about 70 animal shelters in the Houston area. “But if you’re a couch potato and he likes to run, that’s not going to work out.”Each year, about 3.3 million of these failed hook-ups result in a dog being surrendered to a shelter nationally, the American Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animal...
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Citizen expands its crime-tracking alert app to Baltimore

Depending on who you ask, Citizen is either a useful urban safety tool or a menacing glimpse into a self-surveilled police state, but either way, the app is coming to Baltimore. Citizen, formerly known as Vigilante, is a crime tracking app that offers geo-targeted alerts that notify users of dangers lurking nearby, from carjackings to kidnappings and every mundane horror in between. Citizen launched first in New York City before expanding to San Francisco in 2017. The app pulls in public safe...
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A ridiculously rare copy of Super Mario for NES just sold for over $100,000

An extra special copy of Super Mario for NES just sold for a mind-boggling $100,150. Before you go digging through the attic to find your old copy to throw up for auction, you should know: the version in question here is super, super rare. So what makes it special? Super Mario has been released and re-released dozens of times in the past three decades. Even if we’re just talking about the original NES cartridge that came in a black box, there were eleven ever-so-slightly-different versions of th...
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Redfin iBuyer offers usually rejected: Redfin chief executive

Glenn Kelman said most who receive offers from his company's iBuyer program reject those offers, but he argued that the program still helps sell houses.
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Sony’s smart-band adds smartwatch functionality to your analog timepiece

When Apple first debuted the Watch, kicking off the wearable/smartwatch trend, people (including the Swiss) thought it would spell doom for the analog timepiece industry, but they couldn’t have been more wrong. What’s worth noting is that the smartwatch could never replace the finely crafted analog timepiece, because their target audiences were completely different. A person who marvels in and pioneers the finely-tuned, hand-crafted intricate analog timepiece would never want to replace that wit...
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Insurance Giant Allstate Buys Independent Phone Repair Company, Joins Right To Repair Movement

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Motherboard: Allstate, one of the largest insurance companies in the United States, just made a curious purchase. Through its subsidiary SquareTrade, the insurance giant bought iCracked, one of the largest independent smartphone repair companies in the country. The acquisition means that Allstate has become one of the most powerful proponents of right to repair legislation in the United States. According to Gay Gordon-Byrne, executive director of Repair.o...
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322 Legal Tech Tools For NonLawyers… That Lawyers Can Also Use

Because many everyday problems are legal problems too.
Tags: Technology, Law, Solo Practitioners, Small Law Firms

Facebook may face multibillion-dollar US fine over privacy lapses – report

Company said to be negotiating settlement with FTC after revelations it inappropriately shared 87m users’ informationThe US government and Facebook are negotiating a settlement over the company’s privacy lapses that could require the online social network to pay a multibillion-dollar fine, the Washington Post reported on Thursday.The newspaper said that the US Federal Trade Commission and Facebook had not agreed on an amount, citing two people it said were familiar with the matter. Facebook repo...
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Report: Facebook, FTC discussing ‘multibillion dollar’ fine

NEW YORK (AP) — A report says Facebook and the Federal Trade Commission are negotiating a “multibillion dollar” fine for the social network’s privacy lapses. The Washington Post said Thursday that the fine would be the largest ever imposed on a tech company. Citing unnamed sources, it also said the two sides have not yet […]
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Looking for a new laptop? These 5 notebooks are on sale through Presidents’ Day

If you're ready to ditch your aging notebook, you can score some fantastic Presidents' Day savings right now on Microsoft's Surface Pro 6, Dell's XPS 13, HP's Spectre x360, Lenovo's Yoga C930, and Dell's G5 15 Gaming laptops. The post Looking for a new laptop? These 5 notebooks are on sale through Presidents’ Day appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Considering buying my very first e-reader. Here are my thoughts. Please advise

Hi all, I'm looking for a device and started brainstorming inside a Google Doc. Because it's not easy to simply copy and paste (it has tables), I hope you don't mind reading my text in the google doc link. I'd love to hear what you all have to say. If you have any questions, please ask away. Thank you so much!
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Cisco CLO Mark Chandler On Legal Department Innovation

Cisco's legal department is often cited as a model for others.
Tags: Technology, Law, Cisco

StayTuned Digital helps video creators publish and measure everywhere

If you’re a video creator in 2019, you’re probably thinking about a long list of publishing destinations: YouTube, of course, but also Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and more. StayTuned Digital is a new startup trying to help video creators and publishers push their content to multiple platforms. The company, which bills itself as “content’s best friend,” is officially unveiling its product today and announcing that it’s raised $2.5 million in funding. StayTuned was founded by CEO Serge ...
Tags: Google, Startups, Facebook, Media, Funding, Tech, Netflix, Cto, Bowery Capital, Facebook Instagram Twitter Snapchat, GCT Startup, Serge Kassardjian, StayTuned Digital, Randy Jimenez, SinglePlatform Kassardjian, Kassardjian

New Apple patent hints clamshell-style foldable phone may be in the works

Apple has filed a patent for a foldable phone that suggests the company could be following in the footsteps of the likes of Samsung and Huawei. The patent describes a clamshell-style foldable phone with two separate sections. The post New Apple patent hints clamshell-style foldable phone may be in the works appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Opera Shows Off Its Smart New Redesign That's Just Like All the Other Browsers

Opera has unveiled a major redesign for its browser that's expected to ship in version 59. As Peter Bright writes via Ars Technica, "the new appearance adopts the same square edges and clean lines that we've seen in other browsers, giving the browser a passing similarity to both Firefox and Edge." From the report: The principles of the new design? "We put Web content at center stage," the Opera team writes on its blog. The design is pared down so that you can browse "unhindered by unnecessary di...
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Redfin’s all-cash homebuying offers are usually rejected

Glenn Kelman said most who receive offers from his company's iBuyer program reject those offers, but he argued that the program still helps sell houses.
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Facebook is thinking about removing anti-vaccination content as backlash intensifies over the spread of misinformation on the social network

Facebook said in a statement Thursday that it may remove, reduce, and demote anti-vaccination content on the platform in an effort to combat the spread of false information. As an outbreak of measles spreads across the US, advertisements promoted by anti-vaccination organization have been targeting pregnant women on Facebook. At the same time, posts are frequently shared within various Facebook Groups discouraging people from vaccinating their children. Facebook said it is "thinking through wh...
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Redfin Now’s all-cash homebuying offers are usually rejected

Glenn Kelman said most who receive offers from his company's iBuyer program reject those offers, but he argued that the program still helps sell houses.
Tags: Technology, California, Radio, Dallas, Redfin, Glenn Kelman, Industry News, Markets & Economy, Select, News Brief, Opendoor, Redfin Now, Offerpad, iBuyer, Ibuying

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