Valve Index VR headset is launching on June 15

Well, we thought we’d have to wait another few weeks to hear about Valve’s plans for its first virtual reality headset, but the company (accidentally?) seems to have let a few details and images slip regarding its high-powered contender to consumer VR headsets built by Oculus and HTC. A product page for the Valve Index went live this morning and was discovered by Twitter user @Wario64. We’ve learned that while we’ll hear full details and pre-order the headset on May 1 per the teaser, the devic...
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Taiwan To Block Tencent and Baidu Streaming Sites, Citing National Security and Propaganda Concerns

Taiwan is blocking video streaming services of Chinese tech giants Baidu and Tencent Holdings, citing national security and propaganda concerns ahead of a presidential election next year. "Chiu Chui-Cheng, deputy minister of Taiwan's Mainland Affairs Council, [said] that Taiwan is likely to ban Baidu's popular iQiyi platform, and block Tencent's plan to bring its streaming service to the island later this year," Nikkei Asian Review reports. From the report: "We are concerned that streaming media...
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Canada Warming At Twice the Global Rate, Report Finds

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Canada is, on average, experiencing warming at twice the rate of the rest of the world, with Northern Canada heating up at almost three times the global average, according to a new government report. Entitled "Canada's Changing Climate Report (CCCR)," the study was commissioned by the Environment and Climate Change Department and was slated to be released officially on Tuesday. That release date was moved up to Monday after CBC published its story...
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German fintech company builder Finleap acquires SME banking provider Penta

Just since months after raising $7 million in Series A funding, German SME banking provider Penta has been acquired by Finleap. Terms of the deal remain undisclosed, although I understand that the acquisition sees Finleap and Penta’s co-founders becoming the challenger bank’s sole owners, with all other shareholders exiting. Launched in late 2014 by Hitfox Group and Ramin Niroumand, Finleap has developed 16 ventures from scratch, as well as acquiring a number of fintechs. Companies in its portfo...
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Do yourself a favor and watch the trailer for the new film “The Dead Don’t Die”

Sometimes, gentle reader, we report on things at TechCrunch because it’s information that we think you, as a member of our community should know, given your interests and sensibilities. This is one of those times. Do yourself a favor and watch the clip for Jim Jarmusch’s zombie movie. The movie’s trailer bills it as “the greatest zombie cast ever disassembled” (and the movie’s trailer is not wrong). You could watch it because it features Bill Murray, Adam Driver, Tilda Swinton, Chloë Sevig...
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Flipkart co-founder and other top names join AngelList’s first investment syndicate in India

A little over a year after it introduced Syndicates to the India market, AngelList — the U.S. service that helps connect companies with investors — is rolling out its own fund in the country with the backing of some stellar names. Dubbed ‘The Collective,’ the syndicate includes money from Flipkart co-founder Binny Bansal — Flipkart, of course, sold a majority stake to Walmart for $16 billion last year — and VCs Salil Deshpande of Bain Capital Ventures, Matrix India trio Avnish Bajaj, Tarun Davda...
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Martin Shkreli Is Reportedly in Solitary Confinement After Trying to Run a Company From Prison

So-called “pharma bro” Martin Shkreli earned the eternal ire of the public when he was the CEO of a company called Turing Pharmaceuticals, which he had buy up the rights to and jack up the price of life-saving drug Daraprim from $13.50 to $750 a pill. He then landed himself a seven-year prison sentence in 2018 on…Read more...
Tags: Science, Technology, Prison, Courts, Pharmaceuticals, Martin Shkreli, Turing Pharmaceuticals, Pharma Bro, Solitary Confinement

Apple’s Major Supplier Takes One for the Team

Inventory figures at Apple’s primary chipmaker Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. were also high at the end of 2018, up 40 percent from a year earlier. In the fourth quarter, Apple was the primary client for such technology. My conclusion in January was that, to avoid holding inventory, Apple was pushing it back onto suppliers.
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Climbing The Ladder At Google

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FTC Allows ISPs To Block Apps But They Must Disclose It

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Ars Technica: The FTC can punish U.S. companies for unfair or deceptive practices. But in regard to net neutrality, this simply means that ISPs must disclose any behavior that would have violated the old net neutrality rules. "Under Section 5 of the FTC Act, we may prosecute unfair or deceptive acts or practices... Simply stated, we have a strong interest in ensuring that companies stand by their promises to consumers," FTC Chairman Joseph Simons said. Th...
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Syndication of Legal News

