Microsoft’s flattest, most flexible, functional mouse yet

Curved when you want, flat when you need, the Arc Surface mouse by Microsoft follows a format it set a long time ago. The mouse comes as a flat, remote-ish shape and can bend/curve/arc into an ergonomic mouse when needed. When you’re done, the mouse unfolds and becomes flat again.The Arc Surface mouse, however, has a key difference that makes it rather useful and advanced. It ditches the clicking keys and scroll wheel for a touch surface, much like Apple’s Magic Mouse. The surface lets you perfo...
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Karat’s Interviewers, Software Help Tech Firms Assess Engineers

When it comes to interviewing candidates for software engineering positions at big technology companies, “takes one to know one” tends to be an appropriate axiom, says Mohit Bhende. He’s one of the co-founders of Karat, a Seattle-based startup that uses proprietary software and its own stable of freelance interviewers to help some of the marquee names in tech assess job applicants.It’s typical for someone who has applied for a engineering role at a large software company to be first screened by...
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Apple schedules ‘It’s Show Time’ special event for March 25

After rumors, Apple has officially announced its special event on March 25th with a tagline: 'It’s show time'. Even though the invite doesn't reveal anything, the company is expected to introduce its own streaming video service and News subscription service. Apple is not expected to introduce any hardware at the event. Recent reports said that Apple has already informed studios and networks to be prepared for a April launch, but some of the recent reports say that it might take months to ro...
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WATCH: What you should know about Gen Z homebuyers

Take a peek into the brains of three Gen-Zers, and hear about their expectations, favorite websites and how to reach them.
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Former Google exec Amit Singhal exec was awarded a $45 million exit deal amid accusations of sexual harassment, according to lawsuit (GOOG, GOOGL)

Google's former senior VP of search operations Amit Singhal was awarded a $45 million exit package upon his departure, amid accusations that the executive sexually harassed a subordinate.  The ammount was disclosed in a complaint filed in a lawsuit made public on Monday.  In the end, Singhal received $15 million from the deal because of a clause in the deal that limited payout if he joined a competitor.  Details of Singhal's exit package, combined with Android creator Andy Rubin's $...
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Congress Introduces Bill To Improve 'Internet of Things' Security

Members of the US Senate and House of Representatives introduced the Internet of Things Cybersecurity Improvement Act on Monday, hoping to bring legislative action to the emerging technology. From a report: Connected devices are expected to boom to 20.4 billion units by 2020, but they don't all have the same levels of security. Hackers often target IoT devices that don't have built-in security, leading to problems like default passwords and vulnerabilities that can't be fixed. [...] Lawmakers ar...
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Google Paid Former Exec $35 Million After Harassment Claim

Former executive Amit Singhal has denied the claims against him.
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Musk lawyers shoot back at SEC saying tweet did not violate court order

Financial regulators said a tweet from the Tesla chief executive violated a September fraud settlementTesla Inc chief executive Elon Musk shot back against the US financial regulator on Monday, arguing in a filing that a recent tweet about the electric vehicle maker’s production volume did not violate the court’s judgment and there is no basis to issue contempt against him.Musk tweeted on 19 February to his more than 24 million followers that the electric vehicle-maker would produce around 500,0...
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Former Google exec Amit Singhal received $51m exit pay despite sexual misconduct investigation

Google paid former search executive Amit Singhal US$35 million ($51.2m) in an exit package when he was reportedly forced to resign after a sexual assault investigation, according to court documents released Monday.Details of the... [Author: [email protected]]
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#BreakUpBigTech: Elizabeth Warren says Facebook just proved her point

The platform briefly blocked some of Warren’s ads attacking it. Her response: ‘Curious why I think FB has too much power?’Elizabeth Warren could not have asked for a better illustration for her point.The US senator and Democratic candidate for president took aim at Facebook on Monday evening after the social network briefly blocked her campaign from running advertisements that just happened to call for breaking up Facebook.
Tags: Facebook, Technology, Social Networking, Elizabeth Warren, US, Social Media, US news, US politics, US elections 2020

Facebook’s ad team shoots itself in the foot by pulling Elizabeth Warren campaign ads

Facebook’s gang that couldn’t shoot straight advertising department has made another blunder, this time by pulling Elizabeth Warren campaign ads touting the Senator’s proposal to break up big tech. The offending ads were pulled, , over their use of the Facebook brand in their copy. Meanwhile, other ads that the Senator’s Presidential campaign had run which addressed the plan to unwind various acquisitions by Facebook, Amazon, and Alphabet (the parent company of Google) were not removed fr...
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Where to find Juventus vs. Atletico Madrid on US TV and streaming

