Facebook acknowledges concerns over Cambridge Analytica emerged earlier than reported

Company confirms suspicions of separate incident following Washington DC attorney general court filingFacebook employees were aware of concerns about“improper data-gathering practices” by Cambridge Analytica months before the Guardian first reported, in December 2015, that the political consultancy had obtained data on millions from an academic. The concerns appeared in a court filing by the attorney general for Washington DC and were subsequently confirmed by Facebook.The new information “could...
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First Medical Device To Treat Alzheimer's Is Up For Approval By the FDA

the_newsbeagle writes: An FDA advisory committee met today to consider approving the NeuroAD device, which is supposed to help with the cognitive symptoms of Alzheimer's disease. The device uses a combination of brain stimulation and cognitive training tasks to strengthen the neural circuits involved in language, memory, and other components of cognition. The treatment requires patients to come to the clinic daily for 1-hour sessions. Regulators in Israel and Europe have already approved the dev...

Apple's Plan For Its New TV Service: Sell Other People's TV Services

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Recode: After years of circling the TV business, Apple is finally ready to make its big splash: On Monday it will unveil its new video strategy, along with some of the new big-budget TV shows it is funding itself. One thing Apple won't do is unveil a serious competitor to Netflix, Hulu, Disney, or any other entertainment giant trying to sell streaming video subscriptions to consumers. Instead, Apple's main focus -- at least for now -- will be helping othe...

Is It Time For Apple To Acknowledge Flexgate? (slashdot)

In January 2019, iFixit revealed a design flaw where the ribbon cable that connects the body of some MacBook Pros to their display wears down too quickly, causing uneven backlighting at the bottom of the display. There now appears to be growing frustration among users at Apple's reaction. Vlad Savov from The Verge said it is time for the company to acknowledge and deal with the issue: A petition, now numbering more than 15,000, would beg to differ. It calls for Apple to publicly recognize Flexga...
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Microsoft Boots Up the First 'DNA Drive' For Storing Data

Since 2016, Microsoft has been working with the University of Washington to develop the first device to automatically encode digital information into DNA and back to bits again. "So far, DNA storage has been carried out by hand in the lab," reports MIT Technology Review. But now Microsoft and researchers at the University of Washington "say they created a machine that converts electronic bits to DNA and back without a person involved." From the report: The gadget, made from about $10,000 in part...

Nintendo’s Labo: VR Kit is not Virtual Boy 2.0

Even the most successful tech company is going to have a stumble from time to time. Nintendo’s 45 years in the video game industry is spotted with a few doozies, but none are more infamous than the Virtual Boy. The 1994 portable console was marketed as an early home entry into virtual reality, but in actual reality ended up being little more than a blood-red headache. Nintendo knew the comparisons to the doomed console would come fast and furiously when it launched its next VR venture, so the...
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It's ironic, but gaming can be an escape from our hyper-connected, screen-filled life | Shaad D'Souza

Gaming requires my full focus and is one of the few activities that doesn’t encourage me to check my phone every five minutesI’ve heard that my generation spends about 10 hours online per day. If I’m being honest, that sounds a little conservative to me. When are you not online? Aside from face-to-face social interaction (say, coffee with a friend) or activities that force attention (the movies; gigs) I can’t think of a time when I wouldn’t at least be passively scrolling or using my phone in so...
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Flood of 4K James Bond Leaks Further Point To iTunes Breach (slashdot)

AmiMoJo writes: All 24 movies from the iTunes exclusive 4K "James Bond Collection" have leaked online. This is further evidence to suggest that pirates have found a way to decrypt 4K source files from the iTunes store. How, exactly, remains a mystery. While most regular releases can be ripped or decrypted nowadays, 4K content remains a challenge to breach. Up until a few days ago, pirate sites had never seen a decrypted 4K download from Apple's video platform. However, a flurry of recent leaks, ...
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How do you know where your olive oil really comes from?

New technologies are helping track the provenance of food throughout the supply chain.
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The Majority of Scooters in LA Are Going To Share Your Location With the City

Los Angeles is pumping the brakes on scooter companies that won't tell it what part of the city you're wheeling around. From a report: Last September, the Los Angeles Department of Transportation said it would require all scooter companies to provide real-time location data on the vehicles to help with city planning purposes. The data is collected by GPS on the scooters. The requirement raised privacy concerns because sensitive data would be handled by the city government. The government partner...

