Google disbands artificial intelligence ethics board

Google on Thursday confirmed that it has disbanded a recently assembled artificial intelligence ethics advisory panel in the face of controversy over its membership. The end of the Advanced Technology External Advisory Council (ATEAC) came just days after a group of Google employees launched a public campaign against having the president of conservative think-tank Heritage Foundation among its members. Another member of the board had already resigned, and the inclusion of a drone company execu...
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Apple Hires AI Expert Ian Goodfellow

One of Google's top minds in artificial intelligence has joined Apple in a director role. Ian Goodfellow said on his LinkedIn profile that he switched employers in March. He said he's a director of machine learning in the Special Projects Group. CNBC reports: Goodfellow is the father of an AI approach known as general adversarial networks, or GANs. The approach draws on two networks, one known as a generative network and the other known as a discriminative network, and can be used to come up wit...
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Reflections on James Hughes’ Problems of Transhumanism (Part 2)

“The dominant trajectory of Enlightenment thought over the last three hundred years has been towards atheism. Most transhumanists are atheists. But some transhumanists, like many of the original Enlightenment thinkers, are attempting to reconcile naturalism and their religious traditions. Some transhumanists even believe that the transcendent potentials of intelligence argue for a new form of scientific theology.” (James Hughes, 2010) [Author: [email protected] (IEET)]
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Reflections on James Hughes’ Problems of Transhumanism (Part 1)

In 2010, James Hughes, Executive Director of the Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies (IEET), having then just stepped down from the Board of Directors of the World Transhumanist Association (presently known as Humanity+), took up an interesting challenge during the Spring of that year to reflect on the current state of transhumanist thought and determine what the questions were that the transhumanist movement needed to answer in order to move forward. Introducing a series of articles ...
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7 Practical Tools for Picking Yourself up During Your Darkest Days

You're reading 7 Practical Tools for Picking Yourself up During Your Darkest Days, originally posted on Pick the Brain | Motivation and Self Improvement. If you're enjoying this, please visit our site for more inspirational articles. These days most people experience some feelings of depression, anxiety, grief or general lack of motivation. This is a normal part of life, however, if we don’t take productive action, these states can linger and interfere with our functioning at work and in relatio...
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Spring Clean Your Device And Back Up Data Securely

by David Zimmerman, CEO of LC Technology International  Today’s electronics feature considerable amounts of internal storage. The average laptop boasts between 500GB and 1TB of storage, which is enough to hold thousands of photos, videos, and documents. And even the average phone is now a capable storage device that allows people to locally store data. Despite the capabilities of these devices, using them as storage receptacles isn’t advised, especially when you want top performance. Phones slo...
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An Emergency Battery/Starter for your Car

Murphy’s Law dictates that dead batteries always fail at the worst possible time and place. We’ve all had a dead battery surprise us in our car.  There’s nothing worse than when you’re running late, you get into your car, attempt to start it, and instead of the engine happily springing into life as commanded, there’s nothing more than a sluggish groan and – even worse – possibly the clacking of the starter motor relay opening and closing.Hopefully, when such a misfortune befalls us, we’re not fa...
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Google: The Web is Faster Since Page Speed Became a Ranking Factor by @MattGSouthern

Google says sites are faster and abandonment rates are down since making page speed a ranking factor last year.The post Google: The Web is Faster Since Page Speed Became a Ranking Factor by @MattGSouthern appeared first on Search Engine Journal.
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Percentage of Android devices with ‘potentially harmful apps’ fell in 2018, says Google report

Google said in its latest Android security and privacy report that 0.45% of all Android devices running Google Play Protect  installed potentially harmful apps (PHAs) in 2018, compared to 0.56% in 2017. This equates to a 20% year-over-year improvement. Two apps outside of this category are versions... ...
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Android TV Update Puts Home-Screen Ads On Multi-Thousand-Dollar Sony Smart TVs

Google is testing a new "Pilot Program" that puts a row of advertisements on the Android TV home screen. XDA Developers, which was the first to report the program, says: "We're currently seeing reports that it has shown up in Sony smart TVs, the Mi Box 3 from Xiaomi, NVIDIA Shield TV, and others." Ars Technica reports: The advertising is a "Sponsored Channel" part of the "Android TV Core Services" app that ships with all Android TV devices. A "Channel" in Android TV parlance means an entire row ...
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Whicker: Taft’s Kihei Clark puts Virginia in the passing lane