If you’re trying to find out how you can watch Juventus vs. Atletico Madrid in the UEFA Champions League, you’ve come to the right place. Turner and Univision’s coverage of the UEFA club competitions continues Tuesday with their broadcast of Juventus vs. Atletico Madrid. FOX Sports no longer has the rights, so if you want to watch the game on TV in English, TNT is the way to go. Match: Juventus vs. Atletico Madrid Kickoff: Tuesday, 4pm ET Looking to watch Juventus vs. Atletico Madri...
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Why Branded Content Is Not Marketing

Branded Content is based on a mindset that builds brands by transcending marketing. Branded Content is not marketing as it does not sell explicitly and is not disguised as a product or institutional message. It is not intrusive or interruptive and is relevant with broad meaning and value. It is a story about people, not about the brand, which connects emotionally because it is infused with values ​​and human issues. Branded Content does not talk to consumers, it talks to people. Branded Conte...
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Apple drops huge hint over video streaming launch

After months of speculation, Apple has announced what promises to be one of the tech giant's most interesting events in a very long time.The company sent out invitations this morning for an event at its Californian headquarters... [Author: [email protected]]
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To Keep Track of World's Data, You'll Need More Than a Yottabyte

An anonymous reader shares a report: In 10 or 15 years, Dr. Brown, who is head of metrology at the National Physical Laboratory in the U.K., anticipates the amount of computerized data worldwide will exceed 1 yottabyte in size, and without expanding the list of prefixes, there will be no way to talk about the next great chunk of numbers. Even worse, dilettantes could fill the void by popularizing glib prefixes such as bronto or hella -- terms that have already won fans. Without professional inte...
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Google Paid $35 Million to Former Exec Who Resigned Over Harassment Claim

Amit Singhal was reportedly forced to resign after a sexual assault investigation
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Trump Endorses Permanent Daylight Savings Time

President Trump on Monday threw his support behind efforts to keep the United States permanently on daylight saving time, which took effect Sunday morning. "Making Daylight Saving Time permanent is O.K. with me!" Trump tweeted. The Hill reports: California and several other states are considering measures that would end the biannual clock changes between standard and daylight saving time. Three GOP lawmakers from Florida introduced legislation in Congress this month that would end the November c...
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Reader Submitted: What if Google Assistants Used More than Voice to Communicate?

Conventional smart speakers work with voice and allow a conversation with the user. However, Those products have limitations since they are only using voice to communicate and exchange information.Our idea of 'visible artificial intelligence' takes a step further into shaping our relationship with products that surrounds us. It uses Google's artificial intelligence, speech recognition and space recognition technology. Google Visual Assistant is a new 'AI projector' concept that combines sound an...
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The UK's Extremely Dumb Plan to Force Porn Sites to Verify Users' Ages May Come Next Month

The UK’s disastrous plan to implement a nationwide system blocking web users from viewing pornography unless their age and identities are confirmed by a verification service—an astonishingly ill-conceived idea being spearheaded by doddering Brexiteer Theresa May’s Tory government—is nearly a year behind schedule. But…Read more...
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Elizabeth Warren calls Facebook a 'censor' for temporarily blocking her ads about breaking Facebook up (FB)

Facebook refused to run an ad on its social network from US presidential hopeful Elizabeth Warren because it said the ad used its logo. Facebook subsequently reversed course and unblocked it, but the incident highlights the company's extraordinary power to regulate online speech. The leftwing Democratic politician then blasted Facebook in a tweet, calling it a "censor." Facebook banned an ad by US presidential hopeful Elizabeth Warren that called for it and other big tech companies to be brok...
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QuadrigaCX Allegedly Traded Against Its Own Customers Without Assets To Back Them

geoskd writes: QuadrigaCX, the Canadian crypto exchange that made news recently with the passing of its CEO, Gerald Cotten, has been alleged to have been buying cryptocurrency from traders on its platform without having actual assets to perform the transactions. The transactions showed credit to the customers accounts, but when the customer tried to withdraw cash, they had to wait until other customers deposited cash before the funds became available. There is also an accusation that this behavi...
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Facebook’s Newsfeed is a mess, but it taught me to time travel

My relationship with Facebook has changed over the past two years. I’ve never been a fan, per se, but I find myself interacting with the Newsfeed far less than I used to. The Newsfeed, a place Facebook once used to spoon-feed me information that I’d elected to receive — stories from The New Yorker, videos from GoPro, and seasonal menu changes from my favorite local restaurants — has all but disappeared. Replacing what I actually want is some twisted version of what Facebook thinks I want: memes,...
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FAA Says Boeing 737 MAX Planes Are Still Airworthy