The new CEO of Intuit says the rise of artificial intelligence will be as big a challenge as the company's shift to cloud computing (INTU)

Sasan Goodarzi stepped up as CEO of Intuit — the company behind products like Intuit and TurboTax — in January, replacing 11-year chief exec Brad Smith.  Smith gets a ton of credit from parties inside and outside Intuit for helping the company successfully navigate to a largely cloud-based, subscription-based software model.  To prepare to replace such a prominent figure, Goodarzi spent much of last year shadowing leaders like NFL legend Steve Young and Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, trying to g...
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Tesla Sues Former Employees For Allegedly Stealing Data, Autopilot Source Code

Tesla is suing a former engineer at the company, claiming he copied the source code for its Autopilot technology before joining a Chinese self-driving car startup in January. Reuters reports: The engineer, Guangzhi Cao, copied more than 300,000 files related to Autopilot source code as he prepared to join China's Xiaopeng Motors Technology Company Ltd, the Silicon Valley carmaker said in the lawsuit filed in a California court. Separately, Tesla lawyers on Wednesday filed a lawsuit against four ...
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Microsoft Says the FCC 'Overstates' Broadband Availability In the US

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Motherboard: Microsoft this week was the latest to highlight the U.S. government's terrible broadband mapping in a filing with the FCC, first spotted by journalist Wendy Davis. In it, Microsoft accuses the FCC of over-stating actual broadband availability and urges the agency to do better. "The Commission's broadband availability data, which underpins FCC Form 477 and the Commission's annual Section 706 report, appears to overstate the extent to which bro...
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Trump promotes Michael Kratsios to US Chief Technology Officer

More than two years into the Trump administration, the long vacant post of U.S. Chief Technology Officer will be filled. Bloomberg first reported that today Trump is elevating Michael Kratsios, current deputy U.S. CTO, to the nation’s top tech position. Prior to his experience within the Trump administration, Kratsios served as chief of staff at Peter Thiel’s investment firm Thiel Capital and as chief financial officer at another Thiel project, the hedge fund Clarium Capital. The U.S. CTO role w...
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Facebook knew of Cambridge Analytica data misuse earlier than reported – court filing

DC attorney general says email exchange shows Facebook knew of data harvesting prior to Guardian reportFacebook knew about Cambridge Analytica’s “improper data-gathering practices” months before the Guardian first reported on them in December 2015, according to a court filing by the attorney general for Washington DC.The new information “could suggest that Facebook has consistently mislead [sic]” British lawmakers “about what it knew and when about Cambridge Analytica”, tweeted Damian Collins, t...
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Amazon to launch mobile ads, threatening Google and Facebook

Amazon has found a new way to grab a chunk of the US$129 billion (NZ$187b) digital advertising market now dominated by Google and Facebook: selling video spots on the e-commerce giant's smartphone shopping app.Amazon has been beta... [Author: [email protected]]
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Grandson of Legendary John Deere Inventor Calls Out Company On Right To Repair

chicksdaddy writes: The grandson of Theo Brown, a legendary engineer and inventor for John Deere who patented, among other things, the manure spreader is calling out the company his grandfather served for decades for its opposition to right to repair legislation being considered in Illinois. In an opinion piece published by The Security Ledger entitled "My Grandfather's John Deere would support Our Right to Repair," Willie Cade notes that his grandfather, Theophilus Brown is credited with 158 pa...
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Tech regulation in Europe will only get tougher

European governments have been bringing the hammer down on tech in recent months, slapping record fines and stiff regulations on the largest imports out of Silicon Valley. Despite pleas from the world’s leading companies and , European citizens’ staunch support for regulation of new technologies points to an operating environment that is only getting tougher. According to a roughly 25-page report recently published by a research arm out of Spain’s IE University, European citizens remain skeptic...
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Diesel’s denim-inspired smartwatch straps are a casual, colorful must-own

Diesel will release two new versions of the On Full Guard 2.5 smartwatch later this year, with seriously cool, denim-inspired straps in classic Diesel colors. We tried them on at the Baselworld 2019 show. The post Diesel’s denim-inspired smartwatch straps are a casual, colorful must-own appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Nokia phones are being investigated for allegedly sending data to China

Nokia could be in some hot water. According to recent reports, Nokia 7 models may be secretly sending data to China without the user knowing about it. Nokia says that the issue was a software bug and that it has been fixed. The post Nokia phones are being investigated for allegedly sending data to China appeared first on Digital Trends.
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To fund Y Combinator’s top startups, VCs scoop them before Demo Day

