Spotify just painted a big target on Apple's back, and the iPhone maker should worry if antitrust regulators start aiming at it (AAPL, SPOT)

The complaint Spotify filed against Apple with European competition regulators on Wednesday represents a real danger to the iPhone maker. Spotify's complaint looks legitimate and is similar to those successfully made against Microsoft and Google. European regulators have been much tougher in recent years in cracking down on tech companies anti-competitive moves than American antitrust regulators. Should they find Apple guilty of abusing its market power, the company could face big fines and re...
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Alleged North Korean Front Company Still Using the Same Brand Name on Social Media, Apparently

A company that the United Nations has said is a front for North Korean intelligence agencies, Global Communications Co. (Glocom), has continued its efforts to advertise sanctions-violating military hardware on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, Motherboard reported on Wednesday.Read more...
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Thousands of ICE Employees Have Access to Massive, Nationwide License Plate-Tracking System

Records obtained by the ACLU of Northern California in a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit show that local city governments are piping automated license plate reader (ALPR) data to Immigrations and Customs Enforcement, the organization wrote on Wednesday.Read more...
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Android Q Beta with improved foldable phone features, Sharing shortcuts, Settings Panels and more released

Google has released Android beta for Android ‘Q’, the next major Android release, ahead of Google I/O 2018 in May, just like the past years. Google said that the next version of Android will bring  number of additional privacy and security features for users, as well as enhancements for foldable devices, Dynamic Depth format for photos, new APIs for connectivity, new media codecs and camera capabilities, NNAPI extensions, Vulkan 1.1 support, faster app startup, and more.  The first beta doesn...
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Death Metal Music Inspires Joy Not Violence, Study Finds

An anonymous reader quotes a report from the BBC: I've had one desire since I was born; to see my body ripped and torn. The lyrics of death metal band Bloodbath's cannibalism-themed track, Eaten, do not leave much to the imagination. But neither this song -- nor the gruesome lyrics of others of the genre -- inspire violence. That is the conclusion of Macquarie University's music lab, which used the track in a psychological test. It revealed that death metal fans are not "desensitized" to violent...
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Privacy Search engine “DuckDuckGo” added to Google browser Chrome

Google has added the privacy-friendly search engine DuckDuckGo to the new version of the Chrome browser, TechCrunch writes Wednesday. DuckDuckGo is a privacy-oriented search engine. The makers say users do not follow. For example, no user profiles... visit ArabCrunch website for more details.
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Google Shuts Down Its Spotlight Stories VR Film Studio

Google is shutting down its Spotlight Stories immersive entertainment unit, according to an email sent out by Spotlight Stories executive producer Karen Dufilho Wednesday evening. “Google Spotlight Stories is shutting its doors after over six years of making stories and putting them on phones, on screens, in VR, and anywhere else we could get away […]
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Sick of the iPhone

I should have trusted my first intuition about the iPhone. I didn’t need one in my life. I carry one around only so that others can reach me in an emergency. I interact with it as little as possible. For me, the phone has become the enemy. There is an old saying “Life is what happens when you are making other plans.” Now it should be updated to “Life is what happens while you are looking at your iPhone.” Probably a few years ago I stopped playing games on the iPhone. Then I stopped trying new ap...
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Building An Independent Retailer Brand Advantage

In response to a rumor that he had died and subsequent newspaper coverage, American humorist, novelist and social critic Mark Twain said, “The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated.” The same could be said of the independent retailer. In the Age of Amazon, can the local neighborhood retailer really survive? The answer appears to be a guarded “yes” provided the retailer is up to the challenge. According to recent findings from the study, “Independent Retailers and the Changing Reta...
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Amazon Lobbied More Government Entities Than Any Other Public US Company Last Year

Amazon lobbied more government entities last year than any other public U.S. company, covering issues like healthcare, transportation, defense, and labor regulation. "Across 2018, Amazon contacted 40 different federal entities on 21 different general issue areas," reports Fortune, citing a report from Axios. "The only tech giant to lobby on more issues than Amazon was Google's Alphabet." From the report: In terms of money spent, Amazon's $14.4 million is topped only by Alphabet's $21 million, sa...
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Boeing 737 Max Jets Grounded By FAA Emergency Order