What if there was legal news service, ala UPI, that syndicated legal news, information and commentary so that such news and commentary could be published by third-parties? UPI (United Press International), founded in 1907, at its peak had more than 2,000 full-time employees, 200 news bureaus in 92 countries and more than 6,000 media subscribers, including newspapers, magazines, radio and television stations.  As a kid I thought it incredibly neat that our local daily small town newspaper...
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Apple Becomes A Media Company, Pivots To Subscriptions [Mark Mulligan]

As iPhone and hardware sales slowed, Apple has sought new revenue streams; and like it has with Apple Music is shifting to a revenue strategy based more on content and subscriptions . It will be a difficult and expensive journey, says MIDiA analyst Mark Mulligan' that will reshape the entire digital content landscape. By Mark Mulligan from the Music Industry blog Last Tuesday Apple announced its arrival on the world stage as a media company, using the lion’s share of its produ...
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LA County Is Using An Algorithm To Clear 50,000 Pot Convictions Faster

Los Angeles and San Joaquin counties have teamed up with Code for America to help clear around 54,000 marijuana convictions. "The nonprofit's algorithm will aid prosecutors by automatically evaluating whether a case is eligible for dismissal or resentencing," reports Engadget. From the report: The two counties have been working with Code for America since July to examine marijuana conviction data, as automating the process should help them clear cases much more quickly than through entirely manu...
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Now Live for Your SEO Learning Pleasure: The NEW Beginner's Guide to SEO!

Posted by FeliciaCrawfordIt feels like it's been a king's age since we first began our long journey to rewrite and revamp the Beginner's Guide to SEO. For all the long months of writing and rewriting, of agonizing over details and deleting/replacing sections every so often as Google threw us for a loop, it's hard to believe it's finally ready to share: The new Beginner's Guide to SEO is here! What makes this new version so darn special and sparkly, anyway? I'm glad you asked! Our design team w...
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Googlers, eggheads urge web giant's bosses to kick top conservative off its AI ethics council

One panellist quits, another decides to stay and listen Over a thousand Google employees and members of the machine-learning community have signed a petition urging the ad giant to remove Kay Coles James, president of conservative think tank the Heritage Foundation, from its external AI ethics board.…
Tags: Google, Software, Heritage Foundation, Kay Coles James

Lyft’s stock has a blue Monday as shares slide after public debut

Today, investors took off their rose-colored glasses (and pink-colored mustaches) and looked at Lyft’s shares with fresh eyes after Friday’s ebullient debut. And — judging by the company’s share price at the end of the day — what they saw wasn’t exactly to their liking. Lyft’s shares suffered a pretty blue Monday in trading on the Nasdaq stock exchange today, closing down $9.28 (or 11.85%). Once trading after the pink confetti was swept up off the floor and analysts and investors had a different...
Tags: TC, Lyft, Tech, Economy, Driver, Nasdaq, Stock, Securities And Exchange Commission, Analyst, Marketwatch, Guggenheim Partners, Fuller, Jake Fuller

Topical SEO: 7 Advanced Concepts of Link Relevance & Google Rankings

Posted by Cyrus-ShepardLinks matter for SEO. A lot. Most marketers understand that links to websites count as “votes” on the web. Google — and other search engines — use these votes to rank web pages in search results. The more votes a page accumulates, the better that page’s chances of ranking in search results. This is the popularity part of Google’s algorithm, described in the original PageRank patent. But Google doesn’t stop at using links for popularity. They’ve invented a number of clever ...
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Boeing's 737 Max Fix Won't Be Ready for Weeks, FAA Says

Boeing’s 737 Max line of jets won’t be flying passengers again for at least a few weeks as the company continues working on software and hardware updates deemed necessary after two air disasters, CNN reported on Monday, citing an updated timeline issued by the Federal Aviation Administration.Read more...
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Don't be an April Fool: Update your Android mobes, gizmos to – hopefully – pick up critical security fixes

Meanwhile, another Edge, IE zero-day emitted online Google has released the April edition of its monthly Android security updates, including fixes for three remote-code execution vulnerabilities in the mobile OS.…
Tags: Google, Software

Apple Loses One of Its Most Important Engineers

Gerard Williams III, who led Apple’s development of first-party chipsets, is leaving the company.
Tags: Apple, Finance, Article, FBN, Motley Fool, Fbn/markets, Fox-business/markets, Gerard Williams III, 47745c0e-e5e4-5d94-b1d3-1d5b73e95ed2