They come to the Final Four from all over. Caribbean Islands, African deserts, even California freeways. On Saturday, Kihei Clark proved again it’s not how many or how big. Clark was at Taft High last year, playing for Derrick Taylor. He came to Virginia, ACC royalty, when the Pac-12 teams shook their heads like a policeman at the roller-coaster, enforcing the height rule. He is 5-foot-9, but in the final regulation seconds of the regional final in Louisville, Clark showed a wingspan long enough...
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Google scraps controversial AI ethics council

Google has shuttered its new artificial intelligence ethics council, a little more than a week after announcing it and days after a swarm of employees demanded the removal of the president of a conservative think tank from the group.
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Hugh Masekela, South African Trumpeter Gets Google Doodle On 80th Birthday

Today on Google's home page on most home pages is a special Google logo, a Doodle, for the South African trumpeter - Hugh Masekela. He was born on April 4, 1939 in Witbank and passed at the age of 78 on January 23, 2018 in Johannesburg, South Africa.
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Google Said Their Speed Update Resulted In A Faster Web

Google has posted on their webmaster blog that the results of announcing and launching a new algorithmic ranking factor - the Speed Update, resulted in an overall faster web. Google said they "observed improvements on many pages across the web" in terms of speed of slower sites.
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Best things to see and do in Tunisia

A trip to Tunisia promises a first-hand look at a country proud of where it stands in the region and in the world. Tunisians, who had massive street protests and an attack at their famed art and history museum in the last decade, have entered an era of peace that is, as hope here has it, built on the idea of moving beyond the corruption that brought on the Arab Spring. Tunisia is rich in history, most easily experienced through the vibrant flavors of the country’s Arabic and North African cui...
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Researchers developed algorithms that mimic the human brain (and the results don’t suck)

A pair of researchers recently developed a method for successfully conducting unsupervised machine learning that closely mimics how scientists believe the human brain works. These biologically-feasible algorithms could provide an alternate path forward for the field of AI. IBM researcher Dmitry Krotov and John J. Hopfield, inventor of the associative neural network, developed a set of algorithms that teach machines in the same loose, unfettered way humans learn. Their algorithms allow machines t...
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Google Image Search Tests New Preview Screen Again

Google is once again testing a new user interface for the image search preview image window. This is similar to previous tests but this one takes the right hand window look and keeps the black background interface versus the white background interface.
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Google Video On Making React Web Apps Search Engine Friendly

I got to say that these videos from Martin Splitt of Google are now above my head. He is getting into the details around how React, a JavaScript library for building user interfaces, and how to make web apps and sites using that framework search engine friendly. Basically a video on SEO tips for React.
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Facebook Ad Platform Could Be Inherently Discriminatory, Researchers Say

Researchers from Northeastern Unviersity, the University of Southern Carolina, and tech accountability non-profit Upturn have released a paper that says Facebook's ad delivery system itself can steer ads intended to be inclusive toward discrimination without explicit intent. "In a paper titled, 'Discrimination through optimization: How Facebook's ad delivery can lead to skewed outcomes,' co-authors Muhammad Ali, Piotr Sapiezynski, Miranda Bogen, Aleksandra Korolova, Alan Mislove, and Aaron Rieke...
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We've Come a Long Way, Dudes and Dudettes

Does it ever occur to you to be grateful for the (good!) changes you've been able to witness, and the cool technology you've experienced the introduction of? It's something I appreciate. I've very glad my lifespan straddled traditional film and early digital, for instance. I wouldn't give up experiencing either one if I had my choice. I mentioned recently that my first computer was an Apple 512k Macintosh, in 1985. (It was also author Michael Crichton's first Mac, and his experience was similar ...
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Australia passes law to hold social media companies responsible for “abhorrent violent material”

On Thursday, Australia lawmakers ushered through what is perhaps the toughest legal measures to hold social media companies accountable for the content they share. Only a few weeks after the massacre of 50 people at mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand, Australia’s House of Representatives passed a law requiring social media platforms to “expeditiously” remove content that shows kidnapping, murders, rape, or terrorist attacks. If the platforms fail to get rid of the content in a timely fashion e...
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April 2019 Google Webmaster Report

