Saudis hacked Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos’s phone, company's security chief claims

Allegation follows publication in January of ‘intimate text messages’ between Bezos and Lauren SánchezThe security chief for Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos says the Saudi government had access to Bezos’s phone and gained private information from it.Gavin de Becker, a longtime security consultant, said he had concluded his investigation into the publication in January of leaked text messages between Bezos and Lauren Sánchez, a former television anchor who the National Enquirer tabloid newspaper said Bez...
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We compared Spotify, Tidal, and Qobuz, a streaming service that says it has 29 times better sound quality than Spotify — here's how they fared

For music lovers, sound quality is one of the most important things a streaming service can offer. Qobuz, a music app that's new to the US, claims to stream music with sound quality nearly thirty times better than Spotify's. We compared Qobuz's sound with Spotify's and Tidal's, and found that while the difference was noticeable from track to track, it might not be worth the extra cost. Are you happy with the sound quality of your music streaming app? You might not think much about it. But au...
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Saudis hacked Amazon chief Jeff Bezos’s phone, says company's security adviser

CEO allegedly targeted because he owns Washington Post, where Jamal Khashoggi was columnistThe security chief for Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos says the Saudi government had access to Bezos’s phone and gained private information from it.Gavin de Becker, a longtime security consultant, said he had concluded his investigation into the publication in January of leaked text messages between Bezos and Lauren Sánchez, a former television anchor who the National Enquirer tabloid newspaper said Bezos was dati...
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Whicker: Red Raiders’ defensive hands deal Gonzaga a Tech-nical knockout

Texas Tech coach Chris Beard holds up the net after the team’s win over Gonzaga in the West Regional final in the NCAA men’s college basketball tournament Saturday, March 30, 2019, in Anaheim, Calif. Texas Tech won 75-69. (AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez) Texas Tech head coach Chris Beard celebrates after the team’s win against Gonzaga during the West Regional final in the NCAA men’s college basketball tournament Saturday, March 30, 2019, in Anaheim, Calif. Texas Tech won 75-69. (AP Photo/Marcio...
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What's The Correct Way to Pronounce 'GIF'?

"Apparently we're all fighting about how to pronounce 'GIF' again on Twitter," writes technology columnist Mike Melanson: I personally find the argument of web designer Aaron Bazinet, who managed to secure the domain, rather convincing in its simplicity: "It's the most natural, logical way to pronounce it. That's why when everyone comes across the word for the first time, they use a hard G [as in "gift"]." Bazinet relates the origin of the debate as such: "The creato...
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Mark Zuckerberg calls for stronger regulation of internet

Facebook founder speaks out amid fears over election advertising and rise of far rightThe Facebook boss, Mark Zuckerberg, has set out how he believes the social network and the internet should be regulated.The firm’s founder and chief executive said there was a need for governments and regulators to have “a more active role”. Continue reading...
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Preview Your Google Search Results Using This Browser Extension

Without fail, the first link in my Google Search results is never the thing I’m actually looking for. As a result, my typical move is to open all of the search results that look like they might potentially be a decent fit into their own tabs on my browser and then go through them one by one. Depending on what I was…Read more...
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Mark Zuckerberg: OK, Fine, Regulate Facebook

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg—whose company has blundered its way into controversies over everything from user privacy and data breaches to amplification of extremist content and literal genocide as of late—responded to growing criticism of the tech sector by calling for more outside regulation in an op-ed in the…Read more...
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Hoping To Fix College Teaching, CMU Open-Sources Trove of Software

Wednesday CMU announced the open sourcing of its adaptive-learning software platform -- plus analytics and dozens of other related tools for improving college teaching -- as part of a national push "in an unusual move intended to shake up how college teaching is done around the world," writes EdSurge. Long-time Slashdot reader jyosim shares their report: Officials estimate that developing the software has cost more than $100 million in foundation grants and university dollars. The goal of the ...
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California’s self-created future energy crisis

In much of the country a powerful energy boom is providing a serious stimulus to economic growth. But in California, where fossil fuels are considered about toxic as tobacco, we are lurching toward an anticipated energy shortage that will further exacerbate the state’s already deep geographic and class divisions. California, in a typical feat of “virtue signaling,” has committed the state to getting half of its electrical power from renewables such as wind and solar, up from 16 percent today, wi...
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Mark Zuckerberg Wants The Government To Help Police Internet Content

"Mark Zuckerberg says regulators and governments should play a more active role in controlling internet content," according to the BBC, calling for new laws governing harmful content, election integrity, privacy, and data portability. An anonymous reader quotes their report: In an op-ed published in the Washington Post, Facebook's chief says the responsibility for monitoring harmful content is too great for firms alone... "Lawmakers often tell me we have too much power over speech, and frankly...
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Are We Experiencing a Burnout Epidemic?