Google: Links Not Shown In Search Console Are Generally Irrelevant

Google's John Mueller was answering questions around an old topic of Google showing only a sample of links in the link report in Google Search Console. He said that generally if the links are not shown in the tool then they are "pretty irrelevant overall."
Tags: Google, Seo, Google Search Engine Optimization, John Mueller

You Got Work To Do If Robotted Out Pages Is Out Ranking Your Content In Google

Google's John Mueller said on Twitter that if your content on your site is being outranked by robotted out pages, then you got work to do. In short, if you have a page on your site that you used the robots.txt file to tell Google not to crawl and it still outranks other relevant content on your site for a query in Google - that is an issue.
Tags: Google, Seo, Google Search Engine Optimization, John Mueller

Is Google Showing Knowledge Panel In Featured Snippet?

Dan Shure noticed Google showing a knowledge panel on the left side, where it looks like it is in the featured snippet box area. It almost seems like a bug or photoshopped but I can personally replicate this myself for the query - [radio history].
Tags: Google, Seo, Google Search Engine, Dan Shure

Google Webmaster Team Ends The Google+ Community

As you know, Google+ is closing down tomorrow, April 2nd - this is no April Fools joke. And one of the more active communities on Google+ for SEOs was the Google Webmasters community. The other day they posted a goodbye to Google+ and asked you follow them on Twitter instead.
Tags: Google, Seo, Other Google Topics, Google Community

5 Data Driven Insights That Sell Concert Tickets

With live music continuing to be the primary revenue source for most artists, getting concert-goers through the door has become a paramount priority. Luckily, we have data on our side, and music marketer Hisham Dahud dives deep into the Bandsintown data, revealing five key insights as to how to get fans off their couches and into venues. _________________________ Guest post by Hisham Dahud for Bandsintown As live concerts continue to reign supreme as an artists’ primary revenue...
Tags: Google, Facebook, Music, Guest Post, Coldplay, ICP, Bandsintown, Jimmy Buffett, Downtown Los Angeles, Facebook Events, Hisham Dahud, Spotify SoundCloud YouTube Millenials, Phish Slayer Bassnectar Grateful Dead, Social Media Facebook Instagram Twitter, Acquisition Facebook

Your next home will be the one that finds you

Discovery in the future will be less like Columbus stumbling on the Americas and more like using an app to book a room through Hotel Tonight.
Tags: Co-op, Technology, Opinion, Listings, Americas, Lifestyle, Data, Radio, Algorithms, Columbus, Hotel Tonight, Industry News, Brad Inman, Wirecutter, Select, Buyers Tools

American Gods' Bruce Langley Has Some Thoughts About the Technical Boy's Inner Workings

Out of all the deities vying for cultural dominance on Starz’s American Gods, the Technical Boy is perhaps the character who went through the most drastic reimagining in his translation from Neil Gaiman’s original novel to the small screen. He’s the embodiment of the very change that keeps the cutting edge sharp, but…Read more...
Tags: Science, Technology, Interview, Neil Gaiman, Starz, American Gods, Bruce Langley

Slack reportedly chooses the New York Stock Exchange for its direct listing

The ubiquitous corporate messaging service Slack is following in the footsteps of Spotify’s subscription music service and heading to the New York Stock Exchange for trading through a direct listing, according to the Wall Street Journal. Slack, which reportedly had somewhere near $900 million on hand last October when it was prepping for its initial public offering, is likely choosing the direct listing route for some of the same reasons that Spotify had when it went public. Here are the reasons...
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Proposals for Reasonable Technology Regulation and an Internet Court

I have seen the outlines of a regulatory and judicial regime for internet companies that begins to make sense to me. In it, platforms set and are held accountable for their standards and assurances while government is held to account for its job — enforcing the law — with the establishment of internet courts. I have not been a fan of net regulation to date, for reasons I’ll enumerate below. Even Mark Zuckerberg is inviting regulation, though I don’t agree with all his desires (more on t...
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SUSE Will Soon Be the Largest Independent Linux Company

At SUSECon in Nashville, Tennessee, European Linux power SUSE CEO Nils Brauckmann said his company would soon be the largest independent Linux company. "That's because, of course, IBM is acquiring Red Hat," reports ZDNet. "But, simultaneously, SUSE has continued to grow for seven-straight years." From the report: Brauckmann said, "We believe that makes our status as a truly independent open source company more important than ever. Our genuinely open-source solutions, flexible business practices,...
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