How Debian Almost Failed to Elect a Project Leader

Five candidates now are running to be Debian's project leader for the coming year. But earlier this week, Slashdot reader Seven Spirals shared LWN's story about what a difficult election it's been: This year, the call for nominations was duly sent out by project secretary Kurt Roeckx on March 3. But, as of March 10, no eligible candidates had put their names forward... There is nobody there to do any campaigning. This being Debian, the constitution naturally describes what is to happen in this...
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How open source organizations can prepare for Season of Docs

Last week Google announced a new program, Season of Docs ( The program provides a framework for technical writers and open source organizations to work together on a specific documentation project chosen by the open source organization and the tech writer concerned. From April 2, interested open source organizations can start applying for this year’s […]
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Big Read: US tech giants face stricter censorship under new Vietnamese cyber security law

When Vietnam's government took offense at a game on Google's app store in which a player could battle characters named after the country's political figures, the tech behemoth caved.It blocked access to the app in Vietnam, one of... [Author: [email protected]]
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Google's Bad Data Wiped Another Neighborhood Off the Map

Medium's technology publication ran a 3,600-word investigation into a mystery that began when a 66-year-old New York woman Googled directions to her neighborhood, "and found that the app had changed the name of her community..." It's just as well no one contacted Google, because Google wasn't the company that renamed the Fruit Belt to Medical Park. When residents investigated, they found the misnomer repeated on several major apps and websites including HERE, Bing, Uber, Zillow, Grubhub, TripAd...
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Can you murder a robot?

Does it matter if we hurt a robot? And should we have rules to make sure they don't hurt us?
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Google Is Shutting Down Its Emmy Award-Winning VR Film Studio (slashdot)

Google is shutting down its Spotlight Stories immersive entertainment unit, according to an email sent out by Spotlight Stories executive producer Karen Dufilho Wednesday evening. "Google Spotlight Stories is shutting its doors after over six years of making stories and putting them on phones, on screens, in VR, and anywhere else we could get away with it," Dufilho said in her email sent to supporters of the studio. Variety reports: Spotlight Stories originally began as a group within Motorola, ...
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Trump Now Just Accusing Google of Aiding the Chinese Military, or Whatever

In yet another example of some morsel of news carrion being dragged all the way up to the top of the White House before being partially digested and regurgitated onto a bunch of Twitter eggs, Donald Trump accused tech giant Google of aiding the Chinese military (as well as “Crooked Hillary Clinton”) on Saturday.Read more...
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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Says Labor Shouldn't Have To Fear Automation

Munky101 tipped us off to some interesting comments from New York's activist congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. TechCrunch reports: It's impossible to discuss the seismic shift toward automation without a conversation about job loss. Opponents of these technologies criticize a displacement that could someday result in wide-scale unemployment among what is often considered "unskilled" roles. Advocates, meanwhile, tend to suggest that reports of that nature tend to be overstated. Workforces s...
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19-Year-Old WinRAR Vulnerability Leads To Over 100 Malware Exploits

"Last month it was discovered that WinRAR, software used to open .zip archive files, has been vulnerable for the last 19 years to a bug that's easily exploited by hackers and malware distributors," writes SlashGear. Slashdot reader Iwastheone quotes their report: Check Point, the security researchers that revealed the WinRAR bug, explain that the software is exploited by giving malicious files a RAR extension, so that when opened they can automatically extract malware programs. These programs a...
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Walmart to launch it’s own low-priced tablet, powered by Android 9.0 Pie

Walmart will soon launch its own low-cost, kid-friendly tablet, which will be powered by Android 9.0 Pie. The price and release date for the device are still unknown, but it will reportedly feature a MediaTek processor with 2 GB of RAM. The post Walmart to launch it’s own low-priced tablet, powered by Android 9.0 Pie appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Walmart to launch own low-priced tablet, powered by Android 9.0 Pie

Walmart will soon launch its own low-cost, kid-friendly tablet, which will be powered by Android 9.0 Pie. The price and release date for the device are still unknown, but it will reportedly feature a MediaTek processor with 2 GB of RAM. The post Walmart to launch own low-priced tablet, powered by Android 9.0 Pie appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Most Android antivirus apps fail to provide malware protection, study shows