"Burnout is everywhere," reports the Washington Post. "Caused in part by social media, the 24-hour news cycle and the pressure to check work email outside of office hours, it could hit you, too -- especially if you don't know how to nip it in the bud..." A recent report from Harvard and Massachusetts medical organizations declared physician burnout a public health crisis. It pointed out the problem not only harms doctors but also patients. "Burnout is associated with increasing medical errors...
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A look at new power banks from OmniCharge and Fuse Chicken

When you’ve been doing this job long enough, you start to develop strange interests (though some might compellingly argue that strange interests are a prerequisite). Lately for me it’s been power banks. Quite possibly the least sexy product in all of consumer electronics outside of the ever-ubiquitous dongle. I don’t know what to tell you. Blame the fact that I’m traveling every other week for this job. There are also all of the liveblogs from years’ past that got cut off in the last few minutes...
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Russian meddling and election integrity in California

Now that Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation “did not establish that members of the Trump campaign conspired or coordinated with the Russian government in its election interference activities,” we can all move on to fighting over whether those activities actually changed the outcome of the 2016 presidential election. Attorney General William Barr’s letter to Congress summarizing the Mueller report says the special counsel determined that there were two main Russian efforts to influenc...
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Review: 2019 Toyota Avalon Hybrid

We seldom stop to consider what a dizzying variety of options one has when it comes to picking out a new car today, especially when you consider how mind bogglingly simple it was once only a few decades ago. If you had a family and you needed to carry them and their belongings around, you would choose either a small, medium, or large sedan or station wagon. That was it. There were no minivans, there were no crossovers, and it was out of the ordinary for a family to buy an SUV for an everyday fa...
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Facebook says some of Mark Zuckerberg’s posts were deleted

NEW YORK (AP) — Facebook says some of CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s posts on the social media site were deleted due to technical errors. The company says it is unclear which posts were deleted. Facebook says the posts were mistakenly deleted a few years ago and the work required to restore them was extensive and might […]
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The Dangers of Sharing Your Screen With Co-Workers

"if you must goof off at work, then at the very least manage your notification settings so that your alerts are muted, and aren't broadcast on the big screen when you screen share in the boardroom," warns the New York Times -- offering several examples of what can go wrong. An anonymous reader quotes their follow-up report: Whether it's happened to you or in front of you, many of us are familiar with the screen-share disaster: the accidental exposure of something private while projecting your ...
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The best LG G8 ThinQ cases and covers

Glass is a great material for a phone, but even toughened glass can crack or scratch. That's why we've put together this list of the best LG G8 ThinQ cases and covers to protect your new phone and keep it looking good. The post The best LG G8 ThinQ cases and covers appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Continuing Progress On Babbage Analytical Engine

Slashdot reader RockDoctor writes: The project to actually construct Babbage's Analytical Engine, the first design for a general purpose computing machine, continues with the documentation phase of the programme. Since Babbage continued to refine his design almost until the day of his death, working out what he actually wanted to build is quite a task. The last year's work is reported to includes work on a batch of previously unknown and uncatalogued materials discovered since the project's ince...
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Equity transcribed: What the Lyft IPO means for IPO-ready unicorns

Welcome back to this week’s transcribed edition of Equity, TechCrunch’s venture capital-focused podcast that unpacks the numbers behind the headlines. We’re running an experiment for Extra Crunch members that puts the words of our wildly popular venture capital podcast, Equity, in your eyes instead of your ears. This week, Kate Clark and Alex Wilhelm recorded an emergency episode to discuss Lyft’s IPO, which debuted Friday. The crew has been talking about the ridesharing company for a long ti...
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Researchers Find Google Play Store Apps Were Actually Government Malware (slashdot)

Security researchers have found a new kind of government malware that was hiding in plain sight within apps on Android's Play Store. And they appear to have uncovered a case of lawful intercept gone wrong. An anonymous reader writes: This new case once again highlights the limits of Google's filters that are intended to prevent malware from slipping onto the Play Store. In this case, more than 20 malicious apps went unnoticed by Google over the course of roughly two years. Motherboard has also l...
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Sheryl Sandberg says Facebook is ‘exploring’ restrictions following Christchurch attacks

