Which Programming Language Has The Most Security Vulnerabilities?

A new report from the open source security company WhiteSource asks the question, "Is one programming language more secure than the rest?" An anonymous reader quotes TechRepublic: To answer this question, the report compiled information from WhiteSource's database, which aggregates information on open source vulnerabilities from sources including the National Vulnerability Database, security advisories, GitHub issue trackers, and popular open source projects issue trackers. Researchers focused...
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Using Artificial Intelligence for Demeanour Evidence

Demeanour evidence holds a controversial role in evidence law. Centuries of common law have allowed trial judges to assess the behaviour, conduct, and mannerisms to make findings of credibility. Often these findings can be useful to judges, especially when the only evidence available on crucial determinations of fact is viva voce testimony from each side. In “Relying on Demeanour Evidence to Assess Credibility during Trial – A Critical Examination,” Amna Qureshi provides some background on the u...
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Tomorrow could be the start of something big for Apple

Apple is about will host one of its most significant product events in years.The company is expected to unveil its plans for a reimagined Apple TV app that will be home to a streaming service with original content of exclusive TV... [Author: [email protected]]
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The Sax Solo on Gerry Rafferty’s “Baker Street” on a 10 Hour, Endless Loop

Enjoy, but the rule is once you start, you have to listen through to the very, very end. :) The Sax Solo on Gerry Rafferty’s “Baker Street” on a 10 Hour, Endless Loop is a post from: Open Culture. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus, or get our Daily Email. And don't miss our big collections of Free Online Courses, Free Online Movies, Free eBooks, Free Audio Books, Free Foreign Language Lessons, and MOOCs.
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Which Programming Language Has The Most Security Vulnerabilties?

A new report from the open source security company WhiteSource asks the question, "Is one programming language more secure than the rest?" An anonymous reader quotes TechRepublic: To answer this question, the report compiled information from WhiteSource's database, which aggregates information on open source vulnerabilities from sources including the National Vulnerability Database, security advisories, GitHub issue trackers, and popular open source projects issue trackers. Researchers focused...
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Tech Startups Build Tools for Wellbeing

A new market has emerged. Technology has intersected with our wellness – to aid in monitoring, promoting, augmenting and managing our well-being. These low-cost technologies are transforming the field, making tools for managing wellness accessible to anyone who wants to adopt them. This stands in stark contrast to the way the current, traditional health industry approaches health and wellness, by requiring traditional practitioners, insurance, and a wide range of costs. Users are turning to t...
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Can We Build Ethics Into Automated Decision-Making?

"Machines will need to make ethical decisions, and we will be responsible for those decisions," argues Mike Loukides, O'Reilly Media's vice president of content strategy: We are surrounded by systems that make ethical decisions: systems approving loans, trading stocks, forwarding news articles, recommending jail sentences, and much more. They act for us or against us, but almost always without our consent or even our knowledge. In recent articles, I've suggested the ethics of artificial intellig...
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POCO F1 6GB+128GB version gets Rs. 2000 price cut in India from March 25 to 28, available for Rs. 20999

Xiaomi's POCO has announced that POCO F1 6GB+128GB version will receive a price cut of Rs. 2000 and Rs. 20,999 from 25th March to 28th March. The company says that it has received overwhelmingly positive response that POCO F1 has received in merely six months upon its launch in August 2018 that calls for this price cut. The discounted pricing will be available across Flipkart and starting 25th March starting midnight till the 28th March. POCO F1 6GB+64GB and 8GB+256GB variants will be ...
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Is the Samsung Galaxy S10 worth the $2600 price tag?