A study by AV-Comparatives analyzed the effectiveness of Android antivirus apps in protecting against the 2,000 most common malware threats. Alarmingly, only 23 of the apps were able to detect 100 percent of the malware samples. The post Most Android antivirus apps fail to provide malware protection, study shows appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Nintendo Switch TV

Flat panel 65 inch television styled to look like giant Nintendo Switch video game console. Giant Nintendo Switch TV created by Suprman9 for his “Nerdvana” room. Also check out: Super Mario Sweater Vest
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Apple sells many different iPhone models — here's how much they all cost

Insider Picks writes about products and services to help you navigate when shopping online. Insider Inc. receives a commission from our affiliate partners when you buy through our links, but our reporting and recommendations are always independent and objective. Apple sells several different iPhone models, and they all have different prices that vary based on where you buy them. We break down how much every model of the iPhone costs at Apple, Walmart, Best Buy, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon, AT...
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Apple Music Added to Amazon Fire TV in USA

Apple Music has launched on Amazon Fire TV in the US. Amazon Fire TV is a natural extensions for Apple Music as it has been rolled out on Amazon’s Echo speakers since December. Apple Music subscribers will now the ability to access the full catalogue of 50 million songs by just asking Alexa. “Alexa, play today’s hits on Apple Music,” or “Alexa, play music by [artist’s name] on Apple Music,” for example. The post Apple Music Added to Amazon Fire TV in USA appeared first on RouteNote Bl...
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Was Venezuela's 5-Day Blackout Caused By Cyberattacks -- or Wildfires?

What caused a devastating five-day blackout in Venezuela? Two engineers with expertise in geospatial technologies believe the answer lies in images from a NASA weather satellite showing thermal activity, which they superimposed onto Google Earth, the AP reports: Within hours of the attack, the government of embattled President Nicolas Maduro began accusing the U.S. of a cyberattack. Maduro has stuck to that narrative, saying hackers in the U.S. first shut down the Guri Dam and then delivered sev...
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2019 LG OLED TVs with AirPlay 2, HomeKit support coming in April

LG has revealed the prices and release dates of the first batch of 2019 OLED TVs with A.I. ThinQ. The new W9 wallpaper OLED TVs will arrive in June, while the E9 and C9 OLED TVs will start rolling out in April. The post 2019 LG OLED TVs with AirPlay 2, HomeKit support coming in April appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Google My Business Adds New Seasonal Business Guidelines by @MattGSouthern

Google My Business has updated its guidelines with new rules and regulations for seasonal businesses.The post Google My Business Adds New Seasonal Business Guidelines by @MattGSouthern appeared first on Search Engine Journal.
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Decade in review: Trends in seed- and early-stage funding

We’ve decided to step back from the breaking news for a minute to conduct a review of seed and early-stage funding trends over the last decade for U.S.-based companies. I’m fairly certain we can all agree that the environment for startups has changed dramatically in the past 10 years, specifically in two major ways: The development of seed funding as its own class and; The expansion of growth stage investing. What we’ve also seen are recent concerns raised about the decline in seed stage fundi...
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Chicago To Shutdown Composting Business Because Regulations Don't Cover Worms

schwit1 shared an article from Reason's "Volokh Conspiracy" blog: Nature's Little Recyclers is a father-son business that does composting on empty residential lots, transforming organic waste into nutrient-rich soil. Last year, the business's worms processed 10 tons of banana peels and cups from the Chicago Marathon that would otherwise have gone to a landfill. But Chicago officials are going to shut the business down -- and not because the city doesn't think composting is a good thing (the city...
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JBL's Link 300 smart speaker gives you multi-room audio and the Google Assistant — it's on sale for $125 at Best Buy

The   Insider Picks   team writes about stuff we think you'll like. Business Insider has affiliate partnerships, so we get a share of the revenue from your purchase. The JBL Link speaker series offers smart, multi-room audio for less than $300. The mid-sized Link 300 smart speaker boasts a nice design, good low-end response, and all the smarts of the Google Assistant. It’s probably not the best speaker for audiophiles, but everyone else will be perfectly happy with the sound quality. Plus, it'...
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Las Vegas Approves The Boring Company's Underground Loop

