Proposal For United Nations To Study Climate-Cooling Technologies Rejected

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Reuters: A push to launch a high-level study of potentially risky technological fixes to curb climate change was abandoned on Thursday at a U.N. environmental conference in Nairobi, as countries including the United States raised objections. "Geoengineering" technologies, which are gaining prominence as international efforts to curb climate-changing emissions fall short, aim to pull carbon out of the atmosphere or block some of the sun's warmth to cool th...
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Origami-inspired Robot Gripper Grasps Objects Up To 120 Times Its Weight

An anonymous reader shares a report: Robotic hands have a tough time getting a grip on pliable objects, but it's not for lack of trying -- most make do with rigid pincers that aren't designed for precision grasping. Fortunately, if a newly published paper is any indication, more versatile systems are on the horizon. In it, researchers at MIT's Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) and Harvard describe a novel gripper design that's capable of lifting items in a range of ...
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Tesla unveiling Model Y SUV, expanding into popular segment

HAWTHORNE, Calif. (AP) — Tesla is unveiling its newest vehicle, the Model Y, an SUV that the automaker hopes will win over consumers looking for an all-electric alternative in the most popular segment of the auto market. CEO Elon Musk was to introduce the Model Y Thursday night at a gathering of customers, employees and […]
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6 Key Ways to Optimise Your Website When Growing Your Business

The best website is one that answers its audience’s questions, offers pure gold and attracts leads to your business. And, it’s also important to note that the structure, layout of your design, and the content you publish on your website will also impact your online business either positively or negatively. However, you may be procrastinating on how to measure or even improve that. But here’s the thing: The best way to analyze your website is keenly look at the data. It’s normal that most people ...
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Vikram Jandhyala, Champion of Innovation at UW and Beyond, Dies at 47

Vikram Jandhyala, who built bridges between academia and industry across the globe and at the University of Washington, where he taught and worked, has died, the school said Wednesday. He was 47.In a statement on UW’s website, President Ana Mari Cauce said authorities were investigating Jandhyala’s death as a suicide. He is survived by two sons, ages 7 and 5, who will be cared for by their mother, Suja Vaidyanathan, Cauce wrote.Over the years, Jandhyala worked in industry, as a professor, and a...
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MUJI X Sensible 4’s Self-Driving Bus premiered in Finland. We got a chance to sit in it!

It’s only natural that the world’s first fully autonomous self-driving bus would come out of Finland. Finland, believe it or not, is often considered to be the ‘Silicon Country’ that gave the world Nokia and pretty much set the very blueprint for mobile communications. Nokia was founded in Finland, and for over two grand decades before Apple launched the iPhone, Nokia was the standard to beat. In fact, there’s a high likelihood that your first phone was a Nokia (I know mine was). Post-2010 whe...
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U.S. judge rules Qualcomm owes Apple nearly $1 billion rebate payment

A U.S. federal judge has issued a preliminary ruling that Qualcomm Inc owes Apple Inc nearly $1 billion in patent royalty rebate payments, though the decision is unlikely to result in Qualcomm writing a check to Apple because of other developments in the dispute.
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WATCH: R u messaging ur clients? How texting has evolved

See how texting has evolved with advances in geotagging and smart-sign technology, and learn how to get the most out of your messages to clients.
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DARPA Is Developing an Open-Source Voting System

This sounds like a good development: ...a new $10 million contract the Defense Department's Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has launched to design and build a secure voting system that it hopes will be impervious to hacking. The first-of-its-kind system will be designed by an Oregon-based firm called Galois, a longtime government contractor with experience in designing secure and verifiable systems. The system will use fully open source voting software, instead of the closed,...
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Can AI help spice up your life?

How AI is helping to come up with new weird and wonderful spice combinations.
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Kids Have 'Math Anxiety' Thanks To Parents and Teachers, Report Finds

A new report out of the University of Cambridge studied the experiences of a total of 2,700 primary and secondary students in the UK and Italy and found that primary and secondary school girls had higher levels of both math anxiety and general anxiety than boys. "The study also focuses on how parents and teachers shape math performance and attitudes, perhaps without even realizing it," adds Motherboard. "In the same way that anxious parents can shape their children's anxiety, math-anxious mentor...
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Chinese lawmakers endorse technology law amid US pressure