President Trump announced an emergency order from the Federal Aviation Administration on Wednesday grounding Boeing 737 Max jets in the wake of an Ethiopian Airlines crash Sunday and a Lion Air accident in October that together killed 346 people. The emergency order comes two days after the FAA said the Boeing 737 Max planes are still airworthy. NBC News reports: Trump's announcement came as the FAA faced mounting pressure from aviation advocates and others to ban flights of the planes pending t...
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Chrome Adds Pro-Privacy Search Engine Options As Google Faces Antitrust Scrutiny

Here’s a change in Google’s Chrome browser that’s raising eyebrows: In 60 global markets, Chrome now includes the option of using pro-privacy competitor search engine DuckDuckGo.Read more...
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F5’s $670M Deal for Nginx Expands Firms’ Control of Web Servers, Apps

Internet users are celebrating the World Wide Web’s 30th birthday this week by reminiscing about early Web technologies like America Online and dial-up modems. But users’ Web experiences—from the 1990s to today’s social media-dominated digital landscape—are only possible with behind-the-scenes Internet infrastructure in place. The value of that infrastructure was highlighted in F5 Networks’ recent announcement that it has agreed to acquire Nginx for $670 million in cash.F5 (NASDAQ: FFIV) and Ng...
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New Mexico the Most Coal-Heavy State To Pledge 100 Percent Carbon-Free Energy By 2045

New Mexico's state House of Representatives passed the "Energy Transition Act" on Tuesday, where it's expected to be signed quickly by Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham. The bill "commits the state to getting 100 percent of its energy from carbon-free sources by 2045," reports Ars Technica. From the report: The bill includes interim goals mandating that 50 percent of the state's energy mix be renewable by 2030 and 80 percent of the energy mix be renewable by 2040. The state currently buys no nucle...
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Facebook under criminal investigation over data sharing with tech firms - report

Investigation by federal prosecutors adds to laundry list of inquiries since the Cambridge Analytica revelations one year agoFacebook is under criminal investigation by federal prosecutors examining its data-sharing deals with other major technology companies, according to the New York Times.A New York grand jury has subpoenaed records from “at least two prominent makers of smartphones and other devices”, the Times reported, citing two unnamed sources. Continue reading...
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Board Question #92095: I got an unpaid internship out of state (halfway across ...

Q: Dear 100 Hour Board,I got an unpaid internship out of state (halfway across the country). How do I find someplace to live? I have found a lot of good listing for summer sublets on Craigslist and Facebook marketplace, but I do not know what comes next. There is no way for me to look at the rooms or meet potential roommates in person before I relocate, so how do I make an informed and safe decision?Have any of you done something like this before?-Country Mouse A: Dear soon-to-be City Mouse, I...
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Tiny claws let drones perch like birds and bats

Drones are useful in countless ways, but that usefulness is often limited by the time they can stay in the air. Shouldn’t drones be able to take a load off too? With these special claws attached, they can perch or hang with ease, conserving battery power and vastly extending their flight time. The claws, created by a highly multinational team of researchers I’ll list at the end, are inspired by birds and bats. The team noted that many flying animals have specially adapted feet or claws suited to...
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‘Premium processing’ resumed for all eligible H-1B visa applications

The $1,410 fee for speedier handling of H-1B applications pays for processing within 15 days if submitted materials are in order.
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Report: Man Arrested for Threatening Google Didn't Know His Wife Deleted His YouTube Account (gizmodo)

A YouTuber arrested on Sunday by Mountain View, California police for suspicion of threatening Google drove all the way from Waterville, Maine to confront staff for allegedly terminating his account on Google subsidiary YouTube—unaware that it was actually his spouse who deleted it, BuzzFeed News reported on Tuesday.Read more... [Author: Tom McKay]
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New China Billionaire Drops $2.8 Billion as PDD Shares Tumble

PDD shares dropped 17 percent, the most since it went public last year. Huang, a prolific entrepreneur who started his career at Google, founded PDD in 2015 as Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. and other existing e-commerce operators appeared to have a lock on the market. PDD rapidly became China’s third-largest online mall, behind Alibaba and Inc.
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Samsung’s Galaxy Smartwatch has competition… from Samsung!