The Samsung Galaxy S10+ with 128-gigabyte storage is expensive, but you can spend even more if you get a 512 GB model ($2099) and the one terabyte variant sets you back $2599. With Apple's iPhone Xs Max uhh, maxes out at $2799 for... [Author: [email protected]]
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Uber May Sign $3.1 Billion Deal to Buy Middle Eastern Rival Careem as Soon as Monday

In a move that goes against its recent trend of pulling out of foreign markets, ride-sharing giant Uber is preparing to purchase Dubai-based competitor Careem in a $3.1 billion deal, according to reports in Bloomberg and the Financial Times this weekend.Read more...
Tags: Uber, Apps, Science, Technology, Bloomberg, Middle East, Dubai, Mergers, Financial Times, Ridesharing, Careem

How id Software went from skeptical to excited about Google Stadia streaming (ars technica)

Enlarge / Google Stadia's controller. (credit: Google) SAN FRANCISCO—Back in 2016, when Google first approached id Software about bringing some games to a potential new streaming service, the game developer was skeptical to say the least. "The proposal immediately bumped against our main bias," id Senior Programmer Dustin Land said during a talk at this week's Game Developers Conference. "Streaming adds latency to the thing we desperately want to remove latency from." Fast forward more than tw...
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Why you should steer clear of “Florida Man Challenge” (ars technica)

Enlarge / "Fun" as in "fund transfer" This week, a viral "challenge" took Twitter and other social media by storm. The "Florida Man Challenge" called for people to: Google "Florida Man" and their birthdate, Find a headline about the activities of a "Florida Man" that matched their birthdate, and Post that headline to their social media account. The challenge spread like a cat meme, so much so that typing "Florida Man" into the Google search bar resulted in suggested entries that were almost...
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Loss of old Myspace artifacts highlights the impermanence of the web

The tremendous loss of digital artifacts highlights the impermanence of the web, and the ease with which files and posts that helped define internet culture and history can be so readily discarded.
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Gwyneth Paltrow's daughter Apple really didn't want her mum to share this photo – see it here

Gwyneth Paltrow felt the wrath of her teenage daughter Apple after sharing a selfie of the...
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Barr's Summary of Russian Cyber Interference in the 2016 Election Is Comically Light on Details

On Sunday, Attorney General William Barr released his summary of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s inquiry into alleged Russian interference to boost Donald Trump in the 2016 elections—a report that states it took “19 lawyers who were assisted by a team of approximately 40 FBI agents, intelligence analysts, forensic…Read more...
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Cities In India Ban 'PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds' Over Fears It Turns Children Into 'Psychopaths'

Player Unknown's Battlegrounds is facing a "ferocious" backlash in India, Bloomberg reports: Nowhere has resistance to the game been quite like India. Multiple cities have banned PUBG, as it's known, and police in Western India arrested 10 university students for playing. The national child rights commission has recommended barring the game for its violent nature. One of India's largest Hindi newspapers declared PUBG an "epidemic" that turned children into "manorogi," or psychopaths. "There are ...
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FOCUS-Apple's iPhone struggles unravel ambitions of Japan Display

When Japan Display Inc broke ground on a new factory in central Japan in 2015, the future looked bright for one of the world's top vendors of liquid crystal display (LCD) panels. The plant would strengthen the company's position as the primary screen supplier for Apple Inc as sales of the iPhone 6 soared. Four years later, Apple's shifting fortunes have brought Japan Display to its knees and threaten to end Japan's long run as a leader in display technology.
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YouTube Bows Out of Hollywood Arms Race With Netflix and Amazon

The retreat from direct competition with Netflix Inc. and Inc.’s Prime Video service reflects the high cost -- in billions of dollars -- needed to take on those deeply entrenched players, even for a rich tech giant like Google, the people said. YouTube generated more than $15 billion in ad sales last year without a huge slate of glitzy productions and concluded its money is better invested in music and gaming. The strategy change, first reported last November by the Hollywood Report...
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New App Gives Free Movie Tickets To People Who Watch 15 Minutes of Ads

MoviePass's original founder and CEO is launching a new company, reports IndieWire, "to score viewers movie tickets for the low, low price of sitting through 15 to 20 minutes of advertisements." Before you point out that everyone already does that when they watch trailers in the theater, know this: PreShow wants to utilize facial recognition and track how much attention you're paying to each ad. "If it weren't for facial recognition, I don't think we could still do it," Stacy Spikes, PreShow's f...
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Mozilla rolls out Firefox for iPad with split screen support

Mozilla released a version of Firefox that is specifically designed for Apple's iPad. The internet browser comes with several unique features for the tablet, including split screen support and unique tab management. The post Mozilla rolls out Firefox for iPad with split screen support appeared first on Digital Trends.
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As it gets set for IPO, Lyft outlines all the reasons ride-sharing could fail