The Boring Company's tunnel project in Chicago is "in doubt" (according to the Chicago Tribune), while a project connecting Washington to Baltimore "is waylaid in the environmental-review process." But it looks like Las Vegas will officially get a tunnel from Elon Musk, CNET reports, "perhaps within this year." The billionaire's Boring Company on Tuesday got the approval from the 14-member board of the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority (LVCVA) to build and operate an underground loop ...
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Vectordash’s cloud gaming service brings crypto-miners a new revenue stream

PC gaming has grown to be a pretty wide niche of people with some far-flung similarities and differences, one thing they all share are souped-up rigs that rely on beefy GPUs. This is fine for those with dedicated machines but PC gaming isn’t too friendly to those trying to pull double-duty on their everyday machine. Vectordash, launching out of the latest Y Combinator batch, wants to turn your Macbook Air or other underpowered rig into a formidable machine through their cloud gaming service. The...
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VR Company Co-Founder Spends an Entire Week in a VR Headset

An anonymous reader quotes PC Gamer: Not too long into a 168-hour VR marathon session, Jak Wilmot admits the monotony got to him. Wilmot, who is the co-founder of Disrupt VR, also says this experiment is "quite possibly the dumbest thing" he's ever done. So, why do it? For science, of course. I can't imagine immersing myself in a virtual world for a full week, nonstop night and day. Wilmot did it, though, for the most part -- he allowed himself 30 seconds to switch VR headsets when needed, and 3...
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The best 14-inch laptops

If you're looking for the best 14-inch laptops, there are a number of factors to consider. You want good battery life, an attractive screen, solid performance, and a good build. Our favorites that do all that and more. The post The best 14-inch laptops appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Is Amazon's AWS Approaching 'War' for Control of Elasticsearch?

Long-time Slashdot reader jasenj1 and Striek both shared news of a growing open source controversy. "Amazon Web Services on Monday announced that it's partnering with Netflix and Expedia to champion a new Open Distro for Elasticsearch due to concerns of proprietary code being mixed into the open source Elasticsearch project," reports Datanami. "Elastic, the company behind Elasticsearch, responded by accusing Amazon of copying code, inserting bugs into the community code, and engaging with the ...
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How to Uninstall Emoji Launcher on Android

If you’re looking for custom launchers for your Android phone then you’ll find a ton of such apps, available for free on Google Play. While a few like Nova launcher, Google Now launcher and Microsoft launcher allow users to effectively customize their phone. At the same time, there are numerous launchers that add unnecessary stuff to your device and are the sole reason for frequent pop-up ads and crashes. They also tend to invade your phone, show surveys and can be difficult to uninstall at time...
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Equity transcribed: Uber IPO, Stash’s raise and more YC movement

Welcome back to this week’s transcribed edition of Equity, TechCrunch’s venture capital-focused podcast that unpacks the numbers behind the headlines. We’re running an experiment for Extra Crunch members that puts the words of our wildly popular venture capital podcast, Equity, in your eyes instead of your ears. This week, along with guest Anu Duggal, the founder of Female Founders Fund, the team discussed Uber’s impending IPO, Q1’s IPO pace, Stash’s raise and more changes at Y Combinator ...
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Pre- and Post-Money SAFEs: Choosing the right one for your startup

Jared Verzello Contributor Jared Verzello is a startup and venture capital lawyer and GM of Atrium Seed where he guides companies through formation, fundraising, hiring, and managing board meetings. With Y Combinator’s Demo Day taking place at Pier 48 in San Francisco next week, its largest batch of companies ever is getting ready to present to an audience of select investors. Having taken Atrium through Demo Day myself, I have first-hand knowledge of the process...
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Apex Legends is prepping for a big Battle Pass launch

Apex Legends surprised the gaming world two months ago, bringing a new, frenetic dynamic to the Battle Royale genre of games that has already attracted 50 million players. That first huge milestone didn’t come at a cheap price — EA reportedly paid Ninja $1 million to stream the game. But now the question concerns whether or not Respawn can keep and convert their new, voracious legion of players. Luckily for Respawn, Fortnite has paved the way when it comes to monetizing this type of game, offeri...
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