Now I’m usually the kind of guy to be excited by new tech, but this conceptual design literally has me scratching my head. Why, Samsung? Why have another device when you’ve already got so many! There’s the Galaxy S series, the Galaxy Note series, the Galaxy Smartwatch series, the newly launched Galaxy Fold, and now this. What would you even call this tech-filled friendship bracelet?! The Galaxy Bend? Sounds too much like the Galaxy Fold. The Galaxy Band? That sounds like people would confuse it ...
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Uber said to be raising $1B at a $10B valuation for its self-driving car unit

Uber is in negotiations with investors, including the SoftBank Vision Fund, to secure an investment as large as $1 billion for its autonomous vehicles unit. The deal would value the business at between $5 billion and $10 billion, according to a Tuesday report from The Wall Street Journal. Uber declined to comment. The news comes shortly after TechCrunch’s Mark Harris revealed the ridehailing firm was burning through $20 million a month on developing self-driving technologies, which means, acc...
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Softbank and an automaker are in 'late stage talks' to pump $1 billion into Uber's self-driving car group ahead of the big IPO

  Uber is in "late stage talks" with SoftBank and others about a $1 billion investment into its self-driving car unit, the Wall Street Journal reported on Wednesday. This would shore up one of Uber's costliest business ahead of its IPO, which is expected to happen this summer.  The deal would value Uber's Advanced Technologies Group at $5 billion to $10 billion, according to the report. In addition to SoftBank, a major automaker is also among the consortium discussing the investment with Uber. ...
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Uber is talking to Softbank about a $1 billion investment in its self-driving car business

Softbank's Vision Fund and several other entities are in late stage talks to invest $1 billion into the ride-hailing giant's self-driving car unit, according to a report in the Wall Street Journal.  The deal would value the self-driving car portion of Uber as a business worth $5 billion to $10 billion. An unspecified major automaker is also in the consortium with Softbank discussing the investment.  Uber is in "late stage talks" with SoftBank and others about a $1 billion or more investment i...
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Google Earth and Carmen Sandiego is the best combo since PB & J

Carmen Sandiego, renowned lady thief and the original superstar of edutainment, has finally made her way into a new video game — only this time, the actual world is her canvas in Google Earth. I don’t know who came up with this idea, but I’m so glad they had that brainwave, because this combination of Carmen and Google Earth is so inspired that I don’t know how it’s taken this long for someone to come up with it. Thanks, no doubt, to her recent Netflix revival, Google is collabing with Carmen’s ...
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The “splinternet” is already here

Keith Wright Contributor Share on Twitter Keith Wright is a Villanova School of Business instructor of Accounting and Information Systems, founder of Simplicity On-Demand LLC and former Senior Vice President for Global Sales Operations for SAP. There is no question that the arrival of a fragmented and divided internet is now upon us. The “splinternet,” where cyberspace is controlled and regulated by different countries is no lo...
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Facebook won’t store data in countries with human rights violations — except Singapore

As soon as Mark Zuckerberg said in a lengthy 3,225-word blog post to not build data centers in countries with poor human rights, he had already broken his promise. He chose to ignore Singapore, which the Facebook founder had only months earlier posted about, declaring the micro-state home to the company’s first data center in Asia to “serve everyone.” Zuckerberg was clear: “As we build our infrastructure around the world, we’ve chosen not to build data centers in countries that have a track r...
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Uber reportedly raising $1B in deal that values self-driving car unit at up to $10B

Uber is in negotiations with investors, including the SoftBank Vision Fund, to secure an investment as large as $1 billion for its autonomous vehicles unit. The deal would value the business at between $5 billion and $10 billion, according to a Tuesday report from The Wall Street Journal. Uber declined to comment. The news comes shortly after TechCrunch’s Mark Harris revealed the ridehailing firm was burning through $20 million a month on developing self-driving technologies, which means, acc...
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Vizio Wants Next-Generation Smart TVs To Target Ads To Households

Smart TV manufacturer Vizio has formed a partnership with nine media and advertising companies to develop an industry standard that will allow smart TVs to target advertisements to specific households, the companies said this week. From a report: The consortium includes major TV networks like Comcast Corp's NBCUniversal and CBS, as well as advertising technology companies like AT&T's Xandr. Addressable advertising, or targeting viewers on the household level based on their interests, has long be...
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Two-Thirds of Android Antivirus Apps Are Total BS

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Tom's Guide: Austrian antivirus-testing lab AV-Comparatives tested 250 antivirus apps in Google Play against 2,000 malware samples. They found that only 80 of the apps could stop even a minimal amount of malware. "Less than one in 10 of the apps tested defended against all 2,000 malicious apps, while over two-thirds failed to reach a block rate of even 30 percent," the lab said in a press release. To make sure you're protecting your Android device properl...
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