Lyft is due to be the first giant tech startup to list its shares on the stock market this year — and it has laid out all the roadblocks that could derail not only its own business, but the ride-sharing industry itself. From dockless scooters and bicycles to self-driving cars, any number of transport modes […]
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Digital media companies Group Nine Media and Refinery29 are said to be in talks to merge

Group Nine Media and Refinery29 are in talks to merge, say three people familiar with the situation. The digital media business has been rife with speculation about potential mergers between venture-funded digital media outlets, as several of them have experienced slowing growth. Both companies are looking to diversify away from advertising, which has been harder to come by as most of the digital ad dollars are going to Google and Facebook. Millennial digital media companies Group Nine and Re...
Tags: Google, Facebook, Digital, Trends, Refinery, Discovery Communications, New York Times, Ken Lerer, Jonah Peretti, Turner, Mic, Lightspeed, Scripps, Facebook Earlier, Group Nine, Lerer Hippeau

'It Took 10 Seconds For Instagram To Push Me Into an Anti-Vaxx Rabbit Hole'

eatmorekix quotes Vice: It only took around ten seconds. On Wednesday, I created a fresh Instagram account, and followed 'Beware the Needle', a user with 34,000 followers which posts a steady stream of anti-vaccination content. I also followed the user's "backup" account mentioned in its bio, the creator clearly aware that Instagram may soon ban them. Instagram's "Suggested for You" feature then recommended I follow other accounts, including "Vaccines are Genocide" and "Vaccine Truth." I followe...
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How to Enable Dark Mode in Chrome for Android

Google Chrome Dark Mode The dark mode or night mode is becoming increasingly popular among Android apps. Off late we have seen apps like Youtube, Twitter, Slack, and Facebook Messenger adopting dark mode. A dark mode basically reverses the colour scheme by turning the background to black or dark grey and text elements to white. Almost everyone is switching to dark mode mainly because it’s easier on eyes, especially during the night. It also helps in saving battery life on Android smartphones. I...
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Innovating for the Power… and the Sex

Today’s Guest Post is from Shashi Kara, my partner in Sente Advisors. – RPM This article about companies not getting the value from innovation that they were expecting, got me thinking. How do we know if an innovation is valuable?  I would argue that the value in innovation isn’t in a specific innovative product or process, but the knowledge gained over time as the flow of innovation leads to new learning and further iterations. Apple G4 Cube In July of 2000, one month after I started workin...
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Is Social Media Losing Ground To Email Newsletters?

"My favorite new social network doesn't incessantly spam me with notifications," brags New York Times technology writer Mike Isaac. "When I post, I'm not bombarded with @mentions from bots and trolls. And after I use it, I don't worry about ads following me around the web. "That's because my new social network is an email newsletter." Every week or so, I blast it out to a few thousand people who have signed up to read my musings. Some of them email back, occasionally leading to a thoughtful co...
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Apple reportedly wants to sell subscriptions to HBO, Showtime and more premium channels for $9.99 a pop

Apple is expected to reveal separate subscription services for TV and news content during a special event on Monday. Apple wants to sell subscriptions to premium cable channels like HBO, Showtime, and Starz for $9.99 each on its new TV app, according to a report from the Wall Street Journal. Though the Apple TV has been exclusive to Apple devices for sometime, the company has reportedly been in negotiations to bring the Apple TV app to more streaming devices, like Roku and smart TVs. Apple's i...
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Apple's big event

Apple is hosting a mystery spring press event on March 25, where it's expected to debut a video-streaming product. This is Apple's Hollywood moment.
Tags: Apple, Hollywood, Cnn

Start your Monday smart: Netanyahu, Jayme Closs, China, Apple, March Madness

Netanyahu at the White House. The Jayme Closs defendant and accused college scammers in court. China trade talks. An all-woman spacewalk. Apple's big reveal. MLB Opening Day. Here's what the next six days will bring.
Tags: Apple, White House, China, Cnn, Netanyahu, Jayme Closs, Netanyahu Jayme Closs

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