This may have been one of the busiest months for Google SEO related topics we've seen maybe ever? We had several unconfirmed Google updates but also a big core update confirmed by Google on March 12th. Google keeps dropping features from the old Search Console and adding new ones to the new Search Console. Google doesn't support rel=prev/next, stopped supporting the info command and is testing a new icon based search results design.
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Cord-Cutting Hits Video Games

Video games are the next entertainment industry undergoing a major disruption, all the way down to the consoles and controllers. From a report: Details: "In the past, you plunked down $60 at GameStop for a copy of Grand Theft Auto or Madden NFL and played it out -- after which you could trade it in or let it gather dust," the AP reports. "Now, you'll increasingly have the choice of subscribing to games, playing for free or possibly just streaming them over the internet to your phone or TV." Ne...
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Google pulls the plug on AI council that included Heritage Foundation leader

Google has abandoned an advisory board on ethics in AI after critics questioned the inclusion of Kay Coles James, leader of the right-wing think tank the Heritage Foundation, on the 8-person panel. Google employees and thousands more concerned people called for this mistake to be corrected, and in response the company has apparently chosen to drop the whole thing. Vox first reported the news. The Advanced Technology External Advisory Council was launched late in March to “consider some of Google...
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Google scraps AI ethics council after backlash: 'Back to the drawing board'

Decision comes after employees called for the removal of a rightwing thinktank leader from the councilGoogle is ending its Advanced Technology External Advisory Council, just one week after announcing the launch of the company’s external advisory council for “the responsible development of AI”.“It’s become clear that in the current environment, ATEAC can’t function as we wanted. So we’re ending the council and going back to the drawing board” a Google spokesperson told the Guardian in a statemen...
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The End of the Desktop? (slashdot)

Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols, writing for ComputerWorld : Of course, at one time, to get any work done with a computer, you first had to learn a lot, about computers, operating systems, commands and more. Eventually, "friendly" became the most important adverb in computing circles, and we've reached the point in user-friendliness that people don't even talk about it anymore. Today, Google has shown with its Chrome OS that most of us can pretty much do anything we need to do on a computer with just ...
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Tesla CEO Elon Musk in 'clear violation' of SEC restraint, court hears

Musk and SEC given two weeks to work out an agreement about the billionaire’s social media posts as share price falls 8%The Tesla billionaire Elon Musk is in “clear violation” of a restraint issued by the US’s top financial watchdog after Musk inaccurately claimed last year he had a buyer for the company, a court heard on Thursday.A federal judge in New York heard oral arguments in a lawsuit brought by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) seeking to hold Tesla’s chief executive, in conte...
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After an employee backlash, Google has cancelled its AI ethics board a little more than a week after announcing it (GOOG, GOOGL)

Google has shut down its new AI ethics board. It was only announced last week. It ran into immediate controversy over its choice of members, with thousands of employees signing a petition against a member who made anti-trans comments. Google has shut down its AI ethics board little more than a week after announcing it. Vox reports that the Silicon Valley tech giant has scrapped the group, which had been intended to scrutinise the company's work on artificial intelligence to ensure the tech is...
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Google Scraps New AI Ethics Council After Outcry

The Alphabet Inc. company introduced the group, called the Advanced Technology External Advisory Council (ATEAC), on March 26. Google asked the eight members to advise the company on knotty ethical questions on products such as facial-recognition software and algorithmic bias. Within a week, one person declined the invitation and another became the target of a pointed petition from Google staff as well as criticism from outside advocates.
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Japan’s Hayabusa 2 probe is blasting a hole in an asteroid tonight (and that’s awesome)

It’s a big day for space: launches, tests, orbits, and now a distant probe is going to shoot an asteroid with its space gun and make a new crater to play in. It’s Hayabusa 2, Japan’s ambitious and so far highly successful sample return mission to an object called Ryugu. Launched in 2014, Hayabusa 2 has been in the region of Ryugu for several months, carrying out a series of investigations. It has four small landers on board, two of which it dropped off late last year, and which have been hopping...
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