An anonymous reader quotes a report from CNBC: The Boeing 737 MAX, the type of plane involved in a deadly crash in Ethiopia over the weekend, is still airworthy and the Federal Aviation Administration plans to issue a notice to the international aviation community later Monday, a person familiar with the matter said. "The FAA continuously assesses and oversees the safety performance of U.S. commercial aircraft," the FAA said in a statement. "If we identify an issue that affects safety, the FAA w...
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Google paid former executive $35m after sexual assault allegation

Former search executive Amit Singhal was reportedly forced to resign after an employee claimed he groped her at an off-campus eventGoogle paid the former search executive Amit Singhal $35m in an exit package when he was reportedly forced to resign after a sexual assault investigation, according to court documents released on Monday.Details of the exit package were revealed as part of a shareholder lawsuit against the company, one that followed a published report of payouts Google made to executi...
Tags: Google, Technology, US news, Sexual Harassment, Alphabet, Amit Singhal

Google gave former executive $35m payout after sexual assault allegation

Former search executive Amit Singhal reportedly forced to resign after an employee claimed he groped her at an off-campus eventGoogle paid former search executive Amit Singhal $35m in an exit package when he was reportedly forced to resign after a sexual assault investigation, according to court documents released Monday.Details of the exit package were revealed as part of a shareholder lawsuit against the company, one that followed a published report of payouts Google made to executives accused...
Tags: Google, Technology, US news, Sexual Harassment, Amit Singhal

After taking them down, Facebook restores Elizabeth Warren ads calling for breakup of Facebook

Not a great move. Facebook took down several Facebook ads published by Elizabeth Warren's team that called for the breakup of Facebook and other giant American tech companies. After public outcry, Facebook restored the ads. UPDATE: Facebook says its restoring the ads. “We removed the ads because they violated our policies against use of our corporate logo. In the interest of allowing robust debate, we are restoring the ads.” - FB spox — Cristiano Lima (@viaCristiano) March 11, 2019 From C...
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Larry Page approved $150M stock grant to Andy Rubin despite sex abuse allegations & without board's OK, lawsuit claims

Alphabet and Google co-founder Larry Page did not ask his company's board of directors for approval before personally approving a $150 million dollar stock grant to disgraced Android executive Andy Rubin, despite the sexual harassment allegations that led to Rubin's ouster. These are the claims in an investor lawsuit, which says the company covered up the sexual misconduct of Rubin and others. From Joel Rosenblatt and Gerrit De Vynck at Bloomberg: Alphabet Inc. Chief Executive Officer Larry Pa...
Tags: Google, Android, Post, News, California, Bloomberg, Larry Page, Sergey Brin, Sexual Abuse, Sexual Harassment, Googlers, Sundar Pichai, John Doerr, Ram Shriram, Page, Alphabet Inc

Facebook Removes, Then Quickly Reinstates, Elizabeth Warren’s Ads Calling for Big Tech Regulation

Facebook on Monday removed, and subsequently reinstated, three ads purchased by Senator Elizabeth Warren's (D., Mass.) 2020 presidential campaign that called for the breakup of large tech companies, including Facebook.The ads, which were placed Friday, informed prospective voters that Warren will seek to break up “anti-competitive” mergers between large tech companies, and cited Facebook's acquisition of Instagram and WhatsApp as an example of such a nefarious arrangement.“Three companie...
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Debit Card With Built-In Fingerprint Reader Begins Trial In the UK

British bank Natwest is trialing the use of a new NFC payment card with a built-in fingerprint scanner. "The trial, which will include 200 customers when it begins in mid-April, will allow its participants to make NFC payments (called 'contactless' in the UK) without needing to input a PIN or offer a signature," reports The Verge. "The standard [30 British pound] limit for contactless payments will not apply when the fingerprint is used." From the report: Currently, anyone can make a contactless...
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Instagram founders say losing autonomy at Facebook meant “winning”

Rather than be sore about losing independence within Facebook, Instagram co-founder Kevin Systrom told me it was an inevitable sign of his app’s triumph. Today at South By South West, Systrom and fellow co-founder Mike Krieger sat down for their first on-stage talk together since leaving Facebook in September. They discussed their super hero origin stories, authenticity on social media, looming regulation for big tech, and how they’re exploring what they’ll do next. Krieger grew up hitting...
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