BEIJING (AP) — Chinese legislators on Friday endorsed a law meant to help end a costly tariff war with Washington by discouraging officials from pressuring foreign companies to hand over technology. The measure is part of an investment law that aims to address complaints by the United States, Europe and other trading partners that China’s […]
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Toyota Is Losing the Electric Car Race, So It Pretends Hybrids Are Better

Ben Jervey from DeSmogBlog writes about how Toyota is "using questionable logic" to claim hybrid vehicles are superior than electric vehicles, when in reality it's only saying that because it decided years ago to invest in gasoline-electric hybrids and fuel cells in the long term instead of battery production. This decision is now coming back to haunt them. From the report: There are at least 12 car companies currently selling an all-electric vehicle in the United States, and Toyota isn't one of...
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Teens are using Google Docs as a sneaky messaging app right under their parents’ (and teachers’) noses

Google’s cloud-based tools provide a lot of bang for the buck. Apps like Docs, Sheets, and Slides are a collaborative dreamscape, the types of applications that allow kids to split into groups and iterate a project until completion. They also make a good instant messaging platform, according to some teens. “We don’t really pass physical notes anymore,” one unnamed student told The Atlantic’s Taylor Lorenz. For parents, physical notes were a staple of communication during their formative years. A...
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Google’s Latest Broad Core Ranking Update: Florida 2

Florida 2 Algorithm Update What’s Going On? On March 12th, Google released what being referred to as the Florida 2 algorithm update. Website owners are already noticing significant shifts across their keyword rankings. While Google’s algorithm updates vary in terms of how often they receive broad notice, the Florida 2 update is one that every marketer needs to be paying close attention to. Who Was Impacted by the Florida 2 Algorithm Update? Google makes several broad ranking algorithm up...
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How telemedicine is increasing diversity in clinical trials

An important part of advancing medical research and drug development is making participation in clinical trials easier and more inclusive. To develop treatments that work on men, women, and children of all ages and different ethnicities we need to have clinical trial data that represents our diverse population. Right now, when the FDA approves a […] Find jobs at Careers by Search thousands of physician, PA, NP, and CRNA jobs now. Learn more.
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14 apps everyone should have on their phone

There are millions of apps on your smartphone's app store. Only a handful of them are worth your time. Most people spend the vast majority of their time in just a handful of apps. I'm no exception. While I keep over 200 apps on my phone for minor things, there are only 14 apps that I regularly turn to. These are my go-to apps that make my life easier, more productive and more enjoyable.  If you want to get the most out of your phone, I recommend having these essential apps.  Check them out:SE...
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Why is Google adding Nintendo controller support to Chrome?

Google is apparently working to improve native support for Nintendo‘s Switch controllers within Chrome. Could this be a sign of things to come for Project Stream? A recently discovered commit in Google‘s Chromium Gerrit page proposes to “improve support for Nintendo Switch gamepads.” First spotted by 9to5Google and Owen Williams, it would improve support for Switch Pro controllers (which are currently supported on Linux) and give support for Joy-Con, either through Bluetooth or through a chargin...
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Samsung Is Working On 'Perfect Full-Screen' Devices With Selfie Cameras Under the Display

According to a report from Yonhap News Agency, Samsung's vice president of its display R&D group, Yang Byung-duk, said the company is working on making the entire front of its phones a screen, with no need for bezels or a camera cutout of any kind. He said that "though it wouldn't be possible to make (a full-screen smartphone) in the next 1-2 years, the technology can move forward to the point where the camera hole will be invisible, while not affecting the camera's function in any way." The Ver...
Tags: Samsung, Tech, Yang, Yonhap News Agency Samsung, Yang Byung duk

You Will Soon Be Able To Pay Your Subway Fare With Your Face in China

China has led the world in adoption of smartphone-based mobile payments to the point where the central bank had to remind merchants not to discriminate against cash. The next phase of development may be to pay with your face. South Morning China Post: In Shenzhen, the local subway operator is testing various advanced technologies backed by the ultra-fast 5G network, including facial-recognition ticketing. At the Futian station, instead of presenting a ticket or scanning a QR bar code on their sm...
Tags: China, Tech, Hangzhou, Kfc, Shenzhen, Shenzhen Metro

‘Ape Out’ and ‘Baba Is You’ demonstrate the depth of simplicity

The games we see advertised the most aren’t necessarily the best representatives for what has become an incredibly diverse medium. Yearly AAA installments and massive open worlds are all well and good, but simplicity is rarely on display — which makes two recent releases, Ape Out and Baba Is You, all the more delightful. Both are, in a way, very simple games, but from that simplicity arises complex and enjoyable gameplay concepts that can entertain (or frustrate) for hours. It’s a refreshing rev...
Tags: TC, Gaming, Tech, Game Review, Eureka, AAA, Baba, Nintendo Switch