Hundreds gathered this week at San Francisco’s Pier 48 to see the more than 200 companies in Y Combinator’s Winter 2019 cohort present their two-minute pitches. The audience of venture capitalists, who collectively manage hundreds of billions of dollars, noted their favorites. The very best investors, however, had already had their pick of the litter. What many don’t realize about the Demo Day tradition is that pitching isn’t a requirement; in fact, some YC graduates skip out on their stage oppo...
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Gig workers need health & benefits — Catch is their safety net

One of the hottest Y Combinator startups just raised a big seed round to clean up the mess created by Uber, Postmates, and the gig economy. Catch sells health insurance, retirement savings plans, and tax withholding directly to freelancers, contractors, or anyone uncovered. By building and curating simplified benefits services, Catch can offer a safety net for the future of work. “I n order to stay competitive as a society, we need to address inequality and volatility. We think Catch is th...
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You Should Consider Where You Store Your Content

My COO, Garry Vander Voort’s post yesterday about MySpace’s deleting their user’s archived content should serve as a wake up a call to legal professionals publishing articles and blog posts to third party controlled systems. MySpace announced this week, that in addition to other content, over 50 million music tracks were lost.  Per MySpace: ”As a result of a server migration project, any photos, videos, and audio files you uploaded more than three years ago may no longer be available ...
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The CEO behind 'Fortnite' says the entire video game industry is missing the 'inevitable' trend as the barriers between consoles and smartphones get obliterated

Tim Sweeney, the CEO ofEpic Games, tells Business Insider that the success of "Fortnite" shows that there's no such thing as a "mobile gamer" or a "console gamer" anymore — there's just gamers.  That's a big part of why the company this week launched Epic Online Services, which will let video game developers easily create games that include cross-play across PCs, consoles, and smartphones.  Sweeney says that it's all based on tech that Epic came up with itself for "Fortnite," and indeed, the s...
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Two Russia-backed hacker groups target Europe ahead of elections, FireEye reports

Security services firm FireEye says two hacker groups known to be sponsored by the Russian government of Vladimir Putin are waging cyber-attacks currently against European government systems. FireEye says these internet-based digital attacks are focused on the member states of NATO, the European security alliance that both Putin and Trump disparage. The two hacking groups are believed to be coordinating their efforts, but they're using different tools, FireEye reports, adding it noticed a “s...
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WATCH: The New Kids on the Block

Hear from Roofstock's Gary Beasley, Punchlist's Rich Estes, ShelterZoom's Chao Cheng-Shorland, PrestoIntelligence's Vernand Morency, Echovate's Matthew Gough,'s David Karandish, Commersh's Kayla Jane, MapTrack's Hunter Stevens and's Molly McKinley about their businesses in under a minute onstage at Inman Connect New York. 
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How Netflix Wants to Take on Its Competition in 2019 and Beyond

“They’re going to do some great shows. I’m going to be envious.” Netflix CEO Reed Hastings practiced humility when he was asked about new competitors like Disney’s and Apple’s upcoming streaming services this week. “These are amazing, large, well-funded companies with very significant efforts,” he said. “But you do your best job when you have […]
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Is Javascript Bad For SEO?

Does a bear poop in the woods? With javascript and SEO, the answer is just as clear, if a little more complicated. Javascript-driven sites aren’t bad for indexation. Google can crawl a site that populates content client-side. Javascript-driven client-side content is bad for SEO. Javascript-driven sites make Google work harder. At the very least, Google renders them more slowly. In the SERPs, that’s a competitive disadvantage. To demonstrate (Ian rubs his hands together) I get to use quadrant dia...
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Episode #48 - Gunkel on Robot Rights

In this episode I talk to David Gunkel. David is a repeat guest, having first appeared on the show in Episode 10. David a Professor of Communication Studies at Northern Illinois University. He is a leading scholar in the philosophy of technology, having written extensively about cyborgification, robot rights and responsibilities, remix cultures, new political structures in the information age and much much more. He is the author of several books, including Hacking Cyberspace, The Machine Questio...
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Xbox Woos Mobile Developers With Xbox Live Functionality

At this year’s Game Developers Conference, Microsoft is making a case to mobile game developers that they should use Xbox Live for their games. As it turns out, it’s about more than achievements and friend lists. Xbox’s upcoming development tools to implement Xbox Live on non-Xbox, non-Windows platforms is currently limited to iOS and Android […]
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