In an open letter published by the New Zealand Herald, Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg finally addressed the shocking mass shootings that left 50 dead at two Christchurch mosques. The first of part of the deadliest mass shooting in modern new Zealand history was live-streamed on Facebook by the attacker. But while the site’s technology was used the broadcast the horrific attacks, Facebook has largely stayed silent on the matter in the intervening two weeks. Sandberg broke that silence in her letter...
Tags: Facebook, Tech, Policy, New Zealand, Christchurch, Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook Live, Sandberg, New Zealand Herald Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg

Missile Defense Test Intercepts ICBM Target, Says Pentagon

schwit1 quotes CNBC: In the first test of its kind, the Pentagon on Monday carried out a "salvo" intercept of an unarmed missile soaring over the Pacific, using two interceptor missiles launched from underground silos in southern California. Both interceptors zeroed in on the target -- a re-entry vehicle that had been launched 4,000 miles away atop an intercontinental-range missile, the Pentagon said. The first interceptor hit and destroyed the re-entry vehicle, which in an actual attack woul...
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Phone Carrier Apps Can Help Fight Robocalls -- Sometimes, Even For Free

Friday CNN reported on "what you can do right now to stop robocalls." "Short of throwing your phone in the garbage, there's no way to avoid them altogether. But wireless providers and smartphone developers offer tools to filter out at least some unwanted calls." - Verizon's Call Filter app is free to download on iPhones and Android devices. The company announced Thursday the app will offer some free features -- including auto-blocking calls from known fraudsters, showing warning banners for su...
Tags: Google, Verizon, Tech, Cnn, Short, Phone Carrier Apps Can Help Fight Robocalls

Why it’s so hard to detect dangerous asteroids before they hit Earth

Earth is often in the firing line of fragments of asteroids and comets, most of which burn up tens of kilometers above our heads. But occasionally, something larger gets through. That’s what happened off Russia’s east coast on December 18 last year. A giant explosion occurred above the Bering Sea when an asteroid some ten meters across detonated with an explosive energy ten times greater than the bomb dropped on Hiroshima. So why didn’t we see this asteroid coming? And why are we only hearing ab...
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Yoshi’s Crafted World is classic gaming joy, Nintendo-style

In 1995, Yoshi had his moment. The character’s Super Mario World debut was so strong, Nintendo handed the dinosaur sidekick his own sequel. A surprise divergence from the Mario franchise found the character escorting a baby version of the plumber in search of his kidnapped twin. Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island was regarded as an instant classic for the Super Nintendo. The positive reaction was due, in part, to some bold aesthetic choices. The game featured a shaky line style, both in k...
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When Charles Babbage Played Chess With the Original Mechanical Turk

IEEE Spectrum is publishing a six-part series exploring the human history of AI. the_newsbeagle writes: The 19th century British engineer Charles Babbage is sometimes called the father of the computer. But his first design for a massive computing machine, a contraption called the Difference Engine that had some 25,000 parts, was just a giant calculator intended to handle logarithmic tables. It wasn't until he began designing his first Analytical Engine that he began to dream of a smart machine t...
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Casino Accused of Withholding Bug Bounty, Then Assaulting 'Ethical Hacker'

An anonymous reader quotes Ars Technica: People who find security vulnerabilities commonly run into difficulties when reporting them to the responsible company. But it's less common for such situations to turn into tense trade-show confrontations -- and competing claims of assault and blackmail. Yet that's what happened when executives at Atrient -- a casino technology firm headquartered in West Bloomfield, Michigan -- stopped responding to two UK-based security researchers who had reported some...
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Ocean Cleanup Foundation Plans Relaunch of Giant Plastic-Catching Trap

On Friday the Ocean Cleanup project posted a status update after their giant U-shaped plastic trap lost a 60-foot section in January and had to be towed back to land: During the first four months that the system was offshore, we were able to confirm many of the key features of the cleanup system. We also encountered some unscheduled learning opportunities; notably 1) the system hasn't been able to retain the plastic it caught, and 2) the floater suffered from a structural failure, causing an 18...
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Ride-hailing, bike and scooter companies probably raised less money than you thought

Jason Rowley Contributor Jason Rowley is a venture capital and technology reporter for Crunchbase News. More posts by this contributor To get big faster, younger unicorns start buying startups sooner Small VC funds continue to raise, despite pressure from above After years of fierce competition as private companies, Uber and Lyft are going public on U.S. markets. Scooter service providers, the transportation trend du jour, raised ...
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