Bipartisan bill proposes oversight for commercial facial recognition

On Thursday, Hawaii Senator Brian Schatz and Missouri Senator Roy Blunt introduced a bill designed to offer legislative oversight for commercial applications of facial recognition technology. Known as the Commercial Facial Recognition Privacy Act, the bill would obligate companies to inform consumers about any use of facial recognition and proposes limiting companies from freely sharing facial recognition data with third parties without first obtaining explicit user consent. “Consumers are incre...
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YourChoice Therapeutics is developing unisex, non-hormonal birth control

The options available to women who want to avoid getting pregnant today are bad. Most, like the widely used birth control pill, feed man-made estrogen and progestin hormones to women, which are capable of causing a number of awful side effects. YourChoice Therapeutics — a startup launched by a team of Berkeley researchers, including two experts in sperm physiology and sperm-egg interactions — dreams of producing a unisex, non-hormonal alternative to existing contraceptives. The company has raise...
Tags: Health, Startups, TC, Y Combinator, Accelerator, Drugs, Cancer, Tech, Contraception, Berkeley, Birth Control, Nurx, Pill Club, YourChoice Therapeutics, Akash Bakshi, Nadja Mannowetz

Google Ads to Provide Users With More Assistance After Ad Disapprovals by @MattGSouthern

Google Ads is introducing a better solution for letting users know when ads are removed for policy violations.The post appeared first on Search Engine Journal.
Tags: Google, News, Seo, Paid Search

‘Pachinko’ Ordered to Series at Apple

Apple has given a formal series order to the drama based on Min Jin Lee’s “Pachinko,” Variety has confirmed. “Pachinko” chronicles the hopes and dreams of four generations of a Korean immigrant family. The story begins with a forbidden romance and crescendos into a sweeping saga that journeys between Korea, Japan and America. The series will […]
Tags: Apple, News, America, Korea Japan, Pachinko, Min Jin Lee 's Pachinko Variety

Tesla’s new accounting chief has SolarCity roots

Tesla has turned to two insiders to manage and oversee the company’s finances. The automaker officially tapped as its next chief financial officer Zachary Kirkhorn, a longtime employee who has been part of the automaker’s finance team for nine years, according to securities filings posted Thursday. The automaker also appointed Vaibhav Taneja, who led the integration of Tesla and SolarCity’s accounting teams, as its chief accounting officer. Taneja, who will report to Kirkhorn, will oversee...
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Pentagon Brass Bafflingly Accuses Google of Providing 'Direct Benefit' to China's Military

There are many reasons to be critical of Google. But on Thursday, General Joseph Dunford, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, stopped just short of accusing the tech giant of treason.Read more...
Tags: Google, Science, China, US military, Pentagon, Joint Chiefs of Staff, Joseph Dunford, You Cant Please Everyone

Musician Creates a Million-Hour Song Based On the Number Pi

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Motherboard: Now, for Pi Day (March 14), music software programmer Canton Becker has crafted a million-hour song based on Pi that unfolds generatively on a virtual tape deck. Titled "Shepard's Pi," the song combines two of Becker's favorite infinities: Pi, and an auditory illusion called a Shepard tone, which he describes as an "unsettling sonic illusion of a pitch that climbs or descends forever, never reaching a top or a bottom." Found at, u...
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Sony/ATV Chief Slams Streaming Services’ ‘Incredibly Disappointing’ Copyright Appeal

Outgoing Sony/ATV chairman Martin Bandier is certainly not phoning it in during his last month on the job — earlier this month he signed a deal that brings Dolly Parton’s entire catalog to the company, and today he sent a letter to the company’s songwriters slamming the decision by Spotify, Amazon, Google and Pandora to […]
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Adventurous taps live actors and AR to take families on high-tech scavenger hunts

Augmented reality looked like it was supposed to a ubiquitous success, Apple and Google and Facebook seemed to say so, but things are taking a bit of time to get kicked off so the startups in the space are having to get real weird with it. Adventurous is an augmented reality scavenger hunt geared towards families, but it drags in enough elements of the real world to make it a pretty robust experience. This isn’t your typical AR phone app that you pop open once. For one thing you have to